Ganon (c) Alexandra Spears


     Ganon is an evil wizard, skilled in the black arts, who reigns supreme in the Underworld. His ultimate aim in life is to rule the Overworld - Hyrule. He owns the other Triforce - the red Triforce of Power, which because it isn't balanced out by the blue Triforce of Wisdom, has corrupted the wizard even more. If he got the Triforce of Wisdom, he would be all powerful and could therefore defeat Hyrule's army with ease.

     He began a plot, which involved kidnapping the young heir and owner of the Triforce of Wisdom, Princess Zelda. Unfortunately, Zelda shattered the Triforce into bits across Hyrule and Link, now Hyrule's hero, rescued Zelda and retrieved the Triforce, defeating Ganon in the process.

     Ganon is extremely evil and yearns for the day when he takes over Hyrule. Unfortunately, his plots are usually foiled by Link, who Ganon utterly depises. He cannot seemingly be killed, for his monsters simply resurrect him again. However, he can be defeated through the use of silver arrows. Ganon resides under Death Mountain, in West Hyrule. His dungeons are not to be entered under any measure - the vast amount of monsters Ganon controls would simply destory any curious traveller.

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