Link to the Past Miscellanea

In this section I've collected together some various bits and pieces related to LttP that may be of nostalgic interest to viewers. Check out two very different TV adverts aired for the game and learn more about Chris Houlihan's secret room.

Link to the Past TV Advert - US Version

"This time it calls you to the ultimate battle of good against evil...."

This is the US TV advert for LttP - originally aired in the early 1990s. It shows some random curly-haired man climbs up a crumbling mountain in stormy weather to retrieve the master sword. He even does a cool back flip to finish his quest!

Again very cheesy by advertising standards however at the end it gives a nod to the SNES by changing the slogan to "now you're playing with super power". No screenshots of the game are shown although the infamous LttP logo is carved on the mountainside at the end.

Link to the Past TV Advert - Japanese Version

"It's out, it's out, the Legend of Zelda!"

This is Japan's advert of LttP - orginally aired in 1991. The video features a rap (translated on screen opposite although I can't vouch if it's entirely correct!) and shows many Zelda characters including Link (played by a girl apparently), Zelda, Link's Uncle, Ganon and many of the monsters including Stalfos, Lizalfos and Wizrobes dancing. There's a bit of action where Link frees Zelda from her cage and then they hug in front of Ganon before continuing to dance.

It does not show any screen shots from the game itself and of the monsters shown most of them do not feature in LttP. It's also interesting to note Zelda's dark hair and dress which are a different style to her game version nd seem more fitting to her TP design!

The Chris Houlihan Room

This room is LttP's most famous easter egg. Back in the 1990s a contest was held by Nintendo Power where winner would be allowed to have his name appear in the North Anerican version of A Link to the Past. The winner was Chris Houlihan. It is a single chamber with 45 blue rupees and a tile with the text "My name is Chris Houlihan. This is my top secret room. Keep it between us, OK?". In the other versions of the game, Chris Houlihan is never mentioned, but the room still appears.

If an error condition occurs while loading a screen, the game's programming sends Link to the room but upon leaving Link is transported to the outside of his uncle's house, even if the secret room had been accessed in the Dark World. There are many different ways to access the room, the general rule is that it must be done as soon as the game begins and very quickly (with use of the pegasus boots). The video opposite shows one of the ways it can be done - have fun trying to work this glitch out yourself!


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