Mabe Village Inhabitants


      The passionate Fisherman lives to the north of the village and charges only 10 rupees to use his fishing rod.

Madame MeowMeow

      This odd woman loves BowWows; tame chainchomps with fur coats that love to be walked and taken to the swamp. They'll eat almost anything. She is very distraught when the moblins kidnap her beloved pet, but as usual, Link was ready to lend a helping hand and was able to take BowWow for a long walk once he'd rescued him.

Papahl and Family

      Papahl is the father of quaduplets and they all live together in a large house north of the village square, next to the mysterious dreamshine. His wife has just had a small baby, but both of them sometimes get confused by their older four identical sons! Papahl once got lost in the mountains searching for mushrooms but luckily Link was able to help him find his way home.


      The swarmy shopkeeper charges extorninate prices for new equipment, his shelves are always stocked with plety of wares, but woe betide those who steal; he has magical powers to stop any thief in their tracks!


      Tarin is the jovial, rotund father of Marin. He enjoys sleeping and hunting for his favourite food, mushrooms! He often gets into all manner of scrapes, such as being chased by killer bees and turning into a racoon - however Link was able to help him out both times.

Trendy Game Owner

      This bespectacled man owns the Trendy Game, which you can play for 10 rupees at a time. It consists of a mechanical hook and convayer belt which you can try and lift prizes up from.

Grandma and Grandpa Ulrira

      This old couple live in the south of Mabe Village. Grandma loves to sweep outside with her broom and Grandpa is said to know a lot abou Koholint; but he is too shy to talk face to face. Instead he will give advice via the many telephone points scattered around the island.

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