Legend of The Flaming Force

By Mysterious

Part 1: A New Evil

Wisdom, giver of justice,
Courage, giver of life,
Power, giver of world,
Each one a giver,
Each one a taker,
But only on can deliver,
The guardian of the maker, The one of the three

From heaven,
It will come,
More power than the seven,
The sum,
The one of the three

Youth is its form,
In a womanly cage,
By the age,
The one of the three

The storm of legends,
Worlds around,
In the sound,
Of vengeance,
For the one of the three

But the dark,
Shall be cast away,
That it may,
Present the mark,
And the one of the three

            To better help understand what is going on I must explain that Link the young Hero is now 18.  He has been given the honor of guarding the youngest of Hyrule’s princesses (Zelda).  The older one is named Andrea, no one knows or remembers when she was born or how she came to be with the royal family.  The only thing that is know is that she was the King’s daughter before he took the throne of Hyrule.  Hopefully this will help you better understand what is happening in this first part.


Andrea sat nobly in a cushioned chair within the library, with the snotty Eric at her side.  ‘What a royal pain in the butt!’ Link thought to himself as he looked around for Zelda from the small crack in the door. 

            Andrea was the older Princess of Hyrule and soon to be Queen.  Young and beautiful with those deep green eyes, and shiny brown hair.  With that snotty royal manner of hers Link prayed that the King would make her marry the prefect noble tight ass there was.  Which of course was the man standing next to her.  Eric, that evil little person always trying to get Link in trouble.  Only because Link was common and shouldn’t have the honor of guarding Zelda, he was not worthy in Eric’s eyes.  Yet he was the Hero of Hyrule and the King was kind hearted enough to allow him such the honor.

            ‘Besides it was more of torture then an honor’ he thought to himself again spying Zelda sitting at the desk by a wall that was nothing but windows.  Link tried to sneak his large body into the small crack in the door for them not to notice.  He was after all late, and the last thing he needed this morning was to be yelled at by the King.  He was already on the King’s list for not attending Eric’s knighting ceremony.  Why would he want to see that snot be given a higher rank, he was already a noble pain in the ass.  But still out of respect, and just to show that he is a better person then Eric he should have gone. 

            Link’s well-formed body silently squeezed through the small opening, with but a little struggle he was in the room with the others.  Link breathed easy thinking he had gotten away with entering late until Eric’s voice filled the room.

“Late again Hero?”  Link’s breath caught within his throat, he was frozen with fear and surprise.

“Well it is about time Link! We have been waiting for sometime now.”  Zelda yelled at him as she put her book down upon the desk.  Those heart breaking blue eyes staring at him, Zelda may have been harsh at times but she wasn’t half as bad as her sister.

            Zelda had a wise kind understanding of people and their actions.  She always was a good friend to Link, and it was an honor to look after her well-being.  ‘Well sometimes’ a voice said within his thoughts.  Zelda could be just as rude as all the other royals in court, but most of the time she was a down to earth normal person in his eyes.

Finally gaining the ability to talk Link let his stumbling words fall from his mouth. “ I am truly sorry Princess, but you had me out late last night and not all of us live within the safety of the palace.”  His last few words directed as a pun to Eric, but it didn’t have the effect Link had hoped.  His words brought a smile upon his face.

“Honestly Link.  Can’t you handle your responsibility, after all the younger is always said to be the easiest.”  Again with the smart comments Eric spoke forth.  This time it was Andrea that replied.

“And what is that to mean?  That I am more of a handful?  That I go out looking for danger just so I can be helpless and wait for you to come save me?”  Andrea’s words were unusually harsh, and full of meaning still she never address him formally.  She remained with her nose deep within the book that had so gained her interest.

            Eric doing all in his power to please the young princess bowed his head in respect and spoke with an obeying tone, “ There was no meaning behind my words Your Highness.  I was simply stating what I have heard through the wisdom of others.”

“Whom ever is giving you these saying, is not wise in the ways of life.  You should do better to keep others opinions to yourself.”

“As you wish Your Highness.”  Eric bowed his head again and Link just chuckled to himself.  If there was a guy that had ever been own by a woman, Eric made them look good.  His willingness to kiss up to Andrea made him more of her slave then he knew.

“Just like you Eric always sucking up.”  Link added with a grin upon his face, hoping that the heat was off of him now.

“Oh no you don’t Link.  I haven’t forgot about you.  Just wait until father fines out.”  Zelda’s words more of a playful kind as she often teased Link.  The slight hidden smile upon her face gave it away that she was simply toying with him and never really meant to tell her father.  Andrea on the other hand could not see Zelda’s face as hers was still planet within the book she held.

“Now sister let us not be to hard on the Hero.  It can’t be easy living the way he does, such is the life of common folk.”  A pleased look passed over her face as she set the book upon her lap.  Link’s playful grin changed to a cold look of a challenge, but Andrea was in no mood to have a competition with him today.  Instead she stood and placed her book down upon the chair in which she sat, and slowly made her way down the darken hallway of the castle.  Eric with a delighted grin followed the princess dressed in blue as Link watched.  His view stayed to the hall until only the sound of Eric’s sword clinging next to his side could be heard.  Then turning to Zelda he address her.

“So, Princess where are we off to today?”  This was unusual for Link to ask Zelda where and what they would be doing.  However he wanted on her good side to make sure that the King didn’t hear about his lateness.  Zelda only smile taking up the chance to be escorted to wherever she wishes.

“Well, the flowers at Hyrule Lake are in blossom.  Maybe if you go without a fuse, I shall forget about your late start today.”  She had him right where she wanted him.  He couldn’t refuse now, but still the thought of being at the lake all day without his fishing pole. 

            Link only rolled his eyes as Zelda walked past him leading the way down to the stables to collect her horse.  Zelda had her horse readied as if she already knew they would be going, but what she didn’t plan for was to see her sister and Eric leaving the Castle Town just as they were as well.  Eric road close to Andrea’s side a little to close.  The few inches between them were more then he needed to guard her.  It was well known that Eric wished to court the lovely Princess.  Although Andrea was not like other princesses.  In fact at times it was like she wasn’t royal at all.  Link only notice this once or twice about her never enough to draw a conclusion.

            Watching the two gallop off together Link almost didn’t notice Zelda ride past him.  She giggled and playfully challenged him to a race to Hyrule Lake.  Which of course Link wasn’t going to back down from, and he road off after her.  A few hours past at Hyrule Lake and Link had fallen asleep under the tree within the middle isle of the lake.  While Zelda sat upon her knees picking the freshly blossomed flowers and placing them gently into a neat arrangement. 

            Zelda stood getting an odd feeling from the surrounding area.  All had fallen silent not even the bees buzzed.  There was nothing but silence.  Link on the other hand didn’t feel the on coming danger until Epona started to rear and paw the air.  He came to a stand under full alert pushing Zelda by the midsection behind him.  With clam slow motions Link drew his sword and readied his shield for whatever lay before them. 

            The day started to fade and blackness filled the space where the sun once shined.  It was as if they were now in another world, and standing around them were shadowed figures.  Demons as much as Link or Zelda could figure.  Dangerous ones at that, seeing as how they were all armed.  Link’s now threatening blue eyes scanning over each form as Zelda stood behind him with her back to his, frighten beyond all reasonable belief.

“What do they want?”  She asked.  Link could hear the fear in her voice, but he did not answer.  He was even to distracted by the shadow demons to notice a small sharp sound as if an arrow was hurling towards him.  All he felt was a small bee sting upon the side of his neck and then all vanished and returned to normal. 

            If it wouldn’t had been for Zelda’s presences he could have sworn it was all a dream.  Rubbing the side of his neck Link looked around him.  The birds were singing once again and the bees flew everywhere.

“Link, are you alright?”  The worried Zelda asked looking to where he was rubbing.

“Yes, I’m fine, but I think it best we return to the castle Princess.  I don’t believe it is safe out in the open anymore.”   Zelda was far to scare to argue with him and went without another word.

            They returned to the castle and waited for Eric and Andrea to arrive.  Link remained in worry the entire time they were gone.  He wondered if the same thing had happen to Eric and Andrea, or maybe it was just Zelda these demons were after.  If that was the case why did it seem like they wanted him as well, and why didn’t they attack?  Some many questions that would be answered only through hardship and great lose. 

            All the same Andrea and Eric returned with no such story as Link’s and Zelda’s.  Much to Link’s surprise.  Still life about the castle went on as it should that day, the princesses played an in depth game of chess as Link and Eric stood close by.  Well Eric stood but Link was leaning lazily against the doorframe.  It looked as though it was the only thing holding him up, as beads of sweat rolled down from his forehead.  Andrea was first to notice the weak young warrior.

“Link, are you alright?” but her words didn’t get through to him.  All he heard was mumbles and ringing sounds within his ears.  His vision next to go as Andrea called out to him again.  Still no answer, instead his figure slowly started to slide down the wall.  The well-defined persons in the room turning to blurry shapes, then shadows, and finally Link could see nothing.

            Hours passed until Link finally awoke.  The first thing he saw was Impa watching the King and his daughter Andrea argue about something.

“Father he is weak and needs to be looked after.  Why not let him stay here for a few nights until he is better.”  Andrea pleaded with her father.

“No, that is my only and final answer.”

“But why father?”

“I have my reasons, and you should respect my order if not as a loyal member of this court but as a respectful daughter.”  Giving in she bowed her head in approval.  She did not want to anger her father anymore then she already had.  The King left the room without another word to anyone as Link tried to sit up.  Yet all he felt was pain and he found himself back down upon the bed. 

            Impa looked down at him and placed a friendly hand upon his shoulder as Andrea came to stand by her.

“Be still Hero.  If what Impa says is true then you haven’t the energy to move about.”

“What happened?  Why do I feel so sick?”  He asked his voice barely making a noise.

“We were hoping you could tell us, Link.”  Impa stated looking over the young warrior once again, but Link couldn’t think what could have caused this illness.  So he only shook his head as Andrea turned and went to leave the room.  Pausing at the door to look at the two left in the room.

“Impa, see that the Hero gets home safely.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” And with that Andrea was gone from the room, Impa only chuckled looking back at Link. “Seems someone cares about your well being.”

“What do you mean?”  A confused question from a confused person.

“Andrea was really fighting to see that everything in your best interest was done.  Yet it seems the King ran out of favors for today.”  He only gave her an even more confused look.  Link had no idea what she was talking about, Andrea helping him?  It was not something that was to be believed.

            Impa brought Link’s arm around her neck to help him to a stand, but his knees were shaking.  Making it hard to stand and even walk to the castle exist.  Yet with Impa’s help he was able to make it down where Impa’s horse was waiting.  Once she had herself upon the horse she helped Link up behind her.  All he could do was lean against her back in a tired state.  His body hurt but not nearly as bad as his head.  Every noise, every smell seemed to put him in more pain.  Link was thankful Impa made the ride through town a fast one, all the noise from people leaving for the night.  It was like torture to Link’s ears.

            He was thankful that she was silent as well, and not questioning him about the day’s events.  Although playful at times Impa was mainly serious about everything she did.  Not to mention the best in everything she is ordered to do.  Her troops are the best in the land, with being the last of her kind, Impa has fought for respect.  Not only respect for herself but for her lost race of people.  Which made Link wonder why Impa never married, if she was the last why not continue the line of her people.  Bring their race back from the graves they rest in.  But that wasn’t Impa, no she took pride in her loneliness and usually kept to herself.  Still she shared her wisdom with all, but more so with Princess Zelda whom she seemed to be close to then another.  Why this was, Link hadn’t a thought.

            The distance between the Castle Town and Link’s house seemed to be covered within moments.  Impa rode her horse to the font of which used to be her home until she had given it to Link.  Sliding down from her horse she helped Link down and into the dark house.  He was half asleep whenever she laid him down upon the soft bed.  No sooner had she done that then he was asleep.  Her wise old eyes scanned over the tired young warrior, and with a gentle smile she sighed.

“You do so much for this world, and one day everyone will know and respect what you do.”

            Impa left Link there to continue his restless, fevers nightmares.  When he woke in the morning he looked to the side of his bed and there sitting with a blue richly made cloak was Andrea.  In surprise he went to sit up but the pain in his head forced him to do other wise.  Finding himself unable to move from his pillow he struggled again to sit up but Andrea stopped him.

“It is best if you don’t move Link.  You look terrible.”  A little less then happy to see her now he snapped back,

“Oh, I see you have come to make fun of me.  Well, if that is the case you can respect me for once and leave.”

“I am sorry Link, I meant no offence, but if you wish me to leave.”  She said with a soften voice this time as she went to stand from her chair.  But Link grabbed her arm as she stood, and she looked to him wondering why he was stopping her.

“No, I am sorry Your Highness.  Please stay.” Andrea simply gave him a nod and sat back down.  Link however was searching the room to see if there was anyone else about the place, as there should be if the Princess was there. “Are you alone Princess?”


“You came all the way from the palace to here alone?!”

“You make it sound as though I can not protect myself.”

“You should have protection.  Where is Eric?”

“Clam yourself, I don’t want you fainting once again.  He is taking over your duties until you can return.”

“But what about you?!”  He yelled growing tired of the games she was playing with him.  He wanted straight answers not half smart ones.

“Link, I am 19 I do believe I can handle myself.”

“Age has nothing to do with it.  You are a woman, you can’t defend yourself.”

“You better not let Impa hear you say that.  Plus last time I checked Zelda was fairy good with a bow, and you have never seen me defend myself.”

“So you think you can handle yourself? Ha!  We shall see.  Once you get capture I will remind you of this when I came to save you.”  Andrea only laughed, he knew nothing of her.

“Dear boy it will be I that saves you.”  Link smirked as if expecting a challenge that should come later.

            It was so amazing how the day went on.  They talked endlessly about everything, then again if a wise man were to hear their conversation he would say they were talking about nothing.  Still all that nothing seemed to hold so much more meaning then all the somethings.  The day went on and Andrea stayed until Link fell asleep a little before nightfall.  She came the next day, waiting by Link’s bedside for him to wake.  Again they talked and laughed together, not one offensive comment was made by either of them.  It was as if Andrea was someone completely different, and Link started to love the person she had become within these few days.  She came every day for four days until on the fifth she came and Link did not wake.  Instead he was lost within a feverish sleep, and although there was no one to talk to Andrea stayed by his side.  Making sure to comfort his fever with her soft touch, and water filled cloth.  The day was gone and the night fell as Andrea left Link’s house to fetch more water from the well. 

            Fully cloaked so that no one could tell whom she was, she made her way to the well.  Where two farm girls were talking while gathering their water.  Andrea stopped by the well and waited for them to finish as she listened to what they were talking about.

“That poor boy. I hope he will be ok.”  One said holding her empty bucket so the other could fill it.

“Well, if you ask me it is all those Princesses fault.  All the women around here look after themselves I see no reason why they can’t as well.”

“Yes, but still they have many other evils following them, then what we do.”

“Still they don’t have to work the poor boy until he is near death, and to think everyone is saying that Andrea is after him.”

“Those are just rumors though.  They mean nothing.”

“I would think the same as well, but you notice how she has been looking after Link ever since he fell ill.  It is not fair, the royals always take all our men, and if we speak out against it.  Then it comes back to bit us in the ass, when they take the throne.  I am telling you, no one cares about us common people just as long as we show some kind of support for our rulers.”

            She continued to listen to them as they left the well.  Andrea lowering the bucket into the well, and filling it as she pulled the now full bucket into her reach.  Thinking to herself ‘I can’t believe some people.  Without a countries rulers there is nothing.  And to think I can’t take care of myself.  Now I know where Link gets his ideals from.’  She thought now turning with her full bucket back to the house.  Taking a seat next to his bedside once again she dipped the dry cloth into the bucket.  Ringing it of the water and leaving it so only the cool feeling of the water was left in the cloth.

            Looking over Link she noticed something she didn’t before.  A cool breeze blew through the house.  She didn’t leave the door open, which only meant that someone had entered.  Ears pricked and body on full alert, Andrea was ready for the one that entered.  Yet she lowered her defenses smelling the sent of peppermint.  There was only one person in the world that she knew that would smell like peppermint.  

            Coming up behind her Impa placed a friendly hand upon her shoulder.

“Are you losing your touch?  I thought you would have notice me enter.”

“I knew it was you.”  Her words bring a smile upon the old Sheikah’s face.

“How is the Hero?”

“Not well.  He hasn’t waken today, and his fever grows worse.”

“Don’t worry, the potion I gave him should pull him through.”

“I have faith in you Impa.  I know he will be ok.”

“The King was worried about you.  You shall catch it when you return home.”

“Don’t worry I will deal with him later.  Link needs me now, and the King should understand that.”

“Indeed.  At any rate I came to tell you I will be out of town for a few days.”

            Andrea turned sharply almost seeming worried.  Why Impa couldn’t tell but she had to go.

“When will you be back?”  A sound of worry among her words.

“I will be back tomorrow night, not to worry.  Everything should be back to normal by the time I return.  Even the Hero should be up and about.”  Andrea nodded not really wanting her to go but there was nothing she could say that would make her stay.

“Be safe.”

“I shall Your Highness.”  And with a slight bow of the head Impa was gone.  Her figure faded into the blackness of the night as she rode off.  Leaving Andrea to care for the deathly ill Link.

            The morning air was cool, and the room smelled of the sweet sent of fresh blossoms as Link woke.  His eyes fluttered open as he looked around.  His vision still slightly blurred but the pain he felt was gone.  His head didn’t ach anymore, and his body was cool instead of feverish.  He sat up feeling refreshed but still a little weak from the ordeal.  Looking around he notice the princess was still with him, how long had she been there he didn’t know.  But the morning seemed to make her look different; she was like a new person to him.  A friend that sat by his side, there she sat with her head laid within her folded arms.  Link placed a gentle hand upon her back and shook her lightly.

“Your Highness?”  But she didn’t wake; again he called to her, “Your Highness” This time she stirred lightly, lifting her head to look around.

            Andrea looked up and Link with a smile.

“I see you are feeling better.”

“Have you been watching over me all night?”  A simple nod was all she gave him. 

            Link didn’t know what to do, he felt as though he had Andrea all wrong.  That maybe there was another person show only in secret. Andrea returned home that night to receive one of the longest speeches from the King.  Eric waited outside the chamber in which the King and Andrea were.  Listening well to all that was being said.

“You are a Princess, and you must start acting like one.”

“You know me well, but royalty is something I am not.  I don’t deserve this title.”

“Andrea you are my child, and I love you dearly.”  He seemed to pause as if this argument was being held for another reason, then just her taking off for a night. The King took a deep breath in before addressing her once again. “Andrea you are 19, most women of your standing are to be married at 18.”

“So, you are worried I will not be taken care of?  Why does everyone seem to think a woman or a princess can not look after herself?”

“It is not that, I just want to make sure you and your sister are in good hands.  You are the future Queen, and there is only a few years until you shall be crowned.  You have to be married by then.” 

“And whom would you have me marry?”  He only sighed knowing she was not taking him seriously.

“I will aspect whom ever you wish to marry.”

“You mean you will only aspect a man of noble birth.  Well, I just believe I will die single, if it is all the same to you.”

“Andrea I am not playing games with you.  I hate to have to do this to you, but if you have not chosen someone by your next birthday, then I will choose someone for you.”

“That is fine, run my life.  Label me like everyone else does.”  Without another word Andrea stormed out of her father’s chambers, and into the hallway where Eric was waiting for her. 

            The King put his head down watching his daughter leave in the hurt state she was.  He couldn’t understand why she would have anything to complain about.  The pick of any fine gentleman within the court.  Most princesses didn’t get to choose their husbands, but still Andrea refused to aspect the gift given to her.  It made him sad to think Andrea did not see herself as belonging, and all he could do was pray to know the right thing to do for her.

            Eric on the other hand, took the King’s words as joyful ones.  He was forcing Andrea to marry, and now was his chance.

“He is not very happy with you is he?”

“You should know, you were listening.”  Andrea snapped back at him, not really in the mood for him right now, “So, here to bait me with your bleeding heart.  Lets see are you going to say that you feel for me.  That I shouldn’t be forced into something I don’t want.  Are you going to say all the right things to me Eric?”  Her words becoming harsher as she spoke.  Eric standing as though she had seen right through him.  “There is nothing upon this planet that could make me choose you as the next King of Hyrule.”  And without another word Andrea passed by him, only stopping to hear him reply with his own harsh words.

“You know, I was willing to give you the honor of being my wife.  But I see that boy, that wannbe Hero has caught your eye.  You two will be wonderful together.  The stubborn princess and her common lover.  Where are you going to have your webbing? In the barn with the pigs.”  He started to laugh at his own joke, but what he didn’t know is how Andrea would respond.

            Turning with rage, Andrea let her fist meet his face.  The sound a cracking bones filling the silent hallways as Eric recoiled back from the blow.  Cupping his hand around his nose he looked up to her.

“Mock me again, and I will be the executioner.  I do hope you understand.”  She left him there upon the floor with his broken nose, and continued to her room with a smile upon her face.  The castle attends that pretend not to be watching the two, all went about their business faster then usual.

            The next day Andrea went again to visit Link.  He seemed back to normal, and they spent the day laughing over what had happen to Eric.  They were so lost within each others words, neither of them noticed the cool unnatural wind blowing about outside.  The feeling of danger was about, but it couldn’t be felt not by them.  Even as Link escorted the young Princess home, nothing seemed wrong to them, until they reached the gates leading from the Castle Town to Hyrule Castle.

            Andrea could senses something was wrong for the guards were nowhere to be found.  Link on the other hand continued forward.

“Hold on Link.  Something is not right.  I am getting an eerie feeling.”  He only laughed as he turned to lay his eyes upon her.  He thought she was joking until the fear in her face reached his sight.  Looking forward he to felt the uneasy feeling that Andrea was.  Link climbed down from Epona and started towards the open castle gates.  Andrea went to walk ahead of him for fear of what would lay within the castle itself.  But Link gently pushing her by the midsection forced her behind him as he drew his sword and shield.

“No Princess.  Let me go first.”  But she was in a hurry and Link cautiously made his way up to the beautifully carved doors of the palace.  There was not a guard in sight, and the overwhelming fear of the silence caught up with them.

            Heart pounding and thoughts racing Link slowly pushed open the door that lead to the main entrance of the palace.  Taking a look within he recoiled his view at the sight of what one would guess was a slaughter.  Palace guards lay all about the room, the marble floors stained with their blood.   Andrea not wanting to wait any longer took a look over Link’s shoulder, and the look of shock came over her face.  So many young men that had lost their life, who would do such a thing.  No one was left alive, the thought sadden her but then another thought came across her mind.  Zelda, The King?  And without even thinking of the danger that lay ahead Andrea took off into the next room.  Link followed screaming at her to wait.  He could tell she was upset at the sight of dead bodies, and to think that she knew all these men personally.  He could only image the pain, and hurt she felt.

            The door of the throne room came flying open as Andrea busted in.  However the only two within the room were Impa, whom was helping the injured Eric to his feet.

“Impa!  What has happened?”  Andrea yelled wanting answers and wanting them now.

“I don’t know, I just returned and found the castle floors covered in blood.”  Link came running up beside her, now also helping Eric who was deeply wounded in the chest.

            The worry within Andrea grew more as she walked to her Father’s throne.  There stuck within the cushioned chair was a bloody arrow, and a note.  Andrea took the blood soaked paper within her gloved hands.  As she read her eyes widened, and finally with a hopeless sigh she let the note fall from her hand.  The other three coming up behind her as Link called out to her.

“Your Highness?  What is it?”  Taking Eric’s arm from around his neck, he picked up the piece of paper Andrea had dropped.  Speaking out loud, the letter read as such:

“Dear Her Royal Highness, Andrea of Hyrule,

            My dearest Princess, I was disappointed to have come all this way, and have missed you.  To make up for my lost time and effort spent on calling upon you, I have taken your father and sister.  If you wish to see them again, alive at least.  Then I invite you to come to the top of Death Mountain at Midnight tonight.  Come alone and I may find it in my heart to make a trade for the King and Zelda.

                                                                                                                               Yours Truly,


            Once Link’s voice faded back to the silence of the room Andrea turned to them.

“I have to go.  My family depends on it.”

“No!  It is out of the question.”  Link protested back.

“Link I give the orders, and I am going.”

“Please Your Highness, if this mad man wants you.  What do you think he will do once he has you?  Do you think he will truly let the King and Princess go?”

“Then what am I to do?”

“Let me go.  I will get them back.  I promise you, just trust me.” Andrea wanted so much to be the one to go.  She didn’t want anything to happen to Hyrule’s Hero, but the pleading look in his eyes said other wise.  She couldn’t stop him, he was going weather or not she agreed.  Then with a kind and soften voice Andrea spoke her reply.

“Alright Link.  I am putting my faith in you, please bring them back.”

“Have no worries Princess, I shall.”

“As will I.”  A weak voiced called out from the side of Impa.  Eric was trying now to stand on his own to prove he should go as well, but his knees gave out and he found himself again within Impa’s arms.

“No Eric, you are weak and in no way ready for another battle.  Impa take him to be looked after.”

“Yes Your Highness.”  And with that Impa and Eric where gone, lost within the shadows of the halls within the deathly silent castle.  Link nodded his head then looked to Andrea.

“Then I go.”  Turning his body sharply he started at little more then a walk towards the doors.  He was ready for this; rage was the feeling forcing this young warrior on.  Emotionless he stormed towards the doors, until a soft sorrowful voiced called to him.

“Link…” The voice had such a weak helplessness to it; he would have never thought it was Andrea’s.  Turning to face her and see she was the only other in the room is what told him it was indeed the strong willed Princess.

“Yes?”  Link didn’t have time to stop and talk.  The hour was going late and who knows what dangers lay ahead.

            Yet the sad sight before him, soften the rage he felt for but a moment.  Andrea with her hands folded in font of her, and head down as a dog that had been beaten for years on end.  He approached her slowly, sliding a hand upon hers.  Using his other to raise her chin, catching the last glimpse of a tear.

“Don’t worry, I will not fail you.  If by my life I can bring you happiness, then I shall.  I promise.”

“I know Link.  Just please be careful.”  Her voice so caring and warm, it was so unusual yet expected at the same time. 

            With a smirk upon his face Link headed out of the doors once again.  Andrea just stood within the lonely chamber watching the door as Impa came to stand beside her.

“You know he can’t do it alone.”  Impa said watching the Hero as well hurrying out of the palace.

“I know.”

“Help is needed, She is needed.”

“What if she is not ready?”

“If not now, then when?” 

            Impa was right the time had come to bring forth a new weapon.  A warrior that could be useful in the battle to come.  Without another word Andrea left Impa there with a large smile upon her face.

            The hour was growing late, and time was running out for both the Zelda and the King.  Yet Link had only reached the base of the path leading up to Death Mountain.  Not even two feet from his village then he was attacked by the same shadow creators he saw the day at the lake.  There were twenty at best guess, and Link tried his best to fight them off, but their strength and numbers overwhelmed him.  It wasn’t long before he found himself upon his back looking up at one of the shadowed beast.  There within its hands was a long shadow blade pointing down, threatening to take the young warrior’s life. 

            Link struggled violently but it was no use, he couldn’t break free.  As the blade fell upon him, he embraced the fact this might be the end.  Indeed anyone would think as much when a sword it hurling towards your pinned body.  But Link had a guardian angel that day, just inches from his tunic the shadowed figure was knocked down to the side.  Before he knew it Link was up and was handed a sword.  Everything happened so fast he didn’t know what had happen.  Just that he was alive, and he owed his life to the cloaked figure that now stood before him.

            As the last of the shadow creators burst into black flames, Link eyed his savor.

“Thank you, I am so glad you came along when you did.”

“Save the Thanks.  I was sent by Her Highness to help you.”  Link’s face went from thankful to shocked.  Andrea didn’t trust him to bring back her family.  Hurt filled his being, the sense of betrayal sunk within him. “Don’t look so surprised.  Everyone needs help sometimes, the Princess just wanted to make sure the job gets done.  Think of me as your new partner.”

“Alright partner, then lets be introduced right.  Why not remove the cloak and show yourself to me.”  The figure nodded, the stranger didn’t speak this time.  Maybe because Link was focusing more on who this person was, and there was something in their voice they wanted to hide.

            The stranger removed the cloak reveling a beautiful young woman, no older then Link one would guess.  Her body was well defined and covered in black and a type of purple cloth.  An outfit that reminded him of Sheik or Zelda one could say.  He could tell she was a sheikah the red symbol of the Eye of Truth was a dead give away.  Place upon her chest plate that covered her chest down to her waist.  Eyes of a deep tempting green, and hair so black it gave off a blue hue.  The most interesting feature however was a black mask that started just below the eyes and continued down to under her clothing.  Why she wore it he couldn’t have guessed, but Impa wore the same when in battle. 

            Her figure and appearance was not what shocked Link.  It was more of the fact she was a woman.  His surprise was plane to see as his jaw dropped to the floor.  Stumbling over his own words he couldn’t think what to say.

“You’re a girl?!”  The stranger just crossed her arms and shook her head.

“I am so glade you noticed.  Is there anything else you wish?”

“No offence but I do believe the Princess has made some kind of mistake.  Don’t get me wrong I thank you for saving my life, but this is serious now.”  The stranger did not respond instead she headed up the path that would lead to the summit.  Link however could tell she was upset by the way she clenched her fist as she passed him.  “Where are you going?”  The still surprised Link asked.

“I don’t know about you but our King is in trouble, and I intend to do something about it.  Now you can either come with me and help or stay behind and argue over sexes.”  A challenge from a woman was not something Link was about to pass up.  He ran towards her trying to catch up, but she was still a good distance ahead of him. 

            Running to catch up he came up beside her.  The Stranger had stopped right at the entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern.  Link breathing heavy looked ahead of them, and there racing down the slope to them was a large black shadow.  A closer look however would reveille that it was not one but many of the shadow demons that had nearly ended his life earlier.  Link just grasped then looked to the woman standing next to him.

“This is all your fault woman.  If I was doing this alone I would have known what to do to avoid them.” 

“Just like a man to blame the one with breasts.”  Link only argued back while she looked around for an idea to get out of harms way.  One quick look up reviled away to escape the army heading towards them. 

            Hushing him she pointed up to a rocky ledge that would bring them up past the demons and back on the path to the top.

“Do you think your hook shot would stick?”  Link looked up to the ledge doubtful, but then looking back to the danger that lies before them.  He was willing to try and get them up there.  Grabbing the young woman by the midsection while taking tight hold of the hook shot’s handle.  Link launched the weapon forward and with a luck the arrowhead buried itself deep within the rock.  Within a blink of an eye Link and his female partner were far from harms way. 

            Looking down at what they left behind, he knew it was only a matter of time before they started up after them.  Yet the stranger thought other wise, as she tossed a bomb down from where they had came.  Link looked at her stupidly, believing there was not much a simple bomb could do to all of them.  Yet as it explored the rock ledge just above the small army crumble and fell towards the shadow warriors.  It wasn’t long until the smoked cleared to leave only rumble in its place.

            Link only laughed to himself as he turned to the woman.

“Not bad woman.”

“Stop calling me woman!  I have a name.”  She yelled back.  Finding it a degrading thing to be called by her sex rather than her proper name.

“Well then what is it?”


“Sage?! As in you are a Sage like Impa, or  is that actually your name?”

“That is actually my name.  Is that a problem for you?”  Link just looked at her, as she walked past him.  Heading up the rocky path that would take them to the final climb to meet Dargon. 

            It wasn’t long before Link and Sage made it to the base of the final wall.  It was hard dodging the volcanic explosions and fighting the bodyguards set by Dargon.  Yet Sage managed to do very well for a girl at least.  Link wasn’t going to give her any more credit.  After all these were nothing anyone, even Zelda could defeat these weak monsters.  As far as Link was concerted she had yet to prove herself, the final battle was coming.  It was then her true test would come.

            Link’s blue eyes traveled up and down the wall, worrying they might not reach the top in time. ( I know there is to be three spider thingies, but you know this is the fourth time I have had to type this.  And I hate the way I had it written so I said to the wind with it.)

“We are running out of time Sage.”

“Indeed, well no time to waste up we go.”  She seemed not to be worried.  Did this woman have no fear?  Link found himself wondering, yet with these thoughts he couldn’t escape the worry and doubt he felt.  Deep in his heart he knew this wouldn’t be the end.  How and why he knew this is something he couldn’t answer.  Still with a brave heart Link and Sage made their way up the side of the wall that would lead to the summit of Death Mountain.

            This was it; Link could see the King and princess from where he hung on the wall.  His head just barely seen over the flat top of the summit.

“I can see them let’s go.”  Link whispered down to Sage whom was just below him. 

“No, wait it maybe a trap.”  But before she had a chance to warn him.  Link was up and over the edge making his way towards the King and Princess.

“I wasn’t expecting you Hero.”  A dark rough voice called out from the shadowed entrance to the Fire Temple.  Link froze dead in his tracks, as his terror filled eyes scanned over the shadows where the voice had come from.

            Stepping out from the darkness was a well-built form of a young man.  He looked to be about twenty or so and Gerudo, which was clear by his dark tan and traditional Gerudo clothing.  His eyes were a deep empty gray, and hair of fire red.  There was no doubt this was Dargon.  He circled Link forcing him to move around so that Dargon’s back was to the cliff where Sage was.  An evil grin passed over Dargon’s richly tanned lips.

“I would take it the Princess is not coming.”

“Indeed, she told me to tell you.  That she respectful declines.”  Dargon’s grin only grew as he turned so Link could see his right side.  More importantly the sword handing at his side,  Link gasped.  That sword once belonged to Ganondorf, Link could never forget the terror that blade brought into him.  And to see it again made him shiver all over.

“I know what you are thinking.  How did I get this sword?  You see it was a gift, from father to son.”  A slight chuckle in his voice sensesing Link’s fear.  Sage however didn’t seem as surprised, as she whispered to herself ‘Son’ 

            The two continued to talk, as Sage hung on the side of the mountain.  Looking up to the unknowing Dargon.

“My father couldn’t get rid of you, and it seems I am stuck with his curse.”

“Release the King and Zelda!”  Link demanded but Dargon continued blabbing.

“I see you are feeling better.  I thought for sure that dart would kill you.”

“That was you?  You nearly killed me from the sickness you brought upon me.”

“Sick, you are lucky I was trying to kill you.  It would seem that Sheikah is getting in the way again.  I shall have to deal with her too, as soon as I do away with you.”   Dargon placed his hand behind his back.  The movement so casual that like didn’t notice, but Sage did take notice of Dargon.  Wrapping his large hands about a lengthy dagger.

“You will do no such thing.  I will stop you here and now.  I will make certain you join your father.”  Dargon had waited until Link finished speaking before drawing the blade. 

            Yet no sooner hand the dagger left it’s sheath that Sage pounced upon him from the ledge.  Both of them came rolling forward towards Link.  Dargon stopped short in the middle of the summit, as Sage continued to roll forward.  Then gracefully returning to her feet beside Link.  She held the long dagger for Link to see.

“You should watch your back,  people like him are full of tricks.”  Clam and coolly Dargon drew his father’s sword chuckling.

“Another.  A new partner Link?  It is almost a shame that a woman as lovely as that must share in your fate.”  But neither of them responded to him.  Dargon made another clam movement as if he was continuing to speak.  However he lunged at Sage with his sword.  Link wasn’t expecting it, but Sage was ready.  With a graceful leap into the air she landed behind him, slashing at his right side with is own dagger.  Without effort Dargon blocked her move, as Link joined in the battle with a slash at his chest.

            Dargon caught Link’s hand by the wrist and stopped his move.  The only bad thing he lost track of Sage.  Before he could sense her again, he was upon his back.  Link’s blade once again coming down upon his chest.  With a slight move to the side Dargon was able to block Link’s move.  The Master Sword was logged deep within the earth as Link pulled at it.  Dargon’s chuckles filled the air as he got to his feet.  He was going easy on them and both Sage and Link knew it.  With the greatest of ease he managed to grab Sage by the throat as she tired to draw him away from Link.  The Hero continued to pull at his sword not aware that Dargon’s free hand was pointed towards him.

            With a loud boom and a bright burst of light, Link lay upon the ground asleep to the world.  Sage struggled violently within Dargon’s grasp, but he was to strong and out of her reach.  He started to laugh once again as he picked up his sword.  Bring the hand back that held his blade he looked at the doomed Sage.

“Don’t worry, I promise it will be a quick death.”  His words trailed off as his arm moved forward for a final blow.  His sword inching towards her midsection, the tip just reaching her body as both her and Dargon where thrown upon the ground. 

            Link had tackled him and they both continued to roll towards the edge of the cliff.  Although Link was the only one that ended up hanging over the edge.  Death awaiting him below as Dargon loomed above him.  The Evil Prince glared down at the Hero charging another magical attack as his smirk returned to his face.  Link clenched his eyes shut fearing this was the end of him; he looked up once to see Dargon’s eyes widen.  Why he could only guess.  Dargon seemed to be frozen, stopped by something that was overwhelming him.  It wasn’t until Dargon stumbled backwards that Link saw Sage standing behind him.  It was clear Sage had stabbed him in the back, not really a fair thing to do but still it got the job done.

            Lying upon the grab Sage stretched her right hand down to Link.

“Grab on I will pull you up.”  Link took a strong grip upon her hand.  She struggled to pull him up, trying her best to bring the young hero to a safe place.  However Dargon was not going to give up that easy, as his shadow fell upon Sage.  He stood over her ready to thrust his sword downward into her helpless figure.  She couldn’t let go of Link or he would die, and there was nothing she could really do to defend herself.  Still she was a resourceful young woman, and with a quick swipe of her right foot.  Dargon was sent hurling down to the earth that awaited him.  Then as if without effort his figure vanished before it could be destroyed by the hard ground below.

            Sage’s body now hanging half off the cliff she again tried to pull Link up.  With a hard struggle and great effort on both their parts.  Link crawled over the edge to safety, looking to the chained and masked King and Princess.  Without even a thanks he continued past Sage and helped the young Princess and old King.  Pulling off the blindfold Zelda hugged Link.

“Oh, I knew you would come for me.”  She said over joyed.  The King giving Link a friendly smack on the back.

“You did well Hero.” 

“Thank you.”  Link turned to introduce his partner to them but Sage was nowhere to be found.  She was gone just as quick as she came.

            The three of them returned to the palace and in the morning Link was called before the King.  He entered the throne room and bowed upon entering.  He remained upon his knee until the King motion for him to rise.

“Your services are needed again Link.  Eric as you know has been badly injured, because of this Zelda is going to remain at the palace at all times.  You however will accompany Andrea to Alvion.   You leave tomorrow go and rest up it will be a long journey.”  With a respectful bow Link left the King.  This should prove to be interesting.  Guarding Andrea for a change, he could only wonder what it would be like.  Yet his mind was more on the mysterious woman that had helped him so much.  He shout out Andrea in order to find his answers.  It was in the gardens he found her, sitting upon one of the stone benches.

            Quietly he approached her bowing slightly as he called to her.

“Your Highness?”

“Yes Link, is there something you wish?”

“Yes, I am only making a guess at this but.  I was wondering if you remember that girl, I mean woman you sent to help me?”

“You mean Sage.”

“Yes, I was wondering if you talk to her often?”

“As a matter of fact I do.  Her and I have been friends all our lives.”  He nodded bring a folded piece of paper from under his tunic.  He handed it to her with a smile.

“I was wondering if you would give this to her?”  Andrea paused for a moment then took the parchment from him.

“I shall do you this favor only because of the favor you have done me.”  The way she said it made it seem she was doing it to make them even.  Although Link knew she would have done it even if he had not completed his mission. 

            Link’s face grew brighter as he turned from her with words of thanks.  Andrea called out to him as he walked away.

“Make sure to get your rest tonight Link.  We are leaving just before sunrise.”  He only laughed at her teasing words and continued outward to the open field.

            It wasn’t until late Link returned home, as he entered the town he noticed his house had candles burning within the windows.  That shouldn’t be there was no one there to light them.  Unless there was an intruder.  He slowly pushed open the partly cracked door, scanning his eyes across the room carefully.  It seemed nothing was out of place or anything taken.  Maybe one of the town girls had done him a favor, thinking it happier to come home to a well-lighted house.  Rather then a lonely dark one.  He turned to shut the door as a voice called out to him.

“I take it you live alone.”  Turning sharply slightly alarmed his eyes meet the one he was waiting for.

            Sage sat within a chair at the table with her feet up and rocking back in the chair.

“By the Gods, you scared me.”  He stated holding his hand over his fast beating heart.  “I didn’t think you would come.”

“I didn’t think I was either, until Her Highness ordered it of me to come and see what you wished.”  Putting her feet down from the table she stood making way towards him.  “I hope I am not wasting my time here.  For your sake at least.”

“It depends on what you see as a waste of time.”

“So why am I here Hero?”  Link cleared his throat and stood straight as to be nobler in his next move.

“I wanted to say I was sorry for treating you the way I did.  I should have never acted the way I was just because you were a woman.”

“Although it is a noble man that can admit that, you are wasting my time.  You could have written that within your letter.”

“Well, wait there is more.”  Sage just looked confused at him.  What else could he possible want? Taking a silver pendent from under his tunic he removed it from his neck.  Then handing it to her he spoke again, “This is a truce between us.  It is all I have of my past and I want you to take it.”

            Sage took the pendent from him and looked at it closely.  Engraved in the silver metal was a rounded like “E” also running behind that was a sword with phoenix wings.  It was clearly a very value piece of jewelry.

“Link, I can not take this.”

“No please, it is kind of my way of making up for calling you a weak woman.”  He could tell she wasn’t buying it, but before she could speak again he said something that would make her aspect it.  “And it would honor me if you aspect this.”  She nodded her head and without another word she took the pendent and placed it around her neck.  Showing him that she was expecting the gift.

            He only smiled as he turned to place his sword and shield down.  When he turned back to address her, she was gone. Link hurried outside to maybe stop her but there was nothing but the cool night breeze.

            The masked Sage watched from a near by rooftop as Link hung his head and returned to his home.  The night air blow about once again.  Taking with it her cloak and long black hair, making it dance to the wind’s song.  She watched as the candles went out within the house, and all became dark.

“We shall meet again Hero.”  She whispered into the nothingness before turning to disappear into the night.

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