The Coming of War

by Dustin Bell

Chapter 2

About fifty men or so stood in front of the Door of Time. The man that seemed to be the leader was holding a blue stone. The stone began to glow green and then disappeared. Then the door opened. A blue light surrounded the platform where the pedestal of time was held. The shadow of a giant beast appeared. The men started to cheer and then the creature could be seen. A huge beast about thirty feet tall, teeth the size of jagged rocks, claws as big as houses, horns coming from the beast's head and in it's hand, the legendary triforce. The beast…was Gannon.

Zelda awoke sweating. She feared the dream was a prophecy. If it were, that would mean that Gannon would soon return. She wondered how Link was doing. She hadn't seen him for three days. She got up from her bed, got dressed and went downstairs to see Link.

" Father, Is Link feeling better yet? " Asked Zelda.

" Yes, In fact he was practicing with his sword just last night. Do you wish to see him? " Asked the King.

" That is great that his strength is returning. Yes I do wish to talk with him. We haven't spoken since the night at the tavern. " Replied Zelda.

" Well I didn't want him in his own room, so I put him in guest room reserved for foreign royalty. " Said the King.

" I shall go see him now then father. " Replied Zelda.

She began to walk down the hall towards the guest bedrooms. In worry, she began to run. She needed to talk to Link as soon as possible. She soon reached Link's room. She knocked on the door and walked in.

" Good morning princess. " Said Link cheerfully.

" Link…" Said Zelda very seriously. " I had a dream, possibly a prophecy. There were a group of men in the Temple of Time. The leader was holding a blue stone. It began to glow then the Door of Time opened. Gannon then appeared. He was a giant beast. He had grown about twenty feet taller than he was ten years ago. " Continued Zelda.

" Zelda! How do you think Gannon would break free? " Asked Link.

" I do not know Link. But you know my prophecies…they usually turn out right. " Said Zelda.

" Yes I agree. I am going to go to the Temple of Time to investigate the seal. It shouldn't take more than two days to get there and back. "

" I'm coming with you. " Added Zelda.

" No! It is too dangerous. I will go myself. " Said Link.

" Link…you're not the hero you were ten years ago. You are growing older and weaker. You need someone to accompany you. " Replied Zelda.

" I am not growing weaker. I may be thirty years old, but I can still take care of myself and kick Gannon's ass if he were to ever return. " Said Link.

" You might have ten years ago Link. When Gannon did not have the triforce and you were stronger and faster. " Replied Zelda.

" True that Gannon is more powerful, no offense but what could you do anyway? " Asked Link coldly.

" Link! I am the legendary seventh sage! I can call the sages at any time. My power with magic is far more superior to yours with the sword! " Shouted Zelda.

" Ok…you can come. Magic will come in handy if Gannon were to be released. " Replied Link.

The next morning Zelda was to meet Link at the castle gates. Link did not show up…


" Agnahim! Agnahim! " Shouted Gannon.

" Yes milord? " Replied Agnahim.

" The Hero of Time and the seventh sage have learned off your plans! You are virtually unprepared for the rebirth ceremony! You will need a few objects…" Shouted Gannon.

" What are they milord? I shall get them as soon as possible. " Asked Agnahim.

" First you need a special stone. It is within the Spirit Temple in the haunted wasteland. It has the same design as the Door of Time on it. You must retrieve it! Without it I cannot be reborn. "

" Yes milord I shall hurry as fast as I can…" Replied Agnahim. Because of his knowledge of magic, Agnahim knew most of the songs that would transport you to a certain place in Hyrule. Agnahim played the Requiem of Spirit and was transported to the Spirit Temple.

Running into the temple, Agnahim ran up the first set of stairs. The platform that led to the next floor of the temple cam down and Agnahim jumped onto it. Running through the corridors he came to the sand goddess room. He ran towards the staircase that led up to Iron Knuckle's throne room. He ran through the throne room, through the next corridor into the sacrificing chamber. Agnahim almost knew his way through the temple by heart.

He assumed he gained a great deal of knowledge when inherited the essence of Gannon's soul. Crawling up onto the main stage of the chamber, he ran down into the secret vault. Sensing danger, he walked very slowly. He placed his foot on the ground and zoom! A spear went flying right past Agnahim's face. He continued to walk. Agnahim watched carefully at the two statues of twin Dodongos. Taking one last step, the Dodongo's mouth opened and out came fire. Jumping over the flames, Agnahim made it to the stone table with several riches scattered about. On the floor he noticed a skeleton. In one hand, the stone Agnahim needed, In the other hand, a golden rupee. Agnahim's smile turned to a worried frown. But then he remembered his quest. He pulled out his ocarina and played the Prelude of Light.


" This does not bold well milord. " Said the doctor.

" What is his condition doctor Grizwold? " Asked the King.

" Well, several days ago he seemed fine, working his way back to good health. But in the past few days, his condition has worsened. He has begun coughing blood and having convulsions. I don't know the disease he has, but the symptoms lead to a fatal disease known as Chongamerphobia. The only cure is an elixir made from very rare and unique ingredients. One of them can only be found in the golden land. " Replied Grizwold.

" But isn't that where Gannon is sealed? " Asked the King.

" Yes it is milord…" Said Grizwold under his breath.

" Then we have two choices. One: Let Link die and live as cowards for the rest of our lives. And two: Voyage to the golden land possibly releasing Gannon. " Said the King.

" If we choose to go to the golden land sire…I suggest we send Zorim. He is a mighty warrior and with the master sword…he may very well be able to defend himself against whatever Gannon has been creating in that realm. " Said Grizwold.

" Then let it be. Please go and summon Zorim to my chamber. " Ordered the King.

" Yes milord…"


" My people! " Shouted Agnahim. " We may put our lord in danger if we let him into this realm! I suggest we all go into the realm and meet the lord himself! Now let us venture into the golden land! " Agnahim shouted. Several cheers were heard from the crowd as Agnahim held the stone that would open the Door of Time over his head.

" Agent! Mais! Carnock! Milime! " Shouted Agnahim. The stone started to glow and the door opened. One by one the townsfolk began voyaging to the golden land.


It is too late Zelda. The seal over the Door of Time has been broken. Agnahim's followers are venturing into the golden land. I can see them now, they are becoming deformed. Some mutating into half dog, half-human hybrids, Others are becoming wolf like creatures, Some becoming stalfos. Gannon is changing them to his liking with the power of the triforce. We must fear the worst. The triforce is very powerful now. Very soon will he be able to break the seal over the golden land and come into the realm of man. You must act while there is still time Zelda. I, Mido cannot last long in this realm as your spy. Soon I must return via the Temple of Light. Gannon will launch thousands of minions Zelda. I pray to the gods that the Hylian army shall be able to hold them off…If you are going to send someone to the golden land…do it now…

Zelda then closed her mind from the telepathic communication with Kaepora. Her father had told her of Link's condition and the elixir needed to heal him. All the ingredients were found excluding the one that could only be found in the golden land. She than decided what was to be. Zorim would venture to the golden land, find the ingredient and travel back.


" Link…" Said Zelda as she began to sob. " Link…you might die…but we're trying all we can to prevent that…we're almost done with the medicine to heal you but…we need something from the sacred realm…You will get better Link…than we will stop Gannon from ever getting loose…" Said Zelda as she suddenly felt a bit better.

Zelda looked at Link than walked out of the room.


" Zorim! " Shouted the King with pride. " You shall venture to the golden land to look for the missing ingredient for the elixir. If you accomplish this, you shall be a hero and will be rewarded with anything within my power. Now Grizwold, show our brave knight what he is looking for! " Commanded the King.

" Very well milord. Zorim, you will be looking for a black mushroom about three inches in diameter. You will be transported to an area where the mushroom grows. Getting there is one thing but…getting out is another. We've decided to open up a portal back to this realm. It will be very well hidden though. We have had a spy in the golden land for quite some time now and he has been surveying which areas Gannon has claimed, and left alone. We have found the perfect spot to hide the portal. Once you have found the mushroom, head southeast. You will come to a forest. Make your way through the forest and you will come before a clearing. There are several bushes, turn to northwest and look in that bush. That is where to portal is held. " Said Grizwold.

" Zorim, we will provide you with six bottles of red potion, a bottle of green potion, a map, a compass, a weeks supply of food and water and the legendary Pegasus Boots. With the boots you will be able to run at great speeds. If your trip goes as planned it will take three days tops and at least one and half days long. Good luck! " Shouted the King.

Zorim was mostly silent. Just nodding through the entire speeches. Looking bug eyed and rarely blinking. It was very probably that he was scared out of his wits about this journey.

He did however look very proud, full of pride. Serving his country out of the goodness of his heart. A very dangerous task was at hand, he was proud that he was the one chosen for it. Zelda looked at him and read his thoughts telepathically. She knew it was rude but she couldn't resist.

Why did they have to choose me? I know I want to serve my country, but this is a very dangerous mission. Armed with only my sword and my wits. But if I succeed…I would be rich! I would never again have to work, the King did promise me anything within his power. I am sure he would not give up his position as King to me however. Or even make me a prince. Hey…Princess Zelda is pretty hot…

Zelda caught Zorim looking at her and shot him a dirty look. Zorim turned away and listened to the King. She continued to read his mind.

Well, just maybe the King might let me marry Zelda…then I could become Prince and eventually King of Hyrule. Wait! I am being greedy! I am doing this for my country, not for riches. I am doing this to save one's life and possibly a kingdom. I am not doing this for riches or marriage.

Zelda than looked at him and smiled. The King finished his speech and Zorim raised his sword and shouted, " To the golden land! "


The next few days were just preparing Zorim for his journey. The King took the honor of knighting Zorim for his bravery and fealty to his country. Link's condition had worsened however. He was now lying on his deathbed. Having trouble breathing, continuously coughing up blood and having convulsions on a regular basis. If they could not finish the elixir in time, Hyrule's greatest hero, Link, would die.


" Ha! Ha! Ha! Right into my trap mortals! Now be transformed into my minions by the power of the triforce! " Shouted Gannon. The townsfolk began to change into hideous beings. Some transformed into half dog, half-human hybrids. Gannon named these creatures Moblins. Others were transformed into little green and purple blobs of goo. Gannon named these bits and bots. Some were transformed into stalfos warriors. Some were transformed into huge warriors. But all were hideously ugly. After all of them transformed, they began to multiply. Soon, after about two hours after the two dozen townsfolk originally sat foot in the golden land, about three millions minions stood before Gannon.

" Now my loyal troops! Go back to the realm of mankind and begin causing chaos! Terrorize men, women and children, pillage villages and towns. And most of all, when you leave an area, in crest the symbol of the triforce in blood on a building or the ground! The triforce is far from good in my hands! My wish to conquer Demari shall soon be granted! Now go! " Shouted Gannon. The minions cheered as they were transported to the realm of mankind.


" What the? " Said one of the surveyors of North Castle as he looked out one of the castle windows. " Look at that men! It appears to be a portal of some sort. It is simply beautiful. It is blue with clouds of green, white and purple surrounding it. It just appeared out of nowhere! " Spoke the surveyor.

" Go get the King surveyor Besial! Tell him of this great portal! " Shouted the chief surveyor.

" At once sir! " Shouted Besial.


" Milord! " Said Besial as he bowed before the King. " Milord, the surveyors have found a magnificent portal just outside the castle. About a mile west of the moat. You must come see it milord! " Said Besial.

" Very well. Will you please accompany me to where the portal is? " Asked the King.

" Of course sire. Come this way. " Answered Besial.


" Sire, this portal is like nothing we've ever seen before. We do not want to risk anyone going through it because we do not know where it leads. We wish to conduct some experiments on it. " Said the chief surveyor to the King with a professional attitude.

" Yes, I would like you to find out every thing you can about this portal. The main priority, find out where it leads and what caused it. Now, I must attend to matters of the kingdom. The lord of Catalia wishes to make our kingdoms allies. " Said the King. He got onto his horse and began riding back to the castle.


" Ok! I want the rope tied as tight as you can. Now Hinor, you will be thrown into the portal with the rope around you. If there is something dangerous pull the rope once and we'll pull you out of the portal. Pull twice if you just feel like coming back after a while. Now art thou prepared? " Asked the chief surveyor.

" Yes sir. " Answered Hinor.

" Ok then, prepare to be cast into the portal. " Said the chief. Hinor nodded.

They threw Hinor into the portal.


" It has been too long sir. " Said one of the surveyors.

" Well he hasn't tugged on the cord yet. But I agree it has been too long. Pull him in men!" Shouted the chief.

All the men began to pull and soon enough out came Hinor. Although Hinor was not like he was before he went in. Decayed and decapitated. Limbs bloody and eyes closed. He was massacred in that place in which the portal went to.

" Look! Look on his chest! Is that not the legendary triforce? " Asked one of the surveyors.

Sure enough, engraved in his chest was the triforce.

" This is awful. We must show the Princess. Who ever did this is obsessed with evil…and the triforce…I believe this may be the work of the Evil King of Darkness, Gannon.


57 days, 17 years AIW: A portal has opened up near the castle. A surveyor was sent in and came out massacred, with the symbol of the triforce engraved into his chest. This could only be the work of our long time enemy, Gannon. He's too smart to come out on his own, so he has created troops to carry out his dirty work. I fear the worst.

Zorim left about two hours ago for the golden land. He left via the Temple of Time. I took a big part in the ceremony, as I am the only one who can not only open the Door of Time, but also lift the Master Sword from its pedestal. I pray to the gods that he can find the mushroom we need for Link's elixir.

Link, Link, Link. He is dying. Coughing up blood, having several convulsions a day and having trouble breathing. He is even beginning to have more symptoms, he has been running a very high fever lately, and starting to sweat uncontrollably. It is so sad that about two or three weeks ago he was recovering. Now, he is slowly moving towards his death. I am afraid that the odds are against us on this one.

We are in a very tight spot at the moment. For some reason, I can not reach nor contact the sages. I have no idea where they are, perhaps the wise men would know. Gannon is on the verge of breaking free and Link is dying. I fear nothing could get worse at the moment, but being me, I'm sure they will.

I wonder if my ancestors had to deal with any of this. I mean for nearly my entire life I have been battling a very powerful and immortal enemy. He found the legendary triforce when I was around nine years old. Ganondorf was a very stupid man in my opinion. But he had people skills and was very tricky. The triforce had been hidden for about five hundred Hylian generations and then Ganondorf found it by a coincidence. And worst of all, I had caused it. I practically caused all of Hyrule's undoing. I was so young though, I could not comprehend the consequences of opening a gate to the sacred realm. But I started this, and I will finish this. My children and grandchildren will not have to deal with this wretched beast. I shall die before I let him live.



" Princess Zelda! " Shouted a messenger as he barged into her room.

" This better be important! " Replied Zelda coldly.

" The portal! It is a gateway to the golden land! Thousands of monsters are coming out of the portal and attacking! They speak of a man named Gannon and the legendary triforce!"

Shouted the messenger.

" Then it is true, Gannon can come back to this realm and time he wishes. We must prepare for war. " Said Zelda. She stared out of her window and saw the troops slaughtering men…

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