Animal Village Inhabitants

Bear Chef

      This great big brown bear is the chef for Animal village but he also plans to extend his cooking empire by making a branch in Mabe Village. He particularly adores honey.


      This goat loves to write and she is currently exchanging letters with Mr Write. However she hasn't told him that she's an animal and has sent him a fake photo of Princess Peach claiming that is what she looks like.


      A female hippo who is posing for one of Schule's portaits. However she doesn't seem very happy.


      He is a crocodile artist who sculpted the beautiful mermaid statue in Martha's Bay. He also loves painting and speaks with a French accent.


      These little talking rabbits seem to completely adore Marin!


      This big fat lazy walrus tends to fall asleep in inconvenient places and block the road. The only way he can be woken up is by hearing Marin sing, which he really enjoys.

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