Blaze of Shadow

By Sam Trevisani

Summary: If you thought Ganondorf was the worst, think again.

Chapter 1: Cassiar

On a sweltering summer day, 3 people walked into Kakarico village. The sky was a forget-me-not blue, and a haze of heat shimmered above everyone. The 3 people were tall, and wearing thick black hooded cloaks, that billowed around their ankles when they walked. Though you couldn't see their faces, you could immediately tell that two were women, and the other, a man. Despite the intense heat, Kakarico village was still as busy as ever. The cherry-wood houses and shops were filled with tourists and families. Huge bouts of boneless turkeys and soup boiled everywhere. The thatched shops had their doors flung wide open, showing their countless wares, books, scrolls, chocolates, potions, candy, sweet corn, and candied apples. A woman was carrying a cukoo, which was bleating sorrowfully in her hands. He looked over his shoulder, and saw two children playing with hand-made dolls. "Tcheh" he scoffed with absolute disgust, and began to walk even faster. "When I get back to the desert it's going to be like hellfire, if it's this hot here," Panted a woman in a cloak. "I won't be able to do up my finger nails because its so hot, the paste is probably melted." "Shut up, Sha'zhu, you care too much of your looks," said the man. He had a deep voice, that was curiously grated by badly controlled emotions. "Let us go, and be on our way."

They trekked along the road, which was getting less and less crowded. "Where's the temple?" Asked one of the women. "Give me time, I need to think." The man was practically running now. His cloak billowing about him. He cried out in relief as they reached a huge stone basin, that could fit 20 men. The bottom of the huge stone, bowl-shaped basin, was lavishly decorated with ancient Shiekah runes and decorations. Bones and decaying bodies littered the floor. They were almost to the edge of the basin, when the man said, "no, Nuiet, Sha'zhu, you can't come with me now, the basin will only allow only wizards and sorcerers. "Are you ready for it?" Asked Nuiet, one of the women, handing him a black satchel. "Yes," said the man, "I'm well trained with the ancient wizardry of the desert. Especially this particular branch of dark magic." And with that, the man slowly trudged down the basin. Three bats, huge, man sized, terrifying bats, shot out of the side pillar with a huge statue perched on it. They screeched horribly, and fanned around the man, who didn't even flinch. "Mors, morrthra." The man's body emanated a power so great, the sheer force of it made the bats fly a few feet away from his body. "The Naz'Bats have just agreed to be our steeds for the time being," he said to the two women. In his own black tongue, commanded the bats to leave to the Gerudo's stronghold in the desert. As soon as the huge bats flapped off, he continued towards the pillar. On it, stood the magnum figure of the death god. He was holding a huge medallion over his head that was completely black, but with the raised symbol of god-like shadows. "If I take a step closer to the statue... I'll be incinerated." He grasped the satchel and produced a Hylian man's head. It was followed closely by a bottle of wine-red blood. He lay the tortured head on the stone alter, and doused it in blood. Then he knelt, and said in the black tongue of ancient Shiekah, "nӃ߃݃݃уރԃn؃ՃՃzn߃n׃߃ԃn߃փnԃՃу؃nуރԃn؃уԃ߃zn׃كՃn݃Ճn؃Ճn݃Ճԃу܃܃ك߃!!!"

Soon, there was a crackling sound, and a clang, as the medallion in the statue's hand clanged down. It fell directly on the head on the alter, crushing it. The man removed the medallion, and put it, still dripping with blood, into the satchel. "Lord Cassiar, that was the last medallion, right?" One of the women had just addressed the man by his name, Cassiar, which meant, in Gerudo, "Desert Demon." He looked at the women and said, "yes, I'm sure it is the last medallion."He began to walk towards the village, the two women following him close behind.

When they reached the village it was dark, the high moon, shining brightly to light their way. "We need to stop at an Inn, I need to think," said Cassiar harshly. The two women were exhausted, but obeyed him immediately. They stopped at an Inn, with smoke belching from it's huge chimney. As they walked into it's large, warm, well-lit lobby, they saw a cheery, very short, plump man at the door, holding a bag of rupees. "I'm in need of a room, for three," whispered Cassiar."Sorry, good sir, all of our rooms are full, I can't give it to you, you should be on your way!" said the plump cashier happily. The two women gulped, and looked away. Cassiar pulled the cloak hood down a bit, and exposed his enigmatic, crimson eye. He looked straight into the man's face, with his piercing gaze he spoke. He was almost twice as tall as the man, and had to bend down, to look into his face. "Not selling to me, is a very stupid thing to do," said Cassiar. The man gulped, and said, in a quavering voice, "O-okay g-good sir, I, I suppose you can go into th-the ha-alls." "Good, good, now, I'm off, COME ON!" Cassiar barked at the two women. They followed him into the hall, throwing a red ruby at the cashier man, who didn't have time to catch it, and slumped over as it clunked on his head.

Cassiar walked into the largest room, to find it packed with men and women. All of them were drunk, and still drinking, punching and kicking each other, and kissing each other. "We need to clear this room." Everyone stopped, and looked at Cassiar, who has just spoken. "What did ye say, bastard!?" A drunken man waved his beer bottle at him, and kicked a bucket at him. The bucket got a foot closer to Cassiar, when it exploded. No one payed attention to the bucket, they were to busy laughing. Two big men stepped forward, both were equally drunk. "Who the hell are you any way, our mothers, ooooh, your ugly. Are you a lady or summit, or a pile of shit!?" Everyone began to laugh. "I don't take ridicule from ignorant Hylians." Cassiar flicked his hand up, and bones sprang up around the two drunk men. Everyone hushed. The bones contracted, and two huge rib cages, encased the two men. People cried out as Cassiar closed his fist, and the rib cages grinded together slowly. The two men shrieked in freakish agony, and blood, guts, and gore splotched the crowd, flying from the bones. Brown, bloody stumps were what was left of the two men. The crowd began to sob weakly, as Cassiar advanced, pink rays of demonic energy shot from his hands. He incinerated the entire crowd in seconds. He took off his hood. He was handsome, but in an evil, demonic sort of way. He had a gold pierce through his nose, his skin was oily, and golden. His mop of curly red hair brushed past his ears. On his forehead, was an encased ruby, in the skin. He had a gold necklace on, which was encased with emeralds, and had a pale, heart-shaped locket at the nape of it's end. He looked at the dead crowd, and spoke to the bodies. If you must know, I've come to kill a certain queen, and her husband, a bastard who took everything I lived for away from me, the so called "Hero of time!" If you've seen the fool, tell him that me, and my sisters," he gestured at the two women behind him, "are going to avenge our father." He grouped at the locket at his neck, and opened it. He looked lovingly, at a lavishly painted picture of a monster so hideous, It could strike fear into anyone. It was huge and hulking, with a six-foot long tail wreathed in metallic spikes, and a shiny blue orb at it's end. It had furry hindquarters, with hooves the size of a man's head. In it's huge maled fist, it clutched a han-sized blade. He crooned softly, "Ganondorf...father..."

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