Allies of Hyrule


Part 4


Malon gasped at the structure. It was gigantic, held up by hundreds of delicate arches; it towered over their heads. "Why didn't we see it before?"

"Sheikah magic." Daber replied, leading them inside.

Link's eyes opened wide. The inside was huge. It looked as fragile as an eggshell, but he knew it had to be immensely powerful to stand. Light poured in threw stained glass windows. Trees that grew outside were built into the building for support so giant branches wove overhead.

"Come on! We don't want to be late!' Daber hurried up the stairs while the Hylians stared around them.

They reached the room of Speakers quickly. Inside were all the Sheikah of the village. Sitting on a jeweled chair was Faylona. She wore a silver gown that sparkled in the light. Seeing the visitors, she stood.

"Welcome to the House of Speakers, honored guests. Please be seating. I will tell you of our past."

Link, Malon and Zelda sat and stared in wonder of what would happen next.

"Many generations ago, the Sheikah lived in Hyrule, protecting the royal family. We lived in happiness with the other races, helping all, spreading our knowledge and assisting in keeping peace.

"We were the guardians of the Triforce, we kept it hidden in the Temple of Time. The Triforce was a key to the Golden Land. One key of many that would open the doors to the Void. Of course, the Void could either hold, as I said before, The Golden Land if the user was good or the black emptiness of Darkness if the user was evil. In the Darkness, demons and other such evil creatures were kept. That is why the Triforce was hidden: to keep the evil out of Hyrule. Or the rest of the world for that matter.

"People began to take their peace and happiness for granted. They began to turn on the Sheikah, believing us to be hiding the Triforce so that only we could use its power. We were shunned, so we started to care less of the sacred triforce. We believed it to be safe, so we paid less attention to it. Until one day, so many years ago, the triforce was stolen. Hyrule went into a panic. The Sheikah was clueless; no one knew where it went. That is when the War started. The War of the Triforce began at dawn.

"Swarms of demons attacked Hyrule. They were lead by an evil king, who vowed to destroy Hyrule and all that lived there. Fire fell from the sky like rain. The Sheikah were helpless. Nothing we did could stop the destruction. Hundreds were killed. The ones who were spared were made into slaves. The people, searching for a reason blamed the Sheikah, for it was rumored the evil king had been one of us. Years went by. The land had become burnt and inhabitable. I led my people away, using all the power I had." Faylona dropped her head. Zelda noticed a tear form and fall down the smooth cheek. "II did not save anyone other than the Sheikah, I believed at the time that they deserved it. I haven't forgiven myself for that."

She sat silent for a moment. Then standing straight, she continued. "Finally, a hero saved Hyrule, destroyed the king and returned the peace and prosperity back to the land. I was given the title of Speaker for saving my people, hence my long life time. Many years later, some Sheikah returned to Hyrule and made Kakariko Village. Most we chased out, except for Impa. She stayed when we all went into hiding. She became an assistant to the royal family, and later, a Sage.

"We saw your battle with Ganon, Link. When Impa proved to be a worthy Sage and helped force Ganon into the Void, part of the burden my people and I had been carrying was lifted. We believe its time to return to our homeland. And to prove ourselves, we will help you win the coming war."

The room was silent. Finally, Zelda stood up. "We would be pleased and honored to have the Sheikah fighting by our side."

The Sheikah burst into applause. Link got the idea that they had been silent in fear of their offer being turned down. He got Zelda's eye and nodded before clapping along with the Sheikah.

Faylona smiled. Her whole face filled with joy, she spoke again. "Thank you Princess Zelda. If it is acceptable, we would like to return with you to meet the King and discuss matters with him."

Zelda nodded. "Of course. When shall we go back to Hyrule?"

"Tonight. We need to speak with the King as soon as possible. We know not when Carnovan shall attack. Tellikah, please accompany us. Reevra, you shall be in charge in my absence. I will return here as soon as I can." The man she had pointed to nodded and bowed.

"Please get ready to leave. Prepare my horse for travel and I will go pack. Children of Hyrule," the three looked up, "meet me in two hours. Then we shall go."

Two hours later, Malon, Link, Zelda and Tellikah were ready to go home. Faylona joined them. Impa explained before the group left that she was staying with the Sheikah for a few more days. Zelda nodded. "Stay as long as you wish Impa. But please come back soon."

They rode off in silence. Link thought about everything he had learned about the Sheikah. What was this about more than one key for opening the Void? What else could there possible be? He started to open his mouth to ask, but became shy suddenly in the presence of Faylona and remained quiet.

Malon forced Shadavelle to walk slowly. She knew he longed to run free, but she couldn't allow him to do that now. She didn't wan to be embarrassed in front of the leader of the Sheikah. She vowed to let him run as soon as she was able to go home to the farm.

It seemed like eternity, but finally they returned to Hyrule. Zelda led them through the market place and to the castle. As they passed people, Link could see the surprised stares on their faces. He grinned to himself, then suddenly frowned. So, they didn't know of the trouble brewing. When would the King share his knowledge?

The dismounted when they reached the castle of Hyrule. The guards led them into the throne room. After bowing to the King, Zelda walked forward.

"Father, this is Faylona, Speaker of the Sheikah. She will help us against Carnovan. Faylona, this is my father, the King of Hyrule."

The King stood and bowed to the Speaker. "It is an honor."

Faylona smiled. "Please your Highness, let us drop the pleasantries and get down to business. We need to speak of the upcoming problem now."

The king sighed. "I have put it off for too long. Come; let's speak in the Great Hall. I shall call for the leaders of the other races. We can discuss the problem then." He turned to his daughter. "Zelda, please join us. Link? Malon, you may come as well."

"Thank you your Majesty, but I must be leaving. Goodbye Speaker, Zelda, Link." Malon quickly left. She had to return to the farm. Her father would be angry! And besides, she promised she'd let Shadavelle run for a while.

Link's shoulders sagged. He wished he could go free. But it was important to meet and talk about what they had to do to prepare. He hoped it wouldn't take to long.

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