First Christmas

By Doug

Background: Hyrule’s North Castle, Link’s second full year of service to the kingdom. It is near Christmas.


This fan fic is based on the Legend of Zelda cartoon and comic. Link, Zelda, and Ganon are all properties of Nintendo.




  Link is sitting on his bed sharpening Cressword with a wheat stone he also has a rag beside the bed itself for polishing. It’s snowing outside his window but he’s not really much attention to the weather. He quietly thinks to himself ‘my second Christmas’ then looks at the small portrait of the princess who he loves. The original frame had been destroyed back in the spring when Moblins tried to take the Triforce of Wisdom so he had to find a replacement. He picks the portrait and says quietly to himself smiling ‘I remember how I got this’. He goes back to thinking about it.


  In his flashback he remembers it was last year. He had gotten called back to Hyrule in February of last year just before his 16th birthday in April. Things had remained quiet for a while after he defeated Ganon the first time, rescued the princess, and retaken the Triforce of Power. But around the start of that year Ganon’s minions started re appearing just like before and not just in the regular overworld but in the towns and villages of Hyrule which really concerned Impa, the nursemaid of the Royal Family. Link had returned, celebrated his 16th birthday, and found out that Ganon’s minions were trying to resurrect him and on top of that another Princess Zelda from long ago needed to be awakened from an eternal sleep by the holder of the Triforce of Courage. Link’s task was ahead of him and he did exactly what was expected of him by proving himself worthy of the Triforce of Courage he was able to awaken this previous Princess Zelda who’s spirit became one with the current Princess Zelda and stop Ganon from coming back or so he thought. Unfortunately for Link all Ganon needed was some of Link’s blood which he was able to get and at the same time Link questing to get the Triforce of Courage some of  Ganon’s minions stole the Triforce of Power to help bring Ganon back. While Ganon did not get completely back to full strength he was alive and trying for the Triforce of Wisdom so he could control the kingdom of Hyrule. The whole year after the second quest as it became known was Ganon trying for the Triforce of Wisdom and Link and Zelda foiling him. Ganon’s attempts began in the fall of last year. Link did have his difficulties he was starting to have feelings for Zelda and she seemed to be the same way but always hide it. The adventures of the spring, summer and fall were not something that always pleased him in his memory. Prince Facade had come during the summer and really ticked Link off at the princess but when Facade failed Link saved the day. The fall had the Brotherhood of the Underworld attempt to take over from Ganon. Link had helped stop that though he actually helped Ganon which made the princess real mad at him, primarily because they had a chance to get the Triforce of Power and stop Ganon forever but Link managed to foul that up.

But Link thought back to that first full year at Christmas time. Even with Ganon lurking everything at the castle was busy with decorating, he sort of felt out of place. At that time he thought to himself ‘I’ll go home for Christmas and return afterwards’. However, the princess and kingdom had a different idea.


  Link was in his room at the time packing some clothes when he hears a knock at the door. “Who’s there?” he asks. The response from the other side is Zelda’s voice, “It’s me, Zelda.” “Come in. You here to kiss me goodbye?” Link asks jokingly. “What, are you kidding,” Zelda says in an offended manner. “Well, excuse me princess. I thought this is the time of year for gifts and giving,” Link responds. “I…I have some news you aren’t going to like,” Zelda says in a serious tone. Link’s face goes to grim look “What is it?” “You were planning to go home for the holidays, right?” she asks. “Yeah, what’s come up?” Link says. “I can’t let you go,” she says. Link is normally real macho but this hits him like a ton of bricks “What, why?” Link whines. “Ganon is still out there and he hasn’t attacked in a while and he might do just that around the holidays if you’re gone,” Zelda reasons “I’m sorry Link. I’m sure you understand right?” Zelda says as she touches his cheek with the backside of her hand. Link backs away “This is unfair,” he protests. “Please Link don’t get mad about this and remember what you said about doing anything for me,” she says. “Alright, I won’t get I  said for you I would do anything.” As he finishes saying that he mutters “I’m starting to regret that.” She hears him “What was that Link?”. “Nothing I’m fine,” Link says. Then she finishes “Again I’m sorry, hope to see you around okay.” Zelda leaves the room to Link who is pretty ticked off.


   Later that day Spryte, Link’s fairy companion and a princess of the fairy flies into the room. “Hey, Link how’s everything?”, she asks. “I was planning on going home for the holidays, but the princess in her wisdom thinks it’s best that I stay here,” Link fusses. “Link, you know Ganon is alive and is after the Triforce of Wisdom,” Spryte says. “Yeah, that’s the same line of reasoning the princess gave. This is just unfair and if nothing happens boring which I really hate. Plus I don’t have anyone that will think of me here,” Link says. “Now that’s not true Link. You still have me, I won’t leave,” Spryte responds. Link manages a smile and then says “Thanks Spryte you’re the only around that seems to care.” “Naturally, I guess I better get going there’s so much going on here in the castle,” she says then flutters off.


  A few minutes later Zelda is helping to decorate the hall before the king’s throne room as Spryte shows up. “Zelda, do you have a minute?” Spryte asks. Zelda stops what she’s doing and says “What’s up Spryte?” “Nothing just I think Link feels left out and the fact that you insisted that stay over the holidays has upset him,” Spryte blurts out. Zelda shakes her head “Spryte you understand that Ganon is still a threat and if he captures the Triforce of Wisdom we’ll all suffer.” “I know your highness I just think Link feels he be left on the celebrations and such,” Spryte says. “Oh, I see and you think including him might make appreciate things a little more,” Zelda responds. “Yes, I do,” Spryte says. Zelda begins to get back to doing the decorations and says “I’ll do what I can do. I’ve got to get back to working on this okay.” Spryte says “Thanks princess I know Link will like what ever you do for him.”


  A few days later Zelda finds an artist out in the court of the king waiting to offer his services. “Are you a painter?” she asks the artist. “Yes, I am and you are?” the artist asks. “I am Princess Zelda of Hyrule,” she says. He backs up and bows before her “I apologize I didn’t know you were part of the Royal Family.” Zelda lets out a slight giggle then says “I need your services if possible.” “What is it that your highness needs?” he asks. She looks him over he is in 20’s or 30’s. She restarts “I need my portrait done but I want it done small.” He in turn takes a breathe and says “How small are you talking about?” “Ten by 13 inch if possible,” she says. “That is small but I suppose could do it for the right price,” he responds. “How much do you charge?” she asks. “1,000 rupees,” he says. “That’s a little steep but I think I can do that,” she says. “When do you want pose for it?” he asks. “Give me a few minutes to change, I will meet in the Royal Library,” she says.


  Christmas Day arrives Zelda and her father open gifts to each other as well as gifts from some of the nobles. The entire court is in visiting with the exception of Link. Link at the same time is sitting in his room on the bed not doing anything. All the presents are open except for one it has Link’s name on it. Zelda looks around and doesn’t see Link then spots Spryte. Zelda calls over to Spryte who flies right up to her. “Yes, Zelda what do you need?” Spryte asks. “Spryte we’re missing somebody,” Zelda says. “Who would that be?” Spryte asks. “Link,” Zelda says. Spryte says “Do you want me to go and get him?”. “Well, that present that hasn’t been opened is his,” Zelda says. Spryte flies off in a hurry to fetch him as she arrives his door is closed. Spryte yells “Link, are you home?” “Of course I am,” the voice from the inside responds. “They want you downstairs,” Spryte says. “Alright I guess I can come down,” Link says.


  A few minutes later Link walks into the throne room to applause. Link gives a slight smile then goes up to the princess and says “You needed me for something?” “Yes, there’s a present that hasn’t been open yet.”


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