Allies of Hyrule


Part 8



The dragon demons glanced at the fleeing shapes below them. Lazily they circled above the land, occasionally shrieking warnings to the army of ants on the ground. Their skeleton bodies dripped blood down onto the field, farther scary the people. The sound of scraping bones echoed in the night sky, the wings of the demons flapping and screeching at movement.

Hidden in the black cloak of night, the legions of evil prepared. They hissed with the anticipation of fresh blood, of new life. They whispered threats in the wind, promises of pain and death. The moved silently, each picking a victim's body, each decided the first being they would destroy first.

Meanwhile, the forces of Hyrule panicked. They heard the dry calling of the forever dead, but to them, the field was empty. Even the Sheikah saw nothing.

The waters of Lake Hylia turned cold, filled with the essence of the evil quietly taking the land. The trees moaned in the woods as if the icy hands had grabbed their hearts. They tossed their branches although the wind stirred only slightly. The arms of the trees swung, blotting out the little light. Then suddenly they hung down in defeat, moving no more, not even when the freezing winds screamed in the sky.

Link took his sword out and held it in front of him. It quivered; it felt the touch of the dark forces. Behind him, his friends moved close together. The air was biting, nipping at their faces, blowing their hair in whipping strands around their heads.

The horse danced with fear. Malon had to use all her energy to just keep Shadavelle from diving away, to somewhere safe. She closed her eyes, keeping her tears from falling down. She wanted to be in the safety of her father's arms; she needed to get out of here. Now. But she couldn't move. Her heart pounded with horror. She kept her eyes closed, afraid to open them.

Zelda grabbed onto Saria in front of her. She hadn't felt this since she had been with Ganondorf. And now it was magnified a hundred times. Her dread had risen to a full-fledged feeling of true terror. All warmth ran from her body leaving her filled with a cold awe.

Saria felt Zelda's arms tighten around her. She too squeezed her eyes shut. She could feel the spirits of the woods calling to her, begging her to ease their pain. She shook her head, trying to get the groaning voices of trees out of her mind.

Tellikah's horse reared into the air, breaking the spell the fear had wrapped her friends in. She tried her best to calm her steed, but it was impossible to convince her no danger was present. Tellikah narrowed her eyes at the night. She inhaled a shaky breath and waited for her enemies to appear.

"I am the cold touch upon your neck when you are alone." A voice teased in the air. It spoke softly, but everyone in the field heard it. "I am the one who steals your soul and kills your body. I am the dark shadow of night. I stir nightmares in your sleep. And I have arrived."

Link swallowed his fear. Grimacing with determination he kicked Epona into a galloped and quickly rode to the start of the troops. He stood there, overlooking the field, searching for the opposing army. He heard Zelda, Malon and Tellikah join him. Together, they remained at the front, silhouettes against the cold light that shimmered in the distance.

"I swore to destroy all the races of Hyrule, one by one, if my Master was not released. Will you heed my request?"

"Never!" Link heard his voice answer strong. He was surprised he had spoken at all. He kept his sword out, ready to defend his word.

"So be it." The field was flooded by an unholy brightness. Link shielded his eyes, ducking his head against the extreme illumination. The air around him stirred into a fierce wind, gathering power as it howled around the troops.

Then, as suddenly as it began, the light diminished. Link carefully opened his eye. His skin paled, his heart stopped and all the air burst from his lungs.

There in front of him stood Ganondorf, surrounded by hundreds of the forever dead.

The demons with clawed arms that hung to the ground grinned at him, cooing threats of torment. The dragon demons flew lower the ground, low enough that Link could see the long white fangs as they passed. Other forms, men, Link guessed, stood together, their faces hidden by their helmets, only allowing red eyes to glow out. And there, in the center stood The King of Evil. The entire army stood perfectly still, save for the dragon demons which flapped overhead. They looked like a picture, like the image trapped in your head when you wake from a nightmare.

Ganondorf laughed. His dry cackle ringing in Link's ears. He raised his massive hands over his head a clapped. His body wavered, blurring from view.

Link rubbed his eyes in disbelief. The form of Ganondorf changed. Now, where before Link had seen his mightiest foe, stood another man. He had raven black hair and even darker eyes. He wore a suit of dim silver and carried a long sword which, instead of shimmering in the light, seemed to suck it in, seemed to absorb it.

The man bowed. "I am Carnovan. I ask you again to grant me my wish. Give me my master."

Link searched for his voice. "And I tell you again, we shall never do that."

Carnovan grinned eerily. "If that is what you want…" he noticed Link's stare of pure hate. "Does my true form not please you hero?" He mocked. "I could never make you unhappy." Again raising his hand to the sky, he clapped, the sound sounding like thunder in Link's head. Carnovan's form melted away. A beautiful woman with long silver hair now coyly smiled. Her flowing mane danced in the wind. Her large green eyes sparkled merrily at Link, a small giggle escaping from her lips, she gently dipped a curtsey.

Link's stomach lurched. Carnovan's new shape scared him more then the previous ones. The easy fakeness, the uncaring attitude, the whole body of evil beauty repulsed him.

Carnovan noticed. "Fine," his new body said gently. "I shall return to my true appearance." Again the hands raised and again the roaring thunder of the simple clap pounded in Link's head. Carnovan tipped his helmet to Link. "And now, most worthy opponent, the Kokiri will be killed. Would you like to try to put up a fight? I'm in the mood for some entertainment…But what am I say? Of course, you want to fight. I can see all your little soldiers lined up. All the races helping each other out to fight a common enemy. Everyone believing that working together, we can overcome this." Carnovan laughed again. "So, let us begin. Shall I yell attack first, or would you like to do that?"

Link burned inwardly. His anger overpowered his fear, giving him the courage he needed. "If it pleases you, I always wanted to yell that. One of my childhood dreams. But I never would want to overstep my boundaries, so if it pleases you, may I?"

"Don't bother." Carnovan took a step back and disappeared. But Link didn't have anytime to ponder over where his enemy went.

The ground shook, knocking people of their horse, throwing the troops on top of each other, rattling Link's bones. The earth split, boiling steam blasting into Link's face. Behind him, Link heard Shadavelle scream in terror. From the ground, strange creatures poked their heads, slithering out of the cracks.

Carnovan's army looked on for a moment before turning to head into the woods.

Zelda and Saria were thrown from their seat. Zelda's horse buck, trying to get the monster to let go of her leg. Zelda grabbed Saria and sprinted out of the way as a new gap wounded the earth.

Link steady Epona. "Zelda! Saria!" Ignoring the pain caused by the scorching fumes, he rushed over. Pulling them both onto Epona's back, he kicked her towards the woods. "We have to save the Kokiri!"

"Link!" From down the field, they turned to see Malon hanging onto to Shadavelle's back as he tore at full speed across Hyrule's field. "I can't control him!" She cried as the horse dove frantically through the smoke.

"Hold on Malon!" Turning Epona, they sped to help their friend.

Malon let rivers of tears stream down her face. Shadavelle refused to slow down, and instead quickened his pace whenever Malon tried to calm him. She gave up and just grabbed onto his mane as he flew towards the Gerudo Valley. Before they could reach the entrance to the valley, a wall of flames exploded in front of them.

Shadavelle stop suddenly, surprise the girl so much, she let go and flew off her horse's back.

Malon landed with hard thump onto the ground. She tried to stand, but extreme pain shocked up her body and she lay, unmoving on the hard, cold earth. She breathed heavily, her heart jumping in her chest. Her Gerudo war outfit was torn and dirt smudged her face. She covered her head, accepting defeat. She began to cry again, feelings of useless waving over her.

Suddenly, Malon became aware that the world had become silent. She raced her tear-stained face and gasped at the site before her eyes.

There stood the three goddess of Hyrule.

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