Friends From Other Lands


Arn and Medila

     Arn and Medila are the hero Link's parents. They live in a small village in the nearby country of Calatia, where they are well-known for a special drink that they have created. They have other children aside from the eldest, Link, but little is known of them.

Facade (c) Alexandra Spears

Prince Facade

     Prince Facade is a brave warrior from another country. He was out adventuring in Hyrule, when he met up with Princess Zelda. He immediately fell in love with her, and for a short time, she seemed to like him too. However, later on Ganon kidnapped the Princess and imprisoned her in Midoro Swamp. Because he hated to get dirty, Facade refused to rescue Zelda, and left the job to Link. He is often known as 'The White Knight' to many people.


Queen Seline of Calatia

     Queen Seline is the sole ruler of the nearby country of Calatia. She has great magical powers, but these were not always enough to save her troubled kingdom. Ganon somehow managed to steal this power, but Link and Zelda helped her to regain them. Later, she was overthrown by Link's Shadow, but Link once again helped her out. She is extremely good friends with King Harkinian. When they first met, Zelda did not take to the queen very well, but they did eventually become friends.

Sing (c) Greg Kernan


     Sing is a young girl of Link and Zelda's age. She had oriental style features, but it is unknown as to where she was from. She owned a beautiful unicorn, which Ganon once stole, and so she travelled to Hyrule to save him. She could not speak Hyrulian, but she helped Link and Zelda save the King from Ganon, and in return they rescued her precious unicorn. Sing is an agile fighter and she wears green ninja-style clothing.

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