Zelda II

     Zelda was born into royalty, at Hyrule Castle. She has Hylian ancestory, and was the last of the seven descendants of the Seven Wise Men. Her life was not all well though - the evil wizard Agahnim took over the court and killed her father and locked Zelda down in the dungeon when she was fifteen. She pleaded telepathically to a young boy named Link to save her, which he did. She hid in Sanctuary, but guards later stormed the church and took her back to Agahnim, who then sent her to the Dark World so that the evil thief Ganondorf could invade Hyrule using the Triforce.

     Along with the other maidens, Zelda was imprisioned in a crystal that was then looked after by one of the seven evil dungeon masters. Zelda languished deep inside Turtle Rock, contacting Link telepathically from time to time. Luckily, Link rescued her and defeated Ganondorf and so peace was restored to the kingdom. She is the distant ancestor of the Zeldas from Zelda I and Zelda II.

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