Complete Walkthrough - Version 2.0 by Juliet Singleton

The Zelda game created for the SNES, it's by no means one of the hardest in the series, but there's so much to find and do, you may often miss out on things like finding every single heart piece, or object, for example. And, as the game progresses, it admittedly does get tough - I hate doing Ganon's Tower, for example, because it's so vast and complicated. Whatever you're stuck on, hopefully this should be of some help.

Here's what is covered in my hint-file (click on the links below to jump to a section);


This section briefly covers where you have to go and what to do. Details such as boss strategies and items are covered in other subsections of the guide. It's divided into two subchapters so you don't get confused (hopefully!)


FIRST PART OF GAME - The Light World

First of all, I'd advise you to go to get the lantern in the chest. You'll need it! Next, just head north towards the castle. There are guards all around the perimeter of any exits near Link's house, so it's the only thing you can do. Turn right at the end of the drawbridge and head along the path, turning upwards. Pull up the bush to reveal a secret passage. Here you will find your uncle, who is dying. He will give you his sword and shield. Follow the passage out (don't forget to open the chest and lift the pots!) then go through the main doors into the castle. The quickest way to the dungeons is to go left, up, and left again. You'll know which door; it's got a red platform in front and some statues. The dungeon is easy to navigate; just kill every enemy to make sure you get the keys to open locked doors. You can get the boomerang down here. Finally, you will find Zelda. Don't try and fight the trooper in front of her cell, just chuck a couple of pots at him instead. Go back to the castle entrance hall, up the middle steps and into the Throne Room, where you will find a secret passage.

The tactic for navigating the underground passage is similar to that of the dungeon, but you'll need to light some of the torches to see where you are going. Once through the sewers, you'll eventually come to a room with two levers. Pull the one to your left, and the door into sanctuary should open. Talk to the sage and get the heart container, then, using your map, head to the village. Go to the large house on the hill and talk to the lady there. If you go into the small house next door, there are some rupees in the chests, if you solve the puzzle. Buy a bottle, if you have enough rupees, and get the one in the tavern. Get the bug catching net as well. Talk to the boy in the field - he will tell you that Sahasarala is hiding in the Eastern Palace ruins. Go to the Eastern Palace. Sahasarala's hideout is in the Northwest part of the ruins. Talk to him, then go to the palace. Clear it, get the bow, pendant and heart container, then go back to see Sahasarala, who will hand over the Pegasus boots. Use them to smash the wall immediately behind the elder, to reveal a secret room with goodies in it.

Now we can really get down to business. Head back to the village, but on the way there, stop by Link's house. Slightly to the left and upwards from there, there will be some stones piled on top of each other. Using your boots, ram into it. My favourite faerie cave is here, and is always a useful place to visit when you restart your adventure after saving. Approach the village from the south (keep using your map if you aren't sure) If you have a bomb, go to the house which is outside the main entrance, to the far Southwest. Blow up the wall, go through it and outside, to play the game. Just take the second left and follow the maze from there; trust me, you can do it in about 10 seconds this way :) If you manage, you will be awarded with a piece of heart. Go to the library, and get the book of Mudora. While you are here, get some bombs and blow a hole in the hut in the Southwest corner of the village to reveal a goody room, and in the far Northwest of the village, jump down the well to find rupees, bombs and a heart container.

Now you should go and tackle the desert palace. Go to the marsh south of Link's house. While you are here, go into the building in the south, get the bombs, then go back in and pull the right hand lever. A piece of heart will be outside. Go east to Lake Hylia, and travel around it's perimeter, until you come to a place with two caves, at its Northeast edge. In the left-hand cave, you can get the ice rod. Go back to the marsh and go west to get to the palace. Use the book of Mudora at the monolith outside the palace to move the statues. Clear the palace (don't bother going in the far Northeast room) and get the power glove, pendant and heart container. While you are there, use far west palace exit, walk south and get the heart piece. It's time to see the elder again; he's hiding in a cave that is in the north of the desert, to the right of the palace. There's another heart piece hidden here too.

It's time to go and get the final pendant - at Hera's Tower. The cave that leads there is to the North, just Northwest of Sanctuary. On the hill to the west of Sanctuary, there's a big blue boulder. Lift it up to reveal a cave containing a piece of heart. Once inside Death Mountain, you will meet a lost old man. Once out of the caves, he will reward you with a mirror. Keep ascending up until you find Spectacle Rock. Jump down onto the lowest platform (not the one in view) and go into the cave. Go up the steps and you will get a message from Sahasarala and a heart piece. Go out of the cave and back up to the top of the mountain again. Go east and step onto the transporter. You will go to the Dark World and turn into a rabbit. Go to the place where Spectacle Rock should be and use the mirror. You will get a piece of heart. Jump off onto the ledge where Hera's Tower is, and go inside. Clear the tower, making sure you get the Moon Pearl (very important), pendant and heart container. Go back down the ladder near the tower, and there is a cave leading back out of the mountain. Since you have all three pendants, you may now claim the Master Sword!

It's best to enter the woods from the Southeast entrance, because you will find a group of bushes. Cut them down to find a secret passage to the Thief's hideout, where you will find a heart piece. Whilst in the woods, remember to get the mushroom. Use the book of Mudora to read the verse on the platform where the Master Sword is, then pull it out. Shortly after, you will receive messages from Sahasarala, then Zelda. Head to Sanctuary. Zelda has been taken, and the sage lies dying. To the west of sanctuary is a stone block. Lift it to find a passage containing a heart piece. Go back to Hyrule Castle. Stock up on medicine or faeries first, then go onto the battlements and find the double doors defended by a force field. Destroy it using the Master Sword. Ascend the tower to the top level, where you will encounter Agahnim. He will send Zelda to the Dark World then vanish. Cut down the middle curtain to find a door out onto the balcony. Defeat Agahnim and he will draw you into the Dark World...



Get the heart piece, but don't bother trying to bomb the blocked doorway; you need the super bomb. Sahasarala will tell you to go to the Palace of Darkness, which is on the site of the Eastern Palace. Make sure you have some rupees, because you have to pay the monkey to open the palace door. This is where things start getting a little bit more harder. Clear the palace, where you will get a treasure, a heart container and a crystal, in which one of the maidens is trapped. After doing this, it's best to warp back to the Light World using the mirror, because you need the flippers in order to tackle the next dungeon.

To find the flippers, go to the Northeast part of the world, past the magic shop. Give the mushroom to witch outside the shop as you pass by. Avoid the small Zoras and walk on the shallow bits of water. Zora will sell you his flippers and allow you to use his magical whirlpools. Get the heart piece in this area, and on your way back, stop at the Waterfall of Wishing. To get there, swim underneath the waterfall, and you will enter a cave containing a pool of water. Throw in your boomerang and shield; the faerie will give you better ones. Pick up your magic powder from the magic shop. Now, go to the marsh, and in the Northwest corner, hammer down the stakes and use the transporter to get to the Dark World. Go to the place where the marsh building is and go inside. You will not be able to progress, so warp back to the Light World. Use the right lever inside the building to drain the marsh, then warp back to the Dark World. The palace should now be flooded, and you will be able to clear it. You'll get the useful hookshot from here, along with a heart container and another crystal.

Before attempting the third dungeon, Skeleton Forest, I like to get the bombos medallion. It's extremely useful for killing the damned mummies in there. First though, now that you have the flippers, go north from the swamp and over the bridge. There's a patch of shallow water in the river, go onto it and warp to the light world and swim under the bridge. The hobbo there will give you another bottle. Warp back to the dark world go to where the desert usually is in the light world. You'll find the entrance blocked, by warp inside the stakes. Walk to the monolith and use the book of Mudora to get this magical medallion. Go to the village blacksmiths, and jump down the well. Throw some magical power on the altar, and a little demon will kindly cut your magic consumption down by 50%. The next bit is a little hard to explain; there is a magical transporter in the forest, in the east village entrance, but the stone that blocks the way is too heavy for you to lift. Instead, take the west entrance. Go up and then right, then down. The tree always has a magic container in - take it if you need it. Pound down the stakes and lift the small stone to find the transporter. Skeleton Forest is a rather hard dungeon, because you have to enter and exit and several different points in order to clear it. Also, watch out for the wallmaster - the giant hand cannot be killed and if he catches you, you'll end up at the start of the dungeon. You'll get the fire rod, heart container and crystal here.

Blind's Dungeon is your next location. Go south from the forest to the village of Outcasts (watch out for the thieves!). First, explore the Village of Outcasts. There's treasure to be found here, and two heart pieces. One is in the chest game, another in the digging game. However, they are hard to find, for they are randomly placed each time. Pull on the pitchfork in the village square, and it will open the dungeon door. Clearing this palace gives you the very handy Titan's Mitt, which enables you to lift all those heavy rocks. It's time now to take a break from the dungeons and collect some extra items. Since you now have the powerful Mitt, you can reach places you couldn't previously. Stay in the dark world, and head towards the graveyard. Go up the ladder at the back and warp to the light world. Go inside the cave and get the heart, then warp back to the dark world (the meaning of this method will become clear later)Go to where the solitary grave is, warp, and rush up against it to open it. Take the cloak, and warp to the dark world. Go to where the entrance to Death Mountain usually is. Enter the cave, and when you come to the bouncy disk, wear your cloak and walk through it. You will receive another heart container. Now go to the south entrance of the Village of Outcasts. Go south, and you will find a trapped frog. Rescue him, warp back to the light world, and take him to the blacksmith's hut. The reunited partners will offer to temper your sword. While they do it, take a short walk then go back to claim your more powerful sword.

Using the warp, you created when you came back to the light world, go back to the dark world, and travel to the Haunted Glade. There is a little fox here and he will give you a spade and ask you to find his flute. Warp from that point to the light world and dig in the far Northwest corner, where the flowers are. Warp back and give the fox the flute. Play it for him, and he will turn to wood. Go south, as far as the mountain wall. There's a triangle of bushes - warp inside them and you end up on to of the mountain. Inside the cave is a heart piece. Go to the tavern in Kakariko village. Play the flute next to the old man - he will let you keep it and tell you to play it in the town square. Go to the square and play the flute - a white bird will emerge from the weathercock. Play the flute again, and the bird will take you one of 7 places in the light world! Very handy!

Warp back to the dark world, using the village transporter, then go to the north west shore of Lake Hylia (near the fortune teller). Jump into the lake, and there is a shallow oval. Stand in the middle and warp back to the light world. You'll find a piece of heart. Dive into the water and swim east, until you come to a small island with a cave on it. Go inside; this is the Pond of Happiness, which is a way to increase your bomb/arrow capacity. However, it's a bit of a rip-off in my opinion, but worth using once to get 5 more bombs. The first time, the faerie appears once you have paid 100 rupees, and it gets more every time. She will grant you the ability to have 5 more bombs or arrows. Stock up on faeries in the cave that is blocked up, then go back outside. Lift up the heavy stone, and you will be warped into dungeon 5 - the Ice Palace. Clear it, and you will get the rather fetching blue mail :)

Time for lots and lots of walking... You need the Ether medallion in order to gain access to the Misery Mire dungeon. It's situated on Death Mountain, to the west of Hera's Tower. Go up there, and get onto the ledge the way you did when you needed to go in Hera's Tower. However, as you warp to the dark world, walk south to the gap in the cliff and jump down. Inside the cave is a passageway full of spikes; either make sure you have some faeries, or use the magic cape to get through. You will be awarded with the Staff of Byrna, although I never use it for anything. After, go to where spectacle rock should be and warp back to the light world. Instead of going in the tower, walk up then west across the rope bridge. Use the book of Mudora and you will get the Ether medallion. Use the bird to carry you to the swamp or the castle, and use the transporter there to get to the dark world. Walk all the way to where the waterfall of wishing usually is; instead there is a ring of stones. Throw a skull or bush in and the fish you wake up will throw the Quake medallion at you. Go to the Village of Outcasts. If you haven't explored round previously, there's plenty of treasure and there is a heart piece hidden in the chest and digging games, but they are hard to get, since they are randomly placed each time. Go to the Gossip Shop (where the blacksmiths hut usually is) and hammer down all the stakes to find a cave with a heart piece. Then go to the hut and take the strange chest. Link will drag it behind him; don't run or he will leave it behind. Warp back to the light world and go to the mute man who lives just outside the village. He will open the chest for you, and you'll get the final bottle. Blow on your flute and go to location 6. Pull up the rock and warp to Misery Mire.

It will be raining heavily when you get there. Go in the small cave to the west to get a heart piece and some rupees, then go to the Northeast corner of the mire and warp to the light world. Pull up the block to reveal a secret room, where you will be awarded with a piece of heart. Go back to the dark world and find the platform which has the ether symbol on it. Use the ether medallion, and the storm will stop and you will be granted access to dungeon six. Clear it; you will get the staff of Somaria. Now it's time for some REAL HARD WORK. Go back to the light world and get the bird to take you to Death Mountain. Get on the tower ledge the usual way, via the warp and spectacle rock, then walk past the tower to the east, until you get to a hill with three stakes on top. Hammer them down in an anti-clockwise order, starting with the one on your right. Use the warp that appears and you will be transported to the last dungeon - Turtle Rock, where Zelda is being held. Use the Quake medallion to open the entrance. This dungeon is pretty tough, and can get frustrating at times. Just make sure you have plenty of patience and magic medicine and you should be okay. Clear the dungeon and rescue Zelda; she will tell you to go to Ganon's Tower. As well as getting the mirrored shield from here, there is a heart piece hidden here. When you're in the first basement of the palace, walk south from the Big Chest, out onto a ledge, and warp to the Light World. You will appear on a ledge near a cave entrance. Enter the cave, defeat the enemies inside and receive the Heart Piece.

Don't go to the tower straight away. Walk west until you come to a large stone block. Pull it up and get the treasure in the cave, using the hookshot for help. Then go up to where you can see the door. There's an invisible path here. Walk up a bit, go slightly to your right, up and the left to get across. Once outside, warp to the light world and you will find a heart piece. Warp back and come back out of the cave. If you want, go through the nearby cave or warp to the light world and explore the death mountain caves. There's nothing here but a bit of treasure, but if you'd like to fully explore the game, or get some more rupees, then do so. Go to the dark world bomb shop (where Link's house is) and the Super Bomb should be for sale. Buy it, and go to the pyramid. Blow up the cracked wall and there is a secret chamber with a pool in it. Throw in your sword and bow to get the Golden Sword and Silver Bow.

When you're ready (well stocked up) it's off to Death Mountain again. Ganon's Tower is in the spot Hera's Tower is, to get to it, use the normal method. Stand in front of the glowing tower, and the maidens will use their combined powers to break the seal. Ganon's Tower is HARD. It's bigger, and more complicated than any of the dungeons so far, but don't give up! Even I got through eventually. You'll get the protective red mail from here and you'll duel with Agahnim again, who we discover is simply an alter ego of Ganon. Once defeated, he'll fly off and blow a hole in the top of the Pyramid. Get there as fast as you can, and jump inside. Time for the final battle! Once you've destroyed Ganon, walk up the stairs that appear, claim the Triforce and sit back and watch the ending! Congratulations, you've made it through the game!


Your character starts out with 3 Heart Containers with the potential to get 17 more in the game. You can get 1 heart container from Sanctuary, and others when you defeat the evil dungeon masters. Pieces of heart can all be found scattered around Hyrule; 4 pieces will equal 1 whole container. In other words you get 12 heart containers from dungeons and have to find 20 heart pieces. Here is a short list of roughly where to find those 20 pieces; the walkthrough will explain precisely how to get them if you're really stumped.

1. In the race game outside Kakariko Village.
2. Down the well in Kakariko Village.
3. In the marsh lake, once you've drained it.
4. On the west ledge alongside the Desert Palace.
5. Inside the Elder's desert cave.
6. On top of Spectacle Rock.
7. Inside Spectacle Rock.
8. In the cave west of Sanctuary.
9. On the Pyramid.
10. Near Zora's Waterfall.
11. Inside the cave above the graveyard.
12. On the ledge in the Dark World where the Death Mountain entrance is in the Dark World.
13. In the Village of Outcasts Chest Game.
14. In the Village of Outcasts Digging Game.
15. In a cave on a ledge, south of the Haunted Glade.
16. On an island in Lake Hylia.
17. In the building to the west of Misery Mire dungeon.
18. In a cave on the Northeast ledge in the desert.
19. On a ledge in Death Mountain.
20. In a cave, accessed only through Turtle Rock Dungeon.



Blue Armour: It's in the Ice Lake Palace.

Book of Mudora: It's on the top shelf in Kakariko Village Library. Run at the shelf to knock it down.

Boomerang & magical boomerang: The first is hidden down in the Hyrule Castle dungeon. Later on, if you visit the Waterfall of Wishing (north of the magic shop, on the way to Zora's domain), you can exchange the boomerang for a magical one!

Bottles: These are necessary to carry potions or faeries in, and you can get a total of four throughout the game. The first can be bought from the vender in Kakariko Village for 100 rupees, and there is also one in the nearby tavern. You can get a third from a man living under the stone bridge east of Link's house. The final one is inside a strange chest, which is in the Dark World, where blacksmith's house usually is. Take it to the thief living near the desert in the Light World, and he will open it for you.

Bow: It's in the Eastern Palace.

Bug Collecting Net: It's in a house in Kakariko Village. The boy who owns it has a cold; talk to him, and he will offer to lend you this item.

Cane of Somaria: It's in the Misery Mire Dungeon.

Fire Rod: It's in the Skeleton Woods Dungeon.

Flute: You will need the shovel to find the flute. It's hidden in the Haunted Glade, usually at the top end. Just dig in this area and you should find it.

Golden Sword: In the Dark World pyramid, use the super bomb on the crack in the wall. Go inside the chamber and throw yours sword into the pond to receive the Golden Sword.

Hammer: It's in the Palace of Darkness.

Hookshot: It's in the Flooded dungeon.

Lantern: It's in the chest in Link's house.

Large Shield: Go to the Waterfall of Wishing, which is located northeast of the Medicine Shop. Throw your shield into the pond and the faerie will give you the large shiled in exchange. The Large Shield is also available for purchase at the Forest Shop for 500 Rupees. The Forest Shop can be found southeast of the Fortune Teller's shop next to Kakariko Village in the Dark World.

Ice Rod: Go to Lake Hylia, and travel around it's perimeter, until you come to a place with two caves, at it's Northeast edge. The left-hand cave houses a chest which contains the rod.

Magic Cape: Go to the graveyard and get find the tomb that stands alone, surrounded by heavy rocks. Push it, and a secret passage will be revealed, where you will get the cape.

Master Sword: Go to the far Northwest corner of the Mysterious Forest. The sword is embedded in a stone dais in a peaceful grove. Once you've got the three Pendants, you will be able to pull out the sword.


Bombos Medallion: Go to the entrance of the Desert in the Dark World and look for some posts surrounding a grassy area. Stand within the posts and use the Magic Mirror to appear near a monolith in the Light World. Use the Book of Mudora to read the script on the monolith and receive the Bombos Medallion.

Ether Medallion: Go to Death Mountain. Go west of Hera's Tower and use the Book of Mudora to translate the ancient symbols. If you have the Master Sword, you will receive the Ether Medallion.

Quake Medallion: In the dark world, go to where the waterfall of wishing normally is. You will find a sign that reads: "Curses on anyone who throws something into my circle of stones!". Throw a bush or a skull into the circle of stones to receive the Quake Medallion.

Mirror: When you first go to Death Mountain, you will meet up with a lost old man. Once out in the open, he will give you the mirror.

Mirror Shield: It's in Turtle Rock Dungeon.

Moon Pearl: It's in Hera's Tower.

Pegasus Boots: West of the Eastern Palace, you will find Sahasarala's hideout. Go there once you have cleared Eastern Palace, and the elder will give you the boots.

Power Glove: It's in the Desert Palace.

Red Armour: It's in Ganon's Tower.

Silver Arrows: In the Dark World pyramid, use the super bomb on the crack in the wall. Go inside the chamber and throw the Bow and Arrow into the pond to receive the Silver Bow and Arrow.

Shovel: Go to the Haunted Grove in the Dark World. Talk to the fox and he will give you the Shovel.

Staff of Byrna: Near the transporter near Spectacle Rock, jump down the gap in the cliff. There will be a long passageway filled with spikes. Make sure that you have plenty of hearts and life potions before attempting to get through this.

Tempered Sword: Once you're rescued the blacksmith's partner from the Dark World, they will temper your sword. The apprentice, who looks like a frog, is trapped, south of the Village of Outcasts. Lift the rocks with the Titan's Mitt to free him, then lead him back to the Blacksmith's Shop in the Light World. The dwarves will then temper your sword.

Titan's Mitt: It's in Blind's Dungeon.

Zora's Flippers: At the very north-eastern edge of the world, you will find Zora's domain. Navigate through it and meet Zora. He will charge you 500 rupees for his flippers, so make sure you have plenty of money.


AE67-DF2A Some item sounds are repeated in spin slash and dash

AEA8-D49A A step in any direction makes you jump

AE67-0D30 Infinite bombs

AE6E-DF2A Infinite energy

AE8A-D4FA + AE8D-OD9A Infinite magic

AEA8-D4FA Walk through anything vertically

45B8-D49A Dash without charge-up

55B8-D49A No dash

256C-6D04 The Sword looks like a flower, and the Hookshot, like an anchor

376C-AF04 Glitches all game graphics

AE6A-DF2A All injuries are fatal

366C-DF04 No sound

376C-ADD4 Red tint

376C-ADA4 The landscape is shifted (graphical change only)

376C-A4D4 The interiors of buildings change

376C-AD64 Hear the flute!

AEEC-A586 Some shops don't take your money


Unfortunately, there aren't any cheats as such (if only!!) in Zelda III. Or, I just haven't found them out yet! Email me if you know any!




Light World Bosses


ARMOS KNIGHTS (Eastern Palace): Just use your bow and arrow, but don't waste your precious arrows! Hit as many as possible when they start advancing downwards instead of in a circle, for if they turn red, they will attempt to jump on you, and take more hits. If you run out of arrows, each knight takes 12 hits with the sword.

LANMOLAS (Desert Palace): There's 3 of them. Simply hit their heads or back ends with the sword as many times as possible; a good time is just as they emerge from the sand. You can also use the whirling blade technique. Each one takes about 8 hits.

MOLDORM (Hera's Tower): Dodge him to avoid being pushed off the platform, because he regains his energy every time you fall. The more you hit his tail, the more angry he gets, and the faster he moves. Use your sword either normally, or the whirling blade technique six times to finish him.

AGAHNIM (Hyrule Castle): Using the Master Sword, reflect the magical beams back onto him to destroy him. When he stands in the centre of the room, he usually sends out a huge lighting bolt. Avoid it by standing against one of the side walls.


Dark World Bosses


HELMASAUR KING (Palace of Darkness): Use your hammer to smash his mask off, or three bombs. You need to get in close, but avoid being touched by him. He spits fire, and that sting on his tail whips out pretty fast too. Once you've got rid of his mask, just stab or shoot his vulnerable face until he dies.

ARRGHUS (Flooded Palace): Use your hookshot to remove his protective clouds then kill them one at a time with your sword. Once you've done this, he will get very agitated and start rushing around the room. Stab him, and he will jump into the air. Avoid him as he lands. Just keep hitting him, either eight times with your sword, or four times with the hammer.

MOTHULA (Skeleton Forest): He is fairly easy. Use the fire rod first (remember, moths hate fire!), then, if you run out of magic, just get in close and stab him with your sword, but avoid the spikes moving about the floor and the fire he spits. He will take 15 hits from the fire rod or 8 from the sword in order for him to die.

BLIND THE THIEF (Blind's Dungeon): Blow a hole in the floor with the room with windows and a cracked floor first, so that light will shine into Blind's room. Rescue the girl (she is really Blind) and take her to the light filled chamber. She will turn into Blind. Stand behind the ray of light and hit with your sword whenever Blind comes nearby. Keep hitting him until three heads have fallen off. Each one takes three hits, but remember to dodge his dangerous laser attacks.

KHOLDSTARE (Ice Lake Dungeon): First of all, thaw out his protective ice covering using the fire rod, whilst avoiding his ice bolts. Eventually, he breaks into three eyeballs that bounce around the room. Hit them six times each with the sword to destroy him.

VITREOUS (Misery Mire): Using the whirling blade technique, kill the small eyes that surround Vitreous. It is best to stand in one of the corners, so that you can avoid the lighting bolts he throws at you. After you defeat the small eyes, he will attack by dashing at you. Use the whirling blade technique to defeat him.

TRINEXX (Turtle Rock): You need to have plenty of magic before fighting Trinexx. Attack his blue head with the fire rod to stun it, then stab it with your sword. Repeat this until it is destroyed. Do the same for the red head, substituting the fire rod for the ice rod instead. At the same, you need to avoid the fire and ice he shoots at you. Once his two heads are gone, he turns into a worm. Hit his flashing area a few times to kill him.

AGAHNIM (Ganon's Palace): Agahnim behaves in a similar fashion to when you fought him in the Light World, but this time he has two doppelgangers. Attack the real one (the other two are slightly hazy) by using your Master Sword to reflect his power back to him. Remember to avoid his usual lightning attacks by standing to one side of him.

GANON (Pyramid): Make sure you HAVE the silver bow and arrows! First, just hit him as many times as possible with your sword and dodge his fireballs. After this, he will start stamping on the floor, so there will be holes around the edges. He will then turn into a bat and the room will go dark. Light the two torches using your fire rod. Ganon will return and teleport about the room. Hit him with your sword and he will become paralysed and turn blue. Now, shoot him with your bow and arrow. Keep repeating the above process until he dies.


Once you have the Pegasus boots, try dashing into trees that stand alone. In the first part of the game, the often contain rupees, apples, magic decanters and faeries. Beware later on though, once Agahnim has opened the seal to the Dark World, these trees often contain angry bees!

DON'T bother with the fortune tellers, unless you're really stumped. A lot of the time they simply repeat the same information, although they do heal you as an added bonus.

When you need healing, during the early part of the game, Zelda and the sage can both do this. The are many faerie caves scattered about, who will heal you as well. Fortune tellers and creatures in the dark world also heal you - but at a price, but the lady at the magic shop and the old man at Death Mountain will heal you for free. Red and blue medicine heals you, but only ever buy it from the magic shop; normal shops overcharge. Some trees, like the one at the start of the far west entrance of the woods, the pink ones outside sanctuary, and the wooden bridge to the east of the castle, contain apples that will heal you as well. In the Dark World, there are only faeries to help you.

Explore everywhere. Blow up every blocked up doorway, open every chest. Chances are, places like these hide things that will help you during your quest.

A good place to get lots of rupees, is around Lake Hylia. There's a few caves that contain treasure around the south and Northeast banks. There's also a lot of rupees in Death Mountain and in the Village of Outcasts.

If you can afford it, always buy the blue medicine, which heals both life and magic points. The green magic potion isn't really worth buying on its own; remember, you can usually find magic containers hidden in dungeons, but never healing potions.


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