Allies of Hyrule


Part 6


The King sat talking to one of his advisors when Link, Zelda and Nabooru entered. Looking up, he dismissed the members of the court so only he and the heroes remained inside the throne room. "I'm glad to see you. We have reports that Carnovan's army is on the move. Our goal is to have all people not fighting out of Hyrule by dawn. I'm sure my daughter has told you that she'll be going with that group." He nodded at the fuming princess.

Link stepped forward to speak for his friend. "Your majesty, I think it would be best if Zelda stayed here."

"As do I." Nabooru called from the back of the room. She had been admiring a silver vase but turned now to face the royalty. She could grab the vase later.

The King frowned disapprovingly at the young man and the Gerudo leader. "You two better have a good reason."

Link cleared his throat. "Well, she helped me a lot when I had to release the Sages, and without her I never would have beaten Ganon. She was trained as a knight as well. Not to mention she's a Sage herself."

Zelda added to her own defense. "I do hold a piece of the Triforce, father."

The king scratched his beard. Zelda was a princess! She needed to be protected! And se was his only child. The only one he had left of his family. He couldn't risk losing her. But how could he make hide when she wanted to fight?

"Father," Zelda walked forward to stand by her worried parent. "You need to stay with our people. They need you to join them in the Sheikah village. You will be the only one who can calm and protect them. But I am needed here. I can't stand idle when my home is attacked. I was chosen to defend Hyrule. I am a Sage, and I need to be with the others. I am needed here."

Sighing, the king agreed. "You are right as usual my daughter." He patted her hand and smiled at her face. Turning serious, he looked back at Link and Nabooru. "Link, I want you to stand by my daughter. At no time will you leave her side. If you promise, then and only then will I allow her to stay."

"I promise my lord." Link said solemnly.

Zelda hugged her father. "Thank you! And I will not let you down."

The king stood. "Right. I must get ready to leave. Link, Nabooru, will you please help round up the people who are leaving? Tellikah and Faylona will be opening the doors to their home tonight. I want everyone who is going to be there."

Nabooru and Link nodded.

Nodding, the king spoke to his daughter, "Zelda please meet me in my room in an hour's time." He smiled at the group and left the room.

Zelda smiled. "Thank you for your support!"

Nabooru pocketed the silver vase. "It was the least I could do."

"Yeah." Link rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, shy suddenly.

"I really appreciated it." Zelda added, looking into Link's eyes. "Thank you Link."

"Uhh..." Link took a step back. "We had better go help round up the people going with the Sheikah. Yeah, I better go do that now. With Nabooru. We better go do that. And you had better stay here. But we're leaving. Now." He turned and grabbed Nabooru's arm, pulling her from the room.

"Good bye Princess!" Nabooru cried as she allowed herself to be dragged out of the room.

Zelda giggled. Poor Link. Zelda really didn't have feelings for Link. Well, not as in love. She thought of him as a brother. She just liked to tease him. He was always the ladies man, but only in a large group. Once he was alone with one, he grew bashful. Poor guy. She shook her head, and still chuckling, walked to her room.

An hour later, Zelda knocked on her father's door. "May I enter?"

A servant opened the door. "Please come in Princess Zelda." He led Zelda to her father's library where the King stood silent looking out a window at the market.

Hearing her footsteps, the king turned. "Zelda. Please have a seat."

Zelda sat in a chair facing her father. "What is it father?"

"Zelda, I don't know if I'll ever have another chance to tell you this..." He paused to smile at his daughter's worry face. "You've become such a beautiful young lady. You get that from your mother. And you have her intelligence..." He inhaled, trying to pick the right words. "Many years ago, on a stormy night, you were born. Your mother had a long, painful labor. I remember it so well…" He trailed off again, recalling what had happed. "She wouldn't stop screaming, even after you were born. She knew about Ganon, about the triforce. She had another baby…you were a twin."

Zelda gasped silently. A twin?

"I was away during most of the birth. Your twin, a brother, had died. At least, I was told that he had died. Now I wonder…" He paced in a circle. "I wonder now if she lied because of what she saw...I took you to away from the scene, put you in your room and watched you sleep. I wasn't allowed into your mother's room…She made me promise to stay with you all night, to watch you and protect you…I gave her my oath. In the morning, I went to where she had been staying, only to find that she had disappeared. I never saw her or your brother after that. But I remembered her cries, of your destiny of all that would happen. I admit, I did not believe her. I was told that the pain of the birth had destroyed her…"

"I have a brother...What else is there to the story?" Zelda forced herself to stay calm; to not jump to conclusions until she knew everything.

"This afternoon, I saw how much you two looked a like, how similar you were in your actions, your loyalty, your courage. I understood what your mother had done. She herself had saved Hyrule. She knew..."

"Link! He is my brother!"

Link busied himself with directing people were to go. He helped carry suitcases and other bags to the wagons, which would bring all the needed supplies to the Sheikah's village. He had lots of fans from this.

"Oh Link, thank you so much for helping me!" Cooed one adoring girl, "it was so heavy, I don't what I would do without you!"

The girl's boyfriend was not as pleased. "I could have handled it." He mumbled angrily.

Link grinned and bowed. "My pleasure to help such a beautiful lady. I wish you a pleasant trip." Walking away, he heard the girl's sigh of happiness and the mad grumbles of her boy. Laughing to himself, he rounded up some stray people and directed them to the waiting area.

Nabooru wasn't having as much luck. People huddled in fear when she barked out orders. She wasn't used to having her followers be so mindless. The fools just stood around, looking stupidly at one and another. "You!" She yelled at one lone child. "Where are your parents?"

The girl gulped nervously. "Over there ma'am." She pointed at a couple throwing bags into a wagon.

"Then why are you here? Stay with your family! If you get lost then I'd have to go find you. And if I didn't, you would have to fight against the army of Carnovan. Would you like that?"

The girl shook her head.

"Then stay with your parents!"

The girl took a deep breath and burst into tears. She stumbled back and landed on the ground, making her cry harder. Link, who happened to hear the whole thing, hurried over.

"You didn't have to yell." He stood next to Nabooru and frowned at the crying child. "She's only a kid."

Nabooru shrugged. "If she had been a Gerudo..."

Link kneeled down next to the little girl. "It's ok, she didn't mean what she said." He smiled kindly at the girl who managed to choke back her sobs.

"Yes I did." Nabooru mumbled to herself.

Link looked back at Nabooru before turning to the girl. "She really didn't. She's just mad because Hyrule's going to be under attack." Link's eyes sparkled and he gave the now silently girl a crooked half grin. Leaning closer, he whispered to her, "and I think she's jealous because she's not as pretty as you."

The girl smiled shyly. "Really?"

"Yep." Link nodded his head seriously. "You should stay with parent though. I wouldn't want to see anything happen to such a beautiful woman."

The girl beamed.

Link stood and helped the girl to her feet. He bowed and kissed her hand as if she was a princess. "Good luck my lady."

The girl curtsied happily and ran to her parents' side.

Link crossed his arms in front of his chest. "And that is how you deal with children."

Nabooru nodded. "You have a gift Link. I hate crying brats. Gerudos teach their kids to obey their elders. These people…"

"It doesn't really matter. Come on, we still have work to do. We have to help round up the Cuccos and cows."

It seemed like an eternity before the people were ready to go. At sun down, a dozen Sheikah stood silent at the front of the mass of people.

The Hylians watched in awe as the Sheikah led their horses around. All the Sheikah were quiet and looked just as curiously at the Hylians.

Suddenly, the Hylians parted, making a path for the king. He wore a simple tunic and pants and rode an old gray stallion, making him look like the rest of the crowd. But appearances couldn't fool any of the races. The Sheikah bowed their heads respectively as he moved to lead the group.

"My lord," Faylona rode next to the king. "The Gorons say that they will be safe on the mountain. Likewise, the Zora's will remain in their domain. The Gerudos who are leaving are ready. Your people are set, yes?"

The King nodded. "We will leave whenever you say."

"Then let us go now." Faylona kicked her horse into a trot and lead the large collection of people to her village.

Link watched as the crowd slowly moved away. A hollow feeling sank at the bottom of his stomach. Already here could sense the emptiness in the land. A cold wind blew through his hair, adding to the loneliness. What if he never saw them again? Sighing, he started Epona into a canter. Together, they ran into the heart of Hyrule Field.

Malon finished hammering the windows to her house. Her father and Ingo had left with a few of her horses to stay with the Sheikah. She was supposed to go, but sneaked out of the crowd before anyone had noticed. It would be too late when they realized she was gone. She was alone on Lon Lon Ranch, save for Shadavelle. He looked him over as he pawed the ground anxiously and sniffed the air occasionally, sensing the approaching danger. Malon locked her door and boarded that up too. She planned to spend the night with the Gerudos. She hummed Epona's Song to herself to calm her horse's, and her own, nerves. Suddenly, she heard the noise of someone galloping closer. She turned quickly, was the battle starting already?

If it were, what would she do? Malon didn't have any weapons. Well, she did have a hammer. She decided to hide and try her luck at just being not noticed. She ran over to the tree next to her house. Pulling herself up frantically, she made it to the top before she remembered her horse. Too late. Whoever was coming had made it to her farm.

Link jumped off his horse. "Is anybody here?" Shadavelle snorted at Link but stood still. Link frowned.

"Link? Is that you? Oh, I am so relieved it's you and not some army of demons!" Sliding down from her hiding spot, Malon jumped next to Link. "See, I thought that you were the bad guys, so I hid up there…"

Link interrupted her. "What are you doing? You should going to the Sheikah village now! I thought I 'd meet your father or something. I wasn't expecting you?"

Malon's mouth dropped open and her face turned as red as her fiery hair. "What do you mean you didn't expect me! Of course, I stayed to fight! I can do it!"

"No you can't! You have no idea what battle is like! Hurry up, maybe you can catch the others."

Malon's blue eyes narrowed into icy strips. "Don't tell me what to do! I know for a fact that Zelda is staying! And the Kokiri are fighting too! I can help!"

"Zelda has been trained! And the Kokiri are going to hide in the wood's protection. If you were to fight, you'd be with the troops. But the thing is Malon; you aren't going to fight! You don't even have a weapon!"

"You are not my father! If I wish to stay, then I will do so!"

Link's answer was cut off by a long shriek that filled the air. The horses reared into the air in fear. The sun finished setting, darkening the sky and adding to the fear across the land. Link grabbed Epona. "Come on! We have to get to the castle!" Motioning Malon to follow, he kicked Epona into a run and sprinted out of the ranch. Jumping onto the prancing Shadavelle's back, Malon ran after him.

Link and Malon made it to the troops before the orders were given out. Whispering for Malon to stay with the soldiers, Link led Epona over to Zelda. "What's happening?"

"We Sages are going to cast a spell of protection over the troops soon. And Impa says the scream we heard was from a dragon demon." Zelda stared hard at the ground. She couldn't tell him yet. Now wasn't the time for personal matters. She had to focus on Hyrule.

"Dragon demons?"

"They're like dragons, only are followers of evil. And they're only made of bones. Impa also says that the army is going to reach Hyrule soon. According to our scouts, they should reach us before the sun rises." She twisted her hair nervously. "Nabooru has the Gerudos ready. And the Gorons are prepared as well. The Zora's are sending out their weapons and some of their troops will fight by ours."

Link nodded. He could see the soldiers preparing camp. "When are the troops gonna move out?"

"As soon as the orders are given by our general, the troops will move out." She rung her hands in front of her. "Kakariko Village is locked and boarded up, as are the houses here. We're going to use the castle incase the fighting gets too bad. But, we hope that most of it will take place in the field." She straightened and forced her shaking hands into tight fists at her side. Surveying the number of soldiers, she inhaled deeply and started to walk away.

"Wait Zelda. Where are you going?" Link caught up with her. "I promised I'd be with you the whole time."

Zelda turned back to him. "I need to meet with the other Sages. After that, I will join you. But, you cannot follow me for this." With that, she hurried to the Temple of Light.

Link sighed and returned to Malon's side. "I don't know what you are going to do, but after orders are given out, I have to go with the troops.

Malon frowned deeply. "You can just go to-"

A Gerudo who appeared cut her off as she ran to Malon's side. "Sister Malon, Nabooru wishes to see you."

Malon smirked at Link and followed her sister Gerudo in the crowd.

Link sighed and turned suddenly. He wanted to find the general. When he spun around, he collided with a person next to him.

"Link, what a pleasant surprise." Tellikah stood and brushed herself off.

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there. Are you okay?" Link looked her over. She was wearing a short skirt and a breastplate bearing the image of the firebird and Triforce. Underneath that picture was the eye with a single tear. Glancing around, Link noticed more Sheikah. All wore the same style of breastplate. He wondered what the pictures meant.

"I'm fine." Pushing back her long braid, she raised her eyebrows at Link. "No armor?"

Link shrugged. "I've never used it before."

"Suit yourself. Anyway, when are we going to move out?"

"After the general gives orders. We already have the catapults out there. And archers are lining the wall around the castle."

Tellikah nodded. "If you don't mind, I'm going to stay by you."

"That's fine with me." Link replied, startled. "But you'll have to deal with Zelda. And maybe Malon."

"They're no problem."

Link and Tellikah fell into silence before they heard the general start yelling orders. Falling in line, they listened for directions.

Malon stood in front of Nabooru. "Ah, Malon! I'm glad you got my message. I have something to give you."

Malon bowed. "Yes my lady."

Nabooru pulled a long, curved sword from her belt. "Here, this is for you. A Gerudo is official one of the sisters when she receives her sword. So, here is yours."

The sword was silver with a gold handle. It was heavy and deadly, Malon's inside quivered when she held it. "Thank you..." she whispered shakily. The sword told Malon of her new responsibility. It shimmered with the coming of war; it reminded her of the power that she had inside. She carefully placed it into its sheath and looked at Nabooru. "I don't know what to say…"

Nabooru grinned. "There is nothing to be said Sister Malon. Now come, join us. We move to the field."

Malon hesitated. "I'm supposed to be with Link." She wanted Link to her now. "He's holding my horse."

"Then you should go to him. Later you can fight with us." Nabooru put her hand on Malon's shoulder. "Good luck." She threw her cape around her shoulders. "Oh, and you need this too. It'll complete the Gerudo look." She held out a small piece of black material to Malon.

Malon took it gingerly. It was the same color as her Gerudo clothing. All Gerudos wore black into battle. With her hair up and eye make on, she blended in with her sisters. "What's this?"

"You put it over your nose so that it drapes in front of your mouth. Watch me." Nabooru fitted her own on. "It's not very hard."

Malon followed. "Does it look right?"

Nabooru grinned again at the young woman. "You look stunning." She winked and turned away, leaving Malon alone.

Malon sighed shakily, preparing her self mentally and emotionally for her first fight. She straightened her shoulders and walked back to find Link.

"Malon! Over here! We're going to move out soon!" Link jumped onto Epona's back. "Tellikah is gonna ride with us. And Zelda will join us after she does her sage thing. We have to wait outside the moat. Hurry up."

Malon mounted Shadavelle. "I'm ready."

"We're going to kick some serious demon butts." Tellikah grinned and tossed her hair. "And I'm gonna take those Ganon-following pieces of trash out."

Together they followed the troops away from the castle.

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