The Bride of Ganon

By Kristy Borer f

  A Gerudo leader named Jocasta arrives at Hyrule Castle demanding that she speak with Princess Zelda. It seems that with Ganondorf's demise at the hands of the Seven Sages and the Hero of Time, another greater threat has come to Hyrule. Jocasta tells Zelda of a powerful demon that lives beneath the Haunted Wasteland that will escape unless a ritual is performed by the next full moon - three days away! When the Princess tells Link of the demon, the Hero is skeptical, and with a little research he learns the frightening past of Jocasta that soon threatens his life, the life of the Princess, and the entire kingdom!

(Also, this isn't an actual sequel to 'Between Two Worlds' but there are a couple things mentioned in this story relating to the other one. I only suggest reading the first one if you're lost or confused, and it's short too so it won't be too painful.)