Before the Legends...

by Princess Ruto

Chapter 4

      Gerudo lay dying or dead all across the field. The remaining Gerudo fled to the west, their wounded in tow. That regiment was just a mere shadow of what it once had been. The Rauru-Saria army came through victorious, though the cost of victory was steep. Many Hylians were lost. Arn was reflecting, over how the first Gerudo he killed, the first person he had killed in his life, had looked at the moment she died. She must have not been much more than 13 summers aged. But, the Gerudo were skilled enough to go into battle at the age of 10. Arn felt remorse well up inside his chest. He then heard General Arto saying;

"Men, you fought well. I salute you." His voice was filled with respect for the young men. "Let's make camp on the yonder hill. I think you men need no more training. You're fine soliders, yessir!" The men trudged past the carnage, up the hill, making camp at the top. Arn made his tent again, this time it looked better. Reuben came to him, a funny look on his face.

"You've got a mighty big cut there, Arn." Arn put his hand to his face. He could feel the dried blood there.

"It's nothing. I'll clean it now." Arn went back in his tent, digging through his pack. He came across some alcohol and a wad of lamb's wool. He pulled the cork off the bottle, and applied some to the wool. He then put it to his cut, grimacing at the sting. The wound was cleaned thouroughly. Arn then heard a commotion outside. He ran out to see what was going on. All the men were racing from their tents to see what the matter was. Another Gerudo tribe was coming from the east, screaming murerous toned.

"They've spotted us. Dang!" General Gordon gasped, just to be peirced in the heart by an arrow. General Arto began shouting orders;

"Move it, men! It's the big one!!!" Butterflies fluttered in Arn's stomach. and he could just stand gaping at General Gordon's dead body. Reuben ran by, though, and snapped him out of it by yelling;

"Come on! This could turn the tables on the Gerudo!" Arn then realised the importance of this battle, and raced down the hill towards the Gerudo once again. A Gerudo slashed at him from behind, barely nicking his ear. Thankfully it wasn't severed or anything. Arn whipped around, and slashed like a mad man. The Gerudo took a blade to the brain and died. Arn then moved to another, efficiently killing her. He then went to the next, starting to slash at her, but this Gerudo blocked all his hits with her long machetes. The leapt into the air with a spin, knocking him to the ground. Arn grunted as he landed, the wind knoched from his lungs. His head turned to the side, he saw Reuben's head get cut off.

"Noooooooo!" Arn cried. Right then, the Gerudo's machete came down, causing Arn to die just like Reuben.


      " Your highness, the Hylians have won two battles within 1 day! I think this may be a turning point in the war!"

"Which regiment did this, Edbert?" The King was obviously pleased.

"The group from Saria and Rauru Village, sir."

"Well! Ha ha ha! How about some ale, boy?" The king brandished a bottle of ale he had been saving for something like this. Then, there was a knock at the door. Edbert rose and answered the door to the study.

"Yes? Come in lad." The king said, beckoning with his hand. The messenger came in, and spoke;

"Sir, the King of the Gerudo wishes to see you."

"You and Edbert bring him in, then leave." The King of the Gerudo Theives stepped in. His dark armor contrasted greatly with his bright orange hair. The King bowed gracefully.

"Sir, I would like to discuss an armistice. With the defeats of my army lately, I fear this is a growing trend. Therefore, I would like to surrender."

"Of course! Your side fought well, but I'll agree to that!"

The papers were signed, and as the two sat chatting, Edbert rushed in, a bewildered look on his face. "Your highness..... It's the Queen. It's her time.....


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