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Link, Triforce Protector & 'Destined' Hero

     Link was born in the small country of Calatia, which is slightly to the west of Hyrule. He was the eldest son of Arn and Medila, and his family are descendants of the Kokiri Tribe. When he was 14, he left home to seek adventure in the vast world of Hyrule. It was around this time when he rescued Impa from a gang of moblins and the old woman told him of Princess Zelda's predicament. So, Link first came to fame as Hyrule's most courageous hero, when he rescued Princess Zelda from the evil sorceror Ganon, and retrieved the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, Zelda shattered to keep out of Ganon's hands when he kidnapped her.

     A further quest sealed the kingdom's approval - when Link turned 16, a strange mark like that of the kingdom's crest appeared on his hand. He showed Impa, Zelda's old nursemaid. She was surprised by the mark, but once she regained her composure, she took him to a room in North Castle. Asleep on an alter was a young girl. Impa told Link the story of the princess. She had been put to sleep by and evil sorceror many generations back. Only by retriving the Triforce of Courage, could she be awakened again. Link had to place six crystals into specially guarded palaces around Hyrule then he could finally enter the Great Palace, where the Triforce was. Link completed the task, and awoke the sleeping princess.

     Now, Link resides at North Castle, as Protector of the precious Triforce of Wisdom. He and Zelda are good friends (but Link would love for them to be more than just 'good friends'!) and have many adventures together, battling against Ganon and his evil foes. His Hylian ancestory allows Link to use magic, but he is equally skilled with his sword and various other weapons.

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