Zelda II Downloads

Here you can find various media related to the game available for download that I've collected from various sources on the 'net and off it. It might help you with the game or simply just bring back nostalgic memories! Enjoy :)

Please note for convenience some of these collections are zipped up so that all files inside are downloaded quickly in one place. Users of Windows XP and OSX upwards have built in software that can easily read and open zipped files. Some files are in PDF format - a reader such as Foxit is recommended for viewing these documents.


    PDF version of original manual created by Matthew Green (700kb)

    Maps Collection
    A selection of game-related maps of overworld and dungeons (304kb)

    MIDI Collection
    MIDIs from the game (12kb)

    Sprite Collection
    Sprites ripped direct from the game (188kb)

    Text Dump
    Plain text file with the text from within the game - created by Davogones (7kb)

    Tips Sheet
    An image file showing tips for the game - creator unknown (250kb)

    Plain text version of the North Castle 'hint-file' (25kb)


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