The Coming of War

by Dustin Bell

Chapter 3

" Call out the Hylian army! I want archers in the back line while the swordsmen take out what they can! " Shouted the King.

" Sir! I am Hyrule's most experienced general. I was a general in the original battle with Ganondorf twenty years ago. I was also a general in the seven years war against Dalsonia thirty years ago! I request permission to be the leader of a large squad of men! " Shouted the man.

" Permission granted General Rikien! Serve us well! " Shouted the King as he saluted Rikien.


" All right men! Gannon has quieted his forces for the time being! You are fighting well but not to the best of your ability! Fight with one hundred and ten percent! Remember to block than blow! Don't attack first! We want to preserve as many soldiers as possible. Soon enough we will be calling in villagers to fight. I have sent messengers to the Zora, Gerudo, Sheikah, Kokiri and Goron races to help us fight in the battle. Dalsonia and Catalia are already sending reinforcements to help us in this war! Sosaria and Lemmink will not be helping us in this battle. Pray they change their minds. " Said General Rikien.

" Sir! I have heard reports that Gannon's forces are beating us in casualties and territory! I would like to know if this is true! " Asked on of the soldiers.

" Yes, I am afraid this is true…Gannon's forces are beating us…That is why we must fight better. " Said the General.


59 days, 17 years AIW: My first journal entry since I arrived in this realm. I am surprised that the realm is relevantly deserted. I have killed maybe five of Gannon's minions since I arrived. Maybe, just maybe, Gannon has sent his minions to the realm of mankind to attempt a take over. No! I cannot even think about that! As soon as I get back to the realm of mankind, I will present the mushroom, which I have already found to the King and finish the elixir needed to heal Link.

Well, I am on my way to find the portal back home. Something terrible has happened though. When I was heading southeast towards the forest, I had a battle with one of Gannon's beasts. While coming out victorious, my compass was damaged and always points North. I just pray I am heading in the right direction.

Now the meals they provided me! Delicious! The most delicious meals I have ever tasted! Salisbury steak, meatloaf, caribou and most of all the Octorock! I never though an Octorock could be so delicious! So sweet and tasty. It reminds me of the special herbal blend my mother used to use on fish when I was a child.


Oh my! My mother! I haven't spoken to her for years. I never told her that I was even coming here. I must go see her after I return. That is…if I return. What am I thinking? Of course I am going to return. The King would not choose me if I could not fulfill the task. Or would he? What the hell is going through my mind? Why am I thinking such things? It must be that I am feeling tired. Perhaps after a short rest I will feel better.

Sir Zorim of Hyrule


" Sire…" Said Gannon's right hand man.

" Yes Deckard? " Asked Gannon.

" There is a man here to see you. A mortal, he claims to be General Rikien of the Hylian army. He proposes a truce and that his squad of swordsmen and archers join your forces on one account. " Replied Deckard.

" Don't bore me with details, send him in! " Commanded Gannon.

" At once milord…" Replied Deckard as he left Gannon's chamber. A minute later a loud voice could be heard in the hallway.

" It is about time! " Shouted Rikien.

" Ah General Rikien! What is this about you wanting to join my forces? Wanting a fair share of the power of the triforce? " Asked Gannon.

" Hardly Gannon! Such power is tempting, but revenge is even more tempting to me! The King of Hyrule doublecrossed me and had my family executed for treason. I tricked the King into promoting me to general of a rather large group of troops. All of them are interested in fighting in your army. " Proposed Rikien.

" I shall take your offer into consideration, I shall think about the situati-" Said Gannon as he was suddenly cut off by Rikien.

"Gannon! I need an answer now. Tomorrow the Hylian army is preparing a major assault on your main base in the realm of mankind. I understand that most of your stalfos army is held there. The Hylian army has developed an explosive so powerful; it could blow up the entire base. They call it the eh bomb. If you let my force and I join your army, I will steal the eh bomb and present it to you. " Proposed Rikien.

" Fair enough. Your proposal would be a great aid to my forces. But what is in it for you Rikien? " Asked Gannon.

" As I said before Gannon, oh so sweet revenge on Hyrule, they executed my family for treason without a fair trial. I ask only two things. " Replied Rikien.

" And what are those General? " Asked Gannon.

" First of all: I want to be leader of my troops and several of yours. Second: I want to be the one to kill the King and his daughter Zelda. " Said Rikien.

" I can grant you two of those with one exception. You can kill the King, but I will kill Zelda. " Replied Gannon.

" Ok…then we have a deal? " Asked Rikien.

" We have a deal…General. " Replied Gannon. The two shook hand as Rikien smiled coldly.

" Now that we are at a truce, we can help each other out. I would like to call in the first favor. Can you provide a portal back to the realm of mankind for me? " Asked Rikien.

" Very well, but you must do your best to grant my favors as well. " Said Gannon.

" Acumen! Charier! Tuca! Open a portal back to the realm of mankind! " Shouted Gannon. A portal opened before Rikien. Rikien smiled at Gannon and jumped into the portal.


" Captain Quinn! Who's force is going to be in control of the eh bomb and attacking of Gannon's main base in this realm? " Asked the King.

" General Rikien has been asking for the honor to bomb Gannon's base sir! " Replied Captain Quinn.

" General Rikien has his hands full already. He is our second line of offense. Who else do you think is up to the job? " Asked the King.

" General Bell's squad would do well! He is our third line of defense and has just enough men to take the bomb, plant it and hold any of Gannon's troops off until the job is done. In my opinion he would be perfect. " Replied Captain Quinn.

" Very well. Summon General Bell as soon as possible. Make sure he puts someone else in charge before he leaves though. We don't want leaderless squad. " Commanded the King.

" At once sire! " Shouted Captain Quinn as he saluted the King.

The King went over to his study and began writing in his journal.



62 days, 17 years AIW: Well this war is going terrible. Gannon is driving us back and the only thing we have against him is the experimental eh bomb. We have not tested it and cannot test it because the blue prints we burned in one of Gannon's raids on the castle. I only hope that it is successful. Wiping out Gannon's main base in Hyrule would tip the scales greatly in our favour.

But what of Gannon? What are we going to do? His forces are never going to let down, he has millions of minions at his command. The Hylian army has maybe…four thousand troops from around the kingdom. Well hopefully Catalia and Dalsonia will send plenty of troops to aid us. But even though I am only governing the Hylians in Hyrule, I feel so bad that the Kokiri are nearly wiped out because of this war. The Gerudo have been a great aid in offense, I cannot begin to thank them. The Gorons! Great defense I must say! The Zoras are great at sneak attacks. But…the Sheikah have not yet to be seen. Perhaps they are afraid of being totally wiped out. Calling in the other races was an outstanding idea.

How are we going to get rid of Gannon though? Zelda says she cannot contact the other sages. So at the moment, we can not seal Gannon in the golden land. Besides, we must wait for Zorim to return from the golden land. The only way I see it is to keep fighting Gannon until we devise a plan.

King Leon of Hyrule


" General Bell! " Shouted Captain Quinn as he saluted the general.

" Yes captain? " Replied General Bell.

" The King has summoned you to his castle at once. He requests you put someone else in charge before you leave. " Said Captain Quinn.

" Very well captain! Lieutenant Borysiak! " Shouted the general turning to one of his men. " Lieutenant, you are now in charge! Until I return you are General Borysiak! " Commanded General Bell.

" Let us go now Captain Quinn! " Commanded the general.

" Very well General! " Replied the captain. The two walked away from the camp where Bell's squad was held.

" Now what is so important that the King has to call me out from my battle Captain Quinn? " Asked General Bell.

" You know of the experimental eh bomb? " Asked the captain. General Bell nodded in agreement. " Well I'll be brief, I don't want to bore you with details. The King has chosen you and your squad to perform the attack of Gannon's main base. Your squad will be taking to eh bomb and planting it near Gannon's base. This is a great honor General Bell. " Explained Captain Quinn.

" Excellent! My men have not had much action since the first and second lines have been holding back Gannon's forces fairly well. I would be honored to lead the attack. My men and I are very capable of performing the task. " Replied the general.

" Great, the King will be pleased to hear this. " Said Captain Quinn as they walked over the drawbridge into the castle.


" Ah! General Bell, I see you decided to join us! " Said the King.

" Please don't mention anything I told you general. " Whispered Captain Quinn to General Bell.

" Yes I did milord. I am just wondering what could be so important that it would take me away from my work. Something to do with me kicking Gannon's ass hopefully! " Said General Bell cheerfully.

" Then you will be pleased with this task indeed. You know of the newly completed eh bomb General Bell? " Asked the King.

" Ah yes milord. I have heard rumors that there is only one and it can not be tested. The squad who has control of this bomb has the honor of bombing Gannon's main base in this realm. " Replied the general.

" You have your facts strait General Bell. " Said the King.

" Thank you sire. " Replied the general.

" Well enough about this. General Rikien has been asking about the opportunity to take the bomb and blow Gannon's base to smithereens, but I have chosen you instead. "

" Thank you very much sire! " Thanked General Bell.

" Yes. Well anyway, for the details. I will provide you with the main plan. No changing the plan entirely, but you can alter some parts to your liking. You will organize your men to different parts and be prepared to fight. The base is at 92 degrees north longitude, 78 degrees west latitude on the map. I have prepared several crossbows for your men as they will need them to hold off the stalfos while you plant the eh bomb. " Explained the King.

" Your decision is a wise one sir. I will serve you well. May I just have the plans so I can start preparing now? " Asked General Bell.

" Yes, in fact I was just going to give them to you. Remember do not change the plans entirely, you may only alter them slightly. " Warned the King.

" I understand milord! Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to my squad. " Finished General Bell.

" Very well general! " Said the King. The two saluted each other.


" There it is! The portal home! May Link still be alive! " Shouted Zorim. Just then three stalfos appeared before the portal.

" Gannon sent us to make sure Link doesn't get that mushroom Sir Zorim! " Shouted a stalfos.

" The only way you'll get this mushroom is taking it from my dead body, maggot! " Replied Zorim angrily.

Zorim pulled out his sword. The three stalfos knights did the same. " Engarde! " Shouted Zorim. A stalfos stepped forwards and Zorim dove for it. Falling short, he quickly got up.

Taking another dive with his sword, he nailed a stalfos in the chest. Swinging his sword with the stalfos on it, he crashed it against the ground smashing the skeleton knight to pieces. " Who is next? " Asked Zorim with a smile on his lips. The two stalfos looked at each other and ran away.

" Cowards, " Said Zorim under his breath. He then jumped into the portal.


" Finally some good news around here! " Shouted the King.

" Yes sire. I was told of his arrival about ten minutes ago. He has the mushroom we need for the elixir. " Said the messenger.

" Well we want to honor him as soon as possible, but we need to finish the elixir first! " Replied the King.


" Sir Zorim of Hyrule! " Called the messenger.

" Yes sir? " Asked Zorim.

" Link's room is this way! Follow me! We need to finish the elixir. Link is near death. I'm sorry we can not honor you now…but Link is in need of help! " Shouted the messenger as he was running through the hall towards Link's room. About fifteen seconds later they reached the door to Link's room.

" We have the last ingredient! " Shouted Zorim.

" Here! Here! I need it now! " Shouted the doctor. The doctor mixed the mushroom with the other ingredients. " Pray that this works! " Said the doctor. " Will someone open his mouth? " Asked the doctor. Zorim ran over to Link and pulled his chin down.

" Here! " Shouted Zorim. The doctor dumped the elixir into Link's mouth.

" Now. This will prevent him from getting any more ill anymore and should begin to heal him within six hours or so. We should let him rest. " Said the doctor.


" We are here to honor Sir Zorim of Hyrule! " Said the King, his voice echoing through the castle chapel. " Sir Zorim, bravely voyaged to the golden land, home of our foe Gannon and risked his life to save another's. Sir Zorim found the missing ingredient for an elixir needed to heal the Hero of Time! He then traveled through the golden land to find a way home. Sir Zorim! I will grant you anything within my power! " Shouted the King.

" Your majesty, I wish only one thing. My mother lives in a shack in the swamp. I wish for you to provide a house fit for her and myself in Saria. She is a very kind woman and deserves a better life. " Asked Zorim.

" Your wish is an honorable one Sir Zorim. We shall provide this house for your mother.

Now break out the ale! We have to celebrate in honor of Sir Zorim! " Shouted the King.

A few men began to bring in barrels of ale and everyone got glasses.

After about an hour of celebrating, Zelda went up to the King. " Father, I am going up to see how Link is doing. " Said Zelda.

" Ser Zelda, you can zo whatever you vant. " Replied the King. He was obviously drunk, his speech was slurred and he was having trouble standing strait.

Zelda rolled her eyes and walked up to Link's room.


" Link! Its Zelda. Can I come in? " Asked Zelda.

" Come in Zelda. " Replied Link.

" So how are you doing? Feeling better? " Asked Zelda.

" Much better. Give me deepest thanks to Sir Zorim if you see him. So why'd you come up anyway? I thought everyone was downstairs celebrating. " Asked Link.

" Well everyone was just drinking ale and getting drunk. I couldn't stand all the rowdiness so I came up here. But don't think I just came up here because I didn't want to be downstairs. I wanted to see how you were doing anyway. " Replied Zelda.

" Oh it is ok. I don't mind. Well I haven't heard much from anyone, but from what I've pieced together Gannon has broken the seal on the golden land, declared war on Hyrule and we are basically loosing the war. " Said Link.

" Yes, I'm afraid we are at war and loosing. And even worse, we cannot find the sages. We hope to seal Gannon in the golden land then defeat the rest of his troops. You see Gannon has very little troops in this realm alone. He has maybe four smaller bases and one main base. We are planning to bomb the main base soon with a new explosive we have developed known as the eh bomb. " Explained Zelda.

" Well as soon as I get better, I'll be on the front line of beating Gannon's force's ass.

Well about trapping Gannon in the golden land by using the sages power, what about the wise men's power? They are past sages and probably know how to seal Gannon in the realm. They did it once before. " Said Link.

" Link you're a genius! I don't know why I didn't think of the wise men! You've saved Hyrule again! " Shouted Zelda excitably.


" General Rikien! I've told you time and time again, you're not going to be in charge of this operation! " Shouted General Bell.

" For the last time General Bell, give me the eh bomb before I am forced to do something not nice! " Threatened General Rikien.

" General! You are acting very unprofessional! If you want to be in charge of project eh, you can go see the King! " Replied General Bell.

" Than you leave me no choice General. Hand over the bomb or die! " Threatened Rikien once again.

" Are you out of your mind General Rikien!? You're not going to be in charge of this operation! " Replied General Bell.

" I don't want to be in charge of the operation General! I just want the bomb! " Shouted Rikien.

" Well you're not going to get it! " Shouted Bell.

" If you won't get it for me, than tell me where it is! " Demanded Rikien.

" Never! I am suspecting you of treason and moving against Hyrule's army as well as government! Come with me to the courthouse General Rikien! " Demanded General Bell.

" You're accusing me of treason! Ha! Now tell me where the bomb is or face the consequences! " Threatened Rikien.

" Never! " Shouted General Bell. Rikien then held General Bell against the wall by the neck.

" Now tell me where it is General! " Demanded General Rikien.

" Its-" Started General Bell struggling for breath and having trouble talking. " In the- cough! -Main tent-cough! -In my base-" Struggled General Bell.

" Very good General Bell. " Said General Rikien as he released General Bell. " Now don't mention this to anyone General, or else! " Threatened Rikien. General Bell was grasping for breath watching General Rikien walking into the shadows towards his camp.

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