The Coming of War

by Dustin Bell

Chapter 4

" Gannon. This telepathic communicator is pretty unstable. Can you give me some tips on how to get a better picture? " Asked Rikien.

" Try adjusting the station 16 degrees west. " Suggested Gannon.

" There. Well the eh bomb is ours. I have to take all my men to the golden land now. I had to threaten General Bell to get the eh bomb and he will soon be reporting this to the King. Now you promise the realm will have no effect on my squad and I? " Asked Rikien.

" Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a sword in my eye. " Said Gannon.

" No childish pranks Gannon. You best not be over confidant or the Hylian army will defeat you. " Warned Rikien.

" I hardly think they are capable of defeating my forces Rikien, I mean you did just deliver five hundred troops to my army! And provided me with the eh bomb. I must say you have been a great aid so far. " Said Gannon.

" Thank you sire. But what of General Bell? " Asked Rikien.

" Well in a matter of time he'll tell the King of your threats and stealing the eh bomb. However I could make him ill so everyone would think he was just making up stories. "

Offered Gannon.

" Great idea sire. Then I could still turn on the rest of the forces during a battle. I have an idea. I will write up the plans for the attack on North Castle. I will then send a messenger to deliver them to you. I will need some time though. " Proposed Rikien.

" Very well. I want the plans in four days, no less. " Demanded Gannon.

" Agreed. They will be done in three. " Finished Rikien. He then shut off the communicator.

" Now to make some plans. " Said Rikien to himself as he sat down at his study table and began writing.


" Sire! Sire! " Yelled General Bell.

" Yes General Bell? " Asked the King.

" General Rikien just threatened me outside the castle. He demanded to know where the eh bomb was and nearly killed me. " Shouted General Bell.

" Why! This is treason! We must find this traitor and put him to trial! " Shouted the King.

" Yes sir. " Said General Bell suddenly starting to feel dizzy.

" What is wrong General? " Asked the King.

" Oh I'm just feeling a bit dizzy, that's all. " Replied General Bell.

" General! You are running a fever! Perhaps you are just hallucinating and dreamed your encounter with General Rikien. I want you to go up to your room and lie down. A servant will bring up a warm meal and a potion to help you feel better. " Ordered the King.

" Milord! " Protested General Bell.

" No arguing General Bell! I want my army fully rested and at full health! " Said the King.

" Very well. But I assure you! I did meet General Rikien near the castle! " Assured General Bell.

" Ok. I will go to General Rikien's tent to see if he is there. And if he is found innocent, I want a proper apology from you to both General Rikien and myself. " Offered the King.

" Thank you milord. " Said General Bell. General Bell then went to his room in the castle.


" General Rikien! " Shouted the King outside the general's tent. " General Rikien are you in there? " He shouted again. Waiting a few seconds he decided to step inside. " Now what is that? " The King asked himself looking at a rolled up piece of paper inside a half opened safe. " Well, I know it is not my place to invade other people's privacy. But under the circumstances…" Said the King trailing off. He than opened the piece of paper and began reading.


Gannon, these are the broad plans for the final assault on North Castle as you asked. They are not very detailed as I am sure your minions will be confused by them anyhow.

Remember the two exceptions. I will be the one to kill King Leon, you will kill Zelda. And I will be in charge of my squad, not you.

Plans for assault on North Castle: While I continue on the second line of offense, you organize a normal attack that is sure to fail. I want just enough for the first line of offense to be weakened. I request to be put into first line of offense while the original first line be put into third line. You quiet your forces for three hours exactly. In that time I will have delivered the eh bomb to your main base in the golden land! Remember the golden land! Not this realm. It is too dangerous to have it secured in this realm because the army may decide to assault the base and possibly destroy it.

You than lead a major attack on the defense and a minor on the offense. I will do my best to keep the force from being killed. While hopefully weakening the defense, you will send in the final assault on North Castle. It will consist of only and I repeat only Moblins and Stalfos. By that time the defense will have risen again and you will prepare long-range attacks on them. I want any force that can throw a spear, breath fire, fire an arrow or chuck an object to be in that force.

At that time, I will declare a state of emergency and everyone will retreat that is outside. You will then bomb the castle. These are just the broad plans for the main assault. I made them in maybe two days. Since you are the war veteran and not I, you will alter the plans to your liking. Send them back if they are all wrong and I will try a new tactic.

General Joseph Rikien

" My lord! " Shouted the King. " General Rikien is siding with Gannon! He also has the eh bomb! I must find this despicable traitor at once! " Shouted the King.

" I'm afraid that can not happen milord…" Said a cold voice from behind.

" Rikien! Is that you? " Demanded the King.

" I hardly think you are in the position to be asking such questions King Leon…" Replied the voice.

" Who are you? What do you want with me? " Asked the King becoming worried and frightened.

" Again…you are not in the position to be asking such questions…" Replied the voice.

" Now I see you read the plans…I guess you know of my traitorous ways…" Said the voice.

" General Rikien! Why! Why did you turn against our army to side with! With Gannon! " Shouted the King.

" Sheer revenge King Leon. Remember about thirty years ago, the first executing for treason in Hyrule? " Asked the voice.

" Yes! That family was leaking information to Dalsonia about our fighting tactics during the war! They deserved to be beheaded! " Shouted the King.

" Wrong Leon! That was my family and they were falsely accused! You were to one who ordered the executing! You must now die at the hands of I! I must avenge my family's death! " Said the man walking into the tent holding a dagger.

" You! You wouldn't dare Rikien! " Shouted the King.

" Ha! I am going to enjoy this! " Shouted Rikien.

" Not so fast traitor! " Shouted another voice.

" I recognize that voice…" Thought the King.

" What?! " Shouted Rikien sounding puzzled.

" Die! " Shouted an attacker coming from behind Link.

" Link! Look out! " Shouted the King.

The new figure turned around to come face to face with an attacker. Tearing off his cloak to reveal himself. " Ha! " Laughed Link. Charging the energy in his blade and releasing, he killed the attacker and knocked Rikien on his back.

" You'll never get me Hero of Time! " Shouted Rikien quickly getting up and running out of the tent.

" Get back here coward! " Shouted Link angrily starting to run after Rikien.

" Link! Wait! " Shouted the King. Link just heard him and turned back to the tent.

" Are you ok sire? " Asked Link quickly bowing towards the King.

" Yes, Link. I owe you my life for you saving mine. " Said the King.

" Think nothing of it milord, it is my sworn duty. " Assured Link.

" Well we best head back to the castle. " Said the King. Link nodded in agreement.


" Gannon! " Shouted Rikien.

" What? What are you doing in this realm? " Asked Gannon.

" Bad news. The King uncovered me as a traitor and Link is at perfect health. " Explained Rikien.

" Damn it! " Gannon cursed aloud. " Well, best not have your force in the realm of man while the King knows of your traitorous ways. Bring them here and we'll try and make accommodations. " Gannon offered.

" Very well. I made the plans for the assault, but they will far from work now. They highly involved my force and I fighting within the Hylian army. I can not think of any plans that will work at the moment. " Said Rikien.

" I do…Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! " Gannon laughed coldly.

" What? " Asked Rikien, his curiosity getting the better of him.

" Why, we have the eh bomb. Why not use it? " Asked Gannon not expecting an answer.

" Use it where Gannon? " Asked Rikien.

" Why use it to destroy a building, when we can just drop it on the camp? Then we will go in and attack the castle with troops! " Shouted Gannon.

" It is too risky Gannon, the eh bomb could be a dud. " Warned Rikien.

" Well what are we going to do General Rikien? How do you expect to get past the lines of defense? " Asked Gannon.

" You could always use a portal…but that would attract attention. " Offered Rikien.

" Good idea…but instead of having all my troops go through one portal…I open three distraction portals which will lead most of the defense to it. Then I open another portal and lead a few minions through it. Then I will open another portal and let the minions do the rest. " Said Gannon.

" Good plan, but you have to think of the side effects. Opening so many portals could cause a discharge and send your minions anywhere in the universe there is an open portal.

This would lead to the Hylian army coming through the portal and making an assault on you. " Warned Rikien.

" You're too paranoid General. I am brilliant and my plans will work. " Said Gannon.

" Suit yourself. " Finished Rikien. " I am going to get my troops and bring them here. I'll be back in an hour. Have accommodations ready for at least half of them by the time I get back. "


" So General Bell was right. General Rikien was a traitor. " Said the King.

" Well this isn't going to help us defeating Gannon. " Pointed out Zelda.

" Gannon's forces aren't going to deplete any time soon. I think we should start to make the seal this moment. " Argued Link.

" I agree, but do you really think our forces can hold Gannon's forces off for the time needed to make the seal? " Asked the King.

" Sure! I'm in the army! And besides, what else are we going to do? " Asked Link.

" Than it is agreed? " Asked Zelda. " Next time a portal opens, we seal it over and seal any others we find. Gannon can't make more than five portals at a time. It takes an average of six hours to make a rough seal over a portal. If we make a rough seal on all the portals then we go over the portals and reseal them time and time again. It should be enough to hold off Gannon for at least a century. It will not open on both sides. " Said Zelda.

" What about the Temple of Time? That is how he got out this time. " Pointed out Link.

" Even though it is our kingdom's only church to honor the sages and the gods, I fear the only way to avoid Gannon being released through it is…to destroy it. " Finished the King.

" Well, we'll have to move the Master Sword first. There is now way in Demari we are going to destroy it. " Said Link.

" Then let it be. Father, send messengers to all the village elders, let's finish this off for good. " Finished Zelda.


" The wise men are here father. All we have to do is wait for a portal to open…" Said Zelda.

" Ok, When one portal opens, I want two hundred archers and one hundred swordsmen guarding the wise men while they make the seal! I want the rest of the troops to head into groups of two hundred and watch for new portals. If minions start coming out and you can't hold them back, call for one! I repeat one other group to come help. If I see three groups fighting off Gannon's minions, Damn there will be trouble afterwards. " Commanded Commander Bell. General Bell had been promoted to commander after finding Rikien as a traitor and his extensive knowledge of war tactics.

" Ok! I want Link to be general of that group over there! " Shouted Commander Bell pointing to one of the newly made groups. " Sir Zorim! That group to the left! Captain Quinn! That group directly behind you! Milord! " Shouted the commander to the King,

" We are running out of generals, I would greatly appreciate it if you could be general of one of the groups. " Pleaded the commander.

" It would be my pleasure. " Answered the King.

" Great! Princess Zelda, do you know anything about war tactics? " Asked Commander Bell.

" I've studied the tactics of the war against Dalsonia and they seemed to work well. I've pretty much memorized some of them. " Said Zelda.

" Excellent! Those war tactics were great! Would you please be the general of that group over there? " Asked Commander Bell.

" Now, General Leon, General Link, General Zelda, General Zorim and General Quinn, you are the leaders of your groups, devise tactics and fight whenever you can. It is too dangerous to be called out by your real names; we will decide code names! My code name is duck.

" Mine will be Desert Storm! " Shouted the King.

" I am blue hound! " Said Zelda.

" I am Deku dreams! " Shouted Link.

" I am Q-Ball! " Shouted Quinn.

" I am golden boy! " Shouted Sir Zorim.

" Ok then! Desert Storm, Blue Hound, Deku Dreams, Q-Ball and Golden Boy! Remember your code names. Tell them to your groups and remember mine, Duck.

I want good war tactics and giving one hundred and ten percent when fighting. Good luck!

" Look! " Shouted one of the soldiers. " A portal! " He continued.

" Well, lets get to work! Archers; lock and load! Swordsmen; block than blow! "

Shouted the commander.

" We are beginning to seal! " Shouted one of the wise men. Energy bolts began to come out of the men's hands all joining and meeting at the portal.

" Be on the look out for any of Gannon's minions! " Shouted Commander Bell.


" What!? " Asked Gannon. " They're sealing the portal. They've got three hundred or so men guarding the portal! " Shouted Gannon.

" I told you your plans wouldn't be carried out so easily Gannon. " Said Rikien leaning back in Gannon's throne watching the battle through Gannon's crystal ball.

" Oh well, what does it matter? That is the distraction portal. " Said Gannon reassuring himself.

" Gannon. Remember, only five portals can be open at a time! Any more and they will cancel each other out, never to be opened again. Oh and also, they've got five groups of two hundred men guarding your other portal areas. " Pointed out Rikien.

" What!? This is not going as planned! " Shouted Gannon.


" We're halfway done the first rough seal Duck! " Shouted one of the wise men.

" Deku Dreams squad! Look out a portal is opening near you! " Shouted the commander.

" We hear ya Duck! " Replied Link. " Ok men! I want the first line to fire than duck down, second line fire than duck down and continue on until the final line when the swordsmen will take control of the battle for the time being. Reload your crossbows during the time that you have and be ready to fire again on my command! " Shouted Link. Three Moblins came rushing out of the portal. Within seconds the archers had shot them down.

" General Deku Dreams! That was a bit too easy! " Pointed out one of the swordsmen.

" I agree, be prepared for an- " Said Link turning the other way to see another portal being opened.

" General Blue Hound! " Shouted Link at the top of his lungs. " Look out! Another portal! " He continued.

" Commander Duck! This portal has a rough seal placed on it! " Shouted one of the wise men.

" Great! General Deku Dreams clear your men out! Go assist the Blue Hound squad with their battle! " Commanded the commander.

" Yes Sir! " Shouted Link.

" Well…so far so good. I just hope we can hold out until the wise men can seal these damn portals. " Said Commander Bell to himself.

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