Before The Wedding

By Randi

Author's note: This is part 1 of my little book. Now, this is the sequel to The War on Terror in Hyrule, so you might want to read that one first. The one after this one, is Married Life. SO……… just to let you know…. READ ON…. Link's POV

Part 1

I lay in bed, trying to sleep. I'm Link, and I have been summoned by the king for some important business. He told me that I should stay at the castle, just in case. I'd rather go home and sleep with Malon but he insists that I stay. Malon and I have enough to worry about as it is. We are planning our wedding that is in four weeks. I thought about Malon and then I fell asleep.

"Hey! Look! Listen! Watch! Eat! Sleep! Get up! Get dressed!" Navi my blue fairy buzzed over me.

"Shut up! I need some frickin' sleep you idiot!" I pulled my pillow from under me and swatted her with it.

"Bajesus don't be so feisty! The king wants you! You wouldn't be swatting the king with that now would you, you smelly fu" I cut her off as I swatted her again.

I got up and got dressed in my normal green tunic and a sword.

"You know, you might want to dress better than that." Navi said.

"And why would that be?" I said as I brushed my hair.

"There's a girl here to see you."

"Quit letting these girls in Navi! All of Hyrule knows I'm getting married to Malon!"

"Apparently, I didn't let her in! The king did!"

"Buzz off Navi. See you at breakfast." I said as I made my way down to the dining room.

I bowed to the king and Zelda before I sat down. Zelda smiled happily as she ate her fruit salad.

"Link, the reason I have summoned you, is because I believe you need a partner." The king said. I laughed.

"You're kidding right? I'm perfectly fine without one."

"No you're not. You don't want Malon to worry about you when you're rescuing Hyrule do you? So I sent for one of Sunset's best warriors. Lucky for you, she's a girl! Now, all the time you miss with Malon can be spent with this girl. I think you two should get acquainted. I set up breakfast in the courtyard for you two. See you later Link. You are dismissed." The king said.

I frowned, bowed, and then left for the courtyard. Who the heck does he think he is? He just summons a partner for me when I don't agree to it! Well foo him then! I walked to the courtyard, which had Malon's favorite flowers; fruptinia's which were purple and pink.

As I got closer, I saw a table with a girl sitting in a chair. She had short blond hair, green eyes and she wore a pink blouse with a white pleated skirt. She had a dagger at her side and her earrings were a pale yellow. She was very pretty.

She noticed me and stood up.

"Hello Link. I am Zoë, summoned by the king of Hyrule, to be your partner." She bowed while still looking at me. She was pretty attractive, but not like Malon.

I smiled.

"The pleasure is all mine." I said as I bowed to her. She blushed.

We sat down and started telling each other about ourselves. I told her about me and Malon so she won't be getting any ideas. We talked about all the battles we've won. She laughed.

"I see I have to prove myself to you." She said calmly as she sipped her orange juice.

"No need to do that… But! I challenge you to a race. Go around Hyrule and whoever has the littlest time, wins. Want to?" I asked her.

She smiled.

"I'll do it. If I win, you'll give me fifty rupee's. If you win, I give you fifty rupee's and my trust." She said.

"Trust?" I asked curiously.

"I've been known to manipulate my enemy's."

"So are we enemy's?"

"So far."

I smirked playfully. She grinned.

"I'll call my horse then." She said as she whipped out a flute and played softly. It was the most beautiful song I ever heard.

"That's a nice song. Where did you learn it?" I asked.

"It's called 'Miracle'. I got it from my older sister. She died in battle, and she left me the notes of that song." She said softly.

I nodded, as I black stallion came up to Zoë.

"This is Tellahi, my best friend." Zoë said as she stroked his back.

I called Epona with my ocarina. He hurtled towards me like a rocket launcher.

"I'll go first then. You time me. I'm gonna whip your butt." She said playfully. She left and came back four minutes and thirty seconds later. I smirked.

"I can do half that!"

"Wanna bet?"

"We already have one."

"Go. I'll time you."

I left. I sped across Hyrule field. Passed the market, Kokiri forest, Malon's ranch- MALON!

I stopped dead in my tracks and headed back to the courtyard.

"Sorry to cut this short Zoë, you win! I need to go see Malon, tell her where I've been. You win alright?" I said as I tossed her fifty rupee's.

"Do I get trust too?" Zoë asked.

I smiled. "Yes you do." I told her. I turned Epona and started trotting.

"Wait." She said.

I stopped and turned around.

"Do you want to go Poe hunting tomorrow? Same time?" Zoë asked.

"Sure. See you tomorrow." I said as I trotted away. As I trotted, all I could think about was Zoë. She was pretty, kind, mysterious, PLUS a fighter. But I couldn't tell Malon.

I got home and Malon and I talked about our wedding. We made finishing details and we went to bed.

I dreamed of Zoë. Zoë this, Zoë that. I couldn't wait for the morning.

I got up and took a bath. I washed my clothes and combed my hair carefully. I even shined my shoes, which is very rare.

"You got a hot date Link?" Malon said sarcastically. Oh, if she only knew…

"Nah… I gotta get acquainted with my partner Zoë." I said as I adjusted my tunic.

"Well be back by nine. We need to do some remaining things for our wedding." She said as she kissed me.

"You got it." I said

I raced toward the courtyard. I didn't want to miss Zoë.

I got to the courtyard. Zoë looked stunning. She was wearing a purple dress with pink earrings and her green eyes sparkled. Then it started raining. "Dangit!" I thought. "It must be an omen!"

She looked up at the sky. She sighed.

"Do you want to go Bombchu Bowling instead?" Zoë asked.

I grinned. "Sure. Let's go!"


Every day I've spent with Zoë has brought us closer and closer. Malon isn't getting suspicious because she knows I'm the hero of Time, but I feel rather guilty. Zoë and I haven't done anything, but I still feel guilty.

Zoë and I sat out on the lawn, having a picnic. We talked and griped about various things. We laughed about frivolous stuff.

"How do you feel about Malon?" Zoë asked.

"I… I love her." I said cautiously.

She nodded and got closer to me. I felt my face getting closer to her. Then… I kissed her. And, surprisingly, she kissed me back. Eventually, we broke off.

"That's… wrong… You're married and…" I cut her off.

"Not yet." I said and we kissed again.

"Link… Do you think this is right?"

I sighed. I liked them both.

All of a sudden, she kissed me again. She pulled away and blushed.

"Uh… I'm sorry…" She stood up. "I better be going now; see you later Link…" She said and hurried off. I sat there and watched her run off. If Malon found out I knew exactly what she would do. She'd toss her ring into Lake Hylia and move back into her father's place.

I sighed. I didn't want this to happen. Malon and I vowed that nothing would come between us.

"She will never find out." I thought. "Yeah right."

"You shouldn't be doing this Link." I spun around. It was only Navi.

"What the fudge are you doing here?! Have you been SPYING?!?!"

"Shut up butt clown. Now listen up. If you don't want me to tell Malon about Zoë and you, you better sweep up your god dang act! You have to tell Zoë that's its over!"

I bowed my head. "Navi, I don't know what to do. I love Malon and I don't want to hurt her, but Zoë and me… We connected okay? Know what I mean?"


"Shut up. I'm going home. I'll 'clean my god dang act' up tomorrow."

"I'm home Malon!" I yelled as I walked in the door.

Malon ran up to me and hugged me.

"I missed you so much! Where have you been?" She asked.

"I was practicing training with Zoë." I lied.

"Oh so you could fight evil? Well, it's getting late and I still have to go to Saria's house. I'll see you later. Don't stay up to late!" Malon said. She kissed me and left.

I ate a quick snack and went to bed.

"Wake up, wake up, get out of bed!! Time to wake up, your little sleepy head! Times-a-wastin' the suns arise! Time to wake up, your little sleepy eyes!!" Navi sang happily.

I immediately woke up and ignored Navi. I took a bath and put on my tunic.

"Link, you are gonna end things with Zoë today, remember?"

"I don't need a fairy to tell me what to do." I said as I straightened my collar.

"Where's Malon?" I asked Navi.

"She went to Revlon's house for coffee. You better hurry if you want to make it back before she does!"

"Navi, I'll leave her a note. It's okay. I want to take my time with this one. It isn't easy breaking up with someone you know." I said and headed towards Epona. I rode to the inn at Kakatiko Village, 'because that's where Zoë was staying. I took a deep breath and knocked on her door. Zoë opened it.

"Hi Link! Uh… come in, I wasn't expecting you." Zoë said.

I smiled.

"You can sit down if you want. Do you want some orange juice?" Zoë said. I sat down.

"No thanks. Zoë… We need to talk." I said cautiously. She sat on my lap.

"About what?" She asked curiously.

"Uh… Nothing, it was nothing."

"Oh good." She said. Then, she kissed me. I couldn't help it. I kissed her back. She cuddled next to me.

"What do you want to do today?" Zoë asked.

I shrugged. "I don't know. What do you want to do?"

"We could… go to the castle and visit Zelda." She suggested.


We rode to the castle and went to see Zelda.

"Hi Link! Hi Zoë! How are you two holding up?" Zelda said.

"We're fine! How about you?" Zoë said as she took my hand.

Zelda stared at our hands. I pulled away quickly. She broke her gaze but gave me a menacing look.

"I'm fine… Link can I talk to you?" She said urgently. She swept past me and grabbed my shirt.

"What the heck do think your doing!!? Your being… how you say… INTIMATE with your partner while Malon is folding doilies! You are a dog Link!" Zelda told me as she poked me in the chest.

"Zelda! HAVE YOU EVER BROK--" Zelda put a hand over my mouth.

"Shut up! Zoë is over there!" I looked beyond the wall and saw Zoë fingering a vase. I grinned.

"Hey- ZOË!! GET AWAY FROM THAT!!" Zoë quickly took her hand away and started whistling.

"Heh." I laughed.

"Link, you better end things by the end of this week or I'm telling Malon what you have been doing." Then she stormed off to her room.

Author's note: Okie here's part II of Before the Wedding. This one is from Zoë's pov…

Part II

I fingered the vase curiously. Link was talking to Zelda. I thought of Link and I. Did we have a future? Or was it just… just for now?

Then I thought of Link and Malon. They were gonna get married. Was there any possible way to stop the wedding? You can't help falling in love. I bet Link is plenty stressed out, planning the wedding, Malon, himself, and making time for me.

I ran my fingers down the vase. Zelda yelled at me.

"ZOË! GET AWAY FROM THAT!" Zelda yelled. I quickly pulled my hand away and started whistling. Link grinned.

Zelda told Link some last words and then hurried off angrily.

"What's up with her?" I thought.

Link slid down the banister, something I'd always do at my father's estate back home.

"Let's get out of here before Zelda is on the warpath again." Link said as he straightened his tunic.

"Okay." I said. We were quiet on the way out.

"Um… Well I have to go… see you Zoë…" Link said and kissed my hand. I watched him get on Epona and ride off toward Lake Hylia. I sighed. He was probably mustering courage to break up with me. He may have the Triforce of courage, but not with women. I walked to the inn at Kakatiko Village. I turned the key into my room and opened it. I took a shower and then ate some dinner. I planned to go to Link's house in the morning. Maybe I could see Malon and talk to Link. I should be the one to break up with him.

I lay on my bed thinking of ways to break up. I fell asleep.


I woke up at ten thirty. I scratched my head. When have I ever slept that long? I slid off the bed and fell to the floor with a bump. That's one way to wake up…

I picked a red dress and took a shower. I made sure my hair was perfect, and then I left.

I got on Tellahi, and we left. I thought of every possible way to break up. It was hard.

I got there and tapped lightly on the door. The door flew open and Link pulled me inside.

"What was that for??" I said loudly.

"Shh. Malon is in here and she suspects something's going on between us!" He took me to his bedroom and put me in his closet.

"Stay there 'til she leaves, okay?" He said.

I shrugged. "Okay then…" He closed the door silently and I sat in the dark. I started thinking. I should talk to Malon. She'll hate me if I do, but I can't keep it between Link and I forever. I stood up, and flung the door open angrily. I tried to keep calm, and I walked into their kitchen. Malon stared at me. Link spun around and gaped.

I breathed deeply.

"Malon. You and I have to talk now." I said tonelessly.

"I… I don't even know you… but okay." She led me out to the porch.


"I have to tell you something important. Link and I… I'm his partner. I bet you know we spend a lot of time together and I think you should know… we have been seeing each other for some time." I said. The words poured out in a flood.

Malon sat staring at the lake.

"I knew it," she said. "He's always coming home smelling like perfume." She said and stared at the ground.

"You can hit me. The reason I came here is to tell him I can't do this anymore." I said sadly.

"Thank you Zoë. I won't hit you. I'm just happy you told me. Link should have told me though, if he were a true warrior." She stood up and went back inside.

Minutes later Malon stormed out with a small suitcase of stuff. She was really angry. Malon turned to me, with tears in her eyes.

"Zoë, can I stay with you until this evens out?" She asked. Uh, that was like, unexpected.

"Sure. I'll take you there. First I gotta tell Link it's over." I went inside quickly. Link was sitting at the table staring at nothing.

"Link?" He turned towards me. "I just want to say we can't do this anymore. I'm sorry. Bye." I turned my back on him quickly, and walked out the door.

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