Before the Legends...

by Princess Ruto

Chapter 2


Arn ran to join the ranks of men, who were assembling in Rauru Square. He remembered the hurt of Medilia, how she had begged him to stay the night before. He remembered how his son, Link, only half a moon old gurgled, oblivious to everything outside the comforts of his home. Arn hesitated, almost turning back, but then he remembered what the royal messenger had said several days ago...

"All civilians that fall under the capture of a Gerudo tribe will be killed...." This made him move onward. He ran toward his brother Reuben,

"Arn! You're coming along? I thought Medilia needed you to help out with the baby!"

"Reuben, you know that if we don't get as many men as possible in this war, all the Hylians are gonna be killed! I can't bear the thought of that happening to Medilia or Link!" Arn replied, a catch in his throat.

"Foooorrrrrrwwwwaaarrrddd march!" General Arto called to the men. Arn tramped out the gates with the others. He knew Medilia was waiting for him to turn around and gaze back, but he looked straight forward. He didn't want her to see the tears streaming down his ruddy face.


The sun shone hot, and the sweat ran down into Arn's eyes. He raised his handkerchief up to wipe it from his brow, then looked around to survey where they were, for he was to grieved to pay attention before. They were in a wide field, devoid of trees, the town far from sight. Men were draped across the war horses, obviously having passed out from the heat. Arn was on the verge of collapse himself, when he heard General Arto bellow;

"Alllrrriiiggghhhttt men! There's a stream just yonder. We'll meet the troops from Saria there, then make camp. We're gonna make Gerudo warriors outta you quivering like-like's!" Arn heard the whole regiment sigh with relief. He mustered up the strength to go on a bit further, and he just fell to the ground when they stopped, and he just rested in the tall grass for several minutes until General Arto screamed;

"Get up, guay!!!!! Don't wanna get lazy on me don't you boy?" Arn was a tad offended at this, considering he was a ripe 21 summers, but he got up anyway. He pulled out an old quilt, pegs and a long stick, and began to make a sorry attempt at making a tent. The first few times, it fell, but he finally made it, even though it was quite sloppy. Then he heard voices from far off. Thinking it was a Gerudo swarm, he dashed out of his tent, sword in hand, ready to battle. But it turned out to be the troops from Saria. The men stopped and rested a bit, pitching their tents, and drinking from the stream, for they had come even farther than the Rauru regiment. After 16:00, General Gordon of the Saria regiment called;

" Time for a mile run. Evvveeerrrrryyyybbbooooddddyyyy up! Hut two three four, hut two three four! Move it, you slimy tektites."

One man refused to budge, but Genera Arto beat him with a tent pole until the blood flowed from his back, and Arn knew they meant business. He was in the army now.


"Harkinian dear, what's happened now?" Alina asked the king as he sat down to a cold cup of tea.

"The Gerudo are advancing towards Rauru Village. I said to send out new men, but now I'm not so sure. Sending all of them out when you know they'll be slaughtered is like personally pulling the chain on the guillotine for every one of them. Now I just feel so rotten, and I don't know what to do!" The king sighed heavily. Alina put her hand on his shoulder, and murmured;

"You did what you thought was right, and that's all you need to do. I think we'll beat this war yet, just as long as we don't surrender. Oooohhh!" She gasped in pain.

"Alina! Are you OK?" Harkinian was frightened for his frail wife.

"I'm OK. Just the baby kicked is all." The grimace faded, and an expression of tenderness washed over it. "Impa says it will probably be a boy. I've thought of a name."


" Trevor." She patted her stomach affectionately. King Harkinian chucked, forgetting the war completely.

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