Allies of Hyrule


Part 5


The King of Hyrule rubbed his temples. "So far, we have the help of the Zoras, Gorons, Shiekah, Gerudos and the Kokiri. The Zoras will attack from the water of course, the Gorons will be in charge of Death Mountain and the rocks."

"The rocks, Father?" Zelda asked, peering at her father over a map of Hyrule she had been looking at.

"They claim that they can do a considerable amount of damage by rolling rocks over the troops." The King resumed explaining the role of the races. "Our people are training as foot soldier and the knights are ready to fight now. The Gerudos are ready to do anything, so they'll be fighting with the nights and helping the Kokiri. The Kokiri are going to attack from the woods. How can the Sheikah help?"

Faylona sat straight and proud. "The Sheikah can fight in anyway. We can fight hand to hand, attack from the woods, assist the Gorons, anything is possible."

"Fine. Some will help the knights and Gerudos, some will stalk in the woods and the rest can help the Gorons."

Link remembered the point Malon had brought up. "What about those who can't fight, your Majesty? Where will they be safe?"

"They may stay in our village." Faylona answered for the King. "It is impossible to enter our village without a Sheikah to open the doors. Or without the will of the forest. No army will be able to get them."

The King nodded. "Good. When will be able to move our people to your village? Reports say Carnovan's army is on the move. They should be here within three weeks."

Zelda paled. "Are we prepared?"

"The Gerudos are ready, as are the knights and Zoras. Those armies are trained well enough to fight at anytime. The Gorons are almost done training. Our soldiers will be able to fight soon as well. And the Sheikah?"

"We can fight whenever needed." Faylona answered haughtily.

Link stood. "Excuse me you Highness, but I need to, ah, work on my fighting skills." He needed to leave. Now. If he stayed another moment in the stuffy room, Link knew he'd either go crazy or pass out. He bowed and hurried out of the room.

Zelda watched him leave with a pang of envy. She smiled at her father. "I do not believe we can accomplish any more today. Let us depart before we attack one another. Maybe you should check on the troops. As for myself, I've had a long day. I'm going to take a nap. I will see you both at dinner?"

The King sighed heavily. "You are right, daughter. Come Faylona, I will bring you to see our knights. And sleep well Zelda."

Zelda collapsed onto her bed. She had a tremendous headache. She closed her eyes and thought about all that had happened. What would her father do about this war? Would he send her to stay at the Sheikahs? She hoped not. She wanted to stay with her people. She wanted to help in anyway she could. But how could she? She fell asleep pondering.

Link sighed in happiness. He was back in his forest, back in the soothing cool green of the woods. He could only here the rustle of leaves over head. Perfect. No girls. No kings. No rules. Just him. He lay down on the soft carpet of moss. His pounding headache quieted, leaving his mind open for thoughts. Link wondered about the coming war. The King would probably want him to lead the knights or some such. Maybe he would have to protect the castle, or maybe Zelda. Eh, that wouldn't be so bad he smiled at the trees. Closing his eyes, Link dosed on and off for a while. Sometimes he would awake worrying about the war, other times for the lies of those he cared for in general. Suddenly, his peace was shattered. Saria came bouncing next to him.

"Link! Wake up!"

"Huh?" Link opened his deep blue eyes to squint and his best friend. "Saria? What's up?"

Saria giggled. "You should get up! Everyone else is working. They're building walls around Hyrule and setting up traps. Even the Kokiri are being trained. And what are you doing? Sleeping! That's what!" She stomped her small foot. "As Sage of the Forest, I command you to get up!"

Link stood up slowly, towering over the elf. "Command? You dare to command me, the Hero of Time?"

Saria stuck out her chin. "You better believe it!"

"That's it!" With a yell, Link dove at her and trapped her on the ground.

"You shall pay for that!" Saria wiggled out and climbed onto his back. "Take that foul fiend! And that!" She covered his eyes with her hands and whooped in triumph.

Link pretended to be blind. "I can't see! All is black! Is it night already?" He reached back and grabbed the Kokiri off his back. Holding her in front of him, he grinned. "A noble fight, Sage, but you lose again."

"Oh do I?" Saria smiled coyly and held out fairy ocarina. "Did you, uh…lose something?"

"Why you little...!" Link dropped her and she sped off laughing, still holding the stolen instrument.

"Just try to catch me!" She ducked through the trees, zipping across the woods her giggles muffled by the dense woods.

Link chased after her. He was faster, but her small size allowed her to get into small space he couldn't get to. His warrior eyes spotted her trail easily and he crept silently behind her, keeping far enough away so that she couldn't see him, but close enough that he kept her in sight.

Saria stopped, panting. Her keen elf ears picked up any sound, but she tried in vain to hear the steps of Link. She searched the woods, looking for him, to her surprise; she saw no sign of her friend. Saria felt alone and vulnerable. Her fairy had left not a week ago, claiming that all fairies were called to meet the Great Fairies. Saria had been worried. Didn't all Kokiri need a fairy? Not since Saria became the Sage, Rauru had calmed her. She would be fine, as would all the other Kokiri children. "Link? Link, where are you?"

Link ducked behind a tree. He smiled slyly. He kept his eyes on her body.

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