Villagers & Townsfolk



     Bagu is the strongest man in the whole of Hyrule. He lives in a small house in the woods north of Saria, kept company by his two beloved frogs, Langhorn and Calaveras.He also has a pet bot, which resides in his house in the town of Saria. When Link wanted to cross the river in Saria in order to reach Death Mountain, it was Bagu who gave him permission so that the guards would let him go over the bridge. They became friends after that, but later on, he stole the Triforce of Wisdom for Ganon, in order to get his frogs back, which the wizard had cruelly stolen. Link realised that Bagu had not meant to do it, but he just wanted his beloved pets to be safe.


Cassiopa and Rus

     Cassiopa is a healer, and she lives in one of Hyrule's small villages with her son Rus. On the Day of the Triforce (a day which occurs once a decade, where the Triforces power is lost), Lynels burned the village down. Zelda and Miff helped Cassiopa and the rest of the villagers defeat Ganon and his evil monsters. Rus also suffered a deadly snake bite, ubt luckily, Miff saved him with her healing powers.


     Error knows a lot about Hyrulian legends and lore, and when Link went on the quest to retrieve the Triforce of Courage, he helped the hero by telling him some useful information. He is a large and dark-bearded man, respected by many. Error resides in the wooden mountain town of Ruto.



     In Hyrule, there are many merchants selling plenty of different wares, but the best known ones are Joz and Pompol. Joz owns Joz's Supply Cave, and buys and sells used equipment for fair prices. Pompol owns the Adventurer's Boutique, which sells brand new, but expensive equipment.



     Russ is a young boy who lives in the River Town of Saria. Once, Ganon threatend to attack the town, but he promised the townspeople that if Link and Zelda were killed, he would save the town. Russ was the only person to see through Ganon's evil plot, and he aided the hero and his Princess when they helped to save the town from Ganon.

Sleezenose (c) Alexandra Spears


     Link rescued the dark-beareded man with a crooked nose from some of Ganon's monsters. Pretending to be grateful, he showed Link a beautiful sword, and traded it for Link's magical one. Unfortunately, the new sword turned out to be useless, and Link knew he'd been conned. Old Sleezenose then attempted to sell Link's msgical sword to Ganon, and he also locked Link and Zelda up and tried to steal the Triforce of Wisdom. Unfortunately, the princess and hero finally got the better of him, and the con-artist fled Hyrule in shame.

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