Legend of The Flaming Force

By Mysterious

Part 2: The Dragon's Tear


The morning was fresh and cool as the small part of castle guards stood outside the gates of the castle town.  Link stretched his arms out to the sky as he yawned with his mouth wide open.  He didn’t even notice Andrea riding up beside him.

“Good morning Link.  Isn’t it a lovely morning?”  She laughed at the half awake boy.  Link only replied with a less then happy look.  Andrea Continued to the font of the group, and forced her horses head to the side.  They both turned so that everyone could she them.

“I am going ahead alone with Link.  You men follow at your leaser.  We will meet an hour before night fall to set up camp.”  She said addressing them.  Every one stood in shock; no royal would go off on their own.  Especial if a mad man like Dargon was still on the lose.

“Your Highness with all do respect.  The King hired us to stay by your side, and we are to follow orders Your Highness.”  One of the men spoke up. 

“Well I am giving you new orders, and you shall follow them.  Not to worry Link can handle any dangers that may arise.”  Link shied away from the statement feeling lately that he could do no such thing.

            Still without another word Andrea road outward towards the road that would lead them to Alvion.  Link drove Epona forward to catch up not really sure if the other soldiers were going to obey their orders.  It wasn’t long before Link and Andrea were out of view of the others.  He thought maybe she wished to talk but all remained silent between them.  That wonderful week while he was sick had all but vanished.  That Andrea was gone, and things become more estranged between them.  It was both saddening and a revile to Link.  He didn’t really want to have to become to close of a friend to her.  Last thing he needed was another’s problems, but if they were not friends he couldn’t learn more about the mystery woman Sage.  Either way he felt he was using the Princess, yet it didn’t seem to bother him too much. 

            It wasn’t until mid-afternoon that Link choose to start a conversation.

“You are oddly quiet today Your Highness.  Is something wrong?”

“No Link.  I am fine.”  But something was bothering her, and it had passed through he head many times this morning whether or not to tell him.  There was another short period of silence and then Andrea continued.  “Why do you address me so formally?”

“Your Highness?”  Link respond in a confused manner.

“No matter where we are or whom is near you always address me in a formal way.”

“Is there another way I should speak to you?”

“It is just that…” she stopped short her sentence still wondering if she should allow him to know this.  Truly there was nothing to hide but why trust a simple guardian?

“Eric calls you by name?  Doesn’t he?” 

“Yes” a soft voice said back.  This was it Link’s time to shine; he wasn’t going to hold back on what he thought about Eric.

“If you will pardon it Your Highness, I believe he disrespects you more then anyone should be allowed.”

“I don’t think I would go as far as saying it is disrespectful.”

“I would, he is a snake.  For years he has been planning his marriage to you.  Going behind your back to gain your throne, and him not even having the honor to address you formally at least in public is very disrespectful.  You are of royal birth and should be treated as such.”

            His words didn’t seem to have the effect he wished.  Instead a sorrowfully troubled sigh came from the lowered head of the princess.  It was as if there was another deeper secret, perhaps something to do with her past tortured her.  Link allowed Epona to drop behind Andrea’s horse as he noticed her change in moods. 

            Although he couldn’t be certain he was sure he heard her whisper something to herself.  Something along the lines of “ It is not my throne”.  This only brought more questions up but before Link had the chance to speak again.  Andrea halted her horse and looked at the stream and large tree before her.

“I believe this is far enough.  The others are not far behind they will be here shortly.”  Climbing down from her tall stallion, she tried his rains to one of the low tree branches.  “We will just wait here and make camp once they arrive.”  Link nodded in agreement and dismounted Epona, allowing her to roam free as he laid down under the large tree.     

            ‘What a long morning’ Link thought to himself as he laid his back against the tree after placing his sword and shield down beside him.  Placing his hands behind his head it wasn’t long before the feeling of relaxation filled his body.  The day was warm, but the tree provided a refreshing place to take shelter from the sun.     

            With closed eyes Link took a deep breath in.  Enjoying every second of this short break, he knew soon the others would arrive and he would be put to work once again.  It wasn’t until he felt a body next to his that he opened his eyes.  Looking down he notice the Princess had settled her head upon his chest and her body was cuddled close his.

            There was one other question he had been wanting to know more then anything.

“Why did you say that about me?”

“What do you mean?”

“You said I could handle whatever dangers may come.  You know that not to be true.”

“I believe everything I say to be true.  I believe in you Link.  I know you wouldn’t let any harm come to me.”

            All her words seem to be coming from a person that was not her.  It was as if he was looking down at another person all together.  This wasn’t a Princess with a cold heart; she was more of a delicate flower with wilting pedals.  What was it that made her open up to him?  She seemed so sad, almost lost.  This confused Link more as they waited in silence for the rest of the party.

            The day wore on and the others joined Link and the Princess.  It was only a few moments before nightfall that camp was readied.  Large tents stood in a cluster by the small stream. 

            The night was clear and full of shinning starts.  Link tried to count them in an attempt to take his mind off of Sage.  Yet it didn’t seem to be working, he wanted to know more about her.  More to the point he wanted to know when he would see her next.  Again he started to count the shining gems of the sky but he only got as far as twenty before his thoughts turned to the mysterious sheikah. 

            He knew sleep was not going to come to him tonight.  Unless he got answers, and the only one that could give him that was Andrea.  Yet the hour was late and the chance she might be awake was next to none.  Still it was worth the effort to go and see.

             Andrea as Link was up fingering a metal object with her hands.  Pounding on how this important item came to be with her.  Staring deeply into thought she barely heard the soft voice from outside her tent.

“Your Highness?” a male voice said, and she knew without asking it was Link.

“Come in.” 

            Peeking his head in, Link could tell she too had trouble sleeping.  The light within the tent was very dim.  Andrea sat upon a cushion space on the floor of her tent.  Dressed in her a long white nightgown, which had stings for straps.

“Come Link and have a seat.”  He paused for a moment before stepping fully into the tent.  Taking a seat next to her Andrea quickly hid the object she had within her hands.

“Are you to having trouble sleeping Princess?”  Link shyly asked.  Andrea only smirked then replied.

“No need for such formal talk.  There is no one around.”  With a shy smile he looked down at his fold hands.

“I am very honored that you think of me in such a way to regard you so informal.”

            Andrea’s smirk turning into a smile as she started to wonder why he had come.

“Is there something you wished Link?”

“I know this is very rude of me but I was wondering what you knew about Sage?”

“What is it you wish for me to tell you about her?”

“I want to know more about her.”

“Why so interested?”

“No reason.”  Again said with a shy tone. 

            Andrea leaned back against the wall of the tent.  Her kind nature turning just a slight bit bitter.

“Something must interest you about her.  If it keeps you up at night.”  Looking up to respond, Link’s attention was drawn to a shadow that loomed over the tent.  Before he could realize what the object was, a long object thrust down into the material of the tent.  Without a thought being able to cross his mind.  Link throw the princess out of the way and then himself dodge the blade.

            Uncovering himself from the remains of the tent, Link drew his sword.  The camp was blanketed in flames, and small battles were everywhere.  It wasn’t long before Link found himself in a battle himself.  While Link was busy defending himself by these attackers, Andrea had found herself lying upon the ground. 

            It was her they came for; she knew this as soon as one of them grabbed her.  Picking her up from the ground by the wrist, one of the men brought her close.  Instead of her body being throw against his.  Andrea’s fist meet his face head on, her attacker lay knocked out on the ground.  A few others saw this and rushed after her.

            As if out of reaction Andrea took up the fall ones sword.  Using the weapon to block the blows from the two now trying to take her captive.  Link busy with his own battles had lost track of Andrea.  In a panic he searched about the confusing scene.

            The dim glow from the burning tents made it hard to see anything.  The feeling of worry and doubt came across the young warrior.  As the thought of her capture came to mind.  His worried blue eyes scanned the chaos about him, until they came to the tree by the small stream. 

            Under which Andrea was, now battling in a blood stained gown.  Link would have rushed to her side if it wasn’t for the shock he received from her fighting skills.  Indeed it was two against one, but still that had no effect.  Andrea was showing the skills of an experienced fighter.

            He watched in amazement as one lunged his weapon forward to her midsection.  With an effortless jump to the side she avoid it.  The other having tried to strike her from behind found himself upon the flat of his back.  Now looking up at Andrea’s sword which was coming down fast upon him.  Feeling around franticly for his weapon, it was only a few second before death had called him.  That he found his sword deflecting hers.

            Now with the events to come, Andrea had noticed Link watching.  So it is left to be said how or why Andrea found herself now victim to her attackers. 

            Trying to return to his feet the one upon the ground launched himself from his hands.  Allowing his feet to kick upward into the chest of the princess.  Link grasped it may have been an easily avoided move for a skilled fighter.  Yet the thought of Andrea being nothing more then a princess crossed his mind as she fell backwards and into the arms of the other man.

            The normal reactions of the hero played forth as he rushed to her aid.  With a few effortless thrust, and quick footwork Andrea was safe again.  Link had held out his hand to help Andrea to a stand.  She took his hand and pulled herself up as one of the other guards came to insure the princess safety.

“Your Highness are you alright?!”

“I am fine.  Clam yourself, and give me a report.”  She commanded, watching as the attacking party fled from there fire covered camp.

“Three are dead another four wounded.”

“What about supplies? And horses?”

“We have a few of the horses, including yours.  But there is nothing left of the supplies.  Everything is in ashes.”  Andrea nodded.

“See to it that one of the stronger men escort the dead and wounded back to Hyrule…”

“But Your Highness?”  Andrea however did not stop to acknowledge him; her voice only grew louder to out do his as she continued.

“Then get some rest, we leave in three hours.  We will not rest again until we reach Alvion”

            The humbled guard bowed his head in respect.  Then turning went to see that the princess’s wishes where done.  Andrea turned to the small stream and knelt down in her now spoiled gown.  Cupping her hands in the water she brought it up to her face, washing the dirt and blood from her.

“How did you learn to fight like that?”  Link asked coming to sit beside her.  She never looked to him as she spoke.

“Thank you for giving me so much credit.  Even my sister can defend herself at times.”

“Yes, but I have never seen her fight like you do.  It was like you have been trained for years.” 

            Andrea stood leaving Link to sit alone by the stream.  Still not answering his question.

“You should get some sleep Hero.  W e will be leaving soon.”  And with that she was gone, letting Link wonder more about her.  And wonder he did is mind now off of Sage.  Was it Impa that taught her?  Who else could it be, well there was Eric.  Link found himself reviewing everyone close to the Princess with great fighting skills; still no answers came to him.

            It wasn’t long before they were on the road again, traveling in a close group for fear of being attacked again.  Link found himself staring blankly at Andrea every chance he got, then when she would look back.  His view would turn from her and to another object, as if he were interested in something else.  The deepening of Andrea’s mystery caused him to think of nothing else, it was a shock to him when they climb to the top of the final hill.  Now in Alvion.  Time seemed to have passed so fast as the group looked down towards the castle.  Andrea waved her hand for one of the men to ride up beside her.

“Ride ahead to the castle and inform the King of what has happened.  Also that we will be arriving shortly.”  The guard nodded his head and rode off down to the castle with great speed.  As his figure disappeared into the late morning haze about the castle.  The others continued forward slowly so as to give the message enough time to report what he was to.

            As they reach the glorious steel gates of the castle a small jolly man came out to greet them.  Andrea dismounted her beautiful black stallion and tried her best to fix her appearances.  Although it was hard to look presentable in a bloodstain nightgown.  Still the small man was overjoyed to see her. 

“Andrea my dear!” He yelled coming to stand in font of her.  Andrea bowed her head in respect as Link came to stand beside her.  He now realized this short joy filled man was the King.

“Your Majesty, it is an honor.”

“Oh come child enough of the formalities.” He said again lifting her chin with his hand. “You look beautiful, you have grown so much.”

“Yes indeed.  Not the terror I remember.”  Another voiced added as a young man with dirt blond hair came to stand by the King.  Andrea only smirked looking to the young man.

“If I remember correctly dear Prince, you were the terror.”  Her comment making a chuckle come from his smile.  “It is good to see you both.  Milord allow me to introduce Link.”  She announced extending her hand in a greeting manner towards Link and then to the two men standing before them. “ Link this is King Thyth of Alvion, and Prince Lance.” 

            Link graciously bowed to them, but the King excitedly took his hand in a friendly manner.  Shaking it wildly as he greeted Link.

“Welcome my boy.”  Link was a little taken back by the action and held onto his hat as he spoke.

“Thank you Milord.”  Lance was next to take Link’s hand but in a more formal manner and less excited.

“The Hero of Time.”  Lance said shaking his hand, “What a great honor it is to meet you Link.”

            It was a wonder to know that others had heard of his great deeds.  To be honored for them instead of forgotten.  Link’s mouth parted to pay a kindness for the Prince’s  words, but another stricter voiced called forth.

“You respect a commoner far to much my son.”  The voice belonged to an overly dressed female with a saggy face.  The Queen no doubt in Link’s mind.  She walked like a noble horse with two butts, and her evil eyes scanned over the young hero with a threatening look.  It wasn’t until her view fixed on Andrea that she grasped at the sight.

“My dear child, is that what those thieves did to you?”  Andrea hadn’t really noticed her appearance until just now as she looked down.  Taking her hand the Queen pulled Andrea between the King and Prince dragging her into the castle. “Come my child we must get you cleaned up.”

“Come Link, you shall have a room close to Andrea.”  This comment made by her son caused the aged Queen to stop in her tracks.

“Lance, don’t put that peasant in a fine room such as that.”  But this was Lance’s Hero as well as the rest of the worlds.

“But mother he is well regarded and greatly honored.  We most not be such awful host to someone of his high regard.” 

            The Queen only rolled her eyes and continued to walk as she spoke.

“Very well, but you give him far to much credit for a commoner with a sword.”  Link sighed realizing how he was viewed in high sociality.  Andrea looked back with a soft smile to Lance for doing Link such a great honor, and then she looked to Link.  Seeing his displeased look her smile faded, but she couldn’t stop to talk to him.  The Queen was forceful in pulling her along.

            A bath was draw for Andrea and she was cleaned and refreshed in the perfumes of royalty.  She sat at the vanity as the Queen brushed out her long hair.

“There now.  Don’t you feel better?”

“Yes Milady.  My thanks to you.”

“It is nothing my dear.  So tell me what happened to that hansom young man Eric.”  Andrea paused wondering if she was in on the plan to get her to marry Eric.

“Nothing has happened to him.”

“Then why has he not come this time?”

“Eric is no longer my guardian.”

“I see.  Well it seems your father’s judgment is getting impaired in his old age.”

“It was not his decision, it was mine.”  The Queen’s motion with the brush became harsh for a moment before she spoke again.

“I trust you have good reason for wanting that boy in control of your future.”  The Queen’s words were beginning to annoy Andrea as she clenches her fist that were sitting within her lap.

“Link is the best fighter in Hyrule.  I trust him.”

“That is not what I heard.  I have good reason to believe there is another better then him.”


“Some masked trap.  At least that is what I heard.  What man would want a woman that runs around fighting?  If you ask me she has no mind of her own, if all she can do is fight.”  Andrea’s anger was growing, and the queen’s next comment did nothing but anger her more. “Just like that Impa. What kind of woman is she?  No wonder she has not found a man yet.”

“Both Sage and Impa are good friends of mine.” Andrea stated through clenched teeth.

“Well, dear I do believe you need some new friends.  If you don’t want to scare that hansom Eric away.  He just might think of marrying another if you do not hurry.”  That was it Andrea had heard enough, yet just before she could say anything.  One of the attends came into the room and summoned the Queen away to dress for dinner.

            Link waited out in the hall for Andrea.  Fixing the deep blue tunic he was given, feeling slightly over dressed, and lost without his hat.  Andrea’s door opened slowly as the Princess stepped out.  Link looked towards her and couldn’t help but grasp; royalty was always dressed in fancy manner.  Yet Andrea looked nothing like herself.  Her long brown hair was placed half up and the rest left down falling about her shoulder.  Wearing of dress of creamy faded white inlayed with a type of shiny beads at the bust.  The gown left long and flowing towards the waist and then down till it touched the floor.

            Andrea gave the shocked Link a confused look.

“Are you just going to stay there, or escort me to dinner?”  Link shook his head and smiled holding his arm out to her.  With a smile of her own she took his hand, looking him over.  “You clean up very nicely Link.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”  He said more mockingly towards the upper class, as he raised his chin.  Mincing the nobles he has seen within the court of Hyrule.  Andrea couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle.

            The dinner was somewhat boring for Link.  Whom remain silent and still at his seat, as Andrea and the royal family talked.  Mainly it was memories of past visits by Andrea and the King, and then there was the usual rude comments made towards Link.  Of course by the Queen, who seemed a little less then happy to have a “commoner” staying within the rooms reserved for the most honored guests.

            A warrior to her was nothing more then a peasant with a sword.  Lance however was truly interested in the young hero.  Asking him of his adventures, and all the wonders he had taken part in.  Yet most of all he wanted to know more then ever about his last battle.  The showdown between him and Dargon Dargmire.

            Link was more then relived when the King and his Queen stood to leave the table.  Tomorrow the treaty talks would start but for now the Snotty Queen would be silence.  Both the King and Queen wished Andrea and Link a good night and continued up to their room.  Andrea was next to leave as she came to stand next to Link.

“Don’t worry Link.  The Queen is like to everyone,  Impa can tell you that.”  Link didn’t respond out of respect for the Prince whom remained at the table.

            Andrea extended her arm as though she wished to be escorted to her room.  Link in a gentlemen like manner escorted her back to her room in the same manner he did to dinner.  As they reached the door Andrea stopped with her back leaned against it.

“You did very well tonight Hero.”

“Thank you Your Highness.” He answered back tugging at the tight collar of his tunic.  Andrea just giggled, Link wasn’t used to these types of clothes.  She silenced herself long enough to say good night before turning to the door.  “Good night Princess” he whispered back as he too turned to enter his room across the hall.

            The room was pitch black only the light shin from the moon gave sight.  Leaning her head against the door she let out a sigh, that was soon followed by another voice.

“We have been waiting for you Princess.”  The voice was male, and deep.  She was startled and quickly looked about the darken room.  There now just shadows in the moon’s rays where a group of the thieves they had fought the night before.  How many she couldn’t tell, but one thing was for certain they were definitely after her. 

            One of them lunged forth to grab at the Princess but she dodges away from the door and made it up top her bed.  The man lunging after her, slammed into the door with such force it jammed it shut.  But not without causing a loud BANG! To be echo through the halls of the castle.  Link with a warrior instance turned to Andrea’s door and grabbed the handle.  Pulling violently he realized it wouldn’t open.

            Taking a monstrous few steps back, he rammed the door.  Another loud BANG! Came as the door came crashing in on two of the attackers.  Link lay flat on his face upon the top of the door.  Andrea was there up top her bed doing well defending herself but as Link broke down the door her view and attention strayed from what she was doing. 

            Looking at Link she didn’t see the other two attacks raise the top sheet on her bed.  Using it somewhat like a net to trap her.  Link got to his feet as another came after him, drawing his sword and continuing into a slash the man lay dead. Now it was just Link, one bad guy, and the bagged Andrea.

            The last one stood by the window with the bag containing Andrea out the window.

“Put down your sword boy, or I will drop your Princess!”  Link’s eyes only grow more threatening as he stared his opponent down.  It was at that time he noticed Andrea looking out from one of the holes in the sheet.  Her eyes seemed to say “I trust you.” As if giving him a hint of what to do.

            With a quick dash forward all three of them were pushed out the window.  The attacker fell freely screaming, Link however had a purpose.  As Andrea fell out of the sheet Link took her safely into his arms, and with his hook shot aimed at a near by tree.  They were both pulled into the safety of the branches while the other did not have such luck.

            Link remained in a kneel position in the tree, holding Andrea.  Who didn’t seem to want to move as she held fast to him.  Link’s expression went from raging warrior to a soften confused look.  He didn’t know what to do, but the sounds from the Queen and King yelling at them both from down below.  Seemed to snap Andrea out of her daze.  Link jumped down from the tree and set Andrea to her feet, only to be pushed out of the way by the Queen.

“How dare you be so rough with a female.”  She said as she cuddles Andrea and walked her inside along side the King. 

            Link only looked at Andrea as she looked back.  There was something different about her.  Something was wrong, but it was to late to find out now.

“I know this man.”  The Prince said coming up behind Link.  Link looked down to the dead body.

“Who is he?”

“He is or was the captain of the royal guard.”

“Well, not anymore.” Link joked back, as Lance chuckled.

“So very true my friend.” He said slapping his hand against Link’s back, “Come lets go for a walk.”

Link didn’t disagree; this may be his chance to find out what is truly going on.

            They walk around the gardens once before Link started his questions.

“My Prince may I ask you something?”

“Please Link as far as I am believe we are equal.”  Taken back by such a statement Link had almost forget his next question. “Now then what is it you wish to ask me?”

“I want to know what is really going on here?  I know you know about these men more then you let on.  There is a war going on isn’t there?”

“Yes, there is.”

“Over what?”

“Have you ever heard of the Dragon’s Tear?”  Link just shook his head as the Prince looked at him, “It is said to be a jewel that once belonged to Naryu.  It has the ability to heal any wound or any sickness.”

“Alright but what does this have to do with Andrea?”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with her.  Pyrmos wants her, that way he can ransom her for the jewel.”


“He is the leader of these thieves.”

“It would seem this war has been going on for awhile.”

“No, it didn’t start until you defeat Dargon.”  Link looked shyly away, it really wasn’t him that defeated him.

“It wasn’t all me.”

“Ahh yes Sage.  I have heard about her, but up until now I always that she was a man.”  With excitement Link’s eyes went to look at the Prince again as he stopped walking.

“You have heard of her before?”

“Yes, he was a great help when Ganon was trying to take our Kingdom.  Excuse me, she was.  A fine warrior indeed.”  Link couldn’t believe it Sage had been around all this time and he only meet her now.

            Lance noticed Link’s deep thought and just smirked making the next statement as a tease.

“So the Hero does have a weakness.”  Referring to Sage.  Link snapped his head up in defenses.

“What does that mean?”

“Oh nothing.  Looks like Andrea is going to be jealous though, now that her hero belongs to someone else.”  Link just gave him a confused look. “ Oh don’t play stupid Link,  Andrea is after you.  You must know it.”

“No I don’t know it.  You seem happy for it though.  Are you not seeking the Princess as well?”

“No, someone already has my heart.”  The Young Prince stated with a sigh.

“And who is the special woman?”

“Zelda…” said again with a delighted sigh.  Link only chuckled

“That is a new one to me.”

“Well, then who is it that starts your fire Link?”  But Link didn’t want to answer instead he turned the subject too more pressing matters.

“So why doesn’t your father just give them the Dragon’s Tear?”  Lance just smirked he knew Link was worming his way out of the question.

“It is a legend Link.  There is no such item.  Not here or anywhere.  On that note I bid you good night.”  Prince turned to leave, but Link stopped him.

“Lance, would you mind if I looked around tonight.  I want to make sure there is no other traitors lurking about.”

“Not at all, but here you will need this to get past the guards.”  He said turning back to Link and removing a gold pendent from around his neck.  Link took the item and looked over with a confusion and surprise that would haunt him for the coming nights and days.

“What is this?!”

“It is the crest of my family.  See the lion and drove that is my family's mart.  Everyone of noble birth wore a family crest.  At least in the old days, there is only a few that carry on that custom now.”

“What is this symbol for?”  He said pointing to the rounded ‘E’ like shape.

“This? This means first born.  I am the first-born son of this family.  This should get you around easier just make sure I get this back.  It is almost the only thing that links me to this family.”  Lance smiled to the shocked Link as he retired for the night.

            Link couldn’t believe it, this was just like his.  The one Sage now had.  It was the key to who he was, if he could only fine the family with that crest.  If any of them was even still alive.  Then another thought crossed his mind, he was of noble birth.  His father must have been part of the King’s court before the war. 

            This night only added a whole new wonder to Link’s mind.  As he wondered the halls of the sleeping castle his mind buzzed on.  ‘Who is still alive from my family?’ ‘ Would they remember me?’  ‘Does this mean Eric will be nicer to me now?’  He couldn’t tell anyone until he was sure of what or who he was.

            Morning came fast for all but Link whom was up all night thinking over this new knowledge.  However he was still on time to awake Andrea and Escort her to the room the treaty talks would be held.  He waited there outside her door with a worried look, now in his normal clothes.  Much to his pleasure.

            Andrea opened the door, and she took Link’s arm as the zombie Link walked her down the hall.

“Link, you look worried.  Is something wrong?”

“Your Highness, I know you will not take my suggestion but I strongly suggest we leave once the treaty is signed.”

“Link?  What has gotten into you.”

“It is for your safety I ask this of you.  These people may be your friends, but they are hiding something, and I don’t want to see you hurt.”  She looked to him only to argue back but the worry in his eyes caused her to agree.

“Alright Link, we will leave tonight.  First however we are going out into the country with Lance.”

“Fair enough.”  He really didn’t approve but he was to tired to argue.

            Talks travel late into the afternoon, and Link found himself drifting off to sleep while the Princess and the others talked.  Every now and then when Lance saw Link becoming sleepily he would poke him so his mother would not remark.  Finally once the King and Princess signed the document they where able to leave.  The King and Queen left for their daily duties to the country, but Lance stood and addressed the Princess.

“Shall we go now if you are to leave by nightfall?”

“Yes, we only have a few hours of light left.”

            They rode what seemed like endless hours about the countryside of Alvion.  The tired Link could barely keep up to them, you could only image the comfort he felt.  When they stopped at a peaceful clearing.  Andrea and Lance dismounted their horses and Andrea didn’t give Link a chance to do such before ordering him about.

“Link you remain here with the horses.  We will not be long.”  Link relieved by her order.  Sat back in his sattle and started to grow relaxed.  Lance and Andrea however went on down the way out of Link’s sight.

            They talked and laughed together as life long friends do.  Then what Andrea had been waiting for happened.

“So how is Zelda?”  She only laughed.

“I knew that was coming.”


“You can not let me come up here without at least asking me once, if not ten times how Zelda is.”

“Well, maybe I am just wondering.  You know a worried friend, though I don’t see a reason to worry with you and Link…as well as Sage.” Andrea just continued ahead as if nothing he said seemed to interest her.    Link seems very taken with her…Don’t you think?”

“The boy is lost in childhood fantasies.  She would never pay any attention to him.”



“Are you jealous?!”

“No!  What on Earth do I have to be jealous about?”

            But Lance didn’t have time to answer her back.  The Brushes started to rustle beside them, and before Lance could investigate.  A group of highly armed Thieves stepped from out of the brush. They were clearly sent by Prymos, as one of them put a sword to Lance’s throat.  Another two taking hold of Andrea’s arms.  Lance standing tall and proud.

“What is it you want?”  Lance questioned in his royal tone.  “If it is me.  Then take me.” He demanded.

The man just laughed, “We don’t want you… Lord Prymos wants her.”  Saying as his sword points to Andrea.

            The two men holding her arms had started to pull her away to where their horses were.  Lance’s mind raced on what to do, but he could think of nothing.  If he was killed then there would be no one left to help Andrea.  Andrea’s eyes didn’t plead with him to save her.  Instead they were fixed on the trees where a figure moved about.  Before the man with the sword could bring his weapon into its sheath, Link had fallen upon him. 

            At the same moment in time, Andrea had thrust her elbows into her captures gut.  Leaving them bent over and grasping for a breath.  The battle had begun, Andrea dealt with the two men that had a hold of her, and Link wrestled with what seemed to be the captain.  Lance did battle with the remaining member.

            The men would lug at Andrea’s figure and she would parry their attack.  Dueling both of them as if they were nothing but fighting dummies.  The one on the left thrust towards her again with his weapon, and she jumped.  Falling forward his sword lay on the ground in font of her.  Not noticing she carelessly had stepped on the edge of his blade, while battling the other.  As the man with drew his sword she stumbled back and fell.  They rushed upon her, like a flies to a fresh kill.

“Put down your weapons…We have orders to kill if we do not get what we want!”  One the men ordered holding a blade to Andrea’s throat. 

            Both Link and Lance laid down their swords.  Each of the attackers nodded to one another, as the one holding Andrea backed away.  In the next moment one of them had knocked Link out with the hilt of his sword, and then Lance.

            The next time Link awoke he was lying on a hard bed.  With nothing but darkness surrounding him.  He sat up in a panic, but his head ach and he had to lie back down.

“Link, lie still.”  Andrea’s voice called out from the darkness as she walked to him.

“Your Highness?!  Are you hurt?”  She shook her head.

“No I am fine.”  But there wasn’t anytime to talk, as the door to the dungeon opened. 

            A man dressed in royal purple robs and a white lose fitting short under them.  Link stood as the two men a companying him opened the door to the cell.  Link’s Master Sword was gone, along with all his weapons, yet still his body fleet heavy.  Andrea stood before the man dressed in purple as he stepped into the cell.

            He bowed putting his left foot in font of his right.

“Your Highness.  It is an honor to meet you.”  One could only guess this was Prymos.  But Andrea did not respond back with such a nice and lady like manner.

“I can not say the honor is mine under these conditions.”

“Milady you must be respectful, as all guests should be.” 

“If you want respect, then you should show me some.  Housing a member of the Royal family in such dirt filled place.  I take it you know no better, common thieves don’t often do.”  She replied back with the same sound of royal manner that Link was so used to.

            Prymos however was not, used to being talked to in a such a way.  Especially from a female, his women were silent and did what he commanded.  Andrea on the other hand had a mind of her own.  He only chuckled as he looked away, and then turning back as if to speak to her once again.  The back of his hand came flying across her face.  Forcing her to the ground.  Link rushed forth to attack, no one laid a hand on the princess.  But his weakened state made it easy for Prymos to avoid him.  Stepping to the side, Link continued to rush past him, and into the grip of the other two men.

“Now then Your Highness.  You will respect me as all my subjects do.”  He said smiling down at what he saw was just a weak woman. 

            Andrea rose, and looked him right in the eye.  She wasn’t afraid of him, or no man for that matter.

“I will give you what respect you deserve.  And you deserve none.  You should be bowing to me.”  Her lack to submit to him, caused another blow to come.  This one with such force as to cause blood to slip from her lips.  Leaving her upon the floor Prymos walked from the cell, motioning his subjects to place Link back in.  Once in he ran to Andrea’s side and knelt beside her.  She looked up threateningly to Prymos as he added one last thing.

“The King will pay me what I want, and when he does.  Dargon will be so pleased he will reward me with you… And when that time comes you will learn how slaves are to behave.”  And with that he was gone.

            Link held Andrea close and wiped the blood from her lip.  She only pushed him away.

“I am fine Link, just leave me.”  She stood and walked to the little bared window.  Taking in what she could see of the night sky.

“Why did you do that?”  Link asked remaining on the floor.

“Do what?”

“Why couldn’t you just let him win?  Why won’t you let someone else have rule over you?  All you had to do was give him the respect he wanted, and then you wouldn’t be bleeding.”

“I couldn’t submit to him.  I submitted to no one, especially not people like him.”

“But why?”

“You don’t understand, Link.  You just don’t understand.”

            It wouldn’t be another few hours until Prymos would return.  However this time he would return with Lance.  As the doors opened both Link and Andrea stood as Lance was led in behind Prymos.  The cell door opened and the guards went in a dragged out Andrea.  Forcing Link back as Lance was thrown in next to Link.

“Looks like you are free to go Princess.”  Prymos said.  Andrea turning then Lance asked,

“What is he talking about Lance?” with a long painful sigh Lance began.

“My father has lied to me.  Our Kingdom does have the Dragon Tear, and I will give it to them.  Go, get out of here.”  And with that the guards dragged Andrea out into the open field and threw her out.

            Andrea sat upon her knees outside the castle, looking up at the lighted tower she clenched her fists. 

“Your palace shall not stand for much longer.”  Andrea spoke into the wind.


“Where is it?!!”  Prymos’ good manners were leaving him as he tortured the young Lance.  Lance hung heavy on the ropes that held him in place as Prymos made another blow to his side.

            It didn’t matter to Lance anymore, his father had lied to him.  There was no pain greater then that. 

“My Lord!”  A guard rushed in saying out of breath, “The palace is a flame.  We must leave sir!”


“That palace it is going up in flames.”  He repeated.  Prymos raised his hand for the guard to leave, and he did so.  Walking to the window Prymos stared down at the open field looking for the one that had started the blaze.

            Instead of a person meeting his gaze, a pair of boots did.  As Sage came swing into the window, knocking Prymos out and on the floor.  Lance looked to the masked warrior as she cut his ropes.

“I knew you would come for me.”  She helped him down, and then let him steady himself against her body.  “Go I will be fine.  Link is still down stairs.”

“Are you sure?  Will you be able to get out safely?”  Sage questioned back.

“Don’t worry about me.  Just go.”  He answered pushing her away.  Sage raced down to the smoke filled dungeon.

            Link had torn a piece of cloth from his shirt, and was using it to flitter the smoke.  However it wasn’t working to well.  The door to the dungeon flew open and all the smoke was sucked into the other room.  Link dropped the cloth from his mouth and looked surprisingly at Sage.

“Sage?!  What are you doing here?!” 

“Saving your butt once again.”  She replied unlocking Link’s cell.  Once the door was open Link grabbed her arm and dragged her up the stairs she had come.

“Come on we have to get out of here.  The palace is on fire.”

“I know.  Who do you think started?”  A laughing reply came from behind him.  Link looked back to her as he talked.

“What?!  Don’t you feel you have enough of a challenge saving me?” 

            But there was no time to answer.  While running up the stairs Link had ran into something, or someone.  It was like he hit brick wall, as he came rolling down the stairs.  Prymos stood over him, ready with a down slash over Link’s body.  As his sword came in for a hit, Sage taking up a metal torch blocked it.  His sword clashed against he metal and sparks few. 

            With a kick Sage sent Prymos backwards off the stairs.  Turning to Link she held out her hand.

“Come on.  I have a rope waiting.”  He took her hand and they raced upwards once again.  They reached and tower room and Sage slammed the door behind them to slow the flames.  The room was small and filling with smoke fast.  Sage grabbed the rope and handed it to Link.

“Head down, I will follow you.”  He nodded and took the rope.  Jumping out of the tower window.

            About half way down he looked up to see Sage just starting to step from the tower window.  Then a black hand came around her waist and pulled her into the firey room.  Link screamed up to her, but the rope grows weak, and fell form Link’s hands.  Using the lose stones of the tower wall he held on for life.  Watching the window and waiting for Sage.

            Sage was thrown back form the window and into the closed wooden door.  The door broke into shards of flaming wood.  The fire filled the room as Prymos stood over her.

“You little WITCH!!! You have destroyed my palace!”  With fire in his eyes he raised his sword to the sky again, coming down for a deadly blow.  Sage scanning the room with her green eyes looked for a weapon, but there was nothing.  Nothing but firy wooden chips, as a desperate measure to live.  Sage reached her hand into the flames, and launched the firey ash into Prymos’ eyes. 

            He screamed and stumbled forward.  Sage moved to the side and extend her foot, tripping him as he passed.  Regaining his sight right at the moment, he tumbled down the stairs.  Landing in the center of the flaming ruins.  Screams of a burning victim called froth from the flames, and with that Sage turned to the window.

            The rope was gone and the fire was spreading.  Her arm burned with heat, the burnt flesh now a black color as she looked down.  The only thing to save her was the water filled moat; she only hoped that it was deep enough.  And with a leap of faith she jumped from the window.  Link had seen her figure standing among the flames of the window.  As her body passes his, Link to jumped following her. 

            Sage’s body hit the water and she was lifeless.  Link having jumped from a lower level hit the water and remained without any injuries.  Sage’s body disappeared into the water, without effort Link grabbed hold of her.  Swimming to shore, he pushed her up first.  It was then she began to breath again.  Climbing onto the bank Link laid next to her.

“Are you alright?!”  The worry in his voice very clear.

“I am fine.”  She said rolling to her side and nursing her hurt hand. “Errh!”

“What’s wrong?!”

“Nothing, I will be fine… Come on we have to get out of here.”  Forcing herself to a stand, she walked off into the woods.  Link followed close behind, until she stopped at the area Lance and Andrea had visited that day.

“Link, the Princess and Prince will meet you at the castle.”

“Are you not coming?”  She shook her head.

“No, I have other things I must attend to.”  Saying as she lifted her hand.  He nodded and left the spot.

            Sage watched as he disappeared into the woods.  Leaving her alone to attend her wounds.

“Until we meet again, Hero.”  Her words disappearing into the night as well.



            Link had returned to the castle to find it in ruin.  The great Kingdom of Alvion was gone, destroyed.  He walked to the two lone figures with a shocked look.  Andrea took her eyes from the sight long enough to look at Link.

“This is Dargon’s doing.”

“My mother…. My father….everyone…they are all gone.”  Lance spoke in disbelief.  Turning to Andrea, Lance handed her a blue gem.

“What is this?”  She asked.

“It is the Dragon’s Tear.  My father had it all along, and he will not be needing it anymore.”

            Andrea took the blue gem in her hands, and it started to glow.  Filling her body with a burning feeling.  From that time on, the gem continued to glow a beautiful blue now having been activated.

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