Before the Legends...

by Princess Ruto

Chapter 6

      Medilia gathered Link in her arms, and she and Lela ran aimlessly, knowing if they didn't find a hiding place betwen them and the forest, the Gerudo would catch up with them and kill them. For a split second, Medilia looked back, to be shocked at what she saw. Back about 100 yards, all the adult villagers and male children were being mercilessly slaughtered, the girls being taken away,to be raised as Gerudo, Medilia figured. She saw 5 or so Gerudo coming after them, only a few feet behind. Medilia panted,

"Faster! They're gaining on us!!" Lela nodded,already gasping for breath. She began pumping her arms hard in the direction of the forest, where she and Medilia figured they would be safe. Medilia's legs bega to feel like pudding, and her lungs burned as if they were on fire. Link's head flopped to and fro, and she pressed him closer, so she wouldn't drop him. After while, Lela looked back, and pointed out,

"They're gone." Medilia looked back, and it was true. They were gone. She slowed to a stop. Sitting down under a tree, rare in the fields of Hyrule, she pulled a small bottle of water from her apron pocket, and poured a little in Link's mouth. He swallowed, and Lela and she each had a small sip. They sat in the shade for a few minutes, then the war cries sounded again. The Gerudo came into view, advancing quickly. Lela pulled Medilia to her feet, and they fled.


      The King shuffled to the throne room, Zelda in his arms, toward the throne room where the Queen's body lay in state. He gave his wife a last kiss, tears falling on her now pale cheeks. Hethen puled down the heavy wooden top on the coffin, and waited until the monks living in the Temple of Time came to perform the funeral. It was in the courtyard. Harkinian was so depressed, he could barely hear the head monk saying,

"We are gathered here today to bid farewell to the Queen of the kingdom of Hyrule, Alina. She was a kind hearted soul..."

Soon it was over, and the procession began towards the Kakariko graveyard, where the Royal Family's tomb was. Once there, Impa, as it was customary for the handmaiden to do, went down into the crypt to seal the Queen in her eternal resting place. When she emerged back into the sunlight, her face was streaked with tears.


      Medilia gasped for breath, bone tired, as was Lela. Finally, exhaustion overcame Lela, she fell to the ground, wheezing and choking for breath. Medilia tried to pull her to her feet, but the Gerudo raced up, preparing to kill. Medilia dashed out of the way, but it was too late for her sister-in-law. Medilia ran as fast as she could, and glanced back only to see a blur of steel and blood. Tears welled in her eyes. She was sick of death. A strangled cry choked from her tightened throat, and one Gerudo looked up. Leaving Lela's remains, she ran after Medilia. Link began to wail. Medilia dashed toward the forest, about 200 yards ahead. The Gerudo swung her machete, and Medilia lunged forward in time to keep from being beheaded, but as she landed, a horrible pain came over her.She looked down, to see blood pouring from a gash in her neck. She then realized her minutes were numbered. The Gerudo left her then for dead, with;

"Hah! Wench'll never survive." Medilia watched the Gerudo fade from view over the hill. She then swaggered to her feet, and, one hand clutching her baby, the other hand covering the wound, tried to walk, but she fell to her knees. Weakly, she began to inch toward the forest, but it was hard going. After several minutes, she fell to the dirt, Link at her side. Feebly, she picked him up, and began to creep the few remaining feet. Weak from blood loss and in excrutiating pain, she almost never made it. She crawled into the entrance to the forest, and saw a green-haired girl standing on the bridge leading to safety. The girl looked horrified, and called;

"Mido! Lyf! Arie! Come quickly!" Several green-clad children ran onto the bridge, and saw Medilia lying on the wood. Link was now squalling, his face stained with his mother's blood. "Help me lift her!"

"Sure thing, Saria!" Voices babbled around Medilia, now semi-concious. A small faerie, who had been circling one of the children came up to her,and circled around her. Medilia's mind cleared, and she could stand, with assistance. The green-haired girl carried her baby, and a girl and a boy held her arms, supporting her. The fourth ran ahead, yelling something about a Deku Tree. Medilia soon saw what she meant. She was standing before a large tree, the largest she had ever seen. He had eyes, and other normal facial features. Medilia felt weak again, and fell to her knees.The tree looked at her and rumbled;

"What brings thee here, Hylian?" Medilia whispered,

"My husband is dead, my neighbors have been killed, and so has my sister. I am almost dead myself.... Please take my son! His name is Link." She pleaded.

"I can sense this is a child of Destiny, who's fate will affect the whole land. Fear not, woman, for I will care for the child."

"Thank you..." Medilia whispered, and fell at his roots and died.

And so began the legend...........

The End

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