Allies of Hyrule


Part 7


Zelda walked slowly into the Temple of Time. Already inside stood the other Sages, waiting for her.

Rauru nodded when Zelda entered. "Now we are all here. Let's begin.

The Sages moved to make a circle in the Temple. Grasping each other by the hands, Rauru started to chant.

"Sacred Guardians

We call to your souls

Light the path

Help us protect the-"

Suddenly, Rauru stopped. He froze in place then with a deep moan, fell onto the floor.

Zelda gasped. "Rauru!"

Ruto's high pitched scream filled the Temple and echoed through the high ceilings. She pointed to the walls of the sacred shrine; the walls changed from the calm gray to a harsh black. The light in the Temple vanished, fleeting out the windows, leaving the Sages in the blackness of pure evil.

Zelda felt the hands of an invisible creature caress her face, the hot breath of the specter heaving in front of her. She struck out but was surprised to find nothing was near her…

Rauru forced his shaking body up. He limped into the center of the Temple of Time. Raising his arms above his head, he yelled out to the dark. "You have entered our realm! I command you to return to your void!"

Nabooru copied his movement, cursing silently between her teeth, using all her powers as the Sage of Spirit to banish the forms racing about the blackened Temple.

Saria gathered the forces of the forest, using her own strength to follow suit. Raising her small hands over her head, she whispered a prayer of help from the Deku Tree.

Impa threw her arms up. She had to protect Hyrule and if for no reason else, to help her people. She would not let this darkness destroy all she had worked for.

Darunia did the same. He'd show them the true powers held by the Gorons.

Princess Ruto recovered from the shock to copy her friends' movement. She gritted her teeth against the cold blast she felt on her body. Raising her hands above her head, she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to gather her courage and strength to save the land she loved.

Zelda's heart froze. Her head pounded. Her entire being dripped with the freezing touch of evil. She closed her eyes briefly and tried to remain conscious. Then, suddenly the feeling was gone, leaving her drained and aching. She snapped back to reality. Joining in the circle, she held her arms up.

The Sages combined their powers to save all that they had won over the forces of evil. The light returned, illuminating the Temple with beautiful golden rays. The darkness fled, overcome by the holy brightness. Zelda heard a shriek in her head, one that sent pain flooding through her body. She swallowed a scream and focussed on keeping the circle going. Her body trembled, icy spikes burning into her flesh. She concentrated on the light, praying that it would heal her suffering. It did, exquisite relief calmed her senses and again she was able use all her might to conquer the blackness.

The Sages knew that the dark evil was gone, returned wherever it had originated from. They kept their arms up, changing the spell to one of protection. Together they cast a veil of safety over their army.

After the spell was done, the Sages made the return to reality. Zelda felt, sadly, the feeling of magic leave her body. Her eyes opened and she stared at the gray walls of the Temple. She heard Saria sigh next to her.

"Excuse me Princess," Saria looked up at the young lady, "but may I ride with you and Link? I don't want to fight alone."

Zelda smiled at the elf. "Of course. Do you have a horse?"

"No." Saria shook her head. "I was expecting to remain in the woods, but Rauru called me here."

"You can ride with me then." Zelda said kindly.

"I need to go. Now." Nabooru said loudly from across the Temple.

Rauru nodded slowly. "Yes, go Sages, join your troops. I will be watching…" The old Sage rubbed his head tiredly. "If I call you, return here. Understood?"

Ruto frowned worriedly at her leader. "Are you ill, Rauru? Maybe you should hide somewhere safe…"

"I agree. You don't look well at all." Zelda agreed with her friend. "We can take you somewhere-"

"I am fine." Rauru cut her off. "Please, do not use your energies worrying about me. We have to defend Hyrule."

"Right." Together, the Sages entered the battle line.

"Zelda, over here!" Malon waved to the Princess. "Link went off to discuss the attack with a general and Tellikah is talking to the Sheikah. So far, I think that the main fight is going to happen out here, but there are a lot of soldiers who are going to stay in the castle. You know, to fight from up there."

"Hello Malon!" Saria smiled at the older girl. "I'm going to help too."

"Oh, hi Saria! I hadn't noticed you! Link was asking where you were a few minutes ago. He thought you would stay with the other Kokiri."

Saria shook her head. "Rauru said I was needed here. I think that something very bad is going to happen…"

Zelda looked across the field. "It hard to imagine that our land was once in peace." She said quietly, watching the troops line up. "I hope we come out victorious."

Malon lowered her head. Even if they did win, her life would change forever. It was possible she might never see her friends again. Maybe she would never see her father. And even if she survived the war, her ranch could be destroyed. All her parent's hard work forever lost.

Tellikah rode over silently. "Princess! I'm pleased you made it! And are you Saria, Sage of Forest?"

Saria smiled politely. "I am! And are you Tellikah of the legendary Sheikah?"

"The one and only. Did the Sages put a spell of protection over the army?"

Zelda nodded. "How did you know?"

"Sheikah can tell when magic is used. How long will the spell last?"

"As long as all the Sages are healthy and strong enough to hold it."

Link and Epona galloped over. "Alright you guys, according to the plan all the troops are going to hide around the field for a surprise attack. We have to go by the Gerudo Valley."

The group turned silently and headed for the valley, they stopped though, suddenly, not more then ten feet away from the castle's moat when a voice boomed across the field. All looked to the darkened sky to see the shadows flitter among the clouds.

"I have arrived."

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