Christmas in Hyrule

By Doug

            Christmas time is so beautiful when you’re with the one you love. No one now knows that better then Link as he sits in his chair trying to figure just what to get his love, Princess Zelda. So many ideas just if Ganon can allow him to have a fairly peaceful celebration with her. The blue glow of the Triforce of Wisdom dominates Link’s tower bedroom. Link at times feels pretty unappreciated by the princess. She ignores his attempts for a kiss whenever he makes them or something always happens that messes it up. Sneaking over to her room which is the tower just over 50 yards from his own seems to work if only he can pick the right time. He tried to convince her one evening he was sleep walking and it nearly worked she almost kissed him but some vires made an attack on the Triforce with a bomb which caused it to go to pieces quite literally speaking. Then they being Link and Zelda had to recover two of the pieces from the underworld and reunited the triforce. Hopefully nothing like that would happen this time, but as he looks over to her tower he sees she isn’t there. If he were to go over without her being there, she probably wouldn’t think much of it. This is strange its evening and usually she’s there then he remembers that’s right she’s at that party downstairs in the ballroom. He kicks himself knowing she told him not to leave the room even though the party is going on downstairs.

  As the evening advances he is not too happy about it. About 8:30 in the evening Spryte flies into his room with some of the desserts which Link is more then happy to dispose of, then asks Spryte “How’s the party downstairs?” Spryte responds “It’s just a bunch of stuffed shirts you know a real bore.” “Oh, how’s the princess?” Link asks in return. Spryte is a little upset then answers “That’s all you ever care about. I don’t know why you think so much of her, she’s a snoot.” Link ignores the comments and continues to press “Well, is she okay?” Spryte gives up saying “She’s fine, but you’re here.” Link says “Why don’t you go and get one of the new guards to take over for me for about an hour.” Spryte responds “Now don’t you think that will get you into trouble?” “As long as nothing happens while I’m gone it won’t matter,” Link says. Spryte reluctantly agrees and leaves to get one of the new guards. At the same time Link decides that since he’s going to the party to dress up a little. He finds a fine white shirt then some new red pants after doing a little more searching he locates a fancy double breasted brown coat with a green cape on the back and to top it off a green beret with a white feather that has purple jewel holding it. Finally he pulls out his newest pair of boots which are still shiny looking. As he dresses he thinks to himself ‘boy do I look good or what.’  The unsuspecting new guard that Spryte found seems okay with his new assignment being it is only going to be for about an hour. Link has gotten everything on as the guard arrives and takes position near the door. Link sheathes his sword as he heads down to the throne room where the party is going.

  Captain Krin spots him as he just about to enter the room “Link, what are you doing here?” Link stops to address him in return “Just going to the party that’s all.” Krin shakes his head “Oh, I thought the princess had told to guard the Triforce tonight.” “And I did until a few minutes ago. And I will be going back up there in a little bit,” Link says uneasily. “Alright go on through to the party just I hope she doesn’t kill you for this,” Krin says in an equally uneasy voice. Link gives a slight laugh then proceeds forth into the main throne room. There much dancing and merriment the decorations are beautiful Link notices then he remembers being volunteered to help do them. Link finds the serving table and gets a glass of what appears to be wine. At the same time he looks around for Zelda. Some of the guests recognize Link and start talking to him which he is enjoying this attention. As Link is taking a sip of his glass of wine not really paying attention someone taps him on the shoulder. He turns and there she is the most beautiful decoration of the room his love Princess Zelda wearing a green dress with a red sash across her mid section. However, she’s not too happy by the look on her face and says “And just what do you think you’re doing?” Link is clearly nervous and says “Aaaa…Just enjoying the party that’s all.” That response didn’t help him any then she says “I thought you were guarding the Triforce like I told you to.” He jokingly says as he shrugs his shoulders “Well, excuuuse me princess I felt that since I helped decorate the room I might want to enjoy it a little.” Zelda is clearly not buying it and says “Stow the sarcasm Link.” Just as Zelda is about to say something more to Link, King Harkinian walks up and puts his hand on Link’s shoulder “Oh, Link so nice to see you. There is someone I want you to meet.” Another gentleman dressed all in black comes forward and shakes Link’s hand then introduces himself as Judge Garren. He lets Link know how much he appreciates everything Link has done for the kingdom all the while the princess is off to the side trying to get re involved. After the judge finishes he excuses himself with “Merry Christmas have a good evening” and leaves the area. This seems to take the heat off Link for the moment and Zelda is caught by surprise “Daddy, Link is supposed to be guarding the Triforce tonight.” The king responds “Oh, I see but shouldn’t he have a little fun. How long has he been guarding it this evening?” Link joins in “Yeah, princess shouldn’t I have little fun.” Zelda grudgingly says “Well, I guess you can stay at least until the end of the party.” To Link “But don’t embarrass me.” She begins to walk away and Link says “Don’t worry I won’t.”

            The party goes on with music in the background and couples dancing. Zelda is staying pretty much to herself way across the room from Link. The king at this moment is still standing beside Link introducing some of the other guests to him. After all the meeting and greeting is over with. The king notices Link is quiet which is odd anyway. “Link, are you having a good time?” the king asks. “Sure, your highness I like parties,” Link says. Knowing that Link is always after his daughter for a kiss he says “Why don’t ask her for a dance my boy.” “You mean it, its okay with you?” Link responds. “Sure go ahead,” the king smiles as Link slowly strolls toward her then stops a few feet later. At this point the king gives him a gentle push in the back to get him moving again. Link continues over to her through the throng of guests some of which shake his hand as moves forth. Zelda looks at him as he approaches her. Finally, he is there next to her. She still has a disappointed look on her face then lightens up. “Is there something you wanted, Link?” she asks. He responds “Would you like to dance?” “With you, you’ve got to be kidding,” she says then “Well, maybe one dance okay.” Link shakes his head in excitement. They head out onto the floor arm in arm. They dance waltz which Link all the while tries to himself nearer to her but every attempt she manages to get away. The first is a waltz and then a livelier dance begins with the band playing in the background. This second dance is fun for them but wears them down a little. As it ends Link escorts Zelda off the floor to the punch bowl and gets her something to drink. When he returns with the drink she says “Thank you and I guess having you here isn’t so bad. You are quite the gentleman, now don’t let this go to your head you do look rather handsome in that outfit you’re wearing.” Link smiles in return it seems like she has overlooked the fact he is skipping guard duty. “So, Zelda what do you want for Christmas?” he asks. “Oh, Link I don’t know and you don’t need to get me anything,” she says in return. “But I want to,” he insists. “You know how I love flowers get me some seasonal flowers like poinsettias if you want,” Zelda says. “Sure no problem,” he says. Zelda grabs his hand after she has finished drinking her punch, her mood seems to have lightened up a great deal and pulls him to her then says “How about your Christmas gift, Link?” “How ‘bout a kiss,” Link say as he smiles at her. “Oh, okay I suppose you have earned it.” Link says confidently to himself “I think I am about to get what I deserve.” The look in his eye is hoping to get that kiss from her and just as they near suddenly there is a shout.

  “KING HARKINIAN!!” A man collapses in front of the door completely out of breath. Zelda pulls away and runs over to this man at the same time the king moves over to him. “Are you okay sir?” This man gets up then bows before her. “My village was attacked this evening by Ganon’s minions and they kidnapped my son.” Link thinks ‘darn this always happens’ just as he was so close. Then Link goes over to the man “Where is your village?” As the man catches his breathe he says “Ruaru town, they left headed in the direction of Midora swamp.” Link says “I’m on my way, I’ll have to take a raincheck on that kiss princess.” Zelda waves as Link runs towards the stables at top speed. Within ten minutes Link has mounted his trusty stead Catherine and is very rapidly moving toward Ruaru.

   Link knows he is most likely moving into a trap but that doesn’t bother him. These minions of Ganon can’t ever seem to pull a trap or ambush and often times mess it up. Link rides quickly through Rauru with the local citizens cheering him as he passes through about an hour later and signaling him as to which directions the monsters were going. Link heads right into the swamp. With it being night time this is a most dangerous time to be out here but this doesn’t scare him. Deelers jump down from the trees trying to get him but he’s to fast for them and quickly zaps them then moves on deeper into the swamp. It’s cold that’s what Link hates the most about this time of year. The swamp manages to slow Catherine’s progress so Link dismounts and continues to lead her. His boots and part of pants are covered with swamp mud as they trudge forth. The monsters seem to be tracking towards Midora Palace. There are a few solid pieces of ground which help them to make progress.

  Link and Catherine after about an hour make it to the edge of Midora Palace which has a small courtyard teeming with minions of every sort. Link ties Catherine up to a small tree then moves slowly into the courtyard. Suddenly the entire group of monsters rise up and have him surrounded. But as always these guys can’t manage to do anything right. There are about ten moblins armed with bows directly in front of him. Behind a group of 15 goriya with swords and on both sides are stalfos armed with spears. The moblins fire their bows Link hits the ground and half the goriyas are eliminated but one of the arrows hits Link’s beret. Link rises enraged “you’re going to pay for that” and zaps four of moblins the remainder of the group run before he can get them. The stalfos charge from both sides trying to pin Link with their spears but he manages to duck before them and they hit each other with a resounding bang. All of them disappear into purple smoke. The goriyas have fled as well. Link looks beyond them trying to spot the child, he sees a single ironknuckle with what appears to be a boy. The ironknuckle is at the palace’s entrance and makes the challenge “Come forth if you are truly brave enough.” Link moves forward with a look of confidence in his face. “Ironknuckle, release the child, now!” Link demands. The ironknuckle releases the child but before Link and the boy. Link knows what this means he going to have to beat him to get the boy returned. The ironknuckle charges with sword drawn and hits Link’s sword. Link blocks then backflips away, again the ironknuckle charges and again Link blocks then backs away. Link knows the ironknuckle’s armor is nearly as strong as darknut armor. Link strikes with a series of blows with his sword both high chest level shots and low blows. Ironknuckle is unable to defend against these shots and after five hits the ironknuckle disappears. Link goes over to the boy “Are you alright?” The boy about seven years old is still scared “Are you gonna hurt me?” Link reassures him “No, I’m here to rescue you. My name’s Link.” The boy’s face lights up “Oh, I have heard of you mommy and daddy speak about you and how great a hero you. I hope to one day be like you.” Link blushes a little and says “What were you doing that got kidnapped by these minions?” The lad responds “I was getting some flowers for mommy.” “Flowers, at this time of year,” Link says. “Yeah, poinsettias I have a whole bunch of them in my bag,” the boy responds. Link finds his beret the thing is pretty well destroyed the only remaining is the jewel which Link picks up and pockets.  “We better head on back it’s pretty late and I am sure Ganon’s minions will be back,” Link says. They walk over to Catherine and mount.

   Link rides back to the town with the boy in front holding him in the reins this takes about an hour again. It is real late at night but the people are so pleased to see Link has saved the day again for them. They can’t thank him enough and the boy gives him some of the flowers. Link thinks the only thing that would make it nice is if I had something to hold together. The jewel in Link’s pocket from the beret has a pin on it. Link asks the locals if one of them might have some ribbon to tie this thing together. One of the local girls pulls a ribbon from her hair and gives it to him. He thanks them and on his way back to North Castle. This has been an exciting if not tiring night. Just as he leaves the town he spots the clock in the center of town. Rubbing his eyes to see it, it looks to be two in the morning. The long ride back to North Castle begins.

   Within less then an hour he is back home the party is gone and all seems quiet as leaves Catherine in the stables. He enters a completely silent and empty dance floor. As he nears the stairs to go up to his tower room he sees something odd the princess waited up for him. He is exhausted from all this evening but he livens up when he gets near to her. Her face shows some happiness. “Did you succeed? Oh, sure you did you wouldn’t have returned if you didn’t,” she says. Link is a little lost for words being so tired but he carrying the flowers in his hand raises them to her without saying anything. “Flowers, for me and these the ones I wanted,” she says then hugs without releasing how filthy he is. His fancy clothes are ruined but he happy he made her happy. She pulls away and he asks “How about that kiss?” She smiles “Perhaps when you’ve cleaned up.” “Oh princess, come on please,” he pleads with her. “No, not until you’re clean,” she says. Some things don’t ever change but in the future they will.

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