Link II

     Link was orphaned at an early age, so his uncle who lived near Kakariko village outside Hyrule Castle adopted him. Link was of Hylian ancestory, and it is claimed he carried on the bloodline of the Knights of Hyrule. At the age of 15, Link was contacted telepathically by Princess Zelda as she pleaded for his help. His uncle went off to save her, but was mortally wounded in his attempt. Link, worried, followed his uncle, who in his dying words, told Link to help Zelda.

      Link rescued her, then set out on a quest to defeat the evil wizard Agahnim. He retrieved the Master Sword, and Zelda was kidnapped again. The hero arrived too late to help her and tried to kill the wizard but was transported to the Dark World where Ganondorf resided. He rescued the seven maidens sent there by Agahnim, including Zelda and then destroyed Ganondorf and retrieved the mystical Triforce. He proved his courage and honour, and was hailed as the Legendary Hero of Hyrule.

     Hyrule was still in unrest afterwards though, so Link set out on a voyage around the world in quest of knowledge that would help him, should Ganondorf reappear. However, on his way back to Hyrule, his ship was wrecked on Koholint Island. The only way he could leave was by waking the windfish, by collecting the eight Instruments of the Sirens, which were hidden in Koholint's deepest dungeons. While he was there, he fell in love with a girl called Marin, who looked very like Princess Zelda, and was a beautiful singer. Sadly, when he did awaken the windfish, the island was destroyed. He returned back to Hyrule and presumably settled down with someone. He is the distant ancestor of Link from Zelda I and II.

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