Other Island Inhabitants

Crazy Tracy

      A pretty, dark haired yet strange young lady who lives slightly to the northeast of the village, just next to Manbo's Pond. She has created a secret medicine that takes effect when you lose all heart. She's very flirty and seems to have a crush on Link. Tracy lives in a small house and likes to create magic potions


      A large frog who lives near Signpost Maze, Mamu teaches Link how to play the Frog's Song of Soul on his Ocarina, a melody strong enough to revive the dead. He loves music and eventually goes away on tour.


      Manbo is a large blue fish who loves to sing and dance. He refers to himself as a 'child of the sun' and will teach anyone with an ocarina his song, 'Manbo's Mambo'. This funky tune when played will warp the player to his pond near Crazy Tracy's house. He resides in a water filled cave in Tal Tal Heights.

Prince Richard

      Richard is the monarch of Koholint and owns a large villa near to Pothole Field. He was chased out of his former home, Kanalet Castle, when his knights became mad and stole his magical 5 Golden Leaves. He owns the Slime Key which allows access to one of the numerous dungeons in Koholint.

Rapids Ride Owner

      This bespectacled man owns a Rapids Ride game up near Mount Tamaranch where you can ride a raft for 100 rupees and attempt to collect various prizes scattered around the river.


      Sale is a crocodile who lives close to the Torobo Shores and sells bananas. He loves dogfood.

The Witch

      The witch lives in an old gnarled tree next to the graveyard. She knows how to create a magic powder from mushrooms which when sprinkled on various objects, can do many weird and wonderful things.

Mr Write

      This quiet, bespectacled man lives alone deep in the forest and loves to read and write. He's been writing to what he thinks is a charming young lady called Christine in a town far away, but it is actually a goat! However she has sent him a photo of Princess Peach.

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