By Doug

Author’s Note: This story is based off the Legend of Zelda cartoon. Link, Zelda, Ganon, and Hyrule all rights belong to Nintendo. The idea for the story actually came from a letter written to the comic book about Link having another love interest but from his past that was actually working for Ganon. I decided to alter it a little and make someone that is trying for Link.



   It is a cool fall day with leaves falling from the trees. Link, the young 17 year old, dark haired hero of Hyrule and guardian of the Triforce of Wisdom is riding along on his faithful horse Catherine admiring the beauty of the scene. Spryte flies beside him the whole while. Link seems to be lost in thought Spryte flies right next to his ear and says “Link, what are you thinking about now?” Link responds in his normal manner “Well, Spryte you know. How do I get Zelda to notice me?” Spryte ever the agitated one says “Is that all you ever think of Zelda?” Link answers “Yes,” much to Spryte’s agitation. They continue on when all the sudden they hear a scream followed by a woman’s voice “Help me!” Link looks to Spryte and says “She sounds like she’s in trouble come on Spryte let’s go.” “Looks like its hero time,” Link says as he gallops ahead at a top speed then comes to a woman who is in a blue cloak with the hood covering her face that is surrounded by moblins. Link sees eight of them as he rides towards them. The moblins in turn spot Link “Oh no it Link” the lead one says. The woman is on the ground. Link rides right through them slashing two of them causing them to disappear in purple smoke. The remaining six kneel with spears ready. Link jumps off his horse Catherine and runs towards them shooting two zaps taking out two more. The four remaining move against Link with an yell. Link avoids the thrusts by ducking and then backflipping out of the way. Two of the moblins go back and grab the woman who is on ground. The other two continue to try to fight Link but he’s just to good for them and slashes both of them at once also causing them to disappear. One of the two remaining with their hostage yell at Link “Surrender or we kill the woman.” Link thinks, he knows he can always outsmart these idiots that Ganon sends so he throws his sword with his left hand on the ground which seems to take both of the moblins attention away from him. He quickly pulls his bow out of his pouch and shoots two arrows at once hitting both moblins destroying them. The woman again drops to the ground. Link puts the bow back in his pouch then picks up his sword and sheathes it. Then he walks over to the woman. “Miss, are you alright?” She looks up at him from the ground, smiles, and innocently says “Thank you so much for saving me. I don’t know what I would have if you hadn’t have come.” Link responds nobly “No problem I live to save those in danger my name is Link hero of Hyrule.” The woman pulls the hood of her cloak back showing her face and a small rainbow colored broach which she rubs as she stands. She is beautiful, has long light brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and looks to be his age. “Oh, I have heard so much about you. In person you are so brave and noble. How about a kiss?” she says. Link moves forward to accept then he remembers the last he accepted a kiss from a beautiful maiden. Being turned into a frog was not his idea of a reward. He stops himself saying “Not to offend you but I don’t kiss on a first date or any first meeting.” She says “That’s okay, this makes you even more noble in my eyes. My name Lady Lena my father Lord Falin sent me to deliver this note to King Harkinain at North Castle. I live across the sea on Maze Island.” Link is very pleasant and responds “I can take you to the king if you want me to.” “Oh, you would that would be great,” she says. As they finish speaking Spryte hearing all this pops in “Hello, Link don’t you feel it’s right to introduce me to your new friend.” Link says “You’re right Spryte. Lady Lena this is Spryte she is the princess of the Fairy Kingdom and also a close friend of mine.” Lady Lena and Spryte both say “Pleased to meet you”, at the same time. Link says “Not to be rushing but shouldn’t we go on to the castle.” Lena responds “You’re right but I am on foot.” Link says “You can ride with me on my horse Catherine she can carry two people.” Link hops up on Catherine extending his hand down Lena who grabs on gets on back.


  The ride is rather uneventful and quiet. As they approach the gates of North Castle, Lena asks “Is this North Castle? Wow I haven’t ever seen anything so lovely.” They ride across the bridge into the market square everybody they pass seem to be looking at them rather intently. Then they come into the courtyard of the castle itself. Inside the courtyard they dismount Link first then he helps Lena down. They walk into the throne room spotting the king both come to about 20 feet in front of him, kneel, and bow their heads. The king smiles “Oh, Link how are you? And who is this?” looking at Lena. Link responds “Your majesty may I present Lady Lena from Maze Island.” King Harkinian is happy to see this young lady and says “I know your father quite well. How is he it has been quite a while?” Lena is a little uncomfortable in answering “He’s…He’s fine my lord. I have a letter from him for you,” stepping forward she hands it to the king. Harkinian looks it over and says “The answer here for the letter is. No, I don’t mind having you as a guest here. Link, would you please show her to the guest room.” As Link leads her away she asks “Link, would you mind giving a tour of the castle?” Link thinks ‘what’s the harm’. Link walks her the courtyard pointing out his tower and the princess’ tower. Every couple of steps he looks back at her to make sure she is still with him.  He seems quite happy to make the point that he loves the princess to her. Then takes her back to the guest quarters.


  At the same time Ganon is in his underworld throne room before the evil jar. The moblins have appeared floating around. Ganon looks at the lead moblin “So Lena escaped your grasp.” The lead one says “Sorry, boss. We do better next time. Link showed up and defeated us.” Ganon smiles “Don’t worry that’s just what I had in mind.” Then vanishes and reappears on his throne at the same time a wizrobe appears next to him. “Master, are you sure this plan is going to work with that girl?” the wizrobe asks. Ganon looks at his servant and says “Well, I have her father and she will do what she is told or she will never see him again.” “But that charm you gave her are you sure it will work?” the wizrobe asks. “I know it will that was strongest spell I could cast only true love would get in the way,” Ganon says.


  Evening at North Castle comes with dinner. King Harkinian, Link, Zelda, and Spryte are all present about to enjoy the food. King Harkinian asks Link “Did you tell Lena what time dinner is?” Link hits himself in the head with his open palm. Link says “Shoot I forgot. I can go get her if you think that would be good.” The king nods his approval on this. Link walks to her room and knocks on the door. “Yes, who is it?” the voice from inside says. “It’s me Link, I just came to get you for dinner,” Link says. “Oh, it’s dinnertime I didn’t even notice. I will be right there,” she says. A few minutes later Link re enters the room followed closely by Lena who is again wearing the rainbow colored broach on her dress. Lena takes a chair right next to Link who sits across from Zelda. Lena slowly places food on her plate then begins to converse. She explains how Link saved her from those horrible moblins. Zelda sits almost unimpressed with the story. Link’s left hand is on the table and Lena begins caressing it Zelda clears her throat causing Lena to stop and Link to remove his hand from the table. Lena then says to Zelda “Your highness I understand that Link saved you from Ganon. What was that like for you? Why does Link stay on?” Zelda stutters a little in her response. Everybody in Hyrule knows the story of Link’s original rescue of the princess. “Well, I..” Zelda says then “Link did save me from Ganon a long time ago and he continues to serve us to this day.” Lena presses “I know that story but there must have been more to it then that.” Link says “I just felt that it was my job to stay and protect the Triforce of Wisdom from Ganon. As for rescuing Zelda I just felt that I should.” The meal goes on from there without much more conversion. As the meal ends Lena rises from her seat and leaves to go back to her room. The king follows suit and leaves the room. Link and Zelda remain. Zelda looks at Link and says “I don’t trust her. She seems nice but something just doesn’t add up. Why would she have been all by herself in those woods. I know her father has a small guard at his keep why didn’t he send an escort with her.” Link is a little puzzled by Zelda’s reaction and says “Come on Zelda lighten up. What are you jealous of her?” Zelda snorts “Hmmph, I can’t see how you can take your duty so lightly. Are you blind I saw her flirting with you, she‘s up to something.” “Well, excuse me princess,” he says in his sarcastic tone then follows with “What is it you want me to do about her then?” Link asks in an agitated voice. “Keep a close eye on her and make sure she stays away from the Triforce. I don’t trust I don’t know how you can,” Zelda says. “Alright I guess I can do that for you,” Link says in return. Both leave the table. Link is a little disappointed with Zelda. And Zelda wary of Lena and to some extent, Link.


  The next morning Link is awakened by a knock at his door. He rolls out of bed still half asleep and says as he yawns “Who’s there?” “It’s me, Lena,” the person outside replies. Link thinks to himself about what Zelda said about keeping Lena away from the Triforce as he slowly opens the door. “Good morning, Link. Did I wake you up?” Seeing him she follows with “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.” “Ah, it’s okay. What did you need?” Link asks. “I wanted see the Triforce of Wisdom if possible,” she says. “Well, okay,” he says as he opens the door revealing the Triforce behind him on the pedestal. She looks on in amazement and says “It’s beautiful.” Link just thinks to himself ‘oh no Zelda to keep her away from the Triforce’. She continues to stand out in the hallway. “Is there something else you wanted?” Link asks. “I have never been given a full tour of the countryside would you consider riding with me?” she asks. Link thinks to himself that would be a way of keeping an eye on her as well as making sure she stays away from the Triforce. “Sure why not. I will meet at the stables in a few minutes okay,” Link says as he closes the door. Ganon is watching the whole time through his magic in Death Mountain. “Just as I had hoped she will lead him away removing him from the picture and then I can take both the Triforce and the Princess and rule Hyrule forever,” Ganon says in evil tone.


  A few minutes later Link arrives at the stables to meet with Lena but instead Zelda is there. “What are you doing Link?” she asks. Link doesn’t know quite how to respond but tries “Well, I’m….I’m going riding”. “By yourself you haven’t done that in a while,” Zelda says. Link decides to be truthful “Lena is going with me. She wants a tour of Hyrule so I figured why not.” Zelda is not happy but realizes Link is doing what she ordered him to do. “Okay, I did say for you to keep an eye on her so I’m not terribly disappointed with you,” Zelda says. Link asks “You mean you don’t mind?” “No, just be careful out there okay?” Zelda says then leaves the stables. Lena arrives just as Zelda exits the stables. Lena is wearing a blue pants, a white shirt, and again the weird rainbow broach  “Is everything alright Link?” she asks as Link brings out Catherine and another horse for Lena. “Just fine you don’t need to worry,” Link says. Link notices she is carrying a picnic basket but stays quiet.


  The ride is quiet then get to the crossroads one way going north to Ruto and the other headed south to Ruaru. “So which where do you want to go?” Link asks. “I have never been to Ruto,” she responds. She then asks “On the way would you tell me of some of your adventures?” Link smiles and says “Sure it would be my pleasure.” They ride slowly along he tells of the time Prince Fascade showed up. All of the rough parts in the story seem to irritate him then gets to the end when ended saving the princess while Fascade just stood there and watched. Lena laughs at the end of the story then Link continues with the story about how Ganon stole his body one time leaving just his spirit and that Zelda was the only one that could see him. As he nears the end of the story he tells about how she was the only see him because she was in love with. Link’s eyes glow as he finishes the story with him regaining his body and holding over the princess’ head the part about loving him. They are still some ways from Ruto so Link tells a final story this time about the time he held the Triforce of Power and how it nearly destroyed his soul. Zelda was captured near the end and once again revealed how she felt about him with saying ‘you love me Link and I love you.’ Of course Link overtaken by the Triforce of Power didn’t care about the love he just lusted for the Triforce of Wisdom just like Ganon. But Zelda made him see that the Triforce of Power had its grasp in him just like Ganon and Link decided to save his soul thus taking a risk at losing his life. At the end Link awakened in his own bed in North Castle with Zelda nearby. He confronted about what he remembered and she coyly said he must have dreamed it up. Lena stops her horse near a creek and says “Link, I brought some food along let’s have a picnic here.” Link agrees, then dismounts to join her. She quickly pulls out the food and some wine as soon as she finishes laying down the blanket while Link ties up the horses. Link sits down and she sits right next to him. They both begin to eat and Lena says “You really care about her don’t you?” “Who?” Link says. “The princess silly,” Lena says playfully. Link nods his head yes. “You know Link with the way the princess treats you at times I don’t know why you stay. I mean I know you have your reasons, but if you worked for my father I would never play so much your feelings,” Lena says. Link gets a serious look in his eye then says “Lena, Zelda does treat me some times a little harsh but I can’t help the way I feel about her. You almost sound like you would want me to live with you and I don’t even know you that well.” “I’m sorry Link I guess I overstepped my bounds and I apologize I do have a crush on you and I always have ever since your second quest for the princess,” Lena says. “That’s okay, well lets not wreck this picnic with the subject anymore okay,” Link says. “You’re right Link I agree. How about I pour some wine?” Lena asks. Link nods a yes as she pours the bottle into two glasses. Taking one she hands the other to Link. Link takes a deep sip from his glass nearly emptying it while Lena looks on. Link suddenly feels really tired and dizzy at the same time. His eyes shut and he falls backward on the blanket. Lena scoots over to him and checks his pulse he’s alive but out cold. Just as she finishes checking him she dumps her glass out at the same time purple smoke surrounds the two of them and then there about ten moblins along with Ganon himself. “You did well my dear,” Ganon laughes “now to finish our agreement. Bring the princess to me.” Lena asks “Just how am I supposed to bring the princess to you?” Ganon responds “Find a way to trick her and your task will be complete.” One of the moblins whispers into Ganon’s ear something which Lena can’t hear. “I will try but once it’s done I want my father released,” Lena demands. Ganon says “Sure just as we agreed but there something else you must do”. Lena asks “What else do you want me to do?” “Link here finish him and here’s a dagger,” Ganon says as he pulls out a dagger and throws it beside her. “No, that wasn’t part of the agreement you didn’t say anything about killing him just getting him out of the way and I did that,” Lena protests. “It must be done or you’ll never see your father again,” Ganon cackles. Lena thinks for a minute then says “Okay, I’ll do it but let me get the princess first then I will come back here and deal with him.” Ganon doesn’t like this response but says “Alright I will allow that. Have the princess go south on the road and we will ambush her. Oh bring me proof that you have gotten rid of Link, his leather tunic would work.” “Yes, my lord,” she says as she mounts to go back to North Castle. As she rides off she knows she left the dagger on the blanket beside Link knowing that she is expected to complete the deal Ganon ordered her to do. At the same time Ganon and his minions disappear.


  Lena arrives back at the castle at a gallop. As she rides into the courtyard at full speed it grabs the attention of the guard. She stops her horse acting very panicked “I must see the princess something terrible has happened.” The guard runs into the palace itself and finds Zelda who returns with him. “What’s wrong? Where’s Link?” Zelda asks. Lena says “That’s what’s wrong Link’s hurt very badly. We went down the road to the south and Link got thrown from his horse and landed very hard. I think his head hit a rock. I tried to stop the bleeding and I couldn’t get him to his feet he told to get you to help him.” Zelda is visibly upset and says to the guard “Get my horse now.” Then to Lena “Where is he?”  “Outside of the town of Ruaru near the swamp.” As the guard brings the princess’ horse which she jumps on as soon as she is able to. Zelda directs Lena “You stay here I’ll get Link and be back here.” Just as Zelda finishes saying this she rides off at top speed in the direction of Rauru. As she moves down the road she begins to think ‘Link’s not normally one to get thrown from his horse’. As she nears a bend in the road suddenly a boomerang hit’s the side of her head throwing her off the horse. As she gets to her feet a wizrobe appears along with Ganon and ten moblins. She pulls her bow and shoots hitting one of the moblins but before she can get another shot a blast of energy from the wizrobe knocks the bow from her hands. She turns to run but another boomerang hits knocking her down. The moblins jump on top of her and tying her up. “So good to see you my dear Princess Zelda,” Ganon laughs as an underworld entrance opens up.


  Link wakes up on the blanket with a headache and the bottle of wine next to him. He picks up the bottle to investigate then sniffs it. ‘I can’t believe I was so stupid, that Lena poisoned with a sleep potion. I wonder if she’ll be back’ he thinks to himself. He spots the dagger near him then says “So she’s was planning more then just knocking me out.” Link hears hoof beats nearing him. He lays back down acting like he’s still out cold. Lena walks up to him glaring down she says “I’m sorry Link,” as she picks up the dagger “but I have no choice.” She stands over him with the weapon poised to strike when suddenly he opens his eyes and grabs the wrist of the hand holding the dagger. She drops the dagger almost instantly. “I see you had other plans for me,” Link says in anger voice. Lena pleads “You don’t understand I had no choice I had to. Ganon just said to help him get you out of the picture and capture the princess.” Link is furious “You helped Ganon the most evil villain in Hyrule to get the princess and you were going to kill me.” Lena continues to plead “Please don’t be anger with me, Ganon has my father and it was only way to free him.” Link says “I’ll deal with Ganon and free the princess and your father then we’ll deal with you.” Lena stops him “No, you can’t if Ganon knows I let you live he’ll kill my father as soon as he knows.” “What do you suggest we do then?” Link asks. “I can keep Ganon distracted while you do what you have to do. He knows where I am by this broach I am wearing. If I bring him your tunic as proof of my killing you he will be so delighted he won’t pay much attention to anything else and by the time he realizes you are really alive by your freeing of the princess and my father it will be too late”, Lena says. “What about you? You know you won’t make it out alive after Ganon realizes you’ve tricked him,” Link says then follows “but if I have enough time I can rescue you and defeat Ganon.” Lena quietly nods her approval.



  Ganon’s underworld is terribly moist and disagreeable. Zelda is pushed into a large cell much the one she shared with Link and Sleezenose the time Link got conned by Sleezenose. The cell is pretty dark except for the light of lanterns hanging on the wall with no light in the far corner. “Your highness,” Zelda hears. Then a older man with light brown hair and a beard comes forward from the darkened corner. Zelda says “I know you, you’re Lord Falin from Maze Island. What are you doing here?” “Strange you should ask it is a long story but it looks like we might be here a while. One day a few months ago a handsome young man appeared at my keep he seemed very nice and friendly. My daughter Lena fell for him completely then one day he departed but before he left he gave her a broach telling her if she ever wanted to see him again just to rub the broach. A few weeks past and she yearned to see him again so she rubbed the broach all the sudden hundreds of Ganon’s minions were in my keep. The broach brought down all the magical defenses of my keep. My soldiers fought room to room valiantly but Ganon’s monsters were too much for them. The final straw was Ganon’s minions found a secret passage into my throne room and forced us to surrender. Ganon appeared shortly afterward and demanded that I wanted to spare my keep and its defenders from total destruction to come with him so I did along with my daughter. I am here as a hostage and my daughter is being forced to do whatever Ganon expects to do.” It is a lot for Zelda to swallow that Lena is working for Ganon but only to save her father. Zelda in turn tells Lord Falin how she ended up captured. Falin is upset but also understands.


  Ganon is in his throne room deep inside Death Mountain when a moblin comes to him. “Master, she here and says she killed him,” the moblin says. Ganon face lights up with a smile as he walks over near the prison cells where the princess and Lord Falin are. He says to them “Finally, Link is gone nothing will stand in the way of me now.” Then Ganon continues to walk on to the doorway and leaves the throne room. Zelda shakes her head in disbelief Lord Falin tries to comfort her. Suddenly a large boulder moves from the wall. Zelda says “Link, is that you?” “Of course, you were expecting someone else?” Link says in sarcastic tone. “But if you’re alive what about Lena?” Zelda asks. “We had a plan and I plan make sure we are successful,” Link says “But right now I have get you and Lord Falin out of here.” Zelda notices Link is missing his tunic. As she nears him she asks “Where’s your tunic?” “It’s part of the plan, trust me,” Link says. Link leads Zelda and Lord Falin to the surface then turns to go back. Zelda stops him asking “Where are you going?” “Zelda, I have to rescue Lena otherwise Ganon will kill her for lying to him,” Link says. “I’m going with you then,” Zelda says. “No, get Lord Falin to the castle I promised Lena I would make sure her father lived.” Zelda normally doesn’t give in on these arguments but this she does. Link turns goes back into Death Mountain.


  “So you thought you could lie to me and get away with it?” Ganon furiously asks Lena who is being held by a darknut prime. “Do you realize my darknut prime could rip your throat out with just one simple move?” Ganon says. Then suddenly an explosion rocks the room. “Let her go Ganon,” demands Link. “Ah, so the hero returns you won’t leave here alive,” Ganon says. The darknut prime says “Master shall I destroy him?” “Yes,” Ganon orders then at that point the darknut prime releases Lena who drops to the floor. The darknut is one of Ganon’s most powerful minions whose hand-to-hand fighting skill is matched only by Link. The darknut has armor that is restraint to attacks from the front and a darknut is even stronger. However, it’s weakness is that being hit from the side or behind. But that’s if you can get behind it. Link knows all these things and also knows being able to move fast is the key to defeating the darknut. The darknut prime lunges at Link who uses his shield to deflect the blow and counters with spin strike. The darknut prime blocks it with his shield laughing “You should know that my armor is unpentrable and shield is ready for your puny attack.” The darknut prime at the same pulls his sword back then thrusts again at Link. But Link rolls under the swing and comes up with strike of his own hitting the dark nut prime in the back. The darknut prime staggers forward realizing he has been hit then turns again to face Link. Link shoots several zaps at darknut prime who easily deflects it. Darknut prime runs forward at Link with his sword raised high. Link again dodges it and this time shoots a zap that hit’s the darnkut in the side as he passes. Darknut prime drops to one knee then disappears in purple smoke. When Link looks up Ganon once again has Lena this time holding a dagger against her throat. “You survived,” Ganon cackles “why do you want to save her? She betrayed you I would think that that would be more then enough to have nothing but hatred towards her.” “Unlike you Ganon every life is important no matter what they have done and that’s why you will never rule Hyrule,” Link says. Ganon replies “It doesn’t matter I have the upper hand here. Surrender now or I will kill her unlike you.” Ganon lowers the dagger just a little focusing his complete attention on Link. Lena struggles and elbows Ganon forcing him to let her go at the same time Link zaps him. Lena runs and hides behind Link who has his shield up preparing for Ganon’s response. Ganon shots a magical blast out of his hand hitting Link’s pushing Link backwards. Then suddenly an arrow hits Ganon who yells in pain. “Who dares disturb me?” Ganon says. “I do,” Zelda who is in the doorway of the throne room says. Link looks over and sees Zelda then Ganon refocuses his attention on the princess. “So you rejoin welcome to your end,” Ganon says as he throws a flame ball at her. She dodges at the same time Link shoots a zap at Ganon hitting and de-energizing him. As he disappears he causes the ceiling to begin falling in. Link grabs Lena and heads towards the door where Zelda stands. They all run at top speed now instead of the cave in all of Ganon’s minions have began pursuing them. They see the entrance Link turns and throws a bomb at the monsters also causing another cave in halting the pursuit.


  As the three leave Death Mountain, Lena removes the broach and throws it against a rock destroying. A few hours later they arrive back at North Castle. Lena confesses everything she did before the king and her father. King Harkinian says “Well, uh my dear you did do wrong but seeing as Ganon had deceived you I grant you a pardon for what you did. Now as for uh, uh Link and my daughter you should apologize to them.” Lena looks at both Link and Zelda standing there and says “I can’t say how sorry I am for all this I caused.” Zelda hushes her “It’s okay you had no choice.” Lena then says directly to Link “My feelings for you were and are true but you are the princess’ guardian I am sorry for what I did again.” Link blushes then says “Well, that’s okay.”


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