Before the Legends...

by Princess Ruto

Chapter 1

      " Your highness.." A tired messenger arrived at the door of King Harkinian's chamber, where he sat sipping tea with his very pregnant wife, Queen Alina. The messenger reeked of stale wine and the King wrinkled his nose.

"Yes, Edbert?" He inquired. The drunk man slurred;

" Gerudos attacking to the east, sir. The council needs you immediately."

"Dismissed, Edbert. Thank you." The man left as silently as he came, and thankfully, so did the stench.

"Excuse me Alina. I'm really sorry I cant stay."
"Go, go," she urged him. "Hyrule needs you. Whew! I was about to vomit with that drunken smell! I'll see you later, sweetie."

"Goodbye." Harkinian lingered a moment on his lovely wife's looks, then left.


"Your majesty, I don't know how much longer we can hold out. The Gerudo are far more experienced in battle than us. We've lost 50,000 Hylian soliders already, and the Zoras are still finding their death toll. We've also lost all the land up to that one ranch, umm.....Loo Loo Ranch????" A general asked.

"Lon Lon Ranch." The King corrected. " I think we'll beat this plauge yet. Send out fresh recruits." A protest rippled through the council of Hylian generals.

"With all due respect sir, I don't think this is in the country's best interest." A man spoke up.

"I'LL DECIDE WHAT'S IN HYRULE'S BEST INTEREST, FOOL!" King Harkinian screamed in rage. He tossed a book across the room at the young man. "MEETING ADJOURNED!" He stormed out.


"Arn, why must you go?" Medilia wrapped some hard biscuits in a cloth, and slipped it in her husband's pack.

"If I don't fight, I could be hanged . Also, the Gerudo are capturing or killing all civilians in the towns they captured. I fear Rauru Village may be next. I don't want you or the baby to be hurt." He looked to his newborn son, Link. The baby cooed softly, and waved his legs in the air.

" I love you, Arn. Please be careful." Medilia threw herself into Arn's arms and began to sob uncontrollably. Arn kissed her forehead.

"They're leaving. I love you too. Goodbye." Arn grabbed his pack and his bow, and dashed off to join the ranks of young men going to fight for Hyrule. Medilia would never had known that would be the last time she would see Arn again. The men marched out of the square and onto the field.

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