ZELDA I: The Legend of Zelda

Complete Walkthrough - Version 3.0 By Juliet Singleton and Charlie Lemmink

The original Zelda is still one of the most enjoyable yet difficult in the series. The action is all top down with a vast overworld to explore and 9 dungeons to conquer. Once you've completed the game a '2nd Quest' becomes available which just adds to the replay value.

Here's what is covered in this hint-file (click on the links below to jump to a section);



General Walkthrough

    Welcome to Charlie Lemmink's walkthrough of one of the greatest games of all time, The Legend of Zelda. This guide was made to take you from the purchase of the game all the way to your triumph over Ganon. Have fun, I know I did!



    Unwrap the game, and take a little peek at the manual, for it reveals a lot of information which The Golden Land goes into extreme detail. Pop that game right into your NES, and turn on the power. The title screen comes up. When it does, you can either watch it for a while (which I always do with a brand new game), or just press start. This brings you to the name select menu. You should already be on the "Register your name" selection, but if not, press select to go down to this using select, and press start. Register whatever name you choose (I chose "Link") using the "A" button ("B" button enters a blank space), and press select until you get down to "register end". Press start on this. If the heart is next to your newly created character, you're ready to begin the journey! Just press start!

    Now, you come up to a screen with your character in the middle. Use the control pad to direct him to the cave, and grab the sword. Exit the cave after growing accustomed to your sword, and you're ready for anything Ganon can dish out! Ok, now that we're ready, we need to travel to the first level. Follow me!

    First, we travel North one screen. Here we meet our first overworld enemies, a pack of Octororks! Fight them off, and collect any rubies or jewels or whatever. Then we go to the East. But wait -- instead of going right to Level 1, lets get a heart container first. Ok, we went north, then east, now we go south. Then west 3 screens. Now we come to an area with the ocean and the beach. Fight off the Leevers (the ones who pop up from the ground), and if you can, kill the Zola (the one in the ocean). Now, if you have bombs, we can get the heart right now. But if not, follow me. Go east until you are blocked by the ocean, fighting the monsters and collecting rubies during the travel. Once you arrive there, go north one screen, and enter the cave. Buy the bombs for 20 rubies, and return to the screen where you killed the Leevers and the Zola (south 1, west 4). Now we can get that heart container.
    You'll see an area on the map that looks like this: ___|. Bomb where the "X" is: _X_|. After that, a cave will appear, enter it and collect the heart. DO NOT collect the medicine. That is a VERY poor choice. You will be able to buy medicine later. Ok, now that we have 4 hearts, lets go on to level 1. Exit the cave, and go west 3 screens, then north 4. Kill all the octororks and see if you can fill your life. After they're all gone, cross the bridge to the west, and enter the mouth of the tree -- Level one.

    Here we are, level one. The journey now begins to become more and more difficult. First, travel to either the room to the east or west, and collect the keys in both. Come back to the main room, where we can open the locked door to the north. Explore the dungeon thoroughly, not missing a single room.
    Hint: Try not to use all the keys. Instead, experiment with bombs to blow up walls so you can save keys for later. The rule for this dungeon is that every room has a door on each wall to the next room.
    Eventually, you will recieve the bow and the boomarang, and encounter the dungeon's guardian, an Aquamentus. The Aquamentus is a dragon, who shoots balls of flame. The best attack is to lure the Aquamentus out a bit, avoiding the balls of fire, and once you get a chance, run up to it, and drop a bomb near it. Two bombs should defeat the Aquamentus. Collect the heart container, and go to the room to the east for the Triforce fragment.

    This is just a small part of the journey that lies ahead. Can you handle the rest? Sure you can! Now lets go! Before heading for level 2, lets see if we can get another couple heart containers. So first, travel to the main screen where we started the whole game. Where there's the cave where you got your sword. First go north one screen, then west. Enter the cave, so you can buy the candle. If you don't have the 60 rubies that this candle costs, explore Hyrule, and collect some rubies. Once you have 60, return to the cave, and get the candle. Now we can go get the next heart. Exit the cave, and travel west 1 screen, north 1 screen, east one screen, north one screen, and east 1 screen. On this screen, count 5 trees from the eastern edge of the screen, and burn this tree. Inside you will find another heart container.
    After exiting the cave where you found the heart container, travel east one screen, then north 2, and east 4. You'll see a big boulder, and this is where you'll find the cave with the heart container. Bomb it where the "X" is: ____X/. There, an entrance will open, and you'll find the heart container.

    To use it as a starting point for your travels, so you know how to find everything, travel again to the main screen where the game started. Ok, from here, travel east until you come to the screen on the beach where you found the heart container earlier. From here, go north 1 screen, then east 2, north one, west one, and travel up the ladder to find level 2.

    Now that we've entered Level 2, lets first go to the room to the north. Kill all the Ropes (the snakes), and eventually direct yourself to a room full of blue Goriyas (the ones that throw boomarangs). This is probably the most difficult battle of the entire level. No matter what, always come into this battle with full life. The strategy to use against them is to freeze them with the boomarang, while avoiding the fireballs, and then attack. Try not to attack them when they are together -- get 'em one at a time. Once you defeat them, you'll recieve the magical boomarang. With this, the boomarang continues to the end of the screen, instead of just half. You'll see what I mean once you get it...
    Hint: When fighting the red Goriyas, each pack has it's "master". There is no way to tell which one is the master, but if you get lucky and kill it first, the rest of the Goriyas will also dissappear.
    Next, you will make your way to the level's guardian, the Dodongo (yes, he also appears in Zelda 64). The strategy to use against this creature is to wait for it to come near you, stuff it's mouth with a bomb, and get out of the way. If the Dodongo eats the bomb, the bomb will explode inside of the Dodongo. Do this once more, and he'll be gone for good. Collect the Heart Container and the Triforce piece, and Level 2 is defeated.

    Let yourself be exited from level 2, and now we'll head for the second sword. We have enough hearts to get it now! Follow me, I'll take you to the cave. We'll each get a sword! Ok, go down the ladder, then east, then north 2 screens, west 6 screens, north 1, east 3, then climb the ladder to the north, defeat the blue Lynel (the really tough thing that shoots swords), and enter the cave in the northwest corner. Inside, the old man says, "Master using it and you can have this." You've mastered it by collecting as many hearts as you have now, so grab the sword! It's much more powerful!
    Now that you have the new sword, travel to the main screen (this is the screen where Link started the game -- it will from now on be known only as "the main screen" in everywhere but dungeons). After that, we will travel to level 3. From the main screen, go north 1 screen, west 4 screens, south 1, and east 1 screen. Here you can enter level 3.

    Once you're inside the dungeon, you'll be forced to go west 1 screen and north 2. There you'll meet up with three red darknuts (these are the knights that come at you with swords). To kill them, avoid hitting them from either side, and you cannot hit them in the front -- it's blocked with their shield. So get them from the back. It's harder for them to attack you that way. And try to avoid getting them while they're near each other -- another will help it's fellow knight out. Get 'em a couple times from the back, and you'll be all set. The Darknuts are definitely not very intelligent, they just randomly walk around the screen. Sometimes this can be good, for they do not come directly at you, but sometimes it can be bad, because they often just turn right into you. So watch out!
    After defeating these Darknuts, go to the room to the west. Defeat the keese, and collect the compass. For once, you do have to use a key. Go another room west, to find another pack of red darknuts. Use the same strategy as before with these, and travel one room south. You may begin to panic upon sight of the Darknuts, but don't worry, you don't have to kill them. All you get for doing so is a set of bombs. Just avoid them, go into the basememnt, and collect the raft. You'll need this to access level 4.
    After exploring level 3 thoroughly, you'll eventually come across the level's boss, Manhandla. To defeat this evil creature, lay a bomb near it, and run. Once it is hit, it begins to move faster. It takes up to 4 hits to destroy it. Try to come into the fight with full life.

    Once you've collected the heart container and Triforce piece, return to the main screen, so we can collect another heart container. From this screen, travel 8 screens east, 4 screens north, and hop upon the dock to the north sea. You will be taken across to a small island. Enter the cave here, and collect the heart container. Then return to the main screen. Now we'll go for the blue ring, which armors link with a new white tunic. Travel north 1 screen, east X screens, and north X screens. Touch the top middle statue, let it clear out of the way, and enter the stairs. If you have the hefty price that the ring costs, 250 rubees, then buy it. It's worth the price. If not, explore the land until you get these rubees, return to the area, and enter the same way, buying the ring. Now we'll be ready for level 4.

    Travel once again to the main screen, and after that, go north 1 screen, east 2, and north one. Here, sail off from the dock on the north sea, and enter the cave, level 4.

    Level 4 is definitely the most difficult level so far. More rooms than any other, followed by new monsters that are not defeated with just one blow. Because of this, I'll get you started on the right track. First travel to the room to the west, and collect the key after defeating all the bats. Then return to the room to the east, and go north. Here, defeat the Vires who turn into 2 keese once hit once with the sword. Annoying little devils, huh? :) From this room, travel east one room. This is another of the rooms where you need to open it with a key. After collecting the compass here, go back, and venture one room north. Defeat the Keese here, and collect another key. Then go west. Defeat the Vires here, and go go north. Finally -- Monsters that give rewards! Defeat the Zols here, collect the key, and travel north. Not more Keese! In this room, you will be blocked by a stream of water. After defeating the Keese, travel east, sadly using a key. Here, defeat the Keese and Vires, opening the door to the east. Go through the newly opened door, and clear the room of enemies. Push the left block, to reveal a stairway. Go down, and collect the ladder. To save the fun of this level, sorry, but you're on your own until the final baddie. :)
    Now that you've come to level 4's guardian, the two-headed Gleeok, you have quite a challnge ahead of you. Try to come into this battle with full life, but you may be able to manage with less. I fought it with 4 hearts, but you may find that difficult. Once you kill one of the heads, which takes 3 or 4 hits, the head will fly around the room, shooting balls of fire at you. The main strategy against the Gleeok and it's heads is to just avoid the fireballs, and after one of the heads shoots one, go in for the attack. You'll need to aim your sword for the head.

    You'll be directed from Level 4, so now return to the main screen. First we'll go get the final heart container of the overworld, then we'll go for the magical sword, and finally, we'll get the letter that lets us buy medicine from the old woman.

    To go towards the next heart container, from the main screen, travel east until you no longer can, until you're blocked by the ocean. Then travel north 2 screens, and get the heart container across the docks, using the ladder. Since we're in the area, we'll get the letter now. Go north as far as you can, then west as far as you can, then north as far as you can, then west 1 screen, north until you hit mountains, then east 1 screen. Climb up the ladder, and enter the cave. Inside, snag the letter from the old man, and return to the main screen. From here, travel north 1 screen, and west 2 screens. Enter the cave, and select the letter for the "B" button. Go up to the old woman, and push "B". Now you'll be able to buy medicine! The blue medicine refills your hearts one time, while the red medicine fills it twice. Or, if you already have a bottle of blue medicine, buy another bottle of blue to turn it to red.
    Exit the cave, and travel west 2 screens, north one, move over to the other opening to the south, and go south through that. Then travel west one screen to get to the lost woods. There is no direct path through these woods. Actually, on a map, the woods is displayed as one screen, while you can walk forever in certain directions! Anyway, to get through the woods, travel North, West, South, West and you will be in a screen full of Lynels and Peahats. Travel north 4 screens, and east 1. To reach the cave containing the magical sword, push the gravestone on the second row from the top, second from the right. Once you push it, a staircase will appear. Enter it, and grab the sword. As long as you've been collecting all the hearts possible, you'll be able to take it. After achieving your new sword, travel back to the main screen. We have level 5 ahead of us!

    Are we ready for level 5? I think so... So let's go! Travel east 1 screen, north 5, west 1, north 1, east 4, and north 4. Enter the mouth, and be prepared for the most difficult level yet! From now on, the levels surely don't get any easier!
    Upon entrance of the dungeon, travel east 1 screen. There we can defeat the Pols Voice, to get a key. The best way to destroy the Pols Voice is to shoot them with an arrow. Later, we'll find a different way to kill them, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it... After retrieving the key, travel west, then north. Here we find three mummies, one of which is holding a key. If we hadn't already gotten the magical sword, these would prove to be quite difficult. But we did! Ok, defeat the mummies, then bomb the wall to the west. We'll come back to the 3 dodongos later. In this western room, do the same as the last screen -- defeat the mummies, bomb the eastern wall, and go through the newly created doorway. In this room, however, your task will be much more difficult. Here we find 5 blue darknuts! And sadly, we must defeat them before we go down the stairway! The blue darknuts are just like the red type, just a bit more difficult, and quite a bit smarter. They tend to lure you in, showing their backs, then turn around and go for the kill! Try not to use the medicine yet, you'll surely need it later! Once these are finally defeated, go to the left of the staircase, and push south the block that is sticking out the farthest. If you completely killed all the darknuts, this should move just fine.
    Now that you've left the dungeon stairway, and are out into a room with a staircase in the center, and two locked doors, pick a door. It doesn't really matter which you go to first, but I'm going to choose the door to the south. Once in that room, defeat all the Keese (bats), and collect the key. This room is said to contain a few secrets, but I'm not boming, I mean I'm not going to tell you anything more...
    After exiting that room, open the door to the west. Ahead of you lies a challenge that is greater than anything in level 5. In this room, you must defeat 6 blue darknuts! Don't panic, just take them one at a time, and don't let them get you. They can be quite tricky! If you need to, go ahead and use your medicine, your life is worth more than the price of any medicine. And you can always buy more for the rest of the dungeon. Upon your victory of this pack of Darknuts, try pushing the middle block. The staircase will appear in the northeast corner; descend it, and grab the whistle. Try this when you see Pols Voice, you never know what will happen...
    Again, to save the fun of the dungeon, you're on your own. And for the first time since this walkthrough, you're on your own for this boss. There aren't many new ones left!

    Now that five of the eight Triforce pieces have been collected, we will head straight for level 6. Return to the main screen, collecting anything you may need (a stop at the fairy pond, medicine perhaps) on the way. Once you get there, we won't waste any time, and we'll go right for level 6.
    Get yourself to the lost woods by going north 1 screen, west 5, north one, move west slightly (past the two trees), and south one. Then go west. Now you're in the lost woods. Once here, travel N, W, S, W, and you'll be out of the mysterious lost woods. Now that you're in a screen with Lynels, travel north 3 srceens, and east 2. Then go up the ladder to the north to come to the entrance of level 6. There are 2 ways to get into the dungeon -- either enter the normal way, through the mouth of the stone monster, or to the west of the statue, under one of the Armos statues. The one farthest to the top west, actually. There may be some secret with this entrance, something it adds, or maybe it's just a small error. Oh well, take your pick. Seeing as though everyone usually takes the main entrance, I'll take the secret entrance, which I found WAY back when I was 6. :)

    Once inside the deep dungeon, first go to the east rooms, just for exploration. Go ahead and open the locked door to the north, if you want. It gives you some advice you may need later on, but if that's the only key you have, I suggest waiting until you have an extra key. Of course, I currently have 14, but you may not have saved yours like I have...
    Anyway, go back to the dungeon's opening room, and open the door to the west. Enter that room, and kill the Wizzrobes. This type, the ones that have an orangish color, aren't all too dificult, just wait until they shoot their magic at you, and go in for the kill. But just take one at a time. If you go for more, you'll surely be hit. After defeating them, go north a few screens, defeating enemies of dungeons past, until you come to another room full of Wizzrobes. Kill the orange colored ones the same way, and defeat the Like-Likes. Now you have the blue ones to defeat. These are a bit more difficult. Just wait until they aren't shooting at you or fading out a bit, and then you can attack. If you're low on life, you may have a tough time, though. The next room to the north may be difficult, having the same Wizzrobes in it, but this time you don't have the Bubbles attacking you. Keep heading north, and you will come up to a Gleeok. This one is more difficult than the one you faced before, this one has three heads. Treat this one just like the last, hitting the heads with your sword until it has finally died.
    After defeating the Gleeok (you may need to use medicine), head east, then north. Defeat all the Wizzrobes, and push the eastern stone block to open a stairway. Head down it, and grab the magic wand. Sorry, but you're on your own from now on! Even for the guardain, too! Awww... :)

    Now that we've gotten past Level 6, we might as well get the power bracelet now. This will let us push heavy rocks that could never be moved before. Ok, here we go. Travel east 1 screen, north 5, west 2, south 1, west 1, north 1, and west 1. You're on your own to find the bracelet, but I guarantee that it's on this screen (unless you already got it). Just look under the statues, maybe bomb the walls... Once you do find it, just try pushing certain boulders, rocks, or anything else you can find. Certain places will let you warp from one area of the world to another. I know you're not going to like this, but I'm letting you loose to find level 7. This is one of the most difficult levels to find, but also most fun. But of course, I'll give you some advice first. First, I'll tell you about what the old man said in a room of level 6, "There are secrets where fairies don't live." And second, I'll tell you that this is exactly where level 7 is -- where fairies don't live. Just think about it...

    Now that you've entered level 7, since you found it totally on your own, I'll help you out quite a bit in this difficult dungeon. Ok. First go to the room to the east, and defeat the Moldorm worms. Does the prize give you any ideas about what may be coming up? It should...
    Anyway, after killing the Moldorms and getting the bombs, go north, to the room with 4 doors. Defeat the bats, and go east. Defeat the blue Goriyas here, and again go east. Here you have a much larger challenge -- a stronger Digdogger than before. Just like last time, use the whistle and make it "shrivel up". Then hit it with a few arrows to recieve another hint...
    After defeating the Digdogger, go east again, to meet up with a pack of Stalfos skeletons. Just use your boomarang and sword to defeat them and collect the key. Then return to the opening room of the dungeon.
    Now that you're here, there's nothing left to do but bomb. You've already been in all of the empty rooms other than the one to the north, but that one's the same -- a dead end. If you don't have any bombs, either go to the room to the north, kill the Goriyas, and take the bombs from there, or go to the item shop and buy some. Either way, you'll need them. Ok. Go north 1 room, and kill all the Goriyas (if you haven't already). Then start the bombfest! Once there's a hole there, go to the room to the west. Kill the Keese, and go south. Kill those Rope snakes, and go north. Sorry there wasn't anything else in that room, but oh well. From the north room, go north again. You can kill the Dodongos if you want, but if you're low on bombs, it'll just waste 'em. All they give is a lowsy rubee. Anyway, from here, go east. Kill the various Goriya monsters, and go north. By the way, before you go, the door to the south was able to be bombed, if you didn't catch my hint earlier... Well, now we're in the room to the north. Tend with the Keese and Goriyas, then go north. Oh goodie! Another Digdogger! Use the same stradegy as earlier, just because this one breaks into 3 heads, kill one at a time. They speed up with every shot. After defeating the worthless waste of time, bomb the wall to the east and go through it. Kill the dual Moldorms, and collect your prize. I know what you may be thinking in this one-entry room (bomb it!), but not this time. Save those 3 bombs for later.
    Return west, then go west again. Defeat the Goriyas, collect the goodies, and go east. We'll return to the locked door later. From here, go south two rooms, then west. There's obviously no way to get to the locked rom through bombing, so lets just go through. Ooh! I'm glad we did! If you have the 100 rubees it costs, buy the bombs! If not, go earn some money until you do.
    Ok. Once you've gotten those bombs, return to the dungeon's min room, go north one screen, and east 3. Here, you can kill all the Goriyas (if you haven't already) and go through tthe northern door. After hearing the old man's words, go south again, and go west 2 screens. Then go north 3, west one, and open the door to the north.
    Grumble, Grumble... Hmmm... What do we do when a hungry moblin stands in our way? What else -- feed it! You can try to attack it if you want, but it does nothing to him. He is very strong. All that your attempts at murder will do is get you hurt -- with fireballs from the flames. Well, we have to leave Level 7 and go to a store that will sell food. Luckily, I know just the place! To prevent others from finding Level 7 by retracing the steps from here to the store, just go right to the main screen after exiting Level 7. By the way -- you'll need 60 rubees for this food -- save up on the way.

    From the main screen, go north 1 screen, and west 3. Then go north 3 screens, and move the same statue that you moved to find the shop with the ring. The one on the top in the middle. There you can find the "bait" as the manual calls it. Looks like candy in it's wrapper to me... Anyway, go back to Level 7, and to the screen with the hungry moblin. Put the bait on the menu for the "B" button, go up to the moblin, and push "B". The way will be perfectly clear.
    Go north, defeat the Goriyas and Keese, and collect the map. We're going to have to use another key; go east. In this room, defeat the Goriyas, and bomb the wall to the east, traveling through the hole once an entrance is cleared. In here, defeat the various Goriya monsters, and go into the basement. Here you'll find the red candle, the candle that you can use an infinite number of times in each room! After collecting this, return upstairs, go west, and go north. Defeat the Goriya monsters here, collect your earnings, and go east. Collect the key, defeat the Goriya monsters, and... Nothing else! You'd think that you'd be able to bomb at least one of the walls, but no. Go back west, and south, then go east, to the room with the staircase. You won't be able to bomb the walls to the north and south, so lets try the wall to the east. Well, guess what -- go east! Kill the Goriyas, and unlock the door to the north, going through. Here, you have a Moldorm to defeat. After defeating it, collect the bombs, and go south. Go east, and defeat yet ANOTHER Digdogger. After that is taken care of, go north. Here, you'll find 3 Dodongos. Defeat them, or not, and then bomb and go through the wall to the east. Defeat all the Wall Masters here, avoiding the bubbles so your sword can be used all the time. Then, begin pushing on the blocks around the sideways - "U". A staircase will appear, and, of course, go down it. Go down the one staircase, and come up the other. At the top of the stairs, you'll be in a room full of Goriyas. Once they've been dispensed of, bomb and go through the wall to the east. Here you'll meet the dungeon's guardian, the Aquamentus!
    To defeat the Aquamentus, either run up and attack it with your sword, or run up and drop a bomb nearby. Continue either one until it's defeated. Then collect the heart container, and grab the piece of Triforce. Now we have level 8 to find!
    Once you are taken outside of Level 7, travel to the main screen. Level 8 is definitely the hardest level to find, including level 7. But I'll be helping you find this one. Travel east 3 screens, north 2, east 1, south 1, and east 1. You'll find the entrance to Level 8 somewhere on this screen. Now, how would you have found this without help?

    Once inside the frozen Level 8, go west 1 screen. You have quite a challenge here, with the Manhandla and the two stone statues in the middle. With up to six fireballs shooting at you at once, you're sure to lose a few hearts in this battle. Go west again, after the fight, to find a room full of red Darknuts, blue Darknuts, Gibdo mummies, and Bubbles. Defeat these, and push aside the block to the far west of the stairs, to enter them. Once in the basemement, grab the magic book, and you'll be able to shoot flames from the magic wand!
    I hate to do this to you again, but before I let you loose for Level 9, you must prepare yourself for what lies ahead. If you can't beat this level on your own, you'll never be able to defeat Ganon. Well, anyway, beat Level 8, but before you get the magical key (a key that lets you open infinitely many doors), which is found in this dungeon, if you're using an emulator, make sure to take a screenshot of the screen to show how many keys you have. Because on The Golden Land's games section, there's an area that keeps track of various things, and amount of keys obtained is one of them. Just make sure you haven't bought any keys throughout the whole game, and you'll be all set!

    Once you've finally finished Level 8, and have collected all 8 triforce pieces, you should be ready for Level 9, Ganon's lair. From the main screen, go east 1 screen, and north 5. Then west 1, north 2, and west 2. Here you'll find spectacle rock, a supposed entrance to death, as the legends say. Bomb the rock to the west, and you'll enter. You have a long road ahead, in this, the most difficult dungeon. Ganon has prepared his toughest monsters for this dungeon, including new ones, such as the Patra. The Patra may give you a bit of trouble, but don't worry, and stay persistant throughout the dungeon. And no, there are no bugs in Zelda that prevent you from beating the game. So don't use that as an excuse!
    Inside Level 9, you'll find the red ring, which protects Link 4 times as much as the original armor, the green tunic. Also, you'll find the silver arrow, which you'll need to defeat Ganon. Once you reach Ganon, make sure you have at least the blue potion left. You'll probably need it. Ganon can be tough. But once the fight begins, just try to attack the air where he would be, then attack him with a silver arrow when he appears.

    Well, it's been fun, but the first quest of Zelda is over. Of course, you have the second quest ahead of you, but you should do that totally on your own. Now that you've had the first quest to practice, you should be excellent at playing Zelda on the second quest! Have fun!

Heart Piece Locations

Your character starts out with 3 Heart Containers with the potential to get 13 more in the game. You can find 5 containers hidden throughout the overworld, while the other 8 are gained from defeating the evil dungeon masters.

1. From the beginning, to 4R and bomb the top wall. Its in the cave.
2. From heart one, go 5U, R and bomb the bottom of the rock in the middle.
3. From the beginning, go R, 3U, L and burn the bush five form the right with the candle.
4. From the beginning, go right as far as you can and then keep going up. It is easily visible but you need the ladder to get it.
5. From heart 4, keep going up to reach a dock. Use it. You'll need the raft.

Special Items


Bait: This can be bought from secret stores for either 60 or 80 rubies.

Blue Candle: Must be purchased from overworld stores for 60 rubies.

Blue Ring: This can be bought from a secret store for 250 rubies.

Bombs: They are often dropped by monsters in dungeons, can also be purchased from Overworld stores for 20 rubies.

Boomerang & magical boomerang: The standard boomerang is found in dungeon 1 held by a group of goriyas and the magical upgrade in dungeon 2, in possession of a group of blue goriyas.

Bow: It's in dungeon 1.

Ladder: It's in dungeon 4.

Letter: Given to you by the old man who resides in a cave one left and one up from the top-right corner of Hyrule.

Magic Book: It's in dungeon 8.

Magic Boomerang: It's in dungeon 2

Magic Key: It's in dungeon 8.

Magic Sword (level 3): It's in dungeon 8.

Magic Wand: It's in dungeon 6.

Medicine: It's in dungeon 6.

Power Bracelet: It's in dungeon 6.

Raft: It's in dungeon 3.

Red Candle: It's in dungeon 7.

Red Ring: It's in Death Mountain (level 9).

Wooden Sword (level 1): It's in the cave on the starting screen.

White Sword (level 2): It's in Death Mountain (level 9).

Silver Arrow: It's in Death Mountain (level 9).

Whistle: It's in dungeon 5.

Game Genie Codes


AVVLAUSZ Don't take damage

YYKPOYZZ Create character with 8 hearts

NYKPOYZX Create character with 16 hearts

SZVXASVK Don't lose rupees when buying (still need to have enough to buy item)

SZVXASVK + AEVEVALG All items free

SZNZVOVK Infinite bombs

ESKUILTA Wear blue ring

OSKUILTA Wear red ring

XSKUILTA Wear a purple ring

SGAOXK Treasure hunt code#1- most caves have large alternate entrance elsewhere on screen, including some caves currently hidden behind rock.

SGTOSK Treasure hunt code #2- the first one's counterpart. Reveals caves hidden under bushes. Note: You will not be able to enter Dungeon #8.

OAKOEK New world map

PGAOSK Another maze to explore

TIKAAI Warp to next screen instead of scrolling

TIKAII Strange scrolling- you are launched across the screen

GGAEXP Enemies/people missing or out of place; can appear in status bar

YEAOAA Changes all files to quest 2! Accumulate all the money and weapons you need on quest 1, then enter this code to play on quest 2! Note: If you save with this code active, you will be on quest 2 permanently.

POKEXX Ganon code - some enemies invisible; may keep some doors from opening in dungeons

POKEXA Enemies may appear in walls

SULUIS Teleslash - Most enemies injured by a sword swipe when lined up vertically

SULUII Jabs to either side have no effect on enemies

SUKUIS Explosions when enemy killed are only 1 colour

GULUIU Invincibility

LULUIU Press down then diagonally down to walk through walls downwards

Cheats & Secrets


Save Your Bombs Against Dodongo
To avoid losing bombs and possibly gain them when fighting Dodongo, wait until he is close, and throw 2 bombs into his mouth, timing it so the second bomb comes about 1/4 second after the first. If you've timed it right, Dodongo will slowly walk in place. You can then simply stab him with your sword to kill him. He will leave a bomb for you almost every time. If you're really good, you can also just use 1 bomb, and time it so that he walks into the blast just after you set the bomb.

Warp To The Last Level
After you get all of the Triforce, go to the outside of Level 8 and blow your whistle. You go to the outside of Level 9.

Unlock The First Locked Door
Walk into Level 1, walk out, then walk back in and the locked door will be open.

All Easy Enemies
In screens with multiple enemy types, kill the weakest ones, leave the screen, and return. The strongest enemies will have changed into weaker ones.

Stop Enemy Regeneration
Leave one enemy alive on a screen and it will prevent the rest from returning later.

Escape From Closed Rooms
If you are stuck in a screen with no way out, and no way to lose a life, you can use this code to save your game (so you don't lose the items you have picked up), and start over from the starting screen of the game. Press Start on Controller 1 to call up the sub-screen. Then press Up and A on Controller 2 to bring up the "Continue, Save, Retry" screen. This is just like losing your last life!

Quest 2 Instant Access
Enter your name as ZELDA to start playing the second quest straight away!

How to bring up The Secret Save Screen
If a player is on their inventory screen (where their items are stored) and then presses UP + the A Button on Controller Two, it will call up a SAVE/CONTINUE menu. -If this is done in a Level/Dungeon and the player selects continue, they will be warped to the beginning of the labyrinth with three hearts in their life meter. Another neat trick to do with this is to Bomb open the gamblind den at overworld map coordinate H7, so you can play the gambling game. If you win, select SAVE on the second controller move. If you lose, select RETRY on the second controler move. Through this method, you can get rich easily and quickly with no risk to your money.

LOST WOODS To escape the Lost Woods, go up, left, down, left.

LOST HILLS To escape the Lost Hills go up, up, up, up.


Boss Strategies


AQUAMENTUS (Level 1: The Eagle): Just use your bow and arrow, but don't waste your precious arrows! Hit as many as possible when they start advancing downwards instead of in a circle, for if they turn red, they will attempt to jump on you, and take more hits. If you run out of arrows, each knight takes 12 hits with the sword.

DODONGO (Level 2: Moon): There's two of these fire-breathing lizards and it's best to attack one before the other. Basically you have to feed each one two bombs to defeat them. The easiest way is to place a bomb in their walking path; then he will gobble it up!

MANHANDLA (Level 3: Manji): This giant, man-eating plant gets quicker each time you dispose of one of its four heads; the easiest way is to either place bombs between the heads or hack away at them with your sword.

GLEEOK (Level 4: The Snake): Gleeok is a two-headed dragon and is pretty tough. Each of his heads takes around 3-4 sword hits and once you've killed one, it comes off and flies about the room shooting fire. Try your best to avoid these and keep focused on killing his main body.

DIGDOGGER (Level 5: The Lizard): First of all you need to blow the whistle to split this monster into bits, which you can then attack with your sword. If he reforms, you need to simply repeat the above process.

GOHMA (Level 6: The Dragon): The only time you can attack this armoured spider is when it opens its solitary eye; you then need to fire as many arrows as possible at the centre of the eye.

AQUAMENTUS (Level 7: The Demon): Your second encounter with this water dragon is initially the same (and should be easier with your upgraded sword!).

GLEEOK (Level 8: The Lion): Second time round, Gleeok now has four heads! Just stick to the same strategy as before.

GANON (Level 9: Death Mountain): Ganon is invisible at first so you just need to whack around until you manage to hit him. He'll attack you with statues so try to avoid them and once you've hit him four times he'll reveal himself. You then need to shoot him with the special silver arrow to defeat him. You need to hit him 3 times with these arrows to completely destroy him.


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