Other Hyrulian Inhabitants


      A wise old sage perhaps related to Sahasralah, he resides in the Desert of Mystery close to the desert palace. He knows much about the book of Mudora and the lore of Hyrule and forsaw a prophecy about the hero Link.

A. and B. Bumpkin

      These twin lumberjacks live to the east of the Mysterious Woods, working hard to cut down trees to provide wood to the people of Hyrule.

Desert Thief

      This shady man has been exhiled from the gang of Forest Thieves for reasons unknown. He is extremely skilled at opening locked chests.


      This young boy loves to play his magical flute to the animals in a strange glade south of Kakariko Village. However he appears to be trapped between worlds, meaning that only his ghost appears playing the flute in Hyrule.

Fortune Tellers

      These mysterious prophets reside in tents around Hyrule and for a price will look into their crystal balls and foretell the future, give sage advice and also offer healing.

Lost Old Man

      This old hermit lives high up in Death Mountain alone in a cave. He gets lost in the dark and Link helps him fidn his way back home. He owns the mysterious magic mirror that allows you to travel back from the Dark World by gazing into it.

The Sage

      The sage resides at the Sanctuary and takes care of Princess Zelda when Link rescues her from the castle dungeon. He is extremely loyal to the Royal Family and a secret passage leads from his Sanctuary back to Hyrule Castle.


      The beautiful Venus is the Queen of Faeries and she can be summoned at many of the secret springs hidden throughout Hyrule. If her questions are answered truthfully she will reward brave adventurers and she will also provide healing.

The Witch

      The witch lives with her assistant in an old gnarled tree on the way towards the Zora Waterfall. She creates various healing and magic potions to sell to you and will give you a taste sample of red potion for free.

King Zora

      King of the unfriendly fishmen the Zora, he resides under the Zora Waterfall and will sell magic flippers for 500 rupees and he allows Link to use the special Zora warps that allow you to travel to different whirlpools around Hyrule.

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