Castle Inhabitants

Doof (c) Alexandra Spears


     Doof is a crazy, white-haired inventor, who can make robots using magic. One of his creations onced helped to fend off one of Ganon's attacks. Link then got the idea of having a staged kidnap of Zelda, using one of Doof's robots, so that he could rescue her and impress her. Doof helped him and made a robot moblin and it worked out, although Zelda later found out the truth.


Watchman Erol

      Erol is the main drawbridge guard at North Castle. He is in charge of making sure that no-one gains unauthorised entry to the castle, and is extremely loyal to the Royal Family.


Captain Krin

      Captian Krin is the tall, blonde, handsome Captain of the Guard at North Castle. He is extremely loyal to the Royal Family and gives aid to Link and Zelda whenever he can and is an expert in swordplay.



      Miff is a pretty, cheerful blonde haired faerie who lives at North Castle. She has healing skills and sometimes accompanies Link and Zelda on their adventures. She also has a crush on Link.

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