The Biggest of Lies

By Kasuto of Kataan


      NOTE TO READERS: First of all, I don't own "The Legend of Zelda", "Hyrule" or any of the other names and things even remotely related to this game. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo, and I am making no money from writing this story. All credit for creating the world of Hyrule should go to Nintendo, not me.
      Now that I'm done with legal mumbo-jumbo, I'd like to say a few things. This is my first attempt at writing a Zelda fanfic (or any fanfic for that matter), and I hope you like it. This story took me almost six months to complete, but it was a labor of love. As a complete Zelda freak, I felt obligated to write a fanfic that was more like a novel than a short story. If you like reading books, then you'll appreciate the way I've written this. I'll warn you ahead of time: this story is much longer than any Zelda fanfic I've seen. But it does have its advantages: bigger plot, character development, side-stories, etc. Here is one piece of advice while reading this: don't stop because you're confused about a plot element. Keep reading, and everything will be explained to you.
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    TEASER: It has been a few weeks since Link's adventure in "Ocarina of Time", and everything seems to be returning to normal. Then Link starts having strange nightmares again. He also finds out that Zelda is having similar nightmares. Meanwhile, an archaeologist disvovers a strange black pyramid in a dig. Link and Zelda meet a man named Kasuto who claims that they have been decieved by the Sages and their entire belief system. Link and Zelda find out that there is another evil presence; an evil so powerful that Ganondorf is just an annoyance in comparison. They must destroy this evil force before it destroys the Universe. They also discover the truth about the Triforce, a secret that a group of people have protected for ten thousand years. Link and Zelda find out that they, and the whole world, have been tricked into believing the biggest of lies...