Legend of The Flaming Force

By Mysterious

Part 3: The Love of a Prince

Link having arrived home entered his lonely house.  The darkness of night even invades his living space.  He sighed looking about while lighting a few candles.  He had been worrying about the Princess all day.  The thought of what he should have done and what he did started to conflict.  Link knew he was to obey her orders, but leaving her alone with Lance in a ruined Kingdom just didn’t seem right.  However the hopes of seeing and even spending a small amount of time with Sage lead him to leave the ruined Alvorion.

            Looking about once more there was nothing keeping him at home.  The emptiness of it just seemed to make him want to leave more.  Taking a walk to the graveyard as he did when troubled Link walked up to the large head stone laid aside for the Sheikah guardians of the royal family.  Looking up he saw a lone figure standing by a gravestone reflecting over their lost.  A closer look and Link’s mood seemed to brighten.  It was Sage standing there with her back to him. 

            He stepped closer and then called out to her.

“Sage?!”  saying as if it was a dream of some sort.  She turned to him her face for once unmasked.

It was the first time Link had seen her face in full.  Also the first time he noticed black markings upon her forehead, and a black symbol on her left check.  It looked like just a simple upside down check mark, but the markings on her head seemed more like a language.

“Hello Hero.  Nice to see you made it home safely.”  She spoke back snapping Link from his daze.

“Oh, Thank you.  I am glade to see you are still in one piece…How is your hand?”  He asked. 

“It will be fine in a day or two.”  She replied unfolding her arms and showing him her bandaged hand.

            A silence passed over them having only ever talked to each other in battle.  A conversation outside of a fight seemed somewhat new to them.

“Do you come here often?”  Link finally asked.

“Why?  Keeping tabs on me now?”

“No, I am only trying to make conversation…You are awful defensive.”

“I am not.”  She challenged back.

“Yes, you are…  You are doing it right now.”  She turned her view from him feeling like he was winning the argument.  “You are such a difficult woman.”

“Well if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to be around me.”  She huffed back.

“I just said you were difficult not that I didn’t enjoy the challenge or competition we always seem to have.” 

            Sage had looked to him once again with somewhat of confusion.  Link just shied away and looked to the gravestone Sage had been looking over.

“Who’s grave is this?”  He asked her.  With a gentle tone she replied.

“It is my mothers.”  The fighting spirit within her seemed to vanish as she answered him.  Link looked to her.  He could see the sadness the topic brought.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?  You didn’t kill her.”

“I am still sorry for your loss.”

“Well don’t, there is nothing to be sorry for.” She crudely stated.

“Why is it you do that?  I am trying to show compassion and you just turn cold.”

“Well,  why do you care so much?”  They both looked away in anger.  This little outing was turning out to be a big mistake.

            With a sigh Sage turned back to Link extending her hand.

“I’m sorry…Maybe we should start over again…Hello my name is Sage.”  He looked back to her.  Thinking this a little odd he still took her hand while saying.

“Pleasure to you meet.  My name is Link.”  Shaking hands in a friendly manner the whole sconce seemed to be fake. “why are we doing this?”  He asked finally.

            Sage walking away and then stopping after a few steps turned to him.

“I will make you a deal Hero…I will stop being so enclosed, if you promise me that I won’t have to come to save you anymore.”  The smirk on her face made the comment more playful.  Letting him know she was lightening up.  He only smiled and agreed.

“I promise…  Well, my friend the night is young.  There is an all night tavern just outside this village… Care to join me?”

“Although the offer is grand I will decline.  I must be returning home.”

“Alright then I will let you slide…If you meet me tomorrow.”  A little shocked at his offer she looked to him.

“For what?”

“A friendly talk or spar.  Whatever you wish…How about it.  Tomorrow at noon, say the Lake?”

“Alright Hero.  I will meet you there.” 

            Link only smiled as Sage turned and left the graveyard.  He returned home that night to lay awake of thoughts about the next day.  In his mind it would be a wonderful day one he would remember.  Sage was sharing the same thoughts as she sat in her room.  Undressing  her wounded hand when Impa entered.

“I thought you would be in bed.”

“If you thought that you wouldn’t have come.” 

“You know me well.  My dear.”  Impa saying as she made way to the bed and took a seat, while taking Sage’s wounded hand in hers.  “You are lacking.  If you paid more attention to your studies, then you would have been able to heal this on your own.”

“Calm yourself Aunt Impa..”saying as she took her hand back.  Sage placed her left hand towards her right extending her fingers that were glowing with a warm light.  One touch and her wounded hand was completely healed. “I wasn’t strong enough last night to heal myself…So a potion had to do until now…And I am focused.”

“Are you?  Or has your mind gone wondering on other things.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.  Your mind isn’t off thinking of a certain handsome young hero?  Is it?”  Sage had to look away to hide her bright red cheeks.

“Aunt…Impa”  she said in a shy manner.  “I don’t have time for boys…men…You know that.  Don’t worry I am focused.  I promise.”  Impa only gave her a gentle smile and then stood.

“I believe you…Besides you are not one to let anything come between you and your goal.  Now are you?” 

            Impa made way to the door and left Sage to wonder in her thoughts.  Impa watched from the crack in Sage’s door as she blew out the candle and fell into sleep.  With a deep sigh she watched her niece travel into her dreams.

“ Oh, my dear sister.  If you could only see your daughter now…I know she will make us proud…However I feel it will come with a great coast….Watch her sister she needs you now more then ever.”

            Impa’s words were lost to darkness as the night traveled on.  Day had broken and Link couldn’t wait for noon to come.  The thought of seeing Sage again nearly kept him up all night.   All he wanted was to see her and nothing was going to keep him from the Lake today. He approached the lake leading Epone to where the bridge began, the one leading to the middle island.  Leaving his friend Link made his way towards the small island along the bridge.  Noticing a figure waiting there after only gone half way he started to wonder if he was late.  Or maybe it was that Sage was early.

            Upon hearing him approach Sage turned, faced masked once again.  With excitement Link raced the rest of the way across the bridge.  Stopping just in font of her.  Nearly out of breathe he said.

“You came!”  Realizing the way he had stated it Link straightened himself out and said more casual this time. “So, you came.”

“I really had not choice.  I gave my word and every warrior should honor their word.”

“Yes indeed.  There are not many now a days that follow that.  I am surprised you follow such an old code.”

“Well,” she started while walking over to a tree stump removing her cloak and laying it aside.  Exposing the large black metal scythe strapped to her back. “…that is how I was taught, and it is how I live.” Finishing as she turns back to him the sword now visible at her side.  Link gave her an odd look at seeing all the weapons.

“You certainly come well prepared, don’t you?”

“You have no idea…Alright enough talk lets get started.  Since you are the challenger you may pick the weapon.”

“You really don’t like to waste time…” saying with an uneasy smile.  Link had hoped they could just talk, and she would forget about the spar.  However Sage had it set in her mind she was brought here to fight.  Other wise she may have not come. “I only have one weapon on me.” He said bring the Master Sword from off of his back.

“The sword it is then.” Saying while nodding and lifting the strap of her scythe off of her.  Laying it aside Sage drew her sword.  A long silver blade with a mysterious pattern carved into the hilt and blade. “Shall we begin?”

            Sage asked taking a proud stance with her blade touching the ground.  Link too readied himself placing both hands on his sword and pointing it straight in font of him.

“Yes indeed.” He replied racing towards her.  Their swords clashed as Sage blocked his blow.  Link forced against her blade as she forced back.  With a great push they separated and they both rushed forward again engaging in a number of skilled sword techniques, challenging each others skills.

            Their swords locked again and this time Sage didn’t wait for the break.  She kneed Link right in the gut when he was unaware.  Link stumbled back clasping his right hand over his stomach.  Sage didn’t let him recover before she attack.  Link looked up to see her sword bearing down on him.  With a quick block their swords were locked again.

“what’s the matter you look surprised?”  Sage said in a mocking manner.

“Yes…I didn’t think you would be one to cheat.”

Pushing away she explained herself while continuing to battle.

“That wasn’t cheating.”

“Then what was it?”

“When in battle you just don’t have one weapon…” saying as she pushes him off of her sword

“Yes..I know this.  You should always have a back up weapon.” Link saying while charging her again

“Will you let me finish?!” Sage yelling back while doing a dodging roll out of the way. “When you battle you should use everything you have….Including your fist, legs, and sometimes even your head.”   

            Their sword locked again but this time Link punched her in the face.  Causing her to fall back as she brought her hand to her face a little in shock as he looked down to her.

“Like that?” He said with pride.

“You just struck a woman?” Said mainly to throw him off guard.  Link’s honorable spirit taking over as he extended his hand down to her.

“Oh by the Gods!  I am so sorry.”  Sage took advantage to teach him another lesson.  Just as his hand came close enough she grabbed it and pulled him down while bring her foot up to his stomach.  Kicking him hard enough to nearly break a rib, as she flipped to her feet.

“Lesson two, never let gender cloud the issue at hand.” Trying to straighten himself he waited for her to attack.

“And…what issue may that be?” She went to thrust at him but he stepped to the side, grabbing her hand by the writes.  Her back now against his font.

“The nature of the world.  The knowing one of you will live and other will die.  Then you must ask yourself, do you want to be the one to die?” relying just before slamming her elbow up into his face.  Stumbling back Link recovered quickly and went to strike with his sword.

            Just as their blades meet Link pulled a fast move and her sword was lifted from her hands and thrown into the surrounding water.  Link turning back to her with a smile didn’t see her foot coming at him.  Her foot came up and around knocking his sword into the water as well.  Shocked Link didn’t know how to react and before he realized what had happened.  Sage had him on his knees while she stood behind him with his arm in a very uncomfortable position.

“Do you surrender?”  Link only laughed. “I will break your arm, now I will ask you again.  Do you surrender?”

“You wouldn’t?”  He questioned her, and with those words she brought his arm farther back.  Moving the uncomfortable feeling to intense pain.

“Do you surrender?!”

“Y-Yes! Yes!”  He yelled back and she released him.

            Link remained on the ground nursing his arm.

“Do you take everything this seriously…It was just a spar.”

“That is the difference between me and you.”

“What? That I have a heart and you don’t?”

“It isn’t that I don’t have a heart.  I just don’t use mine to fight were you put your emotions before everything else.  You fight with your heart a very dangerous thing to do.” She finished taking a seat on a nearby rock.  Link only looked to her with pity she seemed to be without emotions at all sometimes.  As if something kept her from feeling.

“Is it that fighting with emotions is dangerous, or just feeling in general?” He asked.  She looked away to respond.  Now busying herself by unlacing her boot.

“Emotions, your feelings, they don’t belong in battle.  They make you weak, careless and in the end you will always be on the other end of the issue.”  Never once looking in his direction while speaking.  While removing her other boot and placing it beside her she stood. 

“What are you doing?”  Link asking while she removed her chest plate, and other shirt leaving just a tight black short-sleeve undershirt.

“I am going to go get my sword.  Unlike yours if mine stays in the water it will rust.” Answering while removing her mask and taking her hair down from its braid.

“You have a point.” Link said while reaching behind him and pulling his shirt off over his head.

            Sage looking up from the ground as she removed her pants leaving just a pair of under type shorts.  Standing up straight she looked at him in a way suggesting a question about what he was doing.  Stopping once removing both his boots, now only in his white leggings.

“What?!  I am not allowed to join you?”  She just smirked and shook her head.

“No, by all means.  Do as you wish.”

            He returned her smirk with a devilish one of his own.   Sage just turned and jumped into the water.  Surfacing a few feet from where she had jumped in.  Link followed showing off a little by swimming out farther then her.  Resurfacing just behind her with a smile of pride.  Sage just brushed his efforts off as nothing as she drove down deep to locate her sword.  She remained under for a long period of time before breaking the water’s surface.  In the same motion throwing her sword onto the bank. 

            Link looked to the sword laying on the land and then to her.

“Not bad.” But before she could remark he had drove under the water, and in a shorter amount of time then her.  Resurfaced with the Master Sword and then effortlessly tossing it back onto the bank.

“Do you always show off this much?”  Sage said as he just returned a big pride driven smile.

“No, your just lucky.”

“No, I will be lucky when you drown.” Saying just before grabbing him by the shoulders and forcing him under. 

            Taken by surprise Link watched the surface as she raced towards the small island.  With a smirk he started after her. It was about half way when he grabbed her ankles and pulled her under.  While continuing to swim upwards, and giving her one last force down by kicking off from her shoulders.  It was no surprise when Link reached the bank first.  He climb out of the water and raised his hands in victory.

“I finally beat you at something!”

“Only because you cheated.”  She replied climbing up next to him. Ring out her hair while he continued to praise himself.

“I did not!  You pushed me first.”

“It doesn’t matter.  I wasn’t racing anyways.” She said in a snobby tone while looking away.  Link moved closer to her while making a whinny face.

“Oh, don’t tell me you are going to be a sore loser?”  She turned to him.

“I have news for you….I didn’t lose.” She had said just before knocking him back into the water.

            From there they continued to play in the water throughout the afternoon.  Until finally they had settled on the grass waiting to dry in the late afternoon sun while engaged in a light conversation.

“You don’t know how many times I just want to swat her like a bug.”  Link joked about his fairy friend.  Sage respond with a laugh and smile.  She had found Link to be very funny when he went on about his adventures and different happenings.  His tone always had funny meaning but was always said in a serious manner as though he meant it. 

            Link laughed along with her until she stopped with a relived sigh. “You know you should laugh more.”

“Why is that?”

“I don’t know, I guess it makes you look less threatening.”  She just chuckled while busying herself with a blade of grass.  Link continued to look at her.  “Your very beautiful when you smile.”  He had meant to say in a whisper to himself, but it had come out louder then intended. 

            Sage stopped for a moment and then looked to him. 

“Then I guess that means I am very unattractive most of the time.”  She joked trying to lighten the mood and get off the topic of beauty and romantic happenings.  He just laughed lightly and then looked back to her.

“May I ask you something.”

“Depends.”  She said while laying back supporting herself with her elbows.

“What do those marks are your face mean?  I mean not that they are that noticeable or anything…or…”

“It is alright, you haven’t offended me…Each child in my tribe are marked with different symbols when they are declared able to do battle.  You have seen Impa’s, hers are a lighter color because of her age.  It shows that she is an elder.”

“I know that, I was asking about the ones on your forehead.  It is almost like writing.”

“You really don’t miss a thing.”  Link just looked away a little embarrassed about asking. “It is a form a writing.”  Her voice seemed to grow serious again, almost sad too.

“What does it say?” she didn’t respond right away so he added, “If you don’t mind me asking?”

            Sage took in a deep breath before answering.

“It says…’The Black Rose’.”  She looked away almost in shame.

“What does that mean?”

“What is with all the questions?!” She snapped at him.  Link just shied away seeing it was a delicate subject to her.

“I’m sorry Sage…I…I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“It isn’t you…Just don’t worry about it.” What Link feared had happened.  She had become cold again while gathering up her belongings.  “I should get going it will be dark soon.”  She said while standing and beginning to walk away.

“Wait Sage I said I was sorry.”  He pleaded while following her, but Sage continued to walk not bothering with him.  “I said wait!”

“Just let me be Link.”  But he wouldn’t and without even knowing why he grabbed her arm.  She turned quickly to react with a punch, but he blocked it by grabbing her wrist and drawing her close.  Before either one could realize what had happened their lips were locked.

            Once the reality of what was happening hint him, Link backed away quickly.  Sage stood frozen for a moment.

“Sage…I…” Link went to speak but she cut in with a threatening tone.

“Do that again and there will be consequences!”  She stated before turning and leaving just as storm clouds rolled in over the land.

            The firelight shinned against the metal of the pendent as Sage thought deeply over the object.  Impa walked by her room stopping upon seeing Sage sitting in her night shirt almost in a troubled thought.

“So, how was your date?”  Sage looked up with an unhappy look.

“It wasn’t a date.  It was a spar.”

“Well, I assumed it was the closest to a date you would ever get.”

“That isn’t funny.”  Impa could tell something was bothering her.  She walked more into the room and sat down on the bed next to her.  The soft sounds of the rain ran along the window and roof as Impa took a seat.

“You know Sage not everything in life is a fight.  There is more to life then just revenge.”  But Sage didn’t say anything, she only continued to stare as her aunt went on. “ You should give Link a chance, you may end up liking him…or even loving him.”

“Love is not the issue.” Sage finally said growing more aggravated.  She stood and went to her dresser before looking down and away.

“Then what is the problem?”

“Even if I had feelings for him, which I don’t!” She said in a strict tone to make the fact very clear, but then her voice softened and become sad sounding.” Why would a prince be with a common warrior.” She finished by tossing her aunt the pendent Link had given her.

            With a puzzled look Impa caught the object and looked down at it.  With a surprised and troubled look Impa continued to exam the object.

“Where did you get this?!”

“Link gave it to me…He said he was found with, that it could possibly be his father’s.  I haven’t told him what it really means, but I think the King’s son was never really lost.” 

            Over joyed Impa jumped up.

“This is wonderful!  I have to tell the King at once.”  Saying as she heads for the door. Stopping she looked back to her sadden niece, “You will keep this a secret until the right moment.  Won’t you?”

“Yes Aunty.”

“Don’t sound so sad child.  I believe everything is going to work out for the best.”  Impa said one last time before leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

            Sage let out a long sigh as she fell back on her bed. ‘Everything work out?   She must be lying to herself.’  Sage thought to herself while starring up at the ceiling.  Her mind still racing with thoughts she turned over on her side.  Only lasting a few moments before sleep had taken hold of her.  The passing of time while asleep seemed like a great deal before Sage was awaken by a sound outside her window.  With a warrior reaction she sat up dagger in hand, only to find the room empty.  The sound came again.  Cautiously she approached her window looking out she saw nothing.  Carefully opening it the rain started to pour in.  She looked up and to the sides but nothing.  It wasn’t until a voice called down from below her that she looked down.  There hanging on the edge of the stone walk was Link.

“A little help please.”  He said with a charmingly innocent smile.

“Link!!” she respond in shock.  Extending her hand to him she pulled him up and in through the window.

“Thank you.”  He said climbing in the window, just now noticing the weapon in her hand.  “Do you sleep with that thing?”  She looked down at the dagger and then placed it back under her pillow.

“There is danger everywhere.  You never know when enemies could attack, or an insane young man could be climbing through your window.”  He only laughed at her comment. “What are you doing here Link?”  Saying while she walked to her closet and pulled a towel out tossing it to him.  “Here dry off and give me your clothes.”

“Moving awful fast don’t you think.”  Sage shook her head as he threw his  wet clothes to her leaving only his white leggings on. “I wanted to see you.”

“You will have to do better then that Hero.” Sage said while hanging his clothes above the fireplace.

            Link just now looking up from drying himself off realizing all she was wearing was a white long sleeve shirt, and black underwear.  He looked away a little shocked at seeing a woman in such attire.

“Are you always half dressed?”  He asked with a shaky voice.  She turned to look at him but he did not look to her.

“Remember you climb into my window.  I just happen to be relaxing.”  Walking to her bed she took a seat.  Then for his comfort slid under the blanket to cover herself. “There is that better…Now tell me why you are really here.”

“Well…I…I wanted to clear things up.  We really didn’t part on good terms.”

“I think I cleared it up.  You do it ever again and I will kill you.  How is that for clear?”  She said in a firm tone while he just shook his head coming to sit on the bed.

“Do you always have to be that way?”

“If you don’t like who I am then you can leave.  The window is that way.” She said again pointing to the window.

“You don’t understand.  It is not that I don’t like who you are.  I don’t like how you shield yourself.  You know I would never let anyone hurt you.”  Link had said every word with a deep feeling calling out to be heard.  Sage still unwilling to let her defenses down replied in an emotionless tone.

“I am not yours to protect Link.”

“Why won’t you let anyone close to you?”

“I don’t want to have this conversation.” She said while turning to lay on her side putting her back to him.  Link had grabbed her arm to stop her from moving.

“Why do you do this?”

“Why do you care?”  She answered back growing aggravated.  Without hesitation Link replied as if not from rational thought but from the heart.

“Because I care about you….Because I love you.”  She was shocked to hear his answer, as was Link himself.

            All went silent for a long moment.  All they did was look at each other.  Sage was trying to read truth from his statement and Link was looking for her reaction.  Finally in almost a sorrowful voice Sage replied.

“If you truly knew me, you wouldn’t be saying that.”  Link moved closer to her now leaning down to her level.

“I know enough to know that there is only one person like you in the world, and that if I ever had a dream of the prefect woman it would be you.”  She didn’t respond, Sage only sat there thinking of what to do.  Link only continued as her heart beat wildly.  “I will say though you are the most annoying person I have ever met”  Sage chuckled slightly at his comment as he smiled at his statement, “But it is your firry spirit that makes you all the more desirable in my eyes…Your so strong, but you still need all the emotions everyone else does…You still need a good man to love you.”

            At this point Sage could feel herself about to cry.  No one had ever said anything like that to her before.  This was a moment that was only lived in story books and young girls dreams, but for her it is was real.  Sage froze there as Link leaned towards her, unknowingly she too leaned forward.  It wasn’t long before she could feel Link kissing her and to his surprise she was kissing back.  The kiss was gentle, shallow, deep, passionate, lustful, and innocent all at the same time.  It had broken all the rules when it came to romantic.

            Once they had parted Link smiled to Sage whom seemed to be in some type of blissful daze.  He leaned back in to kiss her again but she back away.

“It is getting late…Maybe we should get some sleep.  Your welcome to stay if you don’t mind sharing a bed.”  Saying as she turned on her side placing her back to him.

“I don’t mind at all.”  He replied a little confused about what just happened.      

            They both laid for a long while without movement, before Link rolled to his side.  Working up enough courage to put his arms around her.  There was no sign of her refusing him, so he took another step and pulled her closer to him.  Bring her back up against his bear chest.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to make sure it wasn’t some kind of dream.  Then something unexpected happened. To both their surprise Sage laid her arm over his and grab his hand.  Not a word was spoken but there was nothing that needed to be said.  Their actions had meant enough.

            Meanwhile in the King’s chambers Impa had been explaining the long lost past.  How that although his first wife had died their son was still alive.  Making Link the oldest and only son of the King of Hyrule.  Link’s pendent was the only evidence of this but it had all made senses. He was of the right age and in away when thinking of it he did have his mother’s looks.

            The King jumped up from his seat with joy announcing loudly.

“Tomorrow everything will be as it should be.  I shall make an announcement and everyone will know who my son is!”

“No, My Lord.”  Impa replied quickly.  The King only looked at her oddly.  “This is a great thing My Lord, but you have to understand the danger you will be putting your son in.  Right now Dargon is out there seeking Andrea because he believes she is the oldest of the family and will be next for the throne.  If he finds out she is not then Link will be put in even more danger then he already is in.”  Taking his seat once again the King thought on the subject.

“I understand what you are trying to do Impa, but if we leave things the way they are Andrea is in danger…If anything was to happen to…”

“Don’t worry My Lord.  She is ready for this.  You couldn’t keep her forever.”

“I know.” He said in sad fatherly voice.  “Can I still see my son?” He asked Impa as if she was in charge of the situation.

“I think it is wise you do.  I shall send for him in the morning My Lord.”  The King nodded in approval and she stood.  “But for now the hour is late.  We should both get some rest.”  Again he nodded in approval as she walked to the door.  With final good nights Impa left the King to his joyful thoughts as she walked back to her wing of the castle.

            Smiling to herself she never heard nor saw the person following her.  Once she had turned the corner a large object smashed against the back of her head.  Impa fell to the ground uncurious as another Impa stood over her looking down the hall to the King’s chambers.




            Sage sat up quickly in bed with panic.  Link to jumped at her fast motion wondering what had happened.  Sage raced from the bed and grabbed up her rob pulling it around her.

“Sage what is it?!” Link asked growing worried now.

“Someone is in the palace…Hurry get your weapon!”  She ordered him as she grabbed her sword and ran out the door.  Link had just enough time to grab up his boots and sword. 

            Link followed Sage to where Impa lay on the floor.  Sage knelt down by her Aunt checking for signs of life.  Link came running up and looked down to her.

“How did you know?”  He wondered to her.

“It is one of my many traits.”  Sage went about attending her Aunt.  Looking up to Link she said, “She is alive.”  Sage paused for a moment to think then it had hit her.  “The King!  Come on Hero!”

            She yelled again heading off the to The King’s chambers.  When they arrived the doors were open and a person that at least looked like Impa was approaching the sleeping King.  Sage without thought and sword strapped to her back rushed in and tackled the figure.  They both stumbled forward rolling over each other.  Once the rolling motion had stopped Sage flipped to her feet, and the other Sage leaped.

            Link and Impa stood confused in the doorway.  There was now two Sage’s standing ready for battle swords drawn.

“What is going on?!”  Link yelled.  Both Sage’s looked to the door were Impa and Link were standing.  They both pointed at one another and yelled.

“she’s the fake.”  Not knowing how to react the King just stared at the two girls as did everyone else in the room.

“One of them must be a shape shifter.”  Impa stated.

“So which one is the real Sage?” Link asked at a loss for words.

“I don’t know I can’t tell.”  Which was true Impa could not feel out which one was evil.  They both had elements of darkness in them and although a Master Sheikah Impa still could not detriment which was the real Sage.

“Oh, if you guys are not going to help then I will just take care of this myself.”  One of the Sage’s said lunging at the other to attack.

“Impa you get the King out of here I will stay and sort this out.”  Link ordered Impa as she watched the battle trying to find away to tell which was Sage and which was the imposter.

            Impa in the meantime grabbed the King by the arm and dragged him out of the room. Closing the doors to his chambers behind her. To contain as best as she could the battle within. 

            Link stood watching the two Sages battle.  Thoughts racing through his head to which was the real.  The battle grew ugly as each one exchanged blows and wounds.  There was one for certain that was weaker.  At first Link concluded that was the real Sage.  She was wounded badly and just barely standing her ground.  Link knew he would have to join in but how could he be sure it was the right one?  Then with a burst of energy the losing Sage lunged forth and had pinned the other with her blade coming down to the others throat.

“Just to make sure I am not helping the wrong one.  What did we do earlier this evening?”  Link finally yelled out in a foolish attempt to discover who was who. The one under the weight of the blade is who answered.

“Link this is no time to get into out bedroom actives!”  She yelled in a smart way.  Link knew for sure only a smart comment like that could come from the real Sage. 

            Without another pause in action Link leapt forth towards the two with a downward slash.  Striking the already badly wounded Sage across the back.  She immediately reacted with an arched back before falling to the ground knocked out from the pain.  Link smiled in victory for having saved Sage for a change.

“That wasn’t so hard.”  He said with a proud smile.  Sage didn’t reply she only took his hand as he offered it to her.  Going to help her up Link was taken by surprise when he was jerked down and over her body. 

“Wrong one boy!” A male voice said out of Sage’s lips.

            Link was thrown into a wall causing him to drop his sword.  Taken completely by surprise he shook his head and looked up to see a male figure standing before him.  Weapon ready to take his life.  Although this moment of near death was often lived by him, Link still found himself afraid and unwilling to move or react. 

            Just before the creature’s blade could strike Link he screamed.  Stumbling back grabbing and reaching for his back.  Standing behind him was Sage and her sword stabbed into his back.  With a powerful blow he turned and back handed her to the ground just before vanishing in a burst of black smoke.

            When all had settled in the room Link looked around for Sage.  She was lying on the stone floor in a puddle of her own blood.  A wave of guilt shot through Link knowing it was his bad choice that had brought her to this.  Without thought he picked her up and ran out of the room.  In the hall Impa was leading Eric and group of royal guards back to the King’s chambers.  Impa raced forward seeing Sage lifeless in Link’s arms.

“What happened?!”  Impa demeaned as Link held her.

“The creature is gone, but Sage…I..” Link tried to explain.

“There is no time for talk we have to get her the doctors.  Maybe they can help.”  Eric for once had a good idea that Link could not disagree with.

            They raced to the doctors chamber’s and medical wing of the palace.  The entire kingdom was in a uproar at the news.  The King was clearly the new target of Dargon, but why?  Once her wounds were dressed and cleaned the doctors went to address the impatient Link that had to be removed from the room.  Along with Eric, Zelda, Impa and the King.  Whom were all waiting for news.

            As the doctored walked out of the room Link jumped at him.

“Is she alright?!”  The doctor simply pushed him away and looked to the others.

“Her wounds were very deep and serious.  The one on her shoulder and back will need special care for the next few days, but other then that she will be fine.  A scar may remain but she is very lucky.”  Link took a deep relaxing breath.  Finally able to feel a small portion a relief.  Eric however took the opportunity to point out Link’s bad judgment.

“I would say she is lucky.  With a such a reckless partner I am surprised she is not dead.  Only you would harm such a person.”  He commented to Link, he had had enough of Eric. 

            Link lunged towards Eric throwing one punch just catching his jaw.  Impa and the King jumped at Link trying to hold him back as Zelda stepped in font of Eric to stop Link as well.

“Link this is no time for petty fights.”  Zelda stated as Link regained himself.  Fixing his clothes and hair while eyeing Eric evilly before walking off down the hall.

            Sage didn’t wake in the morning and Link never left her bed side.  It wasn’t until mid afternoon when she woke.  She found Link asleep in a chair near the bed in which she lay.  Trying to sit up she was surprise to find herself hurting all over her body.  Letting out a moan of pain Link’s eyes shot open.  Seeing Sage trying to move he rushed to her side, but she didn’t talk she only mumbled words.

“What?  What is it?” He said leaning closer to hear, wanting to everything to make her comfortable.  Just as his ear got closer to her mouth Link found himself on the ground. 

            Sage had used what strength she had to punch him.  Now sitting up in the bed she looked down to him.

“Do me a favor and never try to help me again.”  She said now sitting back in pain as Impa rushed in.

“what is all the noise?”  She stopped to look at Link who was on the ground and then to Sage. “Oh” saying as if she knew what had happened.  She only laughed to herself as she went to sit next to Sage on the bed.  Seeing the bandage on her shoulder now soaked through with blood. “You shouldn’t be making sudden movements like that.  Your wound has opened again.”  She said removing the bandage looking over the bleeding wound.

“It was worth it.”  Sage stated looking down at Link as he  pulled himself up to his feet.

“I know I deserved it, but did you have to hit me so hard?  You didn’t even let me say I was sorry.”

            Impa went about looking over Sage’s wounds removing the bandages and cleaning them.

“I am not one for words when my partner betrays me.”  She argued back obviously in a bad mood.

“It was an honest mistake.” Link defended.

“How could you get me confused with something like that?  This just goes to show how much you don’t know me.” 

“I don’t have to know you to know I love you!”  He yelled back forgetting that Impa was still in the room. “I…I mean…”  Impa cut him off not looking to him while addressing him.

“Link I think it is time you go.  The King wishes to speak with you.”

            Link said nothing as he walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

“What does the King need to see him about?” Sage asked curiously as Impa moved to sit in a nearby chair.  Picking up a cup full of liquid she handed it to Sage, “Here drink this.” She said as Sage took the cup and started to drink. “The King wishes to speak with his son.  That is all.”  Sage paused and then brought the empty cup from her lips with a sad look.

“Oh. So you told him.”

“Yes, I did.  It is only right they are together.”

“What of Andrea and the rest of the Kingdom?”

“It is to remain secret until Dargon is killed.” Sage did not speak or respond.  She only sat in a dazed state.  “You know..” but Sage didn’t let her finish.

“I think we should track this shaper shifter. He is no doubt going to report back to Dargon.  It is more then likely the fastest way to Dargon.”

“It sounds like a good idea but we don’t know where the shifter is.  He could have already left town.”

“He hasn’t I can feel his presence but he will not remain long.”

“Then I see no reason not to go along with the idea.”

“Good I will leave as soon as I get dressed.”  Sage said finally throwing her covers off and pushing her body to the edge of the bed.

“Wait, you can’t go.  Your sill in poor condition.”

“I will be fine.  Thanks to your potion in a few hours my wounds will be nothing more then scars.”  Sage stopped to look at her Aunt.  “You can’t stop me.  You know I have to go.  I have stayed longer then I should have.”  A simple nod was all Impa responded with.

            The thought of Link now knowing he was a Prince brought a fear in Sage’s mind.  One she only hoped would be proved wrong.  Dressed for battle Sage climbed up top her black stallion at the Castle Town Gates.  Just as she turned the horse’s head to the open field a hand graded the rains.

“Sage where are you going?!” Link questioned looking up at her.

“ I am going to track down the attacker and hopefully he will lead me to Dargon.  Maybe I can end this before anyone else gets hurt.”

“Then I am coming with you.” He demanded.

“No, it is to dangerous.  Last thing your father needs is to lose you again.”  He took a step back.

“So that is why you are leaving.”

“I am not leaving for the reason you think, and I have chosen to go alone.  I will be able to track him better.”

“If that is the case then let me tell you this now.  It doesn’t matter who I am or what I am.  Nor does it matter who you are, I will always care just as deeply about you.  That is a promise.”  He finished by giving her his pendent back.  Sage looked at the object then back at him.

“I can’t take this, it is yours by birth.”

“I gave it to you once to start a friendly bond between us.  I give it to you now to strengthen that bond.  Just make sure not to lose it and be careful.  I don’t want to have to find another partner.”  He joked while taking a few steps back.

            Sage gave him a nod and smiled just before forcing her horse forward into the open filed.  Link remained at the entrance until her figure was but a pale shadow in the far distance.  Then he looked to the castle feeling like a new person.  After all the years of thinking about his past as nothing it now was something.  It was no doubt this event would put a twist on Dargon’s plains along with whatever evil he was planning to unleash on Hyrule.

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