Etnernal Darkness

By Anonymous

Introduction:Link defeated Ganon, and it has been about four years. Zelda has been cheerful and calm. But someone below Hyrule was very upset. His name? Dark Link. As master of the Dark Realm, he was up to something. Those four years made him regain his power back up once again, though Link still was stronger. But Dark Link finally left his home the Dark Realm and went to the surface.... unnoticed. This story is about finding the goodness in people no matter who it is. We all need a lesson in that.

A man dressed with a black tunic, black cape that had a silver chain around his neck, brown boots, black hat and blood red eyes and white, grayish hair was coming out from the darkness. Dark Link looked around. Suddenly a bat flew to him. Dark Link pulled his sword out and said "Touch me you flying rat and I'll..."
Suddenly the bat interrupted saying "What? Fling your little dinky Dark Linky sword at me?"
"You couldn't defeat Link with that"! Dark Link said.
"What do you mean rat"? The bat landed on the tree above the water Temple and Dark Link walked up to him. The bat said "I'm Ganon's slave, Crit, and I know what you need to destroy Link. See this". The bat handed a necklace that had black string and a black shiny crescent moon on it and the bat said, "This is the moon stone. It's VERY powerful. I promise not even the master sword can defeat it. It's small but it even out dose...the triforce."
Dark Link said, "This little thing? Why are you giving it to me for free?" Crit said,
"Ganon told me to. He said it was a gift because he wants Link dead as well." Dark Link smiled and said,
"Do you know of Link's weakness?" Crit said,
"Glad you asked. ZELDA." Dark Link said,
"Who's that?" Crit said,
"The Princess. She lives in the castle. in love with her very much and the same for her. She is the prettiest maiden in ALL Hyrule." Dark Link smiled and said,
"Princess? Is she well guarded?" Crit laughed and said,
"Most times, but today the king and queen are off on a meeting with the other lands. They took most of the guards with them....but watch out for Impa. Other then that... the little Princess is all .... alone." Dark Link smiled and said, "Well then... I'll just have to give her some company wont you agree"? Then Crit flew off and said, "Yes, master of the Dark Realm".

Dark Link whistled for his black horse, Nightmare. He mounted the horse and galloped through Hyrule field which was empty that day due to the rain. Dark Link then hid over at the Zora's Domain entrance, the cave in Hyrule field. He thought of how to get back at Link real good. Suddenly before he knew it the storm ended and it was sunny outside. Dark Link then left his horse and walked to through the market. A little girl went up to him and said,
"Hello sir". Dark Link, feeling something so weak compared to him pulling at his cape hardly noticed it but went down to the little girl and said, "Hi". She said,
"My name is Jewlusus, what's yours?" Dark Link thought and said,
"I'm...Dean". He lied. She said,
"Nice to meet you! Are you from around here?"
Dark Link said,
"Not really. Hey, could you tell me about Princess Zelda?" Jewlusus smiled and said,
"Sure! Are you a Prince trying to marry her?" Dark Link blushed and said,
"How did you know?" He lied again to her. Jewlusus looked shocked and said,
"Wow, Zelda... She loves Link though. But you can try. She loves flowers...mostly roses. Speaking of which, my mommy sells them." Dark Link said,
"Think I could buy some?" Suddenly she said,
"Here, take them as a gift. I made a new friend," she smiled. Dark Link thought to himself friend? How can she call ME a friend? He took them and said, " but why?" She said
"Silly! Don't you know it's nice to give some one something when you first meet them". She smiled and Dark Link said
"Well, I must be going now little girl. Bye". He left.

He went to the Castle and only two guards were at the front of the Castle. Dark Link was very much humored. He snuck around the back and climbed up the castle vines to ..Zelda's balcony! Zelda sat there combing her hair and sighed. A tear rolled down her cheek...clear as a drop of dew. Her brown, golden hair shined like the moons gentle light and her blue eyes filled with tears looked like diamonds as Dark Link looked through the glass door. It was a very high balcony so he couldn't be seen. Dark Link spotted the tear drop that smacked the golden mirror she had on the dresser. Dark Link knocked a little bit. Zelda startled said, "Who could be on my balcony so high?" She went to the window and Dark Link smiled and Zelda opened the door and said "Link? What are you doing on my balcony?" Dark Link played along and gave her the roses saying,
"I got these for you." Zelda wide eyed said,
"Thank you Link." Dark Link said then,
"Don't mean to be nosy or anything but you don't look too happy Princess." Zelda said,
"That's because my grandfather died yesterday." A tear rolled down her cheek as she looked into his eyes. He was lost in them... surely this would be a great thing to bring back into the Dark Realm! Dark Link then walked to her bedroom door and locked it and Zelda asked "Why did you do that?" Dark Link said
"I want to be alone. With you..." Zelda said
"That's funny. You're wearing black. You never used to wear black." Dark Link thought of an excuse and got one. He asked
"Does this please you?" Zelda smiled and said
"You could wear yellow and I'd still love you." She went up to him and she kissed him. Dark Link smiled and thought to himself what a fool, yet... what an angel. Zelda stopped and said, "Your kiss... it's different." Dark Link got nervous and said,
"What?" Zelda said,
"It's... cold." Dark Link put his hands around her waist and said,
"You're so upset, I can feel your heart." Zelda said,
"What do you mean?" Dark Link pulled her closer and said,
"It's in pain... am I wrong?" Zelda said
"Link, you're right." She started crying and said "I can't hide it from you I guess." Dark Link closed his eyes and sent vibes of power through Zelda's body and she said "Link, you never did this before." Dark Link whispered
"That's because I'm not Darkness." Zelda's eyes widened and she pushed him away and said
"What!!!?" Dark Link said,
"My name is Dark Link. I am Master of the Dark Realm." Zelda said
"YOU!!! Stay back!" She walked back a bit. Dark Link said
"What? I'm just like him..... except better." Zelda cried
"Stay away!" He walked closer and said
"Are you scared Princess? Don't be afraid of the dark." Zelda said
"What are you going to do?" Dark Link said
"First, I'm going to take this golden mirror of yours and pour this special liquid on it. Then I'm going to take you to my home and... decide what to do with you there." Zelda said
"You're a coward!" Dark Link said
"I wouldn't be talking to your new master that way! Besides you and I both know your as weak as tissue paper compared to me!" Zelda said
"I don't care! You're a evil hearted pig faced jerk!" She then kicked him and tried to unlock the door but Dark Link grabbed her firmly around the hand. She said "Let me go that hurts"! Dark Link pushed her on the bed and Zelda said "Get off me or I'll scream!" However Dark Link suddenly kissed her! Zelda bit his lip and he yelled saying
"You're a brave Princess you know that? No wonder Link loves you, so pretty and tough... and... tasty." He kissed her neck and she said
"YOU PIG!!! Get off me you beast!" Dark Link laughed as he covered her with darkness. Dark Link said
"You will be my queen." Then he whispered in her ear, "my Princess". Zelda said
"Mark my words, ou shall die for what you are doing"! She tried hitting him but Dark Link's power was too great for her! Suddenly Impa kicked open the door and said
"What's going on in here?!!!" Dark Link whispered to Zelda saying
"Say anything and I'll slit your pretty throat right here, right now." Zelda said
"Impa, hi... I'm fine..." Impa pulled Dark Link's ear and said
"Now Link, you should be ashamed of yourself, you're not yet married!" Dark Link said
"Oh shut up you old woman!" He then stabbed her! Zelda cried
" IMPA!!! NO!!!" Dark Link looked at Zelda crying even more and said
"Sorry you had to see that my Princess." Zelda punched him and he slapped her saying "You horrible girl! How dare you slap a Master!" Zelda said
"You deserved it! You killed my friend, right after my grandfather died! I bet you don't care even if I died!" She took the dagger and stabbed herself! Dark Link said "WHY did you do that?!" He touched her warm blood and looked at it...

Zelda fainted and Dark Link used picked her up and used the golden mirror to bring them to the Dark Realm. Dark Link placed her on his bed and ripped his necklace off and it glowed and her cut was suddenly healed. Dark Link then used it to create a minion, a dark Deku named Klac. Dark Link said "Get a drink for the her! NOW!" Dark Link watched as she opened her eyes and said
"Where am I? Where did you take me?!" Dark Link said
"Shhh... You're far too upset and far too tired to yell." Zelda said
"Why do you care?" Dark Link said
"Stop insulting me because I just saved your life!" Zelda looked at her cut... it was gone! Zelda said
"You... did?" Dark Link poured her a glass of wine and said
"Yes." He gave it to her and she said
"But... why?" Dark Link said
"Because I did." Zelda said
"Thank you." She drank a bit and and then said, "so why did you take me here?" Dark Link cleaned his sword with a cloth and said
"Because I have something I must do." Zelda said
And it involves me.. why?" Dark Link said
"That's my secret, Princess. Now be a good girl and keep quiet. And don't try to run, because in the Dark Realm... no one can hear you scream!" Zelda looked around and Dark Link said "You're curious?" Zelda said
"Yes, your room... it's... nice. You're a good decorator." Dark Link said
"Really? You like it?" Zelda smiled and said
"Yes, even though I'm help prisoner in it." Dark Link flicked a piece of dust off the tip of his sword and said
"Please, my dungeon is filled with rats and bones... oh and skullatulas, so I would hardly call this place here a prison." Zelda said
"Is anyone I know in there?" Dark Link said
"No! Never go in there! Princess I hold some pretty ugly stuff in there, it's not a place for you at all!" Zelda thought to herself he's not telling ME what to do! Dark Link said, "what do you think?" He put the sword to her and she said "um... it's clean. What sword is that?" Dark Link smiled and said
"I'm glad you asked. This is the sword of sorrow, one of the finest swords I have besides the blade of the black skull and the dagger of death." Zelda said
"Nice... titles." Dark Link said
"Calm down, it's not you I'm after". Zelda said
"It isn't for Link is it?!" Dark Link didn't want to make her upset so he said
"Princess you need some sleep. You're very tired." She then said
"Answer me!" Dark Link then said
"No, ok?" Zelda, satisfied, got in the covers and said
"When will you let me leave?" Dark Link said
"Never." Zelda said
"I can't stay here forever! Why?" Dark Link said
"Because I SAID SO!" He pushed her into the pillow and put the covers on her and said, "please sleep. You are very difficult woman. Here, drink some more alcohol!" Zelda laughed and slapped Dark Link with a pillow and he said, "how dare you"! He took another pillow and slapped her and she laughed and then thought
"Hey... you're not all evil are you"? Dark Link said
"Yes, I am! Now stop playing like a little girl! You're so brave. Normally a girl would be screaming!" Zelda said
"Blame it on Nintendo. I'm so used to being stolen, I view it as an every day thing now." Dark Link said
"I know isn't it stupid?"

Zelda suddenly noticed the narrator looking at her and she said
"Dark Link... the tape is still rolling." Dark Link said
"Oops!" Zelda said
"You monster! Let me go!" Dark Link then said
"Sorry Princess I can't... you're my queen now but I must leave you for a while. Don't worry when I return... I shall not let you miss me more." Zelda said
"You'll pay for this! You stink at pillow fighting!" Dark Link turned around and said
"What? I DO NOT!" He grabbed a pillow and said, " are you ready to get beaten unlike any person before?!" Zelda said
"Yes, if you like being beaten by horrible feathers and dust bunnies!" Dark Link looked at himself and said
"What am I doing? I'm Master of the Dark Realm and I'm playing with my captive!" Zelda giggled and suddenly Dark Link's ears perked up. That was the nicest sound he ever heard! Dark Link asked, "what are you doing to me?" Zelda said
"What? I'm just giggling! You're being silly. You act so evil and tough but inside you're a marshmallow." Dark Link said
"Shut up! I'll show you evil when I get back! I'll have Link's blood in my hands!!" Zelda looked shocked and grabbed her pillow and said
"NO!!! Don't!!!! Dark Link said
"Then take back what you said!" Zelda said
"Okay, I take it back." Dark Link threw down his sword and shield then he left the room and slammed the door as it locked behind him. Zelda said, "that was strange. I wonder why he got so upset?" Zelda slowly concentrated and tried to feel his emotions... he was upset about something... something that hurt him real bad... long ago...

Suddenly the door unlocked. Zelda then got up and opened the door just a crack to see Dark Link sitting in a dark room sitting on a couch crying next to a fire in a fire place. Zelda slowly walked over to him and said, "why are you crying?" Dark Link said
"How did you get out?" Zelda said
"The door unlocked." Dark Link then said
"And you're... not escaping?" Zelda took her white glove off and used it to gently wipe the tears off his eyes and said
"Something bad happened to you... didn't it?" Dark Link said
"What do you care?" Zelda said
"Want to talk about it?"?Dark Link said
"I'd rather not Princess... besides, you've done something strange to me." Zelda said
"Like what?" Dark Link said
"Look at me! I'm ruined! I can't kill Link! I can't kill you! You did something to me! I've gone from evil to.. to soft! I'm sorry Princess but... I have to kill you!" Zelda said
"WHY!!?" Dark Link said
"You... you know too much about me now!" Zelda said
"I won't tell anyone. Besides if I did, it would save you from Link's rage! If he finds out about you kidnapping me... he'll kill you!" Dark Link said
"I don't care." Zelda slapped him and said
"How dare you! Saying you don't care if you die. Honestly, the master of the Dark Realm! Feared by all! Eyes of blood!" Dark Link said
"Stop it!!!" Zelda continued
"Sender of fear into the hearts of children!" Dark Link grabbed her and took her into the bedroom and threw her on the bed and said
"You want evil, you'll get it!" He then said "I'm going to kill Link! And the only way I'll be stopped now is by you swearing to be mine forever!" Zelda said
"What?! You can't!" Dark Link said
"I will kill him. I'm as serious as death here!" Zelda then thought and said,
"I will." Dark Link said
"I knew you would! Anything to save your stupid hero! Now change into something less white! You're a dark queen now!" Suddenly Dark Link snapped his fingers as the necklace grew! Zelda suddenly had a black sheet wrapped around her and suddenly "POOF!!" A purple smoke cleared and she was in a black dress with huge sleeves! Dark Link said, "Beautiful. You set all the other dark realm creatures to shame." Zelda sadly looked to the ground and said
"Thank you." Dark Link said
"Now come... we are to be wed... NOW!" Zelda then tried to send a message through her mind to Link. She reached him and said
"Help me Link!! I'm in the Dark Realm... seconds away from being wedded to Dark Link!"!Zelda finished and said, "why didn't I do that before?" They stood at a black and red altar. Dark Link held Zelda's hand and she wanted to be sick! Suddenly, a big dark man came... It was GANON! He said
"Hello Princess!" Zelda almost passed out! Dark Link smiled and said
"As you were old friend," Ganon opened a black book and said
"I now say Dark and Darkness! You may kiss the half fainted bride!" Dark Link then pulled Zelda to him and kissed her with the passions of darkness! Zelda then started crying and said
"He didn't come..." Dark Link said
"He doesn't love you anyway! Now come! It is time to claim my prize..." Zelda then went into the bedroom and had tears in her eyes and Dark Link said, "Princess, not all is lost. I will take care of you." Zelda still cried. Dark Link then gently pushed her down and got laid next to her and said, "you should be happy, I can protect you better then anyone could." She put her head in the pillow and really cried hard. Dark Link then felt bad. He then said, "Zelda, I'm sorry I did this to you. I just... I love you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me and I don't want to... let you go. But if your going to cry all your life... then that hurts me." Zelda then sat up and Dark Link hugged her and started feeling something deep within his black heart.... a memory.

Dark Link got off a table and Ganon said "What are you?" Dark Link said
"I don't know." Ganon said
"A messed up experiment! I should destroy you!"! Dark Link said
"Wait! What does that mean?" Ganon said
"It means I'm going to get rid of you!" Dark Link said
"Please... don't do that! I'm not useless!" Ganon then said
"Fine. I shall train you in the ways of evil." Dark Link asked
"What's evil"? Ganon smiled and said
"Allow me to explain..."

Dark Link awakened from his memory and said "Zelda did you see that?" Zelda said
"Yes... I did. So I was right, you never wanted to be evil... you had no choice. And your name really isn't Dark Link huh?" Dark Link said
"No... it's... it's... not! Who am I?" Zelda said
"I think you're a poor boy who has a big heart and are too afraid to show it. And your name is... what ever you want it to be." Dark Link thought and said,
"It's D.L. Master of the the Dark Realm." Zelda smiled and Dark Link said, " Zelda... I'm sorry." Zelda said
"Look, you've discovered who you truly are!" Dark Link or should I say D.L said
"You're right! Oh by the goddesses! And it's all thanks.. to you!"

He kissed Zelda and suddenly Link arrived and busted down the door! Link with thousands of guards! Link said "ZELDA!!? What were you just doing?" Zelda said,
"Oh Link you came"! Zelda ran to him and hugged the crap out of him and said "I love you so much"!! Link said,
"Zelda? Are you okay?!" Zelda said
" I'm very well!" Link looked at Dark Link with hatred and said
"YOU!!!" Zelda said
"WAIT! Don't hurt him"! Link pulled out his sword and said
"Why not!!?" Zelda said
"He's not as evil as you think!" Link said
"Yeah, sure!" Zelda said
"Listen to me! I spent a while with him and he was very nice to me! He treated me better then you even!" Link looked shocked and said "ZELDA!!?" Zelda said
"He came to my balcony and gave me flowers when my grandfather had were not even there!" Link said
"I didn't know"! Zelda said
"Please don't hurt him! He promised never to kill you!" Link said
"He lied to you!" Dark Link then said
"No I didn't... In fact I'm not related to you either. Ganon created me for evil... but I want to be good! That's all I was taught was evil, but Zelda gave me wisdom and looked to the heart, she gave me a CHANCE!" Link looked at Zelda and she said
"It's true. He is not of Ganon any more. You must believe me." Link said
"But... Zelda, he's ugly and evil." Zelda said
"Where are you going to look Link? St his looks or at his heart? I bet if I were him you'd never kill me would you?" Link thought and said
"No... not ever." Zelda said
"In fact you two would be good friends if you gave each other a chance." Link looked at Dark Link or D.L and said
"Fine. You are the Princess. I shall try." The guards left and Link pulled D.L up from the bed and D.L said
"Thank you." Link looked shocked and said
"You're wlecome... friend".

D.L didn't hold the wedding, in fact he married Malon. As for Link and Zelda? That's a secret... written in legend.

The end.


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