The Early Times

By Nubis

The First Age of the Gods

400 P.H.R. 0 H.R.

The gods first come to create the wonderful land of Ambion

At first, there was nothing. The land of Ambion was a plane of nothingness. Then, three celestial beings (or gods as they are now called) descended to the land. They were golden and each was surrounded by a different colored aura. Three other celestial beings (or goddesses as they are now said to be called) accompanied them. These three were silver and had no aura. The gods appeared to be the teachers and the goddesses their apprentices. The gods started to create a rich land that they hoped would live forever. This also appeared to teach the goddesses what they needed to know to create their own land.

The first of the three gods named Omron, also the god of evil, was fat in appearance. He wore a long robe over his golden color and when he spoke it sounded like a lion. The aura around him was a hue of orange and red. He created two lands to the north. They were named Olmor to the extreme north and Grindlelocken to the east of Olmor. He gave them their races that were evil like their creator. The Triforce of Evil was given to them. It was a triangle like any other Triforce piece but was black. It made whoever touched it or whoever was near it to become evil. Many terrible things would happen when the power of this Triforce piece was released.

The second god was named Celsion. He was a thin god carrying his magical staff and wearing his thin robe over the golden appearance. His aura shined purple and when he spoke, it sounded like rushing water. He was the god of magic and he himself created the most lands. His special land to the west, like Omron's favorite was to the north, was Calatia. He then created SoByRia which later split in three becoming Somaria, Byrna, and Moria. There was also the land of Niregaught to the east and south of Grindlelocken. In Calatia, the Triforce of Magic rested in the castle of the Royal Magicians. The Triforce of Magic was a silver Triforce piece with the Magic Sign on it. The sign was an eye that would later represent another magical race. The Triforce piece gave magic powers to whoever touched it. The people of the lands of Celsion were made in his image. They were magical people like he was.

The third god was named Sefilar. He was a tall and thin god who had four crystal wings on his back. He wore no robe but instead, a golden tunic over his golden appearance. His voice was soft and soothing. His aura shined yellow. He created three small lands to the northwest, the southeast, and the south. To the northwest was Legot, where the Triforce of the Fairies was kept.

This Triforce piece gave whoever touched it the friendship and aid of the fairies

from wherever they were. To the southeast was Farral. Farral later split into eight small islands that covered the southeast territory. To the west of Farral and south of everything else was Datmar. It was the largest land that Sefilar created. The races of these lands were the fairies.

Feeling satisfied with their work, the gods and their goddess apprentices returned to the heavens. Very soon, the goddesses will learn enough to complete this land called Ambion...



The Age of Creation

0 H.R. 5 H.R.

The Goddesses create Hyrule

These lands that had been created only made a ring around a vast ocean. There was still only nothing Inside the ring of land. Then it all changed...

The goddesses, Din, Farore, and Nayru returned to earth and Ambion. They were now golden instead of silver and each had a different aura. They were to create the final land.

Din... with her fiery arms cultivated the land and made the mountains.

Farore... used her power to create the vegetation of the land.

And Nayru... with all her love created the oceans and seas of the land.

Each goddess gave a race to the land. Din created the Gorons and placed them on the high mountains where they ate rocks and rolled down hillsides. Farore gave the Kokiri and placed them deep in the forest where they never aged and always had fun. Nayru gave the Zora and placed them in the Zora Domain to guard the waterways and oceans of the land. The gods were most pleased with the goddesses' work and each gave a race of their own. Omron gave the Gerudo and placed them in the desert where they would later pillage and plunder the land. Celsion gave the magical race of the Shiekah who lived in the shadow of Death Mountain where the Gorons lived. That shadow is now Kakariko Village. Sefilar gave the tiny Fairy race that inhabited the flora and fauna of the land and later befriended the Kokiri. All the beings pitched in to create the race that would later uphold all law and order. They were called the Hylians.

The goddesses then created an alternate world. It was called the Sacred Realm. As they were returning to the heavens, the Triforce was created at the place where they left Earth and it was the Sacred Realm. The Triforce would rest there for a long time. It was a large triangle made of three small triangles and a triangle-shaped gap in the center. Each triangle represented the strengths of each goddess. One was Din and her power. One was Farore and her courage. One was Nayru and her wisdom. If a righteous heart touched the Triforce the land would enter a golden age. However, if an evil heart touched the Triforce it would split and the piece that the person most wanted would remain with him. The other two pieces went to two predestined people who had the mark of the Triforce on their hand at birth. The remaining piece would give the person whatever they wanted. So if they wanted the Triforce of Power, the pieces of Courage and Wisdom would go to the two predestined people. The remaining piece would give them power but you needed the other two pieces to bring the Triforce to its full power. This would all turn chaotic later on. They named the land Hyrule, after the King of Gods named Hyrel. The goddesses and the gods returned to the heavens. But it wasn't going to be easy for Ambion in its awakening; one of the gods was evil...



The Rise of Hylia

5 H.R. 10 H.R.

The Hylians become the superior race of Hyrule

Soon after the departure of the goddesses from this land, the Hylians rose to superiority over all the other races. The Hylians were later called the 'blessed people' as they rose in royalty to hold the government. And indeed they were. The goddesses put their best strengths into the Hylians. They would never really live up to the name of the 'blessed people' but they would always do their best.

The Hylians were short people, only five feet at the most. Their ears were long and they believed they were so they could hear the conversations of the goddesses. The men usually had quite a bit of facial hair and no hair anywhere else. Their hair was brown or blond and their eyes blue or brown or green. A true Hylian, those that existed at the beginning and their descendants, were blond haired and blue eyed. The women of Hylia usually were plump and didn't care. However the younger generation was thin and short.

The Kokiri children of the forest were shorter. Only getting to a child's height at ten years of age and then stopping. Their hair was either green or red and their eyes were brown or green. Strange forces of the forest kept the race from aging. They could live hundreds of years and never look older than ten years old. However, they were not allowed to leave the forest. For if they did, they would surely die. The mighty Deku Tree was their leader and some say he was even a reincarnation of a god or an ancient sage. The Lost Woods, a forest only the Kokiri children could navigate, protected them from enemies. For if someone who was not Kokiri entered the woods for too long and got lost, they would become monsters. However, the existence of the Lost Woods really was not necessary, as a vast majority of the outside world was not aware of the Kokiri's existence.

The Gorons were of Hylian height but of a heavier weight. They were half-rock, half-man and rock was their diet. They lived atop the great Death Mountain that, some say, is able to tell when evil is afoot. The clouds above the mountain would change pattern if it sensed trouble. This would Hyrule later in the future. The Gorons were good friends with the Hylians and offered them heat-resistant clothing and, in turn, the Hylians gave the Gorons absolute freedom and protection. The Gorons were also accomplished farmers and farmed the one most important crop of Hyrule: the Bomb Flower. The Bomb Flower had explosive properties that, when pulled, would explode.

The Zora were much taller than the Hylians, sometimes standing at six feet. It was said that they evolved to the way they are from the magical properties of the water in the Zora Domain. The Zora were half-man, half-fish, meaning they were accomplished swimmers and divers. They gave the Hylians special underwater clothing and the Hylians gave them absolute freedom and protection. The Zora would forever play a large part in Hyrule's future.

The Gerudo secluded themselves in the heat of the desert sands. They rode horses and pillaged the Hylian villages and harassed the Gorons and the Zora. They stood at average Hylian height and had large green eyes and flaming red hair. The race was an amazon race of women where a man was only born every 100 years. Sometimes though, there would be an extraordinary 150-year boy born.

The Fairies were tiny little creatures that were loving and tender. They befriended the Kokiri and found shelter in their homes and in the flora and fauna of Hyrule. They even had magical powers and were very hard to catch. They were many different colors, red, yellow, white, black, and some were even golden.

The Shiekah lived in the shadow of Death Mountain. This town soon became Kakariko Village. They befriended the Hylians and vowed to protect the Royal Hylia Family from danger with their own lives. They were about six feet in height and had dark, shadowy eyes and strange gray hair. They were magical people sent by Celsion himself and nobody wanted to be near them when they were angry.

At the end of this age, Rauru, the first of the next seven sages was born to the Hylians. In 30 H.R., The Deku Tree Seed was planted in the woods. Five years later, the Book of Mudora was written. That book was soon to be the cause of everyone's troubles...



The Imprisoning War

40 H.R. 130 H.R.

The races of Hyrule take up arms for the Triforce

There was greed in Hyrule for the Triforce. The other lands knew where their Triforce pieces were and proudly displayed them in castles and hillsides. But in Hyrule, no one knew where the Sacred Realm was and some believed that the Triforce was just a myth from long ago. And yet, there were some that believed that the Triforce was being secretly kept by one of the other races. The only reason to see the Triforce was to just know that it was real. Later it turned to lust for power of the Triforce. Then that lust turned to greed. An inscription in the Book of Mudora only made matters worse. The line said:

"In a realm beyond sight,

The sky shines gold, not blue.

There, the Triforce's might

Makes mortal dreams come true."

The new reason to find the Triforce was for wishes to be granted. This led the races of Hyrule to wage war against itself. They killed each other mercilessly each believing that the other race they were destroying was secretly holding the Triforce somewhere. Only the Kokiri and the Fairies held out in the forest to avoid fighting. They alone knew the truth of the Triforce as Sefilar himself had told them not to fight in the war. The forest became a stronghold to care for the wounded during the long war. It was during this war that the Shiekah were slaughtered without remorse. They were believed to be the most likely to hold the Triforce. They were magical and secluded themselves and many were killed after they were interrogated and believed to be lying. It was also during this time that Ganondorf Dragmire was born to the Gerudo. All the future six sages were born during this war. Rauru gathered the original seven sages and built the Temple of Time and Light to protect the Triforce and keep its real location secret. The Master Sword was also forged in this time.

Ten years before the end of the war, a Hylian mother named Milae entered the Kokiri forest with a small child in her hands. She brought the child in front of the young Deku Tree and it was there she died. The boy was brought up by the Kokiri children and the Deku Tree and ten years later, the war ended and Hyrule could begin its healing. The child was destined to become a great hero and the light of the post-war years was the setting for the first of the many adventures...



The Olmorian/SoByRian War

50 H.R. 70 H.R.

The evil Olmor wages war to Somaria, Byrna, and Moria

In other areas of Ambion there was unrest. Olmor, where the Triforce of Evil rested, declared war on the magical land of SoByRia. The magical people of SoByRia saw it coming and were prepared and easily destroyed the Olmorian Army. However, the Olmorian population had armies to spare and sent many more armies for the next twenty years to capture the Triforce of Magic. SoByRia held its own however and Olmor was defeated. The war took many casualties but was a was small and would soon be forgotten when larger wars followed...




The Datmarian/Niregaughten War

70 H.R. 90 H.R.

Datmar, the fairies, must defend themselves against the magical Niregaughten people

Following the great war of Olmor and SoByRia, there was another war between Datmar and Niregaught. They wanted the Triforce of the Fairies. They were aware that Legot was impenetrable so they attacked Datmar and believed Legot would soon surrender the Triforce piece to the magicians of Niregaught. The war was meant to be more of a siege but the Niregaughten magicians underestimated the power of the equally magical fairies. When the war ended, the fairies and the magicians of Calatia, SoByRia, and Niregaught became friends. The lands were free to trade with each other and depend on each other for a long time to come...

It was during this time in Hyrule that Sahasrahla was born as the leader of the elders...

The Repeating Age

130 H.R. 137 H.R.

The age that many say repeated itself. Ganon's first attack in history

In the light of the post-war, a young Gerudo prince named Ganondorf Dragmire began his own quest for the Triforce. He had discovered the magical lock on the Sacred Realm. He also discovered that the four goddess races, (as they were called. They were the Gorons, Zora, Kokiri, and Hylians) practically unknowingly, each held a key to the door. He went to the four races and tried to extract the keys from them. They refused and were severely tortured for having done so. The Kokiri's leader, the Deku Tree, was magically poisoned, the Dodongos cut off The Goron's food supply, and the Zora's deity, Jabu-Jabu, was sickened and swallowed the Princess of the Zora. However...

Link was awakened one morning by a fairy named Navi. He was told to go see the Deku Tree. It was here that his quest began. He had been having a recurring dream. He would be standing in front of a large castle and the bridge was up. Then it would come down. A girl on a white horse would ride out and look back at Link as if to say something. Then he would turn around and see a large man on a black horse. This was when he awoke. The Deku Tree told him of his dream and told him of the quest he was about to take. He was given the Kokiri Emerald before the great tree died. The Emerald was the first of the four keys to the magical lock. He headed to the outside world and met the first Princess Zelda. She said she also had one of the keys, The Ocarina of Time. Link set out to find the other two Spiritual Stones to keep them safe from Ganondorf. He helped the Gorons and Darunia, leader of the Gorons, gave him the Goron Ruby. He rescued Princess Ruto from the bowels of Jabu-Jabu's belly and was given the Zora Sapphire. With all three stones in hand, Link returned to the castle. It was then that his dream came to life. Princess Zelda came riding out on a white horse from the castle with Impa, her caretaker and last of the Shiekah. Zelda turned back to look at Link and threw something into the pool. Before Link could retrieve it he was brought face-to-face with a nightmare, Ganondorf!

Link used the Spiritual Stones and the Ocarina of Time, which he retrieved from the pool, and opened the Door of Time. He pulled the Master Sword from its pedestal. Before he was pulled into the Temple of Light, he saw the striking image of Ganondorf...

Link awoke seven years later in the Chamber of the Sages. There Rauru, Sage of Light told him, that he had to awaken the other sages to lock Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm forever. During the seven years Link slept, Ganondorf had taken the Triforce but it split and he was left only with the Triforce of Power. However, it was enough to take over Hyrule Castle, trap the sages in their temples, and become ruler of Hyrule. Now as the Hero of Time, Link set out to rescue the sages and to destroy Ganondorf. When he awakened the sages, they turned out to be his friends. Saria Sage of Forest, Darunia Sage of Fire, Princess Ruto Sage of Water, Impa Sage of Shadows, and Nabooru Sage of Spirit. When Link confronted Ganondorf, the three Triforce pieces flickered to life sensing the other pieces' presence. Link himself carried the Triforce of Courage and Zelda held the Triforce of Wisdom. Link destroyed the castle and Ganondorf. Ganondorf returned as Ganon and with the sacred blade, the Master Sword, Link weakened the evil demon long enough for the sages to send him to the Sacred Realm. Zelda also became one of the seven sages.

Zelda felt very sad that she had taken away Link's childhood by bringing him into the fight. But Link felt good that he had helped a good cause. Nevertheless, Zelda returned him to his past seven years earlier. History rewrote itself, differently of course, and that is why this piece of time was called the Repeating Age...



The Tyrinnean War

138 H.R. 140 H.R.

Link I and his final battle

The second time around the Repeating Age, Link married Malon and they had a son and a daughter. The son was named Shane and the daughter Lily. Time repeated again but this time everything stayed the same and strangely, when Link returned from the warp, Shane and Lily had become teenagers and yet it was still only a year after their birth. Link trained his children to fight like he did for he felt something was out of place in Hyrule.

Ganondorf and his army healed, he was ready to siege the barrier and try and overwhelm Hyrule Castle. He was going to get revenge on the sages, on Princess Zelda, and especially on Link.

Within a week's time, Ganondorf, now Ganon broke the seal of the sages and put the Hyrule Castle Town under siege. However, with the sages all awakened and Link's foresight, the drawbridge was up and the whole structure protected by the power of the sages. Link was put in command of the Hylian Guard, the elite force of troops in Hyrule. Shane was also a lieutenant in this very guard. Ganon, angered by their feeble attempts to keep him out, decided to lure them out by destroying the other races. He went to Death Mountain. Within a second, he flooded Goron City with lava, the Gorons were asleep and were not aware.

A Goron named Link came to the castle unbeknownst to Ganon and told of the awful news. He was not at home when the lava struck and said that Goron City's entrance had been caved in. Darunia, Sage of Fire, heard the news and broke down into tears. He could not believe losing the entire race in seconds.

King Zora awoke to find that the domain had been frozen over again. Ganon was standing on the platform below the Zora king's throne. He told the King that there was only one other Zora left in the domain. He told King Zora to send the lone Zora to Hyrule Castle and tell them that the Zoras were taken prisoner and would not be released unless Hylia agreed to fight. King Zora did as he was told, as he did not have much choice. The Zora went to Hyrule Castle and told of the tragic fate of the Zora. Princess Ruto overheard the news and also broke down. She could not stand to see her people tortured again.

Link had had enough. He was going to fight Ganon and free those Zora and bring them back to safety of the castle. But before he could ready the troops several young boys dressed in Kokiri clothing approached him. They told him that the forest had been burned to the ground. The Deku Sprout and their homes were now piles of ash. This was the worse news yet. The Kokiri were sure to die if the forest no longer existed.

Link told the troops it was now or never that they were to fight. He would not stand to have any more people die or be tortured. The troops responded and the drawbridge was lowered. The worst war was about to begin...

Link and Zelda and the Sages devised a plan to trap the army and Ganon within a force field and bring them back to the Sacred Realm. But because of the power of Ganon's army, the plan did not take action till two years later. When the plan was put into commission, the Sages formed a circle around the whole of Ganon's camp and started the spell. The Triforce pieces flickered to life in Link, Ganon, and Zelda. Ganon awoke and silently killed all the sages but Zelda. However he was too late, the force field was open and the army was being returned to the Sacred Realm. Link delayed Ganon from killing Zelda and the great final battle between the two enemies was fought. Link sacrificed himself and his own son, Shane, brought down the mighty Ganon and pushed him back into the force field. Ganon however, had taken the Triforce of Courage from the body of Link. There was only one Triforce piece working for good now.

Zelda began a family of her own and invited Malon and her children to stay in the castle. The Goron race and their sage were gone. Impa, last of the Shiekah was dead. The Kokiri soon died out as well. Saria was dead. Princess Ruto was dead and the Zora, they became enemies of Hyrule and kept to themselves after their cruel treatment. King Zora past away soon after the war. The Gerudo warriors were also dying out. The Hylians lost many, too many in the battle. Nabooru and Rauru were dead. And Hyrule had lost its greatest hero, Link. Soon after the war, the King died and left the throne to the older brother of Zelda but left the secrets of the Triforce to Zelda. Zelda was put to sleep by a powerful magician and the Triforce of Wisdom was put into the Royal Throne Room. The older brother of Zelda decreed that all blond, blue-eyed daughters in the Royal Family must be named Zelda and her nursemaid Impa. Zelda's eldest daughter decided to remake Hyrule. She took the remains of the Temple of Time, which had been destroyed in the war, and set up an altar in the Lost Woods. She took a piece of each of the Spiritual Stones and hid them in different places of the Realm. The Pedestal and Master Sword were placed on the altar in the Lost Woods and three small holes were carved into the altar for the three stones, that would soon be called pendants. Over time, the Sacred Realm became known as the Golden Land and the Seven Sages were soon to become known as the Seven Wise Men. Ganon would not be returning for a long time but the saga had only just begun...


The Human Awakening

140 H.R. 141 H.R.

A new race rises from the dust of the war

There was one year after the war where a new race awakened. They were called humans. They grew to be almost six feet, taller than the Hylians. They had brown, black, blonde, or red hair and green, blue, gray, or brown eyes. They were not treated equally to the Hylians by any race. They were constantly compared to their older cousins and always the underdog. This was not going to change for a long time...




The Age of the Seven Plagues

140 H.R. 145 H.R.

Fire, Flood, Drought, Quake, Pestilence, Darkness, and Death plague Hyrule

For five years, the Seven Great Plagues ravaged the land of Hyrule. For the five years the king called all magicians and sorcerers in the land to disperse the plagues. They all tried but alas, to no avail. The King was losing hope.

It was at the beginning of this age that Link II was born to Shane and his wife. Princess Zelda the Second was also born in Hyrule Castle. The Seven Descendants of the Ancient Wise Men were also growing up to be healthy and strong and would soon take their places as the Sages.

Towards the end of the age, a quiet traveling sorcerer was passing through Hyrule. When they noticed that he had the Shiekah's magical sign on his robe they asked if he could help destroy the plagues that were bringing Hyrule's end. His name was Agahnim and he did disperse the Plagues. He was named Royal Sorcerer to the king and highly decorated. During the years Agahnim silently killed the king and secretly ruled the Hyrule from inside the castle where only the people that lived there knew the king was dead. During this time Agahnim also captured five of the seven descendants of the Wise Men.



The Rise and Fall of Darkness/Hyrule's Decline

157 H.R. 159 H.R.

Agahnim declares himself as ruler and Link II continues the heroic bloodline

Agahnim captured a sixth descendant and openly declared the king was dead and he was to be successor as stated by the king with his dying breath. Princess Zelda had lost hope and sent a telepathic message to anyone who could hear on a stormy night. The message was believed to be heard by certain descendants of Link I, the Hero of Time and Hyrule itself.

Link heard it. Unfortunately, so did his uncle. He told Link to stay put and not to leave the house. Link, against his uncle's wishes, went to search for the girl who telepathically delivered the strange message. He set out into the storm...

He found his uncle almost half-dead lying against a wall of the vast Hyrule Castle. His uncle did not want Link endangering himself but he knew the message of the princess was meant for Link. Link took the sword and shield from his uncle and entered the secret entrance that his uncle knew of. He fought an enemy there and met an elder and a Princess, named Zelda. She went into hiding to protect herself from Agahnim. The elder told Link to journey to the three temples of Hyrule and recover the three pendants of Wisdom, Power, and Courage.

When Link had these three he traveled to the Lost Woods and found an altar where he placed the stones. He pulled the Master Sword from the pedestal and fulfilled his role as new hero.

Link II was indeed better than his predecessor Link I. He had the ability to shoot lightning from the tip of the Master Sword.

Link traveled all over Hyrule and the Dark World as the Golden Land was now called because Ganondorf had made it that way. Link witnessed the capture of Princess Zelda and even encountered Agahnim himself. Link traveled to the Dark World guided by Sahasrahla through telepathy from the Light World. He rescued the descendants of the sages from their crystal cocoons in the seven Dark World Temples and finally encountered Agahnim again.

Agahnim turned out to be a puppet for Ganon. Link battled Ganon and weakened him enough to escape with Princess Zelda back to the Light World and seal the land behind him.

The young hero was thanked greatly and was never forgotten. He became known as the Legendary Hero. Hyrule soon became ravaged and declined in both economy and wealth. Still, many adventures were yet to come...



The Legotian/Calatian War

160 H.R. 170 H.R.

The Fairies of Legot defend themselves against an onslaught from Calatia

The Calatians attacked Legot for ten years. The Fairies held themselves well however and in the end it was Calatia who was submitting. This formed the amazing bond and friendship of Fairies and Magicians that still lasts today. The Fairies' flag even has the fairy symbol superimposed on the magical eye symbol. This was a bond that came in handy later.

It was at the beginning of this time that Link, the Legendary Hero, went on a sailing voyage to hone his skills and courage. He was shipwrecked and said to have found the mysterious and legendary island of the Windfish, Koholint. He never told of his adventures there but was said to have met Malon and the Windfish itself who destroyed the island when Link wakened him. Link came back to Ambion but settled in Calatia and never set back for Hyrule for fear of the sea. Link the third was born here many years later and continued the heroic bloodline of Link I, the Hero of time.

In 173 H.R. Link III was born to Arn and Medila who were famous for a drink they produced in Calatia. (Princess Zelda was born that same year.) Link returned to his blood country and once again began the quest of ages that Link I began long ago. His responsibility was largest. The gods knew he was the one to slay the mighty Ganon...



Ganon's Rise, Fall, and Death

176 H.R. 189 H.R.

Ganon battles Hyrule's Hero once more and falls for good.

For many years, Ganon rose to power with two Triforce pieces now working for evil. He destroyed Hyrule looking for his one adversary, Link. He would not find the lad till the end of the age...

Link met many interesting people when he was in Hyrule. He rescued an old nursemaid from an attack of Moblins. She told him that Ganon had destroyed the majestic land of Hyrule. Link looked about and noticed many things were different. He felt there was a great disturbance in the land though he had never been to Hyrule before. The nursemaid, whose name was Impa, told Link to go search for the eight pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom that the Princess Zelda had scattered across Hyrule. She believed it was the only way to protect the last Triforce piece from Ganon.

Link immediately started searching for the eight pieces in hopes of stopping Ganon. He battled many of his greatest fears and eventually fought Ganon himself. During his journeys Link encountered the Silver Arrows which seemed special to him. He decided to keep them until he met a very tough spot. When Link fought Ganon he could not find the dark one's weak spot. When Link was despairing and losing all his armaments he remembered the Silver Arrows and shot one at Ganon. The Silver Arrows were dipped in the sacred gold of the Triforce and when they pierced Ganon's stone heart he froze and fell. Link III felled Ganon for good. It had taken almost six generations but Ganon was finally vanquished for good. But of course, all evil was not vanquished; there was going to be more evil in store for Hyrule...




The Grindlelocken/Olmorian War

175 H.R. 190 H.R.

Now known as the pointless war of Ambion

During the time of Ganon's death, the evil lands of the north were at war. Grindlelocken fought with Olmor. The war showed Ambion that evil was so evil that it even turned against itself. Grindlelocken wanted to hold the power of the Triforce of Evil and Olmor refused to give it up to its own people. In turn, the lands went to war and it lasted a long time. This war was the worst of the Early Times. People were mercilessly slaughtered under their own flag. Olmor arose victorious. Grindlelocken paid its respects to the king of Olmor from that point on. It is said that while all this happened, Omron was in the heavens laughing out loud...

During this time, in 185 H.R., both the Princess Zelda IV and Link IV were born in Hyrule. They would witness a great feat in Hyrule's near future...




The Rise of a Shadow

190 H.R. 191 H.R.

A dream that became reality

Link had been having a dream for many months and he did not understand the dream. For those many months, he searched for the meaning of the dream but it was in vain.

Finally, Link went to Impa, nursemaid of the Princess Zelda. He told her of the mighty bird that was in his dream and the shadowy figure that fought him and of the sleeping girl and the strange places of a land he knew well. Impa told him with a solemn look that the dream was coming true. She looked upon his hand, which had the Triforce symbol on it. The Triforce of Courage was lit. Impa told him that he was the chosen on the Hero of Time's bloodline to waken the sleeping princess. She took him to a door that said, "The door that would not open" and she unlocked it and showed Link the Ancient Princess Zelda still asleep in the sleep she had fallen into long ago.

Link set out immediately to wake the sleeping princess. He found the many places that he did not know of in Hyrule. He restored the crystals of all the palaces to get to the final palace to waken the princess. When he arrived at the palace he fought a mighty bird called the Thunderbird. After slaying the mighty bird, Link entered the final tower where he fought the most dangerous of foes, himself.

The battle raged for hours but the real Link rose victorious. He woke the princess of old who had been around during the time of the Tyrinnean War and the first attack of Ganondorf, King of Thieves. Evil looked as if it had been finally defeated...




The Farralian/SoByRian War

200 H.R. 205 H.R.

The Fairies wage war against the magic warriors of SoByRia again.

The Fairies once again brought war to Ambion against the magic warriors. The war was a minor dispute that ended with the intervention of Hyrule and Farral and SoByRia and their war was the final step towards lasting piece with each other. They held Hyrule in high regard now too. Both lands thanked Hyrule forevermore because of its intervention. However, the bond was not going to last long, the Early Times were about to end...




200 H.R. 201 H.R.

The Treaty of Equity

The Humans and Hylians of Hyrule become equals but not entirely.

During the year, the Humans and Hylians met in Hyrule Castle to discuss the long-awaited equality treaty between the Human and Hylian race. The Hylian/Hyrulean King Harkanian and the Human official named Krya met at the Round Table along with Link IV and Princess Zelda IV, and Princess Zelda III in attendance. Link III had died a year earlier. The Humans and Hylians signed the Treaty of Equity, this allowed them to marry each other, live in the same areas, and Humans gained the ability to be in both the military and a place in government. Hylians were allowed to keep the throne but to also empower who ever they chose.

The treaty made them equals but they one still saw the other as a minority...



200 H.R. 300 H.R.

The Age of Healing

Hyrule became a prosperous land once again

Hyrule began a healing process that spanned a century. It became a successful economy and industrial center of Ambion. Its military status was also greatly admired and respected. Money was no longer a luxury. Hyrule was no longer under the control or shadow of Ganon and his minions. However not all evil was thwarted in the land. Link IV was the commander of the Hyrulean Army that protected the borders of the land. It also helped in crisis all over Ambion. Link was the only one of that name to be the hero known all over the world. Link V was born in 288 H.R. He would bring the ages of evil to a close...



300 H.R. 310 H.R.

The Fall of Darkness

Darkness is wiped out all together in Hyrule

Link V fought out all the evil in the land as the new commander of the Hyrulean Army. He drove out all the remaining evil in Hyrule and a few of the surrounding lands. The Triforce of Courage was in his possession and nothing was stopping him. Princess Zelda V held the Triforce of Courage and the Triforce of Power was in the throne room next to the King and Princess's throne.

It was over for evil and the Sacred Realm was safe again. There was no longer a reason for fighting and the world was once again peaceful.

The gods had other plans...



310 H.R. 370 H.R.

The Second Age of the Gods

The gods return for a second time

The gods were tired of the fighting and of the torment that the land was going through. This was the second greatest intervention of the gods since the creation at the beginning of time. They destroyed the lands. The Farral Islands and Legot were split in half. Calatia's majestic mountains were flattened. One Olmorian Island sank. Niregaught, Datmar, and Grindlelocken were all isolated and partly submerged under water. SoByRia was devastated by a volcano that evacuated many and sank Moria. Hyrule, as it was created by the goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore was not harmed but witnessed all that happened to Ambion. The other lands fled to Hyrule for protection and so they got it, as the gods were not allowed to touch Hyrule at all. Hyrule became one big race after that, as many races had already been lost. There was so little difference between Human and Hylian that nobody really cared anymore. It was almost impossible after this to tell if you had any of the other Ambion blood in you; the lands were fused into one during their remain lives in Hyrule. Ambion's glorious awakening was drawing to a close...



370 H.R. 460 H.R.

The end of the Early Times

Many final things happened during the Early Times' close.

During this time, many things occurred. Ganon attacked seven more times but was never seen again after that. Many say he was never really vanquished but was exiled to a parallel dimension. The periods of these seven attacks: first in 375 377 where he was thwarted by Link VI; another in 390 392 where he was thwarted again by an older Link VI, who was now 30; and in 411 413 where the battle was won by Link VII; followed by another in 420 425 again foiled by Link VII, who was said to be the greatest of the Links; again in 432 435 again his plans spoiled by Link VII; once more in 451 453 where Link VIII stopped him; and finally, in 454 460 where Link IX stopped him. Ganon was finished for now...

Also in this final time period all the other lands, now weak from devastation and destruction and other things, fell to Hyrule. In this order they fell to the mighty Hyrulean Crown:

370 375 a five year war that ended in the fall of Niregaught to Hyrule.

378 390 a decade-long war where the islands of Farral and Legot fell to Hyrule.

400 410 another decade war ending with Olmor and Grindlelocken falling to Hyrule.

414 416 a sad story of SoByRia's fall to Hyrule.

416 420 with no rest or mercy, Hyrule captured Datmar immediately after.

425 432 as a final mark of absolute power, Hyrule captured Calatia.

The Dark World was destroyed after this between 440 H.R. and 450 H.R. The Sacred Realm was rebuilt to once again house the Triforce and all the locks and traps were set to keep it there. Then there was a great miracle...




460 H.R. 470 H.R.

Triforce's Reunion, The Birth of the New Sages, and the Appearance of the Goddesses

The Final Chapter of the Early Times

In the final decade of the Early Times the goddesses finally descended and were seen by all. Din, Nayru, and Farore finally met their people. Hyrule rejoiced for many months. The goddesses remade the old lands of Ambion still with evil but not as bad as before. They told how the ancestors of the Warrior's bloodline, who were now in the heavens, had defeated Omron. (The Warrior of course, was Link.) The two remaining gods, Celsion and Sefilar, also came to Ambion. They gave their blessings to the new lands and vowed to never destroy the lands again. With that, the gods and goddesses returned to the heavens and once again watched the world below...

After they left, the first seven races of Hyrule came to their land. Zora once again swam the waterways. The Gerudos were in the desert. The Gorons were once again atop Death Mountain. The Hylians and Humans were in the castles and towns. The Shiekah back in the shadow of Death Mountain. The Fairies and Kokiri were back in the forest. Peace had returned to the great land. The seven new sages were born. Princess Zelda X, Darunia II of the original's bloodline, Princess Ruto III, Aboorua, Impa II, Princess Aria II, and Rauru II took their place as the sages of Hyrule. Also, the tenth Link, Link X, was born in the Kokiri Forest where the first lived. However there were no more adventures in this chapter of Hyrule. The other races returned to their own lands, which had been restored to their original splendor; some said even better than before.

This was the end of the story of the birth of the land called Ambion. The story still continues. However, I'll save that for another day.

May the way of the Goddesses lead you to the Triforce and your destiny!

- Nubis

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