Ganondorf Dragmire

     Ganondorf Dragmire was the leader of a band of thieves who were skilled in the black arts. To his followers, he was known as Mandrag Ganon, which meant 'Ganon of the Enchanted Thieves'. They managed to open a portal to the Golden World, and in his greed, Ganondorf murdered all his followers and claimed the mystical Triforce for himself. His evil mind caused evil power to flow from the Golden Land to Hyrule, and greedy men were drawn there to become member's of the thief's army.

     Due to his evilness, Ganondorf's visage was twisted from a human's face, to that of a grinning hog, with blood red eyes. During the Imprisoning War, he was magically sealed in Dark World (as the Golden Land was called, due to Ganondorf's evil power). However, centuries later he rose up for revenge. Somehow, he got back to Hyrule, in the guise of a wizard named Agahnim, and managed to overthrow the Royal Court. He then kidnapped the maidens who were the bloodline of the seven wise men, and used their power to open the portal which led to the Dark World. Although he suceeded, he was later overthrown by the valiant boy Link, who supposedly killed him with silver tipped arrows...

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