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The Dawn of Darkness

By Paul Nolan

This story starts long before The Ocarina Of Time, so is a sort of unofficial prequel. Strangely for a Zelda story, it doesn't involve Zelda at all and only briefly includes Link. Instead I concentrated on the stories of a couple of minor characters (Nabooru and Twinrova), to give a bit of backstory on the creation of Ganondorf.

Anyway, here goes:

"Once every hundred years a male child is born to the Gerudo and he shall become their leader"

Niobe, a lone Gerudo staggered through the Haunted Wasteland. She clutched her stomach in agony, biting her lip to stop herself from screaming. She could see the shrine of the Desert Poe in the distance, just a vague shadow in the swirling sandstorm. "How did I get out here, anyway?" she wondered to herself. She had no recollection of even leaving the fortress and now here she was at the other side of the desert. She collapsed to the ground, grappling at the small rocks. Leevers came slashing their way through the sand, scratching her with their spines. She could contain her screams no longer. She kicked the small, mobile cacti out of the way and yelled for help, but it was no good: the roaring winds all but drowned her out.

Suddenly, she heard a distant cackling. She looked up, emitting a pained cry as she moved her stomach. The witches had followed her. "It looks like the child is in pain, Koume" said one of the witches, her breath seeming to freeze the scorching desert air "Yes, Kotake. Should we put her out of her misery?" Said the other witch, her eyes burning right through Niobe's soul. "I don't know, Koume. She could be useful. After all, she is carrying the future king"
"Very well, sister." screeched Koume, "I have a better idea..." She whispered to her sister. Kotake cackled. "Ah yes, sister. A great plan." she said.

Niobe was slowly edging her way across the desert, and managed to lift herself onto a nearby crate, out of the way of the leevers. Suddenly, the witches screeched and swooped down towards her, the gems on their brows glowing with raw, elemental power. The sands began to warp and change beneath her, drawing her into the black void below.

Niobe awoke.
She looked around. Great, she thought. Back in the Colossus. At least her pain was gone, she comforted herself. Perhaps the witches had actually done her a favour. Still, she wanted to get back to the fortress and away from this creepy place. She'd never felt comfortable around magic, and she could sense this place was full of evil intent. She couldn't move.
"What the...?" she thought. She tried to speak but nothing came out. "What's going on?". She looked down at herself and the horror slowly crept through her.
They had petrified her. She was an Armos: a living statue, her soul trapped in stone for all eternity, never to leave the temple.

Chapter 1 - Succession

The whole Gerudo race was in a mess without a leader. The previous king had died over twenty years ago, and they had all but given up on a boy being born (the king was well over 100 when he died and a male should have been born since that)
Eventually it was decided that they should appoint one of their own as leader, the strongest and bravest of them all: Nabooru. Nabooru, at nineteen was very young to be given responsibility over her whole clan, but she showed wisdom and strength beyond her years. So much so that the decision was unanimous. She was their leader. (There was also the fact she was extremely beautiful and charming, which would come in useful when arranging 'deals' with other peoples)
Although Nabooru's was a good queen, there were still problems. Money was tight, which forced the Gerudo to stick to their thieving ways. However, Nabooru ordered them that they must never take from the poor and innocent blood must never be shed, or they would be banished to the desert. This rule was taken up by all the Gerudo, as they also thought it wrong to hurt the innocent, and besides they didn't want to live out their lives in the desert, with it's evil mirages. Anyone who wandered into the desert ill-equipped would never return.

One day, two ancient witches flew in from over the desert. They circled the fortress, demanding to meet with the ruler. Nabooru stepped up. "Sister, how can this girl be the ruler of our people?" said one of the hags in a high-pitched screech that seemed to go through Nabooru's head like a rusty knife.
"We have their true leader right here with us, Kotake!" exclaimed the other witch.
"How can this be? None of us has bore a manchild in our lives!" said Nabooru, eyeing the circling witches suspiciously. Although they dressed like Gerudo, their skin was a terrible green colour and she could sense that there was something evil about them.
"We found a poor girl in the desert." explained Kotake "She was in such pain..."
"Don't interrupt me, Koume!" screamed Kotake. "Anyway, we took her in and in time a child was born."
"Unfortunately, the girl died in labour, so we raised the child ourselves in the Colossus" added Koume, obviously annoyed at her sister for interrupting her.
"So where is the child?" Nabooru asked, growing impatient with these strange women.
"The child is of the past." said Koume. "He is a man now. Meet your new leader: Ganondorf Dragmire, King of Thieves!" The sky grew dark and the gem's on the witches' heads began to glow, and suddenly shot out bolts of energy. They slashed to the ground and where they met, lightning struck. Several of the Gerudo ran screaming for cover, but Nabooru remained outwardly calm. When the flash faded, in it's place stood a sinister-looking man. He stood around seven feet tall with the same ghastly olive-green skin as the witches. His hair was flame-red, and his cruel eyes shone dull amber with pure maleficence. He was clad in black armour, with faded white gauntlets patterned like the witches' clothing. Behind him trailed a red velvet cape, around eight feet long.

"You are all my servants now!" He bellowed.

Nabooru stood forward.
"I'll never bow before you" she said, angry but still calm and firm. "If you won't bow then I shall make you, brat!" he yelled. His hand began to glow with dark energy, which he launched at Nabooru's knees. She fell to the ground in pain.
"If you will not obey me then you can live out your days in solitude. Mothers, send her across the desert, where no-one will ever see her again!" The witches circled Nabooru. They appeared to do what Ganondorf had just did, forming energy orbs, but this time the magic began to circle Nabooru, faster and faster, forming a whirlwind around the helpless Gerudo and carrying her far across the wasteland.

"Now what shall we do with the rest of them, Koume?" said Kotake. "We could make them spend their lives in service to the Great Ganondorf, Kotake" replied her sister.
"But how would we do that, Koume? They could be as stubborn as the girl." The witches stared at the remaining Gerudos. Their eyes became all the helpless thieves could see, all they could think. They surrendered to them, and to the Great Ganondorf.

To their new leader. Ganondorf, King of Thieves.

Chapter 2 - Revenge

Nabooru wandered the desert wearily, looking for some sign of life (apart from those damnable leevers, she thought). She couldn't return to the fortress as the witches had flung her over the river of sand (a magical barrier placed by the ancient Sage of Spirit to guard the colossus). She decided the only way to go was to the colossus. At least it was shelter, and there was sure to be an oasis - or why would it have been built there in the first place?. She trudged around in the blinding sandstorm until she came upon a small stone building, the home of the Desert Poe: the only entity to know the way to the colossus. Slight problem: he was near-invisible. This would have stopped most people, but Nabooru tried to focus her mind. Nothing came at first, but then a vague shadow formed in the sandy haze. After much begging and pleading (and a small amount of rupees, which always helps) the Poe took off and floated away, cackling evilly and swinging it's spirit-lamp at Nabooru.
She jumped down and ran. After what seemed like an age, the sands cleared and there it was: A huge sandstone goddess statue, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the desert, palms upturned. The Colossus.

Nabooru ran straight forwards, dodging the Leevers trying to shred her ankles with moderate success. Inside the temple it wasn't much better. She knew from what the old hags had said that this was Ganondorf's lair. However, she couldn't do much about it, as he blocked the only entrance she could find with a huge stone block (He even had the audacity to mark the block with the symbol of the Gerudo: a moon and star - How could he call himself a Gerudo when he went against everything they stood for? she wondered angrily). There was another entrance, but it was only a tiny hole. Only a child could get in there. She, although petite, couldn't possibly make it. However, she didn't want to hang around inside the temple. There was an evil presence in there, she could feel it. She had a hunch it was those two witches. She saw them coming and going, making sure they didn't see her. Luckily Nabooru was very good at hiding. She didn't want Ganondorf to know she had found the temple, or he might send her somewhere even further away.

A few days later, Nabooru still hadn't given up trying to find an entrance to the temple itself. She knew she couldn't move the block and the hole was as good as useless to her. Suddenly she heard footsteps behind her. She jumped in shock, then quickly went to hide in an alcove - not the best hiding place but better than being totally out in the open, she thought. A small child, no more than ten years old came up behind her, sword in hand. She couldn't hide her amusement.
"Who are you?" he asked, in a surprisingly strong voice for one so young. "I think I should be asking you the same question, kid." "I am Link. Now who are you?" Said the kid. "That's a weird name, Link. I'm Nabooru, a lone wolf Gerudo thief. What business do you have at the Colossus? You do know this place is being used by Ganondorf as a hideout, don't you? It's much too dangerous for a kid like you to play in." Nabooru said. She could hardly believe that this child could get through the desert. All of a sudden, she became worried: "Are you one of Ganondorf's men?" she asked
"Of course not!" he snapped. "I hate Ganondorf. I am here to find a sage and free this temple from his evil.
Nabooru was confused. "A sage? I don't know anyone like that." Suddenly she had an idea. "Do you see that hole" she said, pointing to the tiny opening in the wall.
"Yes..." Link answered cautiously.
She remembered the inscription on one of the statues by the entrance. Something about a 'power of silver'. It sounded like a reference to an ancient Gerudo treasure, the silver gauntlets. They would give her the strength to move that huge block. "Could you do me a favour? I want you to crawl inside and retrieve a treasure. It wouldn't be any good for you but I could use it to mess up Ganondorf's plans!" "OK" said Link. He trusted this woman, who seemed to hate Ganondorf as much as him.
"Thanks, kid. When you get older I'll do something special for you!" Nabooru shouted after him. ("He looks like he'll grow into someone pretty special, and he's already set to be quite a looker!", she thought to herself, smiling sweetly.)

Nabooru paced the temple entrance nervously. The kid was taking his time and she didn't wan't to be caught (or him to be, for that matter). She walked outside.
After what seemed like hours, Link appeared high up outside the Colossus. He was holding an object that glinted silver in the desert sun. It caught Nabooru's eye.
"Hey, kid! Throw it down here!" She shouted. However, before he could, there came a high pitched cackle. Nabooru screamed. She knew that sound. "Well, well Koume. It looks as though she found her way through the desert after all!"
"What should we do Kotake?" said the other witch. The stared to circle Nabooru, cackling and screeching. Suddenly the sands started to shift and become distorted as a strange vortex formed beneath Nabooru. "Help!" She screamed as she was sucked down into oblivion, but it was futile. What could the kid do? Even if he did manage to get down and save her the witches would destroy both of them.
Nabooru dissapeared beneath the sands.

Chapter 3 - Before

Nabooru was not the only Gerudo to have been exiled in the history of the race, although it was an extremely rare occurence (to leave someone in the haunted wasteland was as good as a death sentence, and was not a punishment dished out lightly). In fact, before Nabooru, the last exile occured over three centuries beforehand.

It was extremely uncommon for a Gerudo woman to bear twins. Because of this, they were regarded as sacred, two people so close they could look into each other's minds; a combined consciousness. So when Alida Dragmire bore twin girls, she was thrilled. This put her in high esteem among her fellows. As was the custom with twins, they were trained in the magical arts. They seemed to have a natural talent which the king quickly noticed, appointing them as the royal vizirs. They decided to train in elemental magic, the most primal and powerful of all. Koume, the first-born twin specialised her talents in fire magic and Kotake, the younger in ice magic. Together, they could be productive, bringing forth rain to the parched desert, allowing plants to grow and letting the Gerudo support themselves agriculturally. Apart, these two forces could devastate, making them useful for defense and combat with hostile races.
The sisters, although clever and beautiful, were selfish and jealous. Kotake fell in love with the King of the Gerudos. However, he was married to another, Aveil. Aveil could tell that Kotake liked her husband, but knew she was no threat to her marriage, as the king adored her. What Aveil didn't know was the extent of Kotake's power. One day, a mysterious woman came into the court of the Gerudo King. She was the most beautiful thing the king had ever seen. She practically threw herself upon him and - strangely - he didn't protest. She kissed him and he kissed her back, under her thrall. Just then Aveil walked into the room and saw them. She ran up, screaming, daggers drawn. The woman turned, glaring icily at Aveil. She stopped in her tracks: she knew those eyes. Suddenly, the woman drew two short staffs. One of them appeared to be a torch of some sort, and the other seemed it's opposite, freezing the air around it. This strange apparition floated through the air, leering at Aveil. Then, she pointed the ice-wand at her. Aveil was dead, encased in ice. Next, the torch was lifted and a bolt of fire blasted at Aveil. Now defrosted, her lifeless corpse slumped to the ground. The king couldn't believe what he was seeing. First this strange woman appeared from nowhere, seduced him and then she killed his wife using the most powerful magic he'd ever seen. It only took him a few seconds to realise who she -or rather they- was. Only the twins could use that kind of magic.

The king was devastated at the loss of his wife. He ordered his guards to fetch the sorceresses. They came, meek as ever, to the court. The king delivered his punishment: they were to be exiled to the haunted wasteland. The twins were too weakened from the fusion to exact their revenge, and were carried off into the desert, across the river of sand and out of the Gerudo's lives.

For a few centuries, anyway.

Lost in the desert, the twins were thought dead. Any normal Gerudo would have been. However, they used their magics to clear the sandstorm, allowing them to find their way through the desert, to the colossus (if they returned to the fortress, the king would have them killed outright, and the colossus, being an ancient temple was also a focus for the magic and therefore one of the best places for them to be). They set up home in the temple, hidden inside a giant shrine deep within.
As the years passed, so the twins' bitterness grew. They traded their soul for unimaginable power and eternal life. Only they knew of their weakness: the one thing that could kill them - each other. Koume, as an avatar of fire, could only be killed by the power of her sister, an avatar of ice, and vice versa. The two combined came to nothing and would cancel each other out if mixed. This was never a worry - who else would figure it out?

Time passed and the witches lived on. Their beauty disappeared with their souls, and they became twisted and evil. They lay in wait, plotting their revenge against the tribe that banished them, against the whole of Hyrule and eventually against the world. They knew how they could do it. All it would take was a child; a boy.

Chapter 4 - Learning

The child Niobe carried was not her own. Niobe could sense that it didn't belong. The maternal feelings the other women had as their stomachs swelled were absent. All Niobe felt was dread. She knew deep inside that this child was wrong, evil even, and that even though it grew inside her it was not hers.

The whole nine moons of waiting passed in agony. She was writhing in pain for the whole duration of the pregnancy, while her friends cheerfully made their coming offspring tiny clothes and fashioned head gems from precious stones stolen from unfortunate travellers. Niobe's child had none of this: she was too occupied with the pain and hate radiating from the creature inside her womb. Her friends, who could see what pain she was in, helped as best they could, picking medicinal herbs to ease the torture and making the clothes that Niobe wanted to make herself. They even made the baby a head gem, a beautiful sapphire, stolen from one of their conquests in Kakariko Village. (she chose this because she had an idea that the child would be a boy, as none of the other mothers were having this much trouble, and it seemed totally different to anything she had ever seen)

Across the desert, the two witches were making preparations for the child they had sent to the poor Gerudo. It was indeed a boy. They had already chosen a name: Ganondorf. Ganondorf Dragmire - meaning king of the enchanted thieves. They too had made the child a head gem - Theirs wasn't stolen, though. They used their magics to form a fiery topaz, one which could burn into you but chill your soul. The child would have their powers combined and in time his magics would surpass even theirs. When the time was right they would take him and train him in sorcery, mould him into their own dark image.

Nine moons had passed and Niobe's pain had seemed to ease. She had an unpleasant feeling that made her think of the eye of a storm. This was only the beginning of what was to come. At least she could get to sleep tonight, for the first time in so many moons, she comforted herself. She lay down on her bunk in the fortress and slept.

When she awoke she was paralysed with fear: "This isn't my bed!" she gasped. She looked around at the strange room in which she had awoken. There was a huge statue towering over her of the Gerudo goddess, Nikea, cross legged on the floor to her side. She appeared to be lying on some kind of altar, with torches burning either side of her. The torch at her head was of normal fire, but that at her feet burned with the searing coldness of blue flame. As she adjusted her eyesight she saw the flames leave the torches and circle around her. They changed into two hideous Gerudo witches, apparently twins.

"The time is now sister", screamed the witch with the icy blue head gem. "Yes, sister. Our child is ready!" agreed her twin with the red head gem.

Niobe stood paralysed with fear as the witches launched dead black orbs of light at her stomach. The pain returned threefold. Niobe thought she had wet herself with terror but the truth was even worse. She had gone into labour.

She ran. Out of the temple and into the vast Western Desert.

Chapter 5 - Closure

Link returned to the temple. It seemed like only minutes had passed, but seven years had gone by in that short time - time travel was freaky. He entered the temple, now understanding the inscription on the cobra statue. He knew what the 'power of silver' was, and now he could get deeper into the temple. He knew as soon as he entered that this place was even more evil than the other 4 he had faced. He was nearer to Ganondorf, he could sense it. He took the gauntlets from his pack and put them on. As they touched his flesh, he could feel his arms growing stronger. Now he could move that block. As he walked towards it, he looked at the statues in the entrance. He knew that they were Armos knights just by looking at them, but one of them seemed... more alive, somehow. He walked on.

Nabooru came to. (in actual fact it happened the second Link entered the temple, although she couldn't have known this). She took a look around. She was in a place she'd never seen before, a rather grand-looking room with a red carpet and she was sat upon a throne (she was a queen, but she'd never had this treatment). She tried to get up, to have a look around - funny, she didn't remember being this heavy. She looked down and gave a terrified gasp. She didn't usually wear armor, either. Then she realised what had happened. She had somehow been transformed into an iron knuckle: a biomechanical guard built by an ancient gerudo king to protect the colossus from intruders, now reduced to insane, axe-wielding monsters by time and solitude. The shock caused her to faint dead away. Not too far away, someone cackled, pleased with her work.

Bruised and battered, but still determined, Link stood atop a suspended platform in front of a huge stone goddess, a replica of the colossus itself. He was right about the temple being worse than the rest. He had encountered many new monsters, from floating, flamethrowing ghost snakes to giant metal knights, none of which were exactly a picnic. "This must be the way to the heart", he thought, but he couldn't see a way in. Then he noticed that the face of the statue looked more fragile and decrepit than the rest. He took out a bomb and threw it: no result - it went short and fell to the ground.. "Damn." he muttered, and turned away to think of a solution. A few seconds later, he heard rocks falling. He looked around. Of course! The light had reflected in his (brand new) mirrored shield and burned the stone away, revealing a metal grate. He hookshotted his way across and opened the door.

The witches heard the door to their secret lair slam shut. They came to the entrance to investigate and couldn't restrain their laughter when they saw who had stumbled upon them. Some kid, only about 18 and looking pretty dishevelled and a bit burned, wielding a pathetic-looking sword and... - how? - the secret treasure of the Gerudo, the Mirror Shield. He seemed below their power, so they decided to leave him to their new-found minion.

Link heard a great creaking roar. He stumbled back at the sound of it, as the seemingly inanimate suit of armor in front of him crashed into life, chasing him around the room with an axe roughly the size of Link himself. (quite) unfazed, Link battled it as the two he had already faced, running in close, dodging the axe's lethal arc, then slicing the creature in the back. This one seemed somehow... different. The cries it made when he hit it seemed almost human, certainly not the not-even-animal roars of the other knights. After a few blows, Link dropped his sword in horror. The armor fell off, revealing Nabooru's bruised and cut figure. Amazingly, she was hardly hurt (the armor would have took most of the damage).
"Oh look, sister! The kid is tougher than we thought". Link spun around. The witches had returned in a burst of magic and were circling Nabooru. "Look at her, sister! She's just a child." screeched Kotake. "Perhaps we should make her work for the great Ganondorf a little longer, Kotake" replied her sister.
The witches paused for a bit, then decided otherwise. A blast of fire from Koume, and one of ice from Kotake chased Nabooru around the room. She screamed and lept to her feet, but the magic travelled much faster and she couldn't outrun it. She gave one final scream as the blasts hit her at exactly the same time, vaporising her instantly. The witches vanished further into their lair. Maybe now the kid had seen their power he would retreat.

Link watched helplessly as his new-found friend disappeared. He couldn't let her die in vain, so he made his way to the back of the room. The door opened. Link arrived in a large square room with high platforms. He climbed up onto the biggest one and looked around. He heard cackling from both ends of the room at once. The pillar in front of him became a fiery vortex so powerful he had to shield his eyes from the heat even though it was around 6 yards away. At the same time he felt the hairs on his back stand on end as the ice swirled behind him.
"What a fool, to intrude so boldly into our home! Ho ho ho!" Link jumped as the Koume appeared from the fire in front of him. "We should teach him a lesson, Koume!" came a reply from behind him. Link didn't need to look to know it was Kotake. "With my flame I shall burn him to the bone!". Koume rose from the flames on her broomstick, eyes glaring evilly at Link. Suddenly, her hair appeared to burst into flame. This human bonfire flew higher and higher, circling Link menacingly.
"With my frost I shall freeze him to his soul!" From behind him he heard Kotake taking off. As with her sister, her hair changed, but instead of fire, Kotake's became it's opposite; a flame made of ice - mobile as fire and just as deadly.
The witches began to fly around the room. Koume stopped mid flight, hovering in front of Link. She held out her hand and the air around it started to turn red with heat. A vortex formed in fire, then with a screech, the witch released it as a beam. Link saw it coming and quickly jumped onto one of the other pillars. As the fire hit the main floor, the room filled with smoke and flames. When the fire subsided Link lept back onto the charred platform. He remembered what Kaepora Gaebora, that mysterious owl had told him: He must use the witches power against them. But how? Suddenly Navi had an idea. She whispered in Link's ear. "The shield! it reflects light: maybe it will work on magic, too!". Link didn't need telling twice. He sent Navi out to target one of the witches. She chose Koume. Seeing the fairy, the witch sent out a blast of fire magic straight at Link. He put out his shield just in time. The fire bounced off the shield and went straight at Kotake. She screamed in pain as her sister's magic weakened her. The kid would pay for that! Kotake raised her hand and treat the brat to a blast of ice. Link just saw it in time and held out his mirror shield. The magic reflected towards Koume. Navi could see what was happening. She knew the blast would miss, so she quickly flew over to the other witch. Because of her targeting power the blast hit perfect bullseye in Koume's face. The witches flew in close. Somehow the kid had figured their secret out, which meant one thing. No more messing about. Now they meant business. "What a fresh kid! OK Koume, let's get serious!" "You mean..."
"Kotake and Koume's double dynamite attack!" They screeched together. The witches flew together, round and round. They hadn't done this spell for years but they could remember how powerful it was. The witches seemed to change shape, then all of a sudden they became one. Their broomsticks became staffs of fire and ice. The gems on their heads merged. The creature that formed defied description. From one side it's head spewed fire and from the other came the ice-flame. It dressed as a Gerudo warrior but it's skin remained sickly olive-green and it's face, although younger, was just as hideous as the witches. The mighty Twinrova: surrogate mother of the Evil King Ganondorf was one and determined to kill this brat. Link stumbled back in horror at the sight of this apparition. No longer the beautiful temptress that killed Aveil all those years ago, the sight of Twinrova could make a man insane with horror. Seeing Link's revulsion, she leered at him smugly.

Twinrova hovered around the room, the bitter smell of ozone behind her where the intense heat and cold ionised the air. Navi flew out to target her but was knocked aside by one of the witches staffs. Link watched as Twinrova raised one of her staffs, holding out his shield ready for the blast. It came, a fireball so powerful Link felt his face wrinkle with the heat. It hit the shield but nothing seemed to happen. Link looked confused. He felt his shield fill with energy but it didn't release. Twinrova flew to the opposite corner of the room and unleashed another blast of fire. Link caught it as before. He realised what was happening. The shield was pulsating faster now. It seemed only one more blast would cause it to either explode or unleash all the power at once. There came another blast of... ice. "Quick! the ice will cancel out your fire! MOVE LINK!" Navi screamed in his ear. Link move to the edge of the arena just in time. The floor cracked as the blast hit the ground, just missing Link by inches. The next blast was fire again - it seemed Koume was angrier at Link than her sister. Link ran back to the centre and caught the blast. Now he felt his shield going mad with energy. He was knocked back as the beam of fire came shooting from it. Shielding his eyes with the other hand, he ran forward, only to hit the witch square in the chest. Twinrova crumpled to the platform. "The gem! hit her on the head, Link!" Navi flew over and buzzed around the witch's head. The gem had begun to glow more weakly. Link didn't need to be told twice. He jumped across and smashed the Master Sword down full force into the gem. There was a brilliant flash of light and it exploded. Twinrova screamed and flew up into the air, spinning round and round. She suddenly split into two clouds of fire and ice and Koume and Kotake landed on the platform in front of Link.
"No more messing about: This time we do it together! Ready, Koume?" "Wait Kotake: What's that above your head?" A ring of white light had appeared over each witches head.
"I don't know Koume but there's one over your head, too" Suddenly the witches realised what had happened. "Aaagh! I can't be dead! I'm only 400 years old!" screeched Kotake "And I'm only 380!"
"Don't lie about your age: we're twins!" "You must have gone senile"
"Don't talk to your older sister like that!" "How can you be so heartless?"
"You're so ungrateful!"
"You're heartless!"
"You ungrateful..."
The witches ascended to the light that appeared above them, still arguing. "AAAAGH!"
Link ran forth into the blue portal that had opened in front of him, that would take him to the Chamber of Sages. Now that Nabooru's spirit had been freed, all the sages had been awakened and he could go to fight Ganondorf in the final showdown.

Although her body was dead, Nabooru's spirit remained. As Twinrova died and the curse on her race was broken, she was summoned to the Temple of Light. Who'd have thought that she of all people would turn out to be the Sage of Spirit, one of the keys in returning Hyrule to peace. It was a shame she had to die to fulfil this role, as had the other 5, but it was a noble sacrifice: her life for the whole world's future.

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