The Coming of War

by Dustin Bell

Chapter 1

After new Hyrule was settled and all the towns founded, the world became peaceful. Gannon was gone, locked away in the Sacred Realm with the entire triforce. Even with the triforce it would be virtually impossible for him to break the seal over the realm. Over the decade following Gannon's imprisonment many changes happened. Time changed from After Unification to After Imprisonment War. The Imprisonment War was the battle that occurred during Gannon's sealing in the Sacred Realm. The six original sages were brought back to life in the form of six wise men. The six wise men also became the elders of the town named after them. And finally the three spiritual stones were destroyed. From the particles that remained of each stone was made into a pendant. The Kokiri Emerald was remade into the Pendant of Courage, The Goron Ruby was remade into the Pendant of Power and Zora's Sapphire was remade into the Pendant of Wisdom.

In the town of Rauru, Zelda and Link were sitting in a tavern. The band was playing a swing type song while some of the other people in the tavern danced. Zelda and Link listened to the band play.

" A loaf of bread and ale, five rupees to spare. Sometimes I'd dance on that sometimes I wouldn't dare. A loaf of bread and ale, five rupees to spare, I'll go to the tavern and spend my money there. Here we go!"

The band continued their song while Link and Zelda ate their dinner. Every once in a while Link would ask Zelda to dance, but Zelda always refused. Link called over the waitress, " Ms, I'll have a glass of Sosarian ale please. "

" Yes good sir…" Replied the waitress. The woman headed towards the bar.

" It is the Princess of Hyrule and the Hero of Time milord. " The woman said to the tavern owner. " Should I go retrieve the potion milord? " She asked.

" The princess Zelda? Link the Hero of Time? In this tavern! Yes of course, go get the potion at once. Oh! Did they order anything? " Asked the tavern owner.

" Yes milord. The Hero of Time asked for a glass of Sosarian ale. " Replied the women.

" Excellent. Give the princess something on the house, and put the potion in both the drinks. Give the princess a glass on Catalian clamato juice with some Dalsonian whisky. It's her favourite drink. "

The woman grabbed a ladle and crow bar. She headed to the back of the tavern and walked over to one of the barrels. She took the crow bar and lifted the top of the barrel. Taking the ladle in her hand, she made a dip into the barrel taking some of the contents contained in the barrel.

The clear liquid was a mixture of grass from the Lost Woods, scraps of skin samples from inside Lord Jabu-Jabu, grounded rocks from inside Dodongo's Cavern and a liter of water from Zora's River. When all mixed together, the liquid creates a potion that makes the person who drinks it become unconscious.

The woman slipped a bit of the potion into each drink and carried them over to Link and Zelda's table. " Here is your drink good sir…and Princess Zelda, I believe you may enjoy this. It is Catalian clamato juice and Dalsonian whisky. Your favourite drink I believe? " Said the woman.

" Why thank you ms. it is my favourite. " Zelda said as she handed the woman a red rupee.

" Thank you your majesty, " Replied the woman as she took the rupee and walked away.

Zelda drank hers first. Almost immediately after she collapsed on the floor.

" Zelda! " Link shouted. He checked her pulse and her heart was still breathing. Link picked her up and ran outside into the pouring rain heading for the castle.


The tavern owner walked into the back of the tavern. He pushed in one of the bricks in the wall and a staircase opened in the ground. He walked down the staircase into the hidden room. The room was very dark, a torch on either side of the room was the only light. In the center of the room stood a pedestal. The tavern owner went up to the pedestal and placed his hand on the surface. A bright yellow light emerged and the face of Gannon appeared.

" Greetings milord, you called me? " Asked the tavern owner.

" Yes I did Ogden. Did you use the elixir on Link and Zelda? Replied Gannon.

" You must forgive you milord. Zelda drank first and collapsed. Link rushed over to her and ran out before taking a sip from his drink. " Replied Ogden.

" Good enough. As for my task, you know the valley of the Gerudo is nearly deserted. Well in the Spirit Temple, there was a secret passage that contained some of my personal possessions. I need a certain stone with a design on it. You may have seen it before; it resembles the Door of Time design. I need you to get that stone for me. To get to the temple easily you will need a wind instrument of any kind. Preferably an ocarina. I shall teach you a song that will transport you to the temple. Listen to the Requiem of Spirit. " Gannon said as he played the Requiem of Spirit.

Ogden learned the song with ease. " What was the second thing I would need milord? "

" Ah yes, You will need a special key. You shall be able to find the key mold in the sacrificing chamber within the temple. Make the key and return to the temple's sacrificing chamber. If you look closely at the design on the floor you, you will see a keyhole. Put the key in it and then walk down to the secret room. Do not touch anything else in the room though! If you do you shall pay the ultimate price. I would hate to loose one of my servants…" Said Gannon.

" I shall not fail you milord…" Replied Ogden. Ogden went upstairs and asked one of the band members if he could borrow their ocarina. The player gave the ocarina to him. Ogden went to the back of the room and played the Requiem of Spirit. He was instantly transported to the Spirit Temple.


Link carried Zelda as he ran through the rain. North Castle was in sight. Running as fast as he could he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his stomach. Crying out in pain he dropped Zelda, put his arms in front of his stomach and started to gag. He began to cough up blood and soon collapsed. Link feel onto Zelda with the rain pouring over them.


" Where are Link and Zelda? " Asked the King to his chief advisor. " There were due back twenty minutes ago and Link is always sure never to be late. " He added.

" I do not know sir, but I suppose they could have stayed the night in Saria because of the storm. " Replied Acheron, the King's chief advisor.

" Yes I suppose, Link is always very careful to protect Zel-" As he was suddenly cut off by the chief surveyor running into the room.

" Milord! My team of surveyors has found that the river is over flowing. Also many areas surrounding Ruto are in flames. One of my men claimed to have seen what he called a funnel cloud. He described it as a cloud that has formed into a cylinder caused by the wind. " Shouted Maynio, the chief surveyor.

" This may be one hell of a storm. Send a notice to all villages for its residents to stay indoors until notice comes. Tell all the messengers to travel to the towns and stay in the nearest inns. I want to messenger headed to Darunia riding the fastest horse available. " Replied the King. The surveyor went outside to summon the messengers.

Ogden stepped into the temple. Several statues stood in front of him. They were all very frightening, With their grinning faces and the sharp spears. Ogden just tried to step around them until he came to the platform that led down to the sacrificing chamber. He stepped onto the platform. It was lowered in front of the sand goddess. Ogden took out a lamp and shone the light onto the goddess's face. The face crumbled and the door to the chamber appeared. He took out a rope and through it over to the door. He crossed it very carefully and opened the door to the chamber.

He stepped inside and started to look around. He had never been in the chamber, but he had heard many stories. He took notice to the giant stage surrounded by four smaller stages. The ceiling had a movable cover that let the sun in during sacrificing. Ogden didn't want to spend more time then he needed in this place so he crawled up onto the main stage. Searching around on the design he found a brick that was actually a box. Taking the box he opened it and found the key mold.

He pulled out the ocarina and played the Serenade of Hope that Gannon had taught him earlier. He chose in his mind to be transported to Rauru Town. Rushing over to the armory he asked the owner to make the key.


" Quite a storm isn't it fellow traveler! " Shouted the man on the horse.

The messenger looked to where the voice was coming from and replied in surprise, " Get to the nearest town! The King has commanded all residents of Hyrule return to their homes or the nearest inn! "

" Ah…but you see I am not from Hyrule my good man. I am Dalsonian and have no matter for the King's orders. " Replied the traveler.

" Well for your own safety I suggest you get to the nearest town. I suggest Saria. It is one Hylian metric mile away. It rests just along the river. Anyhow, what in hell are you doing here and now anyway? " Asked the messenger.

" I am headed for Death Mountain, There is someone I need to speak with there. " Replied the man.

" Who is in Death Mountain? You need permission granted by the royal family to gain access there. " Asked the messenger.

" I cannot reveal whom that person is…I'm sorry fellow traveler. " Said the man.

" Well it seems we are traveling in the same direction. The storm has died down quite a bit. Do you wish to ride together? " Asked the messenger.

" I would greatly appreciate the company. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Agnahim. "

" My name is Albrecht, I am a messenger of North Castle. "

" Well we best not be wasting time. We may be in the eye of the storm. " Said Agnahim.

Albrecht nodded in agreement and they started off towards Death Mountain.


" Is the key ready yet!? " Shouted Ogden in frustration.

" Yes sir, I just need to let it cool in some ice for a few minutes. " Replied the key maker.

Ogden paced back and forward from side to side in the store. His impatience growing greatly. He stopped in sudden surprise when the key maker asked what he needed the key for.

" Do you ask all your customers what the key they need is for! " Shouted Ogden.

" I am sorry to invade your privacy sir, but this key…it is like nothing I have ever seen before. I mean the design, I have seen this design in torture chambers. It is an ancient Hylian hieroglyphic meaning to sacrifice one of good to one of evil. This is the insignia that the evil forces Din, Faore and Nayru fought themselves. It means pure evil…" Replied the key maker.

" Well I did not make the mold, I was only instructed to make the key. I do not know these things. " Replied Ogden, getting more and more frustrated.

" Well good sir, your key is ready. The charge is forty-five rupees. " Said the key maker.

" Forty-five rupees! This is an outrage! I only have forty on me now. I have a deal though…I own the Sacred Relic tavern in this town. I shall give you a five-rupee credit next time you come. " Replied Ogden.


" Six rupee credit. " Said the man.

" Deal! " Replied Ogden.

The key maker handed Ogden the key. Almost immediately after Ogden ran out the door and played the Requiem of Spirit.


" That is Death Mountain Agnahim! " Shouted Albrecht trying to get his voice over to raging winds.

" Well it seems our journeys end here my friend! " Agnahim said. He then galloped towards Death Mountain and soon got off his horse. Albrecht saw no more of Agnahim.


Agnahim walked along the Death Mountain trail. The raging winds nearly pushed him off a few times, but Agnahim had a strong build. As a child he was forced to do the best, always beat everyone else at everything. For years he worked as an apprentice to a metal worker. Agnahim built his muscles and learned to withstand great heat. Two things he would need to get through the Death Mountain crater. Tektites were everywhere but Agnahim just took one look at them and they jumped away in fear. On Agnahim's cloak a design had been sewn in. The mark of pure evil, the symbol meaning to sacrifice one of good to one of evil. Agnahim was more, much more than the messenger has seen.


Ogden now knew his way through the Spirit Temple. Running past the evil statues, through the temple to the sacrificing chamber. He soon reached the chamber and climbed onto the main stage. Searching over and over again over the design for the keyhole, he soon found it. He placed the key into it and turned. Ogden heard a loud grinding noise and then the center of the floor feel down to create a staircase. Ogden took his time now; there could be traps everywhere. He put his foot down and heard a cracking noise. Looking down at his foot he saw a Human skeleton. Ogden had never seen a skeleton, but he decided there was a first time for everything. He took another step and spears popped out of the walls just missing Ogden. He walked very carefully now; one wrong step would lead to his death. He soon reached the back of the room. Ogden took notice to the riches surrounding the stone he needed. There were gold, purple, orange, blue and red rupees scattered about. Ogden picked up the stone he needed and then a voice came to his head.

" Do not touch anything else in the room though! If you do you shall pay the ultimate price. " Said Ogden's mind suddenly remembering Gannon's warning. But Gannon would never know if Ogden took anything…would he? Ogden thought. Just before leaving Ogden grabbed two purple rupees. Suddenly spears came out of the wall all headed for Ogden. He screamed in terror as the spear dove into his chest, Ogden fell dead on the spot.

" The ultimate price…You touched one of my treasures and paid the ultimate price Ogden. Bwa! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! " Said a voice echoing through the halls of the room.


Agnahim reached the Death Mountain crater and stepped inside. The extreme heat was too hot to bear. He reached inside his pouch and took out a red tunic. He put it on over his cloak and suddenly felt relieved. He looked over the edge down into the hot molten lava. He took a bottle of blue fire from his pouch and placed it on the ground.

" Agent may lap omen camier! " Shouted Agnahim as he picked up the bottle and cast it into the lava. The molten lava suddenly turned to crystal blue water. Agnahim dove into the water and started to swim to the bottom. He could hold his breath for a long time. Agnahim continued to swim to the bottom. He soon reached the bottom, Agnahim put on his Zora tunic and iron boots. He began searching for something. Suddenly the sun shone into the crater and reflected off a piece of silver at the bottom of the crater.

Agnahim smiled in success and went to pick up the object. Taking it in his hand he began to swim back up to the surface. When he reached the surface he looked at the object. It was an amulet with the same design on it as Agnahim's cloak. The amulet was in the shape of a beetle with a gem in the middle. A string was cast through the top of the amulet. Agnahim put the amulet around his neck and shouted to himself, " The Amulet of Nagul! "


" Damn it! " Shouted Gannon. He had just witnessed the death of his trusted servant Ogden. Curse him that he tried to steal some of my treasures. Gannon felt proud of the fact that the vault had been so closely protected. But curse that fact that he could not bring that stone back. If he had that stone he could gravely weaken the seal put over the sacred realm. If he played the Song of Time in front of it, the door of time would open and someone could easily open a portal back to the light realm. He would have to find a new servant though. One of great power, of great stealth and wisdom. Ogden did not have any of these qualities though. Why had Gannon chosen him to be his soul bearer? His loyal servants carried some of his spirit, just enough to fill them with corruption and evil. It had worked well on the weak minded Ogden. Gannon decided he would have to find a new servant.


" Link! Link! Wake up! Snap out of it my boy! " Someone shouted. Link opened his eyes, his sight was very blurry and he felt delusional. He could only make out a man with a white beard looking over him. The man was shaking him, trying to get him awake.

" He-hello? " Link managed to say. Coughing a bit his sight started to return and he attempted to get up. A sudden weakness went through him and he collapsed no sooner than he had got up.

" Good my boy! You're alive! Don't get up though, you are too weak. You are very lucky we found you Link. When the storm died down and the messengers returned, one of them found you and Zelda collapsed on the ground. Blood was coming from your mouth. " Spoke the man.

" I-I feel dazed. I do not know what happened. I was carrying Zelda one moment then-Wait! Where is Zelda? Is she ok? I need to see if she is ok! " Link shouted.

" Relax Link. We found her as well. She is already awake. She did not have any of the symptoms you had. I will call her down if you wish. " Said the man.

Link opened his eyes and suddenly realized who the man was. The King of Hyrule, The man who had raised Link through most of his life. " Thank you milord. I do not want to bother Zelda. " Link replied feeling a little better.

" As you wish my boy. Well you must sleep now. You are very weak and need rest. " Said the King.

Link didn't even reply, Just rolled over and feel fast asleep.

Link stood in front of old Hyrule Castle. It was nighttime and raining. The drawbridge was up and the torches on beside it were aflame. Suddenly the drawbridge opened and Link could hear a horse galloping. A white stallion with two riders galloped past him. One was masked and Link could not tell who it was, but he could surely make out the other: Princess Zelda of Hyrule. He turned to see the horse gallop into the distance and did not notice the other black stallion come up from behind him. A man in his mid twenties, red hair and black armor stood behind him. He raised his hand and a beam of energy appeared.

Link awoke sweating. Breathing hard he recalled the dream. He had the very dream about twenty years before. You don't forget a dream like that. Link wondered if this meant anything. Had Gannon returned, In the form of Ganondorf? He had the entire triforce! He could destroy the world. He then realized that he shouldn't jump to conclusions. Yet had this dream meant anything? Only time would tell.


Gannon leaned back in his throne and admired the triforce. As powerful as it may be, it is next to nothing in the golden land. Over the past decade it had given Gannon little power. He had only his natural magic talents. He had found his new servant, but he was very strong-minded and it would take a great amount of power to corrupt his mind. He was one of evil though; the symbol he bears on his cloak represents darkness. And best of all, he had the Amulet of Nagul. Zelda and Link had the dagger, but with both found, the opportunity to join the two was there. Agnahim the wizard was a muscular man around his early twenties. He had a natural gift for magic and was very strong in it. Agnahim could withstand great heat and hold his breath for large amount of times. His natural gift for magic however, was very rare. Agnahim knew the magic of blue fire. This was one of the rarest kinds of magic in the world. Even Gannon himself did not fully understand the properties of it. This Agnahim was very powerful indeed. If Gannon took control of him, Link would die at ease.


Agnahim stood outside the Death Mountain crater. He was looking over the edge towards the world below him. Agnahim wondered where this Ogden man was. It was one of the reasons he had come to Hyrule. Agnahim began to rub his temples. He was having a terrible migraine. His mind became clouded then a demon appeared. He was very startled and started walking around.

" You will be my anchor to this world Agnahim. You will follow my orders and be my loyal servant. Soon you shall feel evil and corrupted, and then you will want to obey the King of Evil, Gannon! " Spoke the voice inside Agnahim's mind.

" Yes master…." Spoke Agnahim. Agnahim had no expression in his voice; he was like a zombie.

" Agnahim, I want you to start a new religion and gather men, women and children. They will be my troops and then we shall invade Hyrule. "

" Yes master…I shall do your bidding. " Replied Agnahim. He suddenly snapped out of the trance and begun to speak normally again. Still under Gannon's power he left for the capital of Hyrule: Saria.

" Come to the town hall men! A man by the name of Agnahim is declaring a religion of peace! One where the leader is one of us! Not like the upper class Din, Faore and Nayru!"

Shouted a man.

" How dare you betray the creators of this land! " Shouted another man closely following the crowd towards the town hall.

The crowd soon reached town hall and sat down. Agnahim stepped up and started to speak, " My fellow men, You may have heard of my plans to revive the true religion of Hyrule. The religion of the mana! Din, Faore and Nayru were not the true creators of Hyrule! They were simply more powerful and destroyed Haagen, The mana lord! Come with me and we shall restore peace and order to Hyrule! The symbol of power the goddesses created; the triforce has corrupted us with hatred and greed. Come to the religion of mana and we shall destroy the triforce. In doing this we shall rob Hyrule of all greed! " Shouted Agnahim.

" Who is this mana lord? " Shouted one of the men.

" The mana lord, Haagen was destroyed by the goddesses. Through many generations the descendants of the mana lord were destroyed. One though is strong enough and has the power to bring peace. Gannon is our leader! Henchmen of the goddesses trapped Gannon in the golden land, never to be released. We must rescue Gannon and bring order to Hyrule! " Shouted Agnahim as several cheers were heard from the crowd. Agnahim smiled as his accomplishment. Soon his lord, Gannon would be free. But little did these villagers know Gannon would kill them all.

" Let us go to the Temple of Time and free our leader! " Agnahim shouted. The crowd followed Agnahim to the temple.


48 days, 17 years AIW: Finally I feel that I shall once again reign in the realm of mankind. My loyal servant Agnahim has found several followers willing to release me. He fooled them using a religion of Mana! Ha! Any intelligent Hylian should know that Mana was wiped out on another world during a great war. The Mana Fortress War it was called. Ah…I can remember it know. My mortal father was telling me the story of the battle between the Mana Civilization against the Mana Beast and the ground dwellers. The Mana Civilization was constructing a giant fortress called The Mana Fortress. A great hero raised in the light of Mana and the ways of the light struck a cowardly and traitorously blow aided by the Mana Beast. The result: The fortress being shut down and buried beneath a sunken continent only to be risen when Mana would grow strong again. Agnahim even claimed me as the Lord of Mana! These mortals are truly idiots. A servant of the gods assassinated the Lord of Mana! No, not the gods of Hyrule who were believed to have created the entire universe. These were different gods. More powerful gods. From the same nebula as Din, Faore and Nayru, but older, wiser and more powerful.

Enough about this Mana business! I shall soon be free of this realm! I will once again dwell in the realm of mankind! Soon…As soon as I get out, Link will die. Then Zelda, then the sages and then the wise men! Then I will rule all of Hyrule! And finally with the power of the triforce, I shall conquer all of Demari! But wait…I best not count my cuccos before they hatch. When Link was but seventeen years old, he destroyed my mortal form even though I had the triforce of power. Then ten years ago, when he was around twenty-five, against all odds he defeated me. I best prepare this. In fact…why risk my own life when I can risk someone else's? I shall make hundreds, thousands, millions, billions of troops and send them upon North Castle. They will collapse with ease. Soon…

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