Conversation Between Two Links

By Doug

            It is late one afternoon as Link lays down to take a nap. He is relaxing from all the excitement he has had today. His twin children Hezekiah and Alexandra have worn him pretty thin. Though he is still young, 27 to be exact he never thought himself having so much fun with his children. His wife Princess Zelda was very busy helping her father in a meeting with several dignitaries finishing a trade deal Link had help set up and had asked him to keep the kids occupied. He played everything with them that he could think of. He loved spending the whole day with them fishing, exploring, tag, hide and seek, then coming back to castle and going swimming. Then they wanted to rough house with him tackling him both at once. They got themselves dirty which the princess would say was “unbecoming of royalty.” But the two children never gave much credence to their titles. They managed to get Link dirty as well, when they tackled him it was near a mud puddle turning him into a giant mud man. By the time it was all over with Zelda had walked outside and fussed at Link as well as the kids for making a mess of themselves especially before dinner. She orders all three of them to take bathes which Link didn’t mind the kids complained however they chose to obey. After Link’s bath Zelda had caught up to him and chided him about getting so dirty with “You’re still cute even though you are clumsy and get dirty at times” pointing at his cheek “you missed a spot” which she licked her thumb and cleaned the mud from his cheek that he had missed, then kisses him on his other cheek. Dinner was not ready just yet perhaps another hour so Link decided to take the nap. As he gets comfortable on the bed he quietly enters into sleep.

            He wakes up in a very strange environment which he doesn’t recognize at all. As he rises someone enters the room to greet him. This person introduces himself “My name is Link and I know your name is Link as well. So I will address you as hero of Hyrule and you can address as Link of wolf’s line. You are in the Temple of Time in case you were wondering where you are.” Link says “What am I doing here?” Wolf’s line responds “I thought it would be nice for you have some idea of your own family background.”  Link looks this fellow over he wears a tunic much like his own but with a chain shirt underneath that a regular long shelve white shirt under that and his pants are a lot lighter in color tan rather then brown. His hair is a brown lighter then Link’s and a little unkempt but his eyes are blue almost dreamlike. Link says to him “So you are one of my ancestors then?” Wolf’s line “Mm...Yes I am.” Link then asks “So what is your story in all of this?” To which he responds “I defeated Ganondorf Dragmire much like you did, but you defeated for all time.” Then he tells his story to Link and how he began in the village of Orden and the events that changed his life. His being turned into a wolf and learning to use those senses as well as learning all the fighting techniques which made him deadly to anyone that approached him. The many different people that he dealt with as well as creatures like the Gorons, Yetis, and the Zoras, folks like Telma who ran the bar the resistance that helped him met at. As he finishes his story Link is enthralled about this previous Link and asks “You had abilities as a wolf. What was that like?” Wolf’s line says “I could track anything by smell the reekfish was one of the things as well as poes which I hunted. The scent of the children of the village was also useful but I have the scent until I learned another then the previous one was no longer available.” Link says “That’s amazing I couldn’t imagine such a great talent.” “When I finally defeated Ganondorf my wolf abilities left me. I could no longer transform into a wolf but I was blessed with having improved hearing and smelling senses both of these things were originally wolf in nature as well as being much more intoned with the feelings of my faithful horse, Epona. The sword I used to defeat him with The Master Sword was returned to the Scared Grove in the Lost Woods where I guess it still is,” Wolf’s line says calmly. Link asks “What about your love life. The princess did you marry her?”  Wolf’s line takes a breath then says “Nope, I’m afraid I didn’t marry her though we remained good friends, she married a duke and I married my childhood friend Illia. As I mentioned she lost her memory which I helped her regain when I brought her the horse charm that she had made for me. She loved Epona and originally gave me a rough time about how I treated that fine horse then she came to loving me first as a friend and then after our experience of regaining her memory as more.  Her father and I were always on friendly terms even though he was a mayor and I was just a field hand. When we had children I named the first one after him.” Link says “That is something else all that that you went through it makes both of my adventures look like nothing.” Wolf’s line says “But you finished Ganon once and for all. You must remember after your two main adventures you continued to fight that’s the reason Ganon is no more which is even better then I had ever hoped to do. After my adventure I returned home and that was it. Now tell me about your family.” Link begins “Me and my Princess Zelda did marry in fact we have two children they are both eight years old. Her father King Harkinian always seemed to think a lot of me in fact he knighted me before I married Zelda to prevent anyone from saying that I wasn’t noble blood sort of justifying our marriage but I loved her anyway and I think she felt the same way. Hezekiah is good kid he obeys whatever I tell him though he is a little lazy at times like I used to be but he seems to have a great of deal wisdom and he would be someone that could lead. Alexandra my daughter she has a lot of her mother in her very fiery in her passions and she manages to talk Hezekiah into doing things he normally wouldn’t do. But she’s good anyway a courageous sort like me.” Wolf’s line nods his head in acceptance and says “I am glad you do so well. I am proud of you.” Link says “Well, I am honored to have someone as brave you as my ancestor now how do I get out of here back to my own time.” Wolf’s line says “You’re still asleep, so wake up.”

            Link wakes up it much later in the evening and his stomach is growling. He thinks to himself I bet I missed dinner. He sits up on the bed and hears a slight knock on the door. Link says sleepily “Who’s there?” The voice on the other side is very familiar “It’s me, Zelda.”  Link thinks to himself I guess she is here to tell me I overslept and says “Come on in.” She enters with a plate of food and says “Link, we missed you at dinner, but I saved a plate for you. You looked so peaceful when you were napping I didn’t want to wake you.” Link laughs and says “Thank you for dinner sweetheart. And you wouldn’t believe the dream I had.”

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