The Coming of War

by Dustin Bell

Chapter 5

" They're sealing the portals and slaughtering my troops by the wagon load! " Shouted Gannon.

" Did I not tell you to organize your plans better Gannon? " Asked Rikien.

" Shut up you! Well my minions aren't doing so well. If you're the war expert, why don't you send your men in!? " Asked Gannon.

" That is what I've been waiting to hear all day Gannon. " Replied Rikien.


" General Deku Dreams! There's about ten stalfos coming out of portal three! " Shouted Sir Zorim.

" I hear ya! Archers stay back and be ready to fire upon my command! Swordsmen, time for some action! " Commander Link.

" Commander Duck! We've taken the extra time to make a perfect seal on this portal since a great deal of Gannon's minions seemed to be flowing through it! " Shouted one of the wise men.

" Great idea! Only three more portals to go! " Shouted Commander Bell.

" Commander Bell- " Started Lieutenant Borsiak but was suddenly stopped.

" Lieutenant! Remember the code names! It is far too dangerous to use our real names! " Reminded Commander Bell angrily.

" Sorry commander. Well we've only lost about twenty men on our side. Gannon's losses are heavy, we estimate about three hundred sir! " Reported Lieutenant Borsiak.

" Great! For once we are prevailing in this war! " Said the commander enthusiastically.

" General Deku Dreams! Be on the look out for any more portals! General Desert Storm, move your men out and go help Q-Ball's squad with their portal! " Commanded Bell.

" Commander, do you think Rikien will show up with his troops? " Asked the lieutenant.

" It is highly probable General. Rikien's not doing this for Gannon or his squad...he is doing this for sheer revenge and he'll have to come out sooner or later to get it. " Replied the commander. " Golden Boy! Look out another portal opened near you! " Warned Commander Bell.

" Commander, four portals have been opened already. Do you think Gannon is going to send all his troops through one portal for one giant blow on our forces? " Asked Lieutenant Borsiak.

" If he does, he is severely idiotic. Sending so much mass through one portal could cause a rupture. " Explained the commander.

" A rupture on what side Commander? " Asked the Lieutenant.

" Oh god no! You're absolutely right! If Gannon sends all his troops through one portal, he'll cause a rupture where the portal ends. Here! That would destroy all our forces and most of his, but he'll still win! We'll have to seal that fifth portal as fast as we can, or Gannon will win! " Shouted the commander.


" So you're saying Gannon, that if you send every last troop through your last portal, it will destroy everything within one hundred miles of where the portal is and your minions won't have to lift a finger? " Asked Rikien.

" Exactly. Putting such a large mass through the portal at one time will cause a rupture where the portal opens. Everything within the portal will be destroyed and the wave of destruction will carry out to where the portal ends. " Explained Gannon.

" But doesn't that mean all your troops will be destroyed? " Asked Rikien.

" Who cares? I can just resurrect them. " Assured Gannon.

" I don't seems like a good plan, but so did your other one and look how it turned out. " Warned Rikien.

" That plan had little thinking put into it general. " Said Gannon.

" And what is so different about this plan? " Asked Rikien sarcastically.

" Shut up Rikien! I am brilliant and this plan will work! " Boasted Gannon.

" Where have I heard that before..." Said Rikien under his breath sarcastically.

" What did you say! " Shouted Gannon.

" Nothing..." Replied Rikien trying as hard as he could to not smile.

" I'm gonna start watching you like a hawk Rikien. All I can say is you better not be leaking information to the Hylian army. And if you are, I will punish you with a fate worse than death! " Threatened Gannon.

" That'll be the day Gannon. " Replied Rikien.

" Get out of my face maggot! Go gather your men and lead an attack through the fourth portal. " Commanded Gannon.

" Anything you say sire..." Finished Rikien walking down the hall to his squads quarters.


" Gannon's quieted his forces for the moment. We have about three hundred archers and swordsmen guarding the fourth portal just in case. Well down to business. We think Gannon may know a way to destroy us all without his troops lifting a finger or using the triforce. " Said Commander Bell.

" How is this commander? " Asked Link.

" A rupture. " Replied the commander.

" A what? " Asked the King puzzled.

" A is a giant explosion that wipes out anything in its path for nearly a hundred miles. He will accomplish this by sending all his troops through one portal at a single time. The portals can not sustain a great amount of weight for long of it becomes very unstable. It will be like Armageddon in the portal and it will continue to where the portal ends. As you may guess...the portal ends here. " Explained Commander Bell.

" Well how will we avoid this? " Asked Link.

" Well...the wise men will have to start sealing the fifth portal as soon as it opens and as fast as possible. Finding the sages would be a great aid. And Zelda, I know it takes a lot of your energy to use magic, but...I am afraid to avoid this, you must use your power to aid the wise men in sealing the portal. " Said Commander Bell.

" Well, I guess I have no choice. But who will lead the Blue Hound squad? " Asked Zelda.

" I have the perfect man for the job. Lieutenant Borsiak! You can come in now! " Shouted the commander. The doors to the war room opened and Lieutenant Borsiak stepped in.

" Yes commander? " Asked the Lieutenant.

" You are a great aid to me in commanding the Hylian army during battle, however we are short one general for the squads. You have been trained well and I am asking you to be general of the Blue Hound squad. " Proposed the commander.

" I would be honored commander. " Replied Borsiak.

" Great! Well then, General Borsiak, your new code name is General Blue Hound, remember it well. I suggest you report to your squad and tell them of the news. " Said Commander Bell.

" I will do it with honor commander. " Finished the newly appointed General. The two saluted each other and General Borsiak left the room.

" Now Zelda, we have to find the other sages, can you locate them? " Asked Commander Bell.

" I will try my best. I have three plans actually. The first one is too use telepathic communications. The second one is too visit their temples and pray to the spirits to come forth. And the third is too visit Ganondorf's Castle and pray to the spirits there. " Said Zelda.

" Well let's try it one step at a time. Try the telepathic communication first. " Said Commander Bell.

" Commander! " Shouted a man running into the room. " Commander! I am the messenger of the Golden Boy squad! Rikien's force has arrived! " Reported the messenger.

" Send out the Deku Dreams, Blue Hound and Desert Storm squads to assist Q-Ball and Golden Boy! We have a traitor to take care of! " Shouted the commander. " Milord. " Said Commander Bell to the King. " If you wish, I will take control of the Desert Storm if you fear for your safety of Rikien. " Offered Commander Bell.

" I appreciate your concern, but I will be fine. I would appreciate a personal bodyguard though commander. " Asked the King.

" It is as good as done. I will have a body guard assigned to you within the hour. I am sure Rikien won't get past our forces before then. " Said the commander.

" Thank you commander. Now I must go lead my squad. " Finished the King as he left the room.


" Ok men! It's five hundred soldiers against the entire Hylian army, which consists of about two thousand men. Remember it is mostly swordsmen, but there are plenty of archers. Ready your shield and be on the look out for oncoming arrows when you can. " Commanded Rikien.



" Here they come men! " Shouted General Quinn. The Q-Ball squad turned to the fourth portal and began engaging the traitorous forces.

" All archers fire! " Shouted Commander Bell. The commander could see about five hundred crossbows being raised then fired.

"Lieutenant McCormick! Kill count! " Asked the commander to his new assistant.

" I did not see it all, but I counted sixteen hits, fifteen downs. " Reported the lieutenant.

" Look lieutenant! I know you're new at this, but it is going to take more than that! I want you looking at every arrow fired, every man hit, every man down etc. " Shouted the commander.

" I understand sir! " Replied the lieutenant.

" Archers! " Shouted Commander Bell seeing about five hundred faces turning too him.

" That was a great attack! Nineteen kills! Try and do better next time! " Shouted the commander.

" Sir, there was only fifteen kills. " Pointed out the Lieutenant.

" I know lieutenant. It just helps to encourage them and pushes them to do better. I've been doing it during my entire career. " Explained the commander.

" Good idea commander. " Said the Lieutenant.

" Don't suck up. My ass is for sitting, not for kissing. " Warned the commander rudely.


" General Deku Dreams! " Shouted General Zorim.

" What?! " Replied Link.

" I got some trouble over here with some of Rikien's swordsmen! Can ya gimme a hand? " Asked General Zorim

" Sure! Swordsmen! I want fifty of you to go help the Golden Boy squad. " Ordered Link.

" Commander Duck! We've sealed the third portal! " Shouted one of the wise men.

" Great! Take a break for a while. Save your energy for the fifth portal! We can hold off Gannon's minions until the next portal opens. " Shouted Commander Bell.

" Yes commander! " Replied the wise men.

" Lieutenant, report on casualties for both sides! " Ordered the commander.

" Approximately seven on our sides and one hundred, ninety-three on Rikien's. " Reported the Lieutenant.

" Well, we're doing well on not getting killed...but casualties on their side aren't too great. We're just lucky he doesn't have archers.

" Well, at least Gannon has opened the fifth portal yet. " Pointed out the Lieutenant.

" Yes, but then again Zelda hasn't found the sages yet. " Pointed out the commander.


" Princess Zelda has been trying to open a telepathic communication for hours. " Said Cylina the Sage of Spirit.

" We can not be bothered Cylina. " Replied Dalsona the Sage of Fire.

" What if they are in danger? " Asked Cylina.

" What could be posing such a threat that Link and Zelda could not handle it? " Asked Mido the Sage of Forest.

" Gannon? " Suggested Cylina.

" Gannon is locked away in the sacred land. He won't be able to get out for centuries. " Replied Mido.

" What if someone released him? " Asked Cylina.

" You are too paranoid Cylina. " Said Anilia the Sage of Water.

" What if I'm not and Gannon has really been released? " Asked Cylina.

" Look, we're never going to find out what is happening unless we do contact Zelda. " Said Shadow Link the Sage of Shadow.

" I told you! We cannot be bothered! " Repeated Dalsona.

" Well we've already ruined the ceremony! We might as well contact her! " Yelled Cylina.

" Fine...but no more distractions..." Replied Dalsona.

" I'll go ahead with the communication. " Said Cylina.


" Zelda...Zelda I've finally got the opportunity to talk to you! " Said Cylina.

" Cylina! Is that you?" Asked Zelda.

" Yes Zelda, it is. We are in the middle of a very important ceremony Zelda. I must ask, what is so important? " Asked Cylina.

" Gannon, he's been released and we are on the verge of defeating him...but he is about to cause a rupture and we need to seal the portal the second it opens. " Explained Zelda.

" Gannon? How did he escape? " Asked Cylina.

" A wizard by the name of Agnahim, probably corrupted by Gannon, opened the Door of Time and broke the seal over the golden land. He has not yet come into this realm because he has declared war. We have been fighting him for about three months, but he only opened portals about five days ago. He has been sending troops in by the thousand and worst off all, General Rikien betrayed the Hylian army and joined sides with Gannon. He has about five hundred men under his control and we are fighting him at this very moment. Gannon has opened four portals and with the aid of the original sages we have sealed three. Rikien's forces are coming through the fourth portal right now. " Explained Zelda.

" Well why can't the wise men seal the portal themselves? " Asked Cylina.

" It takes nearly six hours to make a week seal over a portal. We need to make a portal within minutes, maybe even seconds. " Replied Zelda.

" So you need our help? " Asked Cylina.

" Yes! Your duty as sages is too protect Hyrule! " Shouted Zelda angrily.

" I know Zelda, you see it is the Shadow Spirit and I against the other sages on this. We even had to argue whether or not to contact you. " Explained Zelda.

" You stupid bitch! What could be so important that you have to avoid your duty and save the kingdom! " Shouted Zelda.

" How dare you call me a bitch, Zelda! " Shouted Cylina.

" How dare you not fulfill you duties and let Hyrule fall to the hands of Gannon! " Replied Zelda.

" Your right. I will come myself, avoiding the damn ceremony and help you make a seal...I'll try and get the other sages, but definitely expect the Sage of Shadow and myself to show up. " Said Cylina.

" Thank you Sage of Spirit! Give my personal thanks to Dark Link and please try to persuade the other sages to come. " Pleaded Zelda.

" I'll do my best. " Promised Cylina.

" General Deku Dreams, General Blue Hound, General Desert Storm, General Q-Ball, General Golden Boy and Commander Duck! I've done it! The Sage of Spirit and the Sage of Shadow are definitely coming and so might the other three! " Shouted Zelda.

" Great news Zelda! When will they arrive? " Asked Commander Bell.

" The Sage of Spirit is trying to persuade the other sages to come, so it could take as long as an hour. " Said Zelda.

" Well that is good enough as long as Gannon doesn't open his fifth portal. " Said the commander. Not even a second after the commander finished his sentence, a portal opened before the Golden Boy squad.

" Well lets hope they get here quicker then she said. " Said Zelda.

" Yes...let's " Said Commander Bell looking at the portal in disbelief.

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