The Coming of War

by Dustin Bell

Chapter 6

" Retreat! Into the fourth portal! " Shouted Rikien.

Commander Bell looked at Rikien's force retreating back to the golden land. Even though they had succeeded in driving Rikien's force out, no cheers were heard. The fifth and final portal had been opened and unless it could be sealed, a rupture would occur and blow everything up within a hundred miles. The last of Rikien's troops were retreating to the portal.

" Do you think Gannon will try and create the rupture commander? " Asked Lieutenant McCormick.

" No, not right away. He will do it as his only alternative. Gannon may be a coward and tries to take the easy way out, but he wants what he worked for. He wants to take over Hyrule, not destroy it. " Explained the commander.

" Well what about the eh bomb sir? " Asked the Lieutenant.

" You know, I've never really thought about it until you brought it up, I wonder why he hasn't used it yet. " Said Commander Bell puzzled.

" Maybe he is planning something. " Suggested McCormick.

" Well obviously lieutenant. But why so late? He could destroy us now if he wanted to. Why hasn't he used the bomb? " Asked Commander Bell to himself.


" So you're saying Gannon, you have the chance to blow our enemy into oblivion and win the war…but you want to continue fighting with troops. Are you insane? " Asked Rikien.

" I'm far from insane General Rikien! Besides, the rupture is my final alternative. I will continue fighting until all I have left to do is destroy them with the rupture. " Explained Gannon.

" Well, at least you're putting more care into your plans. What about the eh bomb? " Suggested Rikien.

" It is still in the triforce room. Why? " Asked Gannon.

" Well, we have it, why not use it? " Asked Rikien.

" Well…to be honest, I'm not that enthusiastic about blowing up things or causing ruptures. I may be cheap, but I want to take over Hyrule, not destroy it.

" Yes…I see your point. It would be a waste of a wish from the triforce. Ruling Hyrule was your wish right? " Asked Rikien.

" Not exactly. I wished something so complex and evil, that the triforce itself realized what it was doing. It is an inanimate object and can not tell the difference between good and evil. The gods left a little bit of goodness in it though. When someone wishes something so evil…as if for the triforce to kill the gods, it would react and try to stop the wish. It can not stop the wish, but it can try to slow it down and make something to stop the wish. My wish, to be the supreme ruler of all that is evil and to rule over the kingdoms of Demari, was so evil that the triforce created Link. Link was the Hero of Time and had to stop my wish. Commanded only by the triforce. " Replied Gannon.

" So…you're saying the triforce created Link because you wanted to be the King of Evil? " Asked Rikien.

" Pretty much. " Replied Gannon.

" Do you want me to send in my men again? " Asked Rikien.

" No. Stalfos and Moblins will do just fine. " Said Gannon.


" We got about two hundred of Gannon's minions coming through portal four! Wise men! I want you to seal portal four and be ready for portal five! General Deku Dreams! Get your swordsmen on the stalfos! General Blue Hound! Get your archers on the Moblins! General Golden Boy! Get your swordsmen attacking the Moblins! Tell them to watch out for arrows! General Q-Ball and Desert Storm! Send all your men against the Dark Nuts! " Ordered Commander Bell. It was a rough couple of days. Gannon hadn't sent all his men in yet, but he'd sent quite a few in. Mostly Dark Nuts, Moblins and Stalfos. The commander had been thinking up new tactics to work on Gannon's forces because they kept on repeating the same ones over and over again. Gannon was getting used to these and developed counter attacks to the tactics.

" Lieutenant! Casualties report on both sides! " Ordered Commander Bell.

" Sir! Casualties on Gannon's side are high. Sixty-four Moblins, twenty-nine Stalfos and twenty-seven Dark Nuts! Casualties in Deku Dreams squad are low, last time I checked it was three, No casualties in the Blue Hound squad, Four casualties in the Golden Boy Squad, We have heavy losses in the Desert Storm squad. Approximately thirty-seven,

The Q-Ball squad had seven casualties last time I checked. " Reported Lieutenant McCormick looking up from the piece of paper he was reading from.

" Well, we're doing ok for the moment…Can you give me a report on archer casualties? Or would that be too hard? " Asked the commander.

" Actually sir, half the work is already done. Will you just give me five minutes to get some unofficial answers? " Asked the Lieutenant.

" Of course Lieutenant McCormick. " Replied Commander Bell. The lieutenant began writing on the piece of paper. About five minutes later he spoke up.

" Ok sir, twenty-one archers down of a total of fifty-one casualties. May I ask, why did you want to know how many archers are down sir? " Asked Lieutenant McCormick.

" I want to know how could Gannon's forces long range attacks were doing. The archers can't be killed unless from a long-range attack from one of Gannon's forces or an out of control arrow fired by one of our archers. So I take it that thirty swordsmen have been killed? " Asked Commander Bell.

" Correct sir. I think you might want to know that nearly three quarters of the Hylian army's casualties are coming from Desert Storm's squad. Do you wish to reassign them?" Suggested the lieutenant.

" Who are they fighting? " Asked the commander.

" They are fighting a few stalfos, but mostly Moblins. " Replied the lieutenant.

" What is their force mostly made up off? Archers or swordsmen? " Asked the commander.

" At the beginning when the force consisted of two hundred soldiers, it was three quarters swordsmen and one quarter archers. I can do a report now if you wish. " Offered Lieutenant McCormick.

" That won't be necessary lieutenant. I am reassigning them next break. I will reassign them to fight along side the Blue Hound squad and the Golden Boy squad will be reassigned to the where the Desert Storm squad used to be assigned. " Ordered Commander Bell.

" Ok sir. But wouldn't it be better if they fought with Deku Dreams to help back off the Dark Nuts? " Suggested the lieutenant.

" That would be a good idea except that Deku Dreams needs archers, not swordsmen. " Said the commander.

" What about Q-Ball? " Asked McCormick.

" Again, mostly swordsmen. " Replied Commander Bell.

" Sir! About ten Dark Nuts and a dozen Moblins just came out of portal five! " Shouted Lieutenant McCormick.

" General Q-Ball! Portal five! You'll need a few archers and plenty of swordsmen! " Ordered the commander.

" I hear ya Commander Duck! " Replied General Quinn. " Ok! Archers! Get behind the swordsmen and be ready to fire upon my command! Swordsmen! Try getting into groups of three or four and attack the Dark Nuts from all sides. Be watchful for his swing attack!" Commanded General Quinn.


" The triforce, The most powerful object in the world. I have it in my hands, yet it is useless in this realm. I've already wished to be the King of Evil, yet it will not fully grant it until Link is destroyed. Still, he has the power of the triforce aiding him. But once he dies, the triforce can not aid him and my wish will be granted. It's three golden triangles, levitating over one another, forming a giant triangle. The birth place of the triforce, right here in this very room. The goddesses leaving their new land leaving the symbol of their power, right here in this very room. Well, once my minions take control over North Castle I will go back to my homeland. Then I will take it over. I have the power to govern all! " Said Gannon to himself looking at the triforce.

The triforce was beautiful. That is was, before it fell into the hands of Gannon. It's once bright gold glow radiated around it. But when the triforce fell into Gannon's hands, that once bright glow disappeared. The golden triangles darkened. Under years of evil influence, the triforce had changed drastically. One would say it could never be returned to its normal self unless it was wished. Levitating over its stand. The room had been changed to Gannon's liking. The triforce was in a room with statues of Gannon holding it. The stand had inscriptions of the triforce. A red carpet placed over the stand. Gannon had changed the Temple of Light dramatically. Ganondorf, a once innocent Gerudo child had found the triforce of power, been corrupted by it, changed into a hideous pig like beast, stolen both triforces of wisdom and courage from Link and Zelda and then declared war on his homeland. All caused by the corruption of the triforce.


" Dark Nuts at portal four! Wise men! Are you nearly done that seal? " Asked Commander Bell.

" Commander Duck! This portal is growing weaker! The portal should be done within ten minutes! " Replied one of the wise men.

" Lieutenant, I want a casualty report for the Desert Storm squad! " Ordered Commander Bell.

" Sir! Casualties are now forty! Three casualties have occurred since the last casualty report and their reassigning! " Reported Lieutenant McCormick.

" Great! Give me a casualty report on Gannon's forces for the past four hours! " Demanded the commander.

" One hundred and sixty three casualties on Gannon's forces. Seventy-four Stalfos, thirty-nine Moblins and fifty Dark Nuts! " Reported Lieutenant McCormick.

" Great! Casualties report on our forces! " Demanded Commander Bell.

" Again, forty for Desert Storm, nine for Deku Dreams, four for Blue Hound, six for Q-Ball and two for Golden Boy! " Replied McCormick.

" Have the wise men sealed portal four yet? " Asked Commander Bell.

" Yes sir! They started on portal five about ten minutes ago. "Answered the lieutenant.

" Good…General Golden Boy! " Shouted Commander Bell at the top of his lungs.

" Three Dark Nuts are moving towards the wise men! " Shouted the commander.

" Archers! Shoot all the arrows you can at those Dark Nuts! Now! " Ordered Sir Zorim.


" Damnit! First they seal my portal, then they defeat my assassination force! It is time I summon all my troops and cause the rupture! They will fall at the hands of myself! Hyrule…is mine! " Shouted Gannon.

" Would you like me to summon all the troops? " Offered Rikien.

" No…I will just summon them telepathically. " Replied Gannon.


" So it is agreed? We will go to Hyrule to seal the portal then complete the ceremony with the aid of the wise men and Zelda. " Said Cylina once again.

" Correct. Helping us will be their debt. " Answered Dalsonia.

" Then we will go now. Prepare to teleport to North Castle! " Shouted Cylina. All five began to glow and transformed into blue, green, purple, red and orange sphere and suddenly disappeared.


" Look Commander! Gannon's troops are retreating! " Pointed out Lieutenant McCormick.

" Yes I see. " Answered Commander Bell.

" Do you think Gannon is sending all his troops in to cause the rupture? " Asked McCormick.

" Yes…We will have to seal that portal as fast as we can. " Said the commander.

" The sages are here! " Shouted Zelda.

" Great! Sages, I am Commander Bell of the Hylian army. I thank you greatly on the behalf of all of Hyrule. " Thanked Commander Bell.

" It is our duty Commander Bell. Now is that the portal we need to seal? " Asked Mido.

" Yes. I don't mean to be impatient, but we need the portal sealed now! " Shouted Commander Bell.

" We'll start right away! " Replied Anilia. All five sages ran over to the portal and began sealing the portal.


" What!? " Shouted Gannon. " The sages are helping seal the portal! I just sent all the troops in! " Shouted Gannon.

" So? How long will it take for the sages to seal the portal? " Asked Rikien.

" A few seconds. A minute tops. We must get out of here now! " Shouted Gannon.

" Why? What is going to happen to the rupture? " Asked Rikien.

" If the portal is sealed than the rupture will come out here! " Answered Gannon.

" So why not just close the portal? " Suggested Rikien.

" It is too dangerous. You see, all portals run on one way. The Ensteinisous Albrechton Bridge. There are an infinite amount of passages in the bridge. When you open a new portal, a new passage is created. You can sometimes go on blind journeys, which will lead you to any presently open or previously existent portals. Those kinds of journeys are known as slides. The rupture will keep on sliding until it comes across an open portal. Closing that portal will allow the rupture to venture anywhere. When venturing through a portal, you might just come across the rupture. " Explained Gannon.

" I see…so this portal making…it is more scientific than magic? " Asked Rikien.

" Yes, I guess you could say that..." Said Gannon.


" Sealed! " Shouted Cylina triumphantly.

" Casualty count Lieutenant McCormick! " Demanded Commander Bell.

" Sir! Since the last report there have been a mere three casualties! Two from the Deku Dreams squad both occurring in the Dark Nuts assassination attempt. The other casualty came from Blue Hound group after a one on one stalfos battle! " Reported McCormick.

" Great! " Shouted Commander Bell full of pride. " Casualty report for the entire war. " He asked the lieutenant.

" Will you give me a moment sir? I will need to tally up the casualty reports from other dates. " Replied the lieutenant.

" I want it in ten minutes. " Ordered the commander. The lieutenant nodded in response.


" No!!!!!!!! " Shouted Gannon angrily. " I cannot have been defeated by mere mortals! My force was invincible! My plans were brilliant! They sealed all my portals and locked all my minions inside the Ensteinisous Albrechton Bridge! My force is gone! " Shouted Gannon, nearly crying in defeat.

" Gannon. " Said Rikien to his master. Gannon paid no attention. " Gannon! " Rikien shouted getting no response from his master. " Gannon! " He shouted as loud as he could.

" What? " Gannon replied angrily and rudely.

" I still have my force of about three hundred and fifty men. And by the way...your plans were far from brilliant. Poorly planed and poorly executed by your force. " Said Rikien.

" You take that back maggot! " Shouted Gannon.

" Why? I just speak of the truth. " Replied Rikien.

" I hope you burn in hell! And my plans were poorly planned? How do you suppose we are going to get your troops to the other realm? Huh? Huh? " Shouted Gannon.

" Just open another portal dumb ass! " Shouted Rikien.

" What did you just call me? How dare you insult your master! " Shouted Gannon.

" Woah! I was just saying you could open another portal! " Said Rikien.

" Learn to treat your elders with respect General! Opening another portal could be dangerous. Your troops could end up anywhere in the universe...and mind you, the universe is infinite. There are an infinite amount of places where your troops could land. My guess is that the odds of your troops landing anywhere near where we need them is...about one in one hundred forty billion. And that is probably way lower then it truly is. " Explained Gannon.

" So try and break the seal on one of your other portals. " Suggested Rikien.

" I could, did know that the sages were performing a ceremony before Zelda contacted them, correct? " Asked Gannon.

" Yes...that is why they could not come. Why does it matter? " Asked Rikien.

" The success of the ceremony would mean that the triforce would be drained of all it's power and that power would be used to strengthen any kind of seal put over the Golden Land. They are already performing the ceremony at this very moment. " Explained Gannon.

" Well wouldn't they need an open channel to drain the power from the triforce? " Asked Rikien.

" Yes! Yes they would! They would need to open a portal just for a second to get an open channel since all my portals are sealed. If we could get through that portal in that small margin of time, we would be free! " Shouted Gannon.

" Well it will happen soon! Get the triforce! I'll gather my men! We meet in the temple of light in five minutes!" Shouted Rikien.


" So how do we eventually drain the triforce's power? " Asked Link.

" We sages have a telepathic link to the triforce. If we open a portal for just a split second we could get a channel to the triforce and telepathically drain its power. " Explained Dalsonia.

" Well would the portal be open all that time while we are draining it's power? " Asked Zelda.

" No. Only for a second until all of us could gain a telepathic channel. " Answered Mido.

" And that would lock Gannon in the realm for how long? " Asked Link.

" Until the triforce looses all of its power to power the seal. But then Gannon would still have to break the seal. I am guessing around a millennium. " Replied Cylina.

" One millennium of peace, prosperity and...freedom. One thousand years of peace. It is cowardly in my opinion. Letting the future deal with our problems. Why can we not just destroy Gannon? Why did the triforce even have had to be created? " Asked Link.

" It wasn't the triforce's fault. Ganondorf of the Gerudo thieves was a greedy, blood lusted man obsessed with killing. Even though it was my fault that Ganondorf claimed the triforce...I have put it behind me. The dwell in the past is to die in the present. We cannot change the past and I can only hope that the future will be able to handle Gannon more easily than we did. " Said Zelda.

" You're right Zelda...if you'll do me one favor though. " Started Link.

" Anything Link. " Answered Zelda.

" I want you to cast a spell that will awaken a descendant of one of the knights in this war. This descendant will become the Hero of Time and wield the Master Sword. That way the future won't have to act on its own. It will have the aid of the past on their side. " Said Link.

" Great idea Link. I will do it right after we drain the triforce's power. " Replied Zelda.

" Ok! Fellow sages, wise men, Link, Zelda; We are about to open the portal, be sure to make a telepathic channel with the triforce as fast as you can. " Shouted Dalsonia.

The thirteen men and women began to chant and a blue portal opened before them. One by one the sages began to lift their arms above their heads' signaling they had gotten access to a telepathic channel with the triforce. Soon all were done except for Link who was having a few problems concentrating. All of a sudden a shadow covered the triforce and all of the sages lost their telepathic channel with the triforce.

" What happened? " Asked Zelda.

" Link! You took to long and the triforce blocked our telepathic channels! " Shouted Dalsonia.

" No. I felt an evil presence over the triforce. One of great evil...that of...Gannon! " Shouted Zelda.

The shadow of Gannon appeared in the portal. " Thank you for releasing me sages! What a pity that you won the war but I still prevailed! Princess Zelda! This is the second time you have brought chaos to Hyrule, is it not? Now you will all die! " Shouted Gannon.

" Never! Sages close the portal! I'll hold of Gannon! " Shouted Link making a dive into the portal driving the master sword into Gannon's stomach. The sages lifted their arms and started to close the portal.

" Link! " Shouted Zelda in despair. " Sages! You're going to lock Link in the Golden Land! " Shouted Zelda.

" Zelda! If we do not lock Gannon in now he will escape! " Shouted Anilia.

" Zelda! " Shouted Link just as the portal was closing. " Don't let time be destroyed by the Hylians or Hyrule will suffer Armag- " Shouted Link, but was cut off by the closing of the portal.

" He's gone...Link is gone...the Hero of Time locked in the same realm as the King of Darkness with no hope of escape. " Said Zelda as she began to sob.

" Zelda did you hear his warning?" Asked Anilia.

"Don't let time be destroyed by the Hylians or Hyrule will suffer Armageddon. " Said Dark Link.

" Don't let time be destroyed by the Hylians? " Asked Zelda puzzled.

" Yes...the ancient prophecy of what would happen if Hyrule were to become disconnected from the Sacred Realm. " Began Cylina.

" Please...let me explain it to you Zelda. " Asked Mido.

" Sure..." Replied Zelda still feeling puzzled.

" Before the gods even reached the chaos that was to be Hyrule...before Din, Faore and Nayru were even born for that matter. The King of the nebula in which Din, Faore and Nayru came from received word that his kingdom was under attack. The evil, war crazed species; The Sullusts, were attacking the Nebula of Charmon. The Charmon race: The Reptiluns defended with great power. Although greatly outnumbered, the Reptiluns fell hard and fast. Five Reptiluns survived and fled the nebula. The five survivors; Thantos: The Great God of Power, Ghestal: The Great God of Courage, Setzer: The Great God of Wisdom, Darol: The corrupted great God of Strength sent to the spirit realm released only when the war broke out, and the King of Charmon: Lasuraz the great God of Governing. The five went their own ways each taking a part of their kingdom's sacred treasure: The Force. Five Golden Triangles which gave Charmon it's power. The Reptiluns worshiped it as if it were a god. Each Reptilun took a piece of the Force and molded it to reflect their spirits. Thantos molded his into power, Ghestal molded his into courage, Setzer molded his into wisdom, Darol molded his into chaos and Lasuraz molded his into leadership. Each going their own way in the universe. Thantos, Ghestal and Setzer each had children before passing away, giving their piece of the Force to their children. The three children: Din: Daughter of Thantos, Faore: Daughter of Ghestal and Nayru: Daughter of Setzer, all returned to their home nebula and saw the chaos that had been wrecked upon their world. Leaving no later then when they got there, they searched for a new home to call theirs. Searching the universe, they came upon a planet with nothing but a crust and a core. Din cultivated the land, Nayru poured her soul into the land creating justice and law and Faore created life which would uphold the law. With their labors completed, they left their newly created home of Hyrule. Their pieces of the Force were left at the point where they left the world. The three forces joined together and made the triforce. The two missing pieces of the force were magically transported to Hyrule to be with the other three when their keepers died. The force of leadership was put into the leader of Hyrule. And chaos was caught within the void between Hyrule and the Sacred Realm. If Hyrule and the Sacred Realm were to become disconnected, than chaos would escape into the unsealed realm. So if the Temple of Light were destroyed; The Sacred Realm would suffer Armageddon. If the Temple of Time were destroyed; Hyrule would suffer Armageddon.

"You must protect the Temple of Time. The Hylians will no fear Gannon and try to destroy the temple to keep Gannon at bay. " Said Cylina.

" Than we must protect the Temple of Time with all of our power. We will not suffer Armageddon. "


Awakening from his coma, Link rubbed his eyes and surveyed the area around him. Looking forward, in the far distance he saw two figures looking up at the triforce. Stretching his arms out he reached for the Master Sword. " What? " He asked himself seeing that the sword was not on him. " I must've not been dreaming...I am locked in the Golden Land with Gannon and Rikien..." Said Link to himself.

" Ah! It appears our guest has awoken from his sleep Sire! " Shouted General Rikien.

" Well, you'd better shackle him before he regains his strength. " Ordered Gannon.

" You heard him men! Shackle the hero! " Shouted Rikien to his troops.

" Now Link..." Started Gannon walking towards Link. Gannon walked up to Link and help him up to the wall with his left claw. With his right claw, he scraped at Link's chest making a deep wound. " Welcome..." Gannon started again while dropping Link to the ground. " To my nightmare..."

Link looked at Gannon grasping his wounded chest. He knew he would be in this realm for quite a little while.

The End

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