Dark Illusion

By Jessica Jones

Link was laying on the shore of Lake Hylia, watching the clouds as they go bye, thinking of the adventures of the Temples he had defeated. Link was 17 now and had learned the unique sword techniques living up to the name "HERO OF TIME". Right then a guard from the castle was sent to call Link to the palace by order of the Princess. "Link you are to go straight to the palace as soon as possible" "I understand, I will leave at once, Come Epona Zelda wants to see us." Epona heard those words and took off as fast as she could, she knew she got treats from Zelda every time she visits. "Hello Link, do you have business at the castle today?" the guard asked "Yes, Zelda had order me to the castle" Link answered " Right, let him pass" the guard shouted. On his way in, Link saw Impa standing there" Hello Link, you'll find Zelda in the courtyard" Link smiled at her and continued to walk into the courtyard, there he saw Zelda sitting in the middle of the courtyard surrounded by roses. "Zelda, You wanted to see me?" Zelda stood up and turn around to meet Links eyes" Yes, Link lately I have felt a cold and unpleasant breeze over the land of Hyrule. I feel something is wrong, it feels stronger every day"Zelda told Link "Then we must find what it is" Link responded "Also, at night I have dreams, no visions of a Dark young man, standing upon the shores of Lake Hylia, a man dressed in black clothes, and has blood red eyes, would you know anyone who fits this description?". Link thought for awhile "Only 2 individuals fit the description,one being the feared and evil King Ganondorf, and the second is the unique Dark Link, but you banished Ganondorf, and I defeated Dark Link in the Water Temple". "Are you sure, for the creature that I have seen, came from Lake Hylia, where the water temple is located." Link thought again but kept coming back to those two evil creatures. "Be on guard Link for this dark creature" Since Zelda was 10 years old she had a deep feeling for him and would not want to see him get hurt, but secretly Link had loved her from the first time they meet.

In the meantime, clouds were forming over Lake Hylia and the fisherman was just finishing his daily rounds, suddenly he heard the door swing open there stood Link, or so he thought. "Sorry Link were closing" the fisher said " I have not come here to fish you foolish Hylian, I have come to get information from you, tell me where is Link?" " Link are you feeling okay?" "I won't feel good till I have Links heart in my hand" "What?!" "You think I'm that Pathetic Hero of yours, I'm much stronger than he could ever be, you will tell me what I want to hear now!""I'd rather die than tell about the Hero of Time!" "That can be arranged" Back at Hyrule Link was scoping out the feild for any leading clues, then Link desided to start to search at his home in Lake Hylia, since the creature is coming from that location. Link rode Epona across the feild of Hyrule. It was late at night when Link entered the shores, as he looked around he saw that the door of the fishing hole were open. " maybe I can get some help with this mystery." Link slowly enter the shop, "Hello, it's me, is anyone here" " Link is that you?" came a low voice " Yes, I saw your door open and I thought you might answer my question" Very well" "I want to know if you have noticed anything different around here?" " No bbbuuuttt, if you need help who would you trust to help you" the dark voice echoed "Well, I trust the sages but they would have no power without the 7th sage, Zelda, so I guess I would trust Zelda" " Thank you, I'm sure if theres trouble I will tell her, but we are closing now" " Sorry for wasting your time fisher, thanks" Link shut the door behind him as he was leaving " nnnooo thank you Link" right then the fisher turned into a dark shadow of a man." The next time we meet Link I will kill you, but first I have to go take care of the one you trust, so you are helpless against me"

It was very late at night, so Link desided to rest, no sooner did his eyes close he pictured a Dark man near Zelda, Link heard Zelda screaming in pain, but he could not do anything to help her, for he was in a room of complete darkness, he heard people screaming "Help us Hero of Time". Link woke suddenly, breathing hard, his heart beating fast, and sweat comming down his face. "HAHAHAHA" an evil laugh echoed in the breeze "Had a bad dream Hero" " Who are you, show yourself" "Why, Link look in the mirror, and you will see who I am." " What?!" A dark shadow moved under the trees, he lifted his head up and there was the glowing of blood red eyes. "Show your face" Link demaned. The shadow moved slowly into the light. Link suddenly filched back"see I am you" The shadow said, " Dark Link!, I defeated you!" " Correction you thought you defeated me, you see I'm you, I can master any move you make, any attack you push on, also I know whats in your heart and mined." "You are no match against me Dark Link as long as I got my master sword" Link said " I thought of that, then I thought of the magical power my master Ganon gave me, the power to turn into anything Bad or GOOD, so if I turn into something good the master sword will have no affect." With the speed of light Dark Link jumped into a attack, Link quickly grabbed his sheild just in time to defend himself. Dark Link tried a vertical slash but Link raised his sheild to counteract that attack. Link grabbed his master sword, and prepared to attack. But Dark Link sopped attacking, but instead drew a purple crystal out of his pocket and a Dark ray blinded Link, but the didn't stop Link, he swung his sword and just tipped Dark Links arm. At that point Dark Link appeared before Link,"Now you cannot use you will pay for that, I will attack the one you trust" then Dark Link disappeared. Link knew what Dark Link meant, Zelda, but first Link needed to get the magical item that once defeated Dark Link.

Dark Link just reached the castle gates " Hey Link, you here to see Princess Zelda?"the guard asked " Yes, let me in" Dark Link called, " Very well" the guard answered. " Foolish guard can't even tell me from the real Link, now that I'm in the castle I need to get Zelda in a small sound proof room to not raise attention to her or me" In one of the halls Dark Link saw a guard near bye, " Where is Zelda?"" Shes up in her chambers" the guard said Dark Link continued up the stairs" After I enter her chambers I will use her power to get rid of Link forever the way he got ride of my master,by the evil realm, the only way to send people to the evil realm is Zelda's power." A cold Chill ran downs Links back, at that Link knew Dark Link entered the castle" Zelda, I'll kill him if he touches her!" Link called Epona as fast as he could, he hooped on her, she rushed down the feild to the castle gates. Not to alert the guards Link went through the water systems on the side of the gates. Knock, Knock "Yes, who is it?" " I's I Link, Open your door" Dark Link said "Link what are you doing hear so early in the morning" "I'v come to get you out of bed""Link stop fooling around {Sigh}come in" Dark Link walked into the bedroom and behind him shut and locked the door. " What would you like Link?" Zelda asked " Nothing really "Link I wanted to tell this to you yesterday but I never got a chance" "What is it" Dark Link asked "Link, I wanted tell you tonight is a celebration for your victorous quest against Ganon, will you come?" " Zelda I want to know, how much you know me?" " What do you mean?" Zelda asked " I mean whats my weaknesses, my hatred, and my love" "Thoughs are difficult question, alright" playing along as if it was a game, " Your weaknesses are the people you serve, you would die to protect them, your hatred is people who push you to your limits, like Ganon, and your love is all the adventures you had". "Your forgetting you, Zelda" Dark Link said " Really, you love me" Zelda said with high hopes " Yes I feel it deep inside Links heart, that's why I need to destroy you" " What?!" Zelda said pushing away from Dark Link " You really thought that I was Link, your mined is weak little girl, I told the truth about the feeling Link has for you" "Who are you" Zelda said in shock " I am Dark Link, and you are coming with me now!"Dark Link Demanded. " NEVER" " You have no choice" Dark Link yelled, Zelda grabbed a small pocket knife from her boot, and through it at Dark Link, he block the knife with his sheild, as he lowered his sheild he saw Zelda runnning to climb out the window onto a pipe, but Dark Link grabbed her before she could reach the pipe " How dare you throw that knife at me" Dark Link said angerily " Let go" Zelda cried " so forceful, so powerful, know wonder Link loves you, but if I can't have you, he can't have you, I'm one with him" " No your not, you'll never be as good as Link, Let Go!" suddenly Link knocked down the door throwing Dark Link to the ground. Zelda started to run towards Link, but Dark Link grabbed his purple crystal and zapped Zelda into it "Where is she!?" " Shes in my power now, if you want her back, go to Lake Hylia and we will finish where we started". At that Dark Link disappeared.

Link ran from the castle and jumped on Epona "Go girl". With the speed of light Epona ran to Lake Hylia. Lgot there fast and went up to the look out to see where Dark Link and Zelda were, but he could see nothing. Link thought for awhile, then Dark Links words hit him " To Finish where we started", "The Water Temple!" but Link gave the iron boots back to Ruto, so back on Epona "To Zora's Domain" Link Shouted. Meanwhile, Dark Link opened the crystal where Zelda was held. "How dare you!" " Relax princess, your Hero will be here soon, and when he does I'll be waiting" "Link is much more stronger then you, he has courage and a good heart."" We'll see" Back at Zora's Domain Link was asking for the iron boots back "King Zora I need to enter the water temple, I must have the boots and the song back" "Alright Link, your a good man, here are the boots and the notes to the song" "Be Careful" Ruto said " I will, but I feel that this Dark illusion wants more than just my blood" Link told her, "Then protect those you care about" Ruto replied, " I will, and you will be one of them" Link said, those words touched Ruto's heart since she was rejected of being married to Link. Link played the song of the temple and warped to the water temple.

"I demand you let me go" Zelda yelled "You are in no place to to demand anything, tell me, princess is this hero really going to save you?" "Of Course, then he will destroy you just like Ganon" Zelda replied in Anger, " I don't think so, see after I was defeated by Link I watched the way he used his sword, his technique, the more angery I got the more stronger I got, Yah, I feel Links presence beyond that door. Time to go back into the crystal " nnnoooo!" Zelda Yelled, ZZZZAAAPPP, Link right then knocked down the door" Happy you can join us" Dark Link smirked, beside Dark Link stood Zelda in the purple crystal. "Link get out of here, go now!" " Yes Link, run like a coward, hide your face from this world, leave the woman you love to die" "You dare push my limits, I will destroy you once and for all" "Then lets start". Dark Link jumped in an attack, but hits Links sheild, " Link going to try a horozontal attack" thought Dark Link, sure enough Link does a horozontal attack, and slashes Dark Links leg "AAAHHH" "I can feel your confidence link, so let me shatter it" Dark Link yelled " I don't think so" Link grabbed a crystal with a red light in the middle. Dark Link realized the magical power" Din's Fire" Dark Link quickly activated the magical crystal holding Zelda "AAAHHH" Zelda screamed " Zelda!!!" Link Shouted. "I'm using her power to get rid of you once and for all. I will send you to the evil Realm. Link tried to jump out of the way but it was to late, with a flash of light link disappeared only leaving the master sword on the ground. " Noooo, Link" Zelda wept " See I'm much stronger than him" Dark Link chuckled. Zelda saw the master sword laying on the floor, she picked it up and put it in her belt when Dark Link was not looking. " So, princess, what should I do with you?, I know I will take you to Hyrules celebration and there use your power to destroy Hyrule and the people that follow Link."

In the Evil Realm Link was in complete darkness, "Where am I?" " You are in the Evil realm" came a dark voice, "Who are you?" "I'm the same one you sent to the evil realm" "GANON!", suddenly Ganon fired a dark ball at Link, Link dodge out of the way of the ball, and the battle began. Zelda was sitting in a corner of a locked room weeping for this nightmare to go away. All of a sudden the sages appeared to her " Princess, please don't cry, for you can still bring Link back from the realm, but can only be done before midnight on the day he was sent there." "So I can bring Link back from the realm now?" " No, you can only bring him back in the temple of Time and only the temple of time." " I will do so, then I will defeat Dark Link for what he did to Link."

The battle continued with Ganon and Link, Link was defending himself, but then Ganon all of a sudden disappeared, Link looked around in distress to try and find him. Then Link felt a cold presence behind him, he turned around quickly, but all he saw was Ganon thrusting his hand towards him" Link was knocked conscience. " Now Link you will suffer the way I have suffered" Ganon laughed evily. " It's time to get to that celebration, but instead of celebrating Link, we will destroy his loyal fans." "You will never be as equal to Link, never in your Life". Dark Link zapped Zelda into the crystal, Well Link was unconscience he had the same dream he had last night, Zelda screaming, Hyrule on fire, people yelling for him, " Wake up, Link" and evil voice whispered " I can move" Link said, " Yes you are strapped to my latest creation, it has a magical connection to Hyrule, everytime pain is caused to Hyrule or it's people you will feel it's pain till you die, now you get a front row seat to the destruction of Hyrule and yourself."Ganon laughed evily. A mirror vortex opened in front of Link and inside their was Hyrule.

Dark Link had just arrived at the celebration in the courtyard of the castle. " People of Hyrule , your useless lives hve been well, useless to me, in that I will destroy you" Dark Link laughed. People were shocked at those words and knew that this was not their hero. " I will use your own princesses power to destroy the land of Hyrule, where is your Hero know." Zelda was placed beside Dark Link. Dark Link shouted as he fired a light shining blast at Hyrule and it's people. "AAAHHH" Link yelled, " The pain" his voice was scratchy " Yes, pain, the same pain you gave me" Ganon chuckled, "Where would a Hero be without his Land." Hit after hit Hyrule burst into flames, "Help us Hero of Time"one person shouted "Link!" another shouted,"AAAHHH" Link yelled, although Link was in pain he heard thoughs words from the people, and he felt he didn't do his job as Hero of Time. Zelda was screaming at the top of her lungs, it was 11:30pm and she didn't have alot of time.

Suddenly the attacks stopped, with the rest of Links strength he raised his head to the mirror and saw Dark Link releasing Zelda." Zelda do you know everytime I hit Hyrule your precious Hero's life decreases, if a Land dies the hero dies with it. "noo" Zelda cried " Yes and if I kill you, Link will be pushed passed his limits and will crush his heart" Zelda could not talk just tears came down her cheeks. " Now it's time toi die princess" Dark Link laughed. Dark Link grabbed Zelda and forced a kiss on to her " How dare you" Zelda yelled and slapped Dark Link in the face. " How dare you slap me I will strike you down" Drak Link fired a ball of dark fire at Zelda, Zelda jumped out of the way just in time. With the rest of her strength she lifted herself up and ran to the temple of time it was about 11:45pm, all of a sudden Dark Link jumped in front of Zelda and pushed her to the ground. "I don't think so princess"Zelda quickly grabbed the master sword that was hidden under her cape. She attacked him suddenly with on of Links vertical jumps, since Dark Link can't read Zelda's mined he could not tell her next move, she used Links spin attack she learn from him. She slashed him across the face as he fell to the ground in pain.

Zelda ran into the Temple of Time at 11:59PM she quickly used her magic, but at that time she was knocked to the ground and kicked to the corner of the temple by Dark Link, with her last courageous move she lifted her hand and light flashed through her heart to the evil realm. " It's time to finish you, Link" Ganon said Link couldn't even lift his head, 3/4 of him were swelling in pain, blood rushed down his nose and mouth he could only hope it would be fast. Ganon grabbed his sword, but before it could land on Link, Link was gone in a flash of light "NOOOO" Ganon yelled. Link felt himself being re-energized, his cuts and bruises were healing up. Dark Link knelt beside Zelda and lifted her head up" You have caused enough trouble" at that he kissed her against her will. Dark Link felt a poke on the shoulder, he turned around just in time for his face to meet Links fist, Dark Link went flying into the wall. Zelda through the master sword to Link. Link took the master sword and did the final blow, then Link yelled " Zelda use your power and send Dark Link to the evil Realm." Zelda raised her hands and a bright shining light shoot at Drak Link. Dark Link was cast to the evil realm, Hyrule became a paradise once more. " AAAHHH" Dark Link yelled.

Link and Zelda stood next to each other watching Hyrule turn into a meadow of flowers. " Link" "Yes Zelda""when I thought, that I might loss you, I became that I would never see you smile again, that you left me on my own." " Zelda I'll always protect you dead or alive" As those words came from his mouth Zelda burst into tears" "Link I want to be together with you forever, never leaving your side", "Zelda as much as I wanted to hear that, I can't give you what you ask" "Why not?" "I have seen all the evil monsters in this land, and if I''m struck down I can't have you morning for what you have lost"" But I will morn for you even if you arn't mine""I can't, but I promise I'll never leave you, I still love you" Link said "Then why do you cause me pain in my heart" Zelda Suddenly Shouted " You can't, you might say you can't, but you know that it haunts your heart" Zelda slide down the wall, crossing her arms, and began to weep. Link stood there with a look of guilt on his face, he knelt down to Zelda and kissed her gently on the forehead "No matter where I am I'll always love you" a small tear fell from his eyes. " Link don't let these tears fool you, I understand the path that you have choosen and I know that the dream that I want to happen can't" "Thank you for understanding", Link stood up and walked out of Hyrules town, Zelda just watched as he disappeared from her eye sight.

We see that of a hero's heart belongs to the land he serves, true love can never be part of that world.


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