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Princess Zelda

Zelda is the young Hylian heir to the throne of the kingdom Hyrule. Her Father is King Harkinian, but it is unknown to who her mother was. I assume her mother died when Zelda was younger. When Zelda turned 15, she was kidnapped by Ganon, the evil necromancer. To keep the Triforce of Wisdom away from the wizard, she used her magical skills to shatter it into several pieces. Beforehand, she had sent her faithful nursemaid, Impa, to look for a hero who could help in the war against Ganon. The valiant boy Link, rescued her from Ganon's clutches, returning both her and the retrieved pieces of the Triforce back safely to North Castle.

She and Link are now best friends, and they work together to fight against Ganon's foul army. Although Link flirts with her incessantly, Zelda usually pretends not to notice, even though she secretly likes him too. She can usually look after herself, and is very good at archery. Since Zelda is a Hylian, it means that she is skilled in magic and she can competently control the Triforce's powers.

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