The Final Battle

By Zelda_girl

Part 1

Link stood outside Hyrule Castle, making a cursory scan of it. He searched through his inventory of weapons and surmised that getting into the castle was going to be easy. He had however, derived some information from some townsfolk about where Princess Zelda was being held. He had also heard an electrifying rumor that she had been killed. He refused to believe it. Link was able to corroborate that she could not have died. She was too valuable to kill, for whoever had besieged the castle. Link heard thunder roll in the sky, and soon, rain poured down onto the dehydrated stones of the castle. As another clap of thunder struck the sky, Link dashed in. He reached the throne room, skidded to a halt and scowled. There sitting on Zelda’s throne was Ganondorf Dragmire.

“Welcome to my castle,” he sneered. “Come for something?”
“So, you’re Ganondorf,” said Midna. Midna was a small imp-like creature that had traveled along with Link. She smiled mischievously at the man sitting on Zelda’s throne. Link somehow managed to keep his eyes on Ganondorf, and scan the room at the same time. There, floating in the Triforce statue above Ganondorf was Zelda. She was unconscious as she hovered in mid-air. Her face was pale as if she had taken on the simulation of a spirit, adding to the fact that she was almost transparent! Link grimaced at Ganondorf.
“You are wondering what has happened to her,” said the evil man. “Don’t worry. She is still alive, for now. Every second, though, her life is evaporating away as we speak. Soon, her energy will succumb to exhaustion and my strength will reach its zenith.”
Link scowled again and drew his sword.
“If you kill her,” he said, “I will kill you.”
Ganondorf laughed.
“If you kill me,” he said, standing up. “She dies too.”
“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Midna. Ganondorf laughed and evaporated into a thick cloud of darkness and hovered up to Zelda. Midna took immediate action and rushed up to block the flow of dark magic. But Ganondorf dodged her. He fused himself into Zelda’s body and possessed her.
“Zelda?” Midna squeaked. She gingerly touched the princess’s cheek with her small hand. Zelda opened her eyes to show yellow swirls staring back at Midna. Ganondorf flung her across the room. She landed with a thud at the entrance of the hall. Link rushed to aid his sidekick, but a magic wall blocked his way to the unconscious imp. He heard footsteps behind him and turned around to see Zelda walking towards him. He gaped at her. Ganondorf had turned her skin gray, and had clad her neck black, glowing tattoo-like marks. The sight was gruesome. That was no longer Zelda.
“You choose death,” she said. Link shuddered at her voice. It fused with Ganondorf and sounded stereo. “So you choose and so you shall feel my wrath.”
She drew a thin sword from a night’s suit of armor standing on the side of the wall, and held it towards Link’s nose. A combination from Zelda’s crystal voice laughing and Ganondorf’s bellowing echoed through the halls.  Then she hovered up into the air. Link felt desperate. He had to kill Ganondorf, but he could not harm Zelda. He struggled for thought and then engaged in battle. He did not know how he was going to break this curse. He just had to; and that was all he knew.
                                                *  *  *  *  *                                        

Part 2

          Link had always had a recurring nightmare that he would have to fight someone he loved, but never Zelda. This guile monster had suddenly replaced her kind and loving disposition.

“What can you do now?” Ganondorf jeered, mockingly curtsying to Link as he hovered in the air in Zelda’s body. Link rested a hand on the hilt of the Master Sword. He wanted to extricate himself from this awful decision. Fight? Or surrender?

“Draw your sword and fight!” Ganondorf imperatively yelled. A spontaneous ball of light shot from the thin sword and hit Link straight in the chest. He fell backward swearing as he hit the ground. The battle was on. Link got to his feet and drew his sword. Another ball of he now conjectured to be lightning, shot towards him. He deflected it with his sword. Zelda-Ganondorf hovered in a circle around him. He raised his sword and dove in after him. Link sidestepped to dodge the attack, but the hem of Zelda’s dress caught his cheek, stunning him for a second. Ganondorf growled at his miss and shot another lightning ball at Link. This time it hit him, sending an electrical surge of pain through his body. Link fell to his knees, using the sword for support.

“Have you already had enough?” Ganondorf sneered. “Because I assure you that pain will be very prevalent.”

Link felt that familiar shock through his system as another lightning sphere struck him in the back. He slumped over almost ready to admit defeat. Nevertheless, his strength pressed on. He pushed up, pulled his sword out of the ground, and regained his fighting position.

“Still fighting?” Ganondorf asked. “My, aren’t we determined today.”

Then the anonymous voice of Ganondorf and Zelda combined changed to just one voice.

“Link!” Zelda cried. “Please help me!”

Link staggered a bit from the shock of hearing her voice. The expression on the princess’s face changed as Ganondorf instilled his power over her once again. He raised the sword and a large shining triangle appeared on the floor, encompassing Link in its light. It flashed and Link felt another surge of pain through his body. He cursed under his breath and straightened himself up. The sky outside had turned black as clouds eclipsed the light from the hall. There was very little light for Link to see if Midna had recovered. He groaned and stepped back. I have got to modify my fighting tactics, he told himself. As Ganondorf raised the sword for another aerial dive, Link got an idea. As the possessed princess dove, Link stuck his sword into the ground used it as a pivot to swing around. As Ganondorf passed in reach of Link, he swung off the sword and kicked him to the floor. Ganondorf swore and flung another lighting ball at Link. He deflected it and it zoomed back at the princess. It struck him and he collapsed onto the floor. He did not move. Link heard the wall behind him disappear and he turned around. Midna was rising above the ground in her Fused Shadow form, which made her look like a giant glowing spider, but with thicker legs. She grabbed a hold of Ganondorf and seemed to squeeze him out of Zelda. Black sparks erupted everywhere as Zelda’s skin returned to its normal healthy color, and her hair a golden blonde. Link smiled as he recognized her again. Princess Zelda, his love.

Part 3

          Link watched as Zelda was lowered onto her throne, still unconscious from the previous battle.  He wondered if she had been dreaming the whole time.  Oh how profound they must be, Link thought.  Then he heard the wind howl like an interminable tirade and knew something was amiss.  A low growling noise reverberated across the walls of the room, and tremulously shook the ground.  Link turned around, just as Midna hovered over and rested on his shoulder playfully.

“We did it,” she said. “We…”           

Her voice trailed off as a dark despondent looking creature began to form on the floor.  Its despairing features morphed into a gigantic beast at least ten times larger than Link.  It looked like a wolf/pig/lion/thing.  It reared up and roared at Link, causing him to abhor it.

“That’s Ganon,” said Midna. “The Dark Beast.”

Ganon ran around Link and disappeared into a mist of black.  Link swirled around.  Was that Ganondorf?  Had he changed appearances again?

Suddenly, Ganon appeared from a blue portal and knocked Link over.  A fairy broke from a bottle and flew around his broken body, healing it up.  Then it disappeared in a flurry of dust that smelled of sage.  Link arose, fully healed and asked Midna what to do.

“Shoot him in the forehead,” she responded. “There is white jewel there.  It’s his weak point!”
Link drew his bow out and looked around.  Two red portals appeared about fifty yards away.  They hummed and buzzed until one turned blue.
“That one!” Midna cried.  Link shot at the portal just as Ganon emerged and struck him in the forehead.  The beast collapsed on his side and slid into Link.  Thankfully, he had his shield out so he was not struck down.  Then he ran around to the front and slashed at Ganon’s furry chest with his sword.  A glowing white liquid began to ooze out as he arose once more and disappeared into his dimension of invisibility.

“Careful Link,” said Midna. “He might change his tactics.”

When Ganon appeared again, just as Link fired another arrow the beast jumped into the air and nearly crushed him.  After he disappeared again, Link turned into his wolf appearance and Midna took her place on his back.

“When he comes out I will knock him over,” said Midna. “Then, go for his chest.”
Link’s furry head nodded in understanding and then he took a fighting position and looked for the portals.  The irascible Ganon charged out again and Midna used her hair to magically grab a hold of him and impel him into the ground.  Link ran over and dug his fangs into the previous wound, finishing him off.  He backed up as Ganon disappeared into a pile of fire and white blood.

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