Legend of The Flaming Force

By Mysterious

Part 4: Search For The Flaming Force

Part Four

“The Search for The Flaming Force”


It had only been a few hours since Sage had left on her mission, but Link still found himself worrying endless about her.  Lying awake in his new bed chambers Link sat up unable to sleep.

“I should have gone with her.” He said to himself.  Regretting ever letting her leave in such a weaken state.  Standing by his window Link search out beyond the field expecting to see Sage come riding back.  Then he would say it wasn’t like her, but he did notice while looking down was two riders coming to the castle.

            Link dressed quickly rushed down to the main hall to see who had arrived.  He remained behind a pillar at the top of the main stair case.

“Your Highness it is good to have you back.” A voice said.

“Is my father still awake?”

“No, my Princess.” It was Andrea she had arrived home after being gone for nearly a week on her own.  The person that was following her was no doubt Lance, the Prince of an eternally dead land.

“Do not tell him I have arrived home.  Bring food and drink to the library Lance and I will be working there, and wake Eric.”  The servant nodded her head and went off to complete her orders.  Andrea and Lance headed up the stairs towards Link, whom was waiting at the top.

“I am glade to see you two made it home.”  Link said coming out of the shadows.  Andrea jumped and drew a dagger at the shock of hearing another voice.

“Oh.  Link it is only you.”  She said turning back to head towards the library. “Wait,” she said turning back to him, “What are you doing here Link?”

            Link straighten himself knowing that his secret had to remain as such.

“Things have become a little heated at the Castle and the King offered me to stay.  For extra protection.”  Andrea didn’t answer she just turned and continued to walk down the hall.  Link followed behind Lance wondering what was so important.

            Once in the library Andrea started pulling books from the shelves in the old part of the library. Setting the numerous books down she took off her cloak and sat handing a few books to Lance.

“If there is such a thing then it will be in here somewhere.” She said to him.  Lance was unusually quiet as he nodded and started to flip pages in the book.

            It wasn’t long before Eric came in with a tired look.  Standing next to Link he leaned towards him.

“What is going on?” He asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know, but how about we find out.” Link replied. “Do you two need help?”  Link asked loudly.  Andrea looked right past Link and address Eric.

“Oh good you are here come sit and we will explain.” Then finally acknowledging Link, “You too we can use all the help.”  Eric and Link looked to each other with confusion then with a shrug of their shoulders took a seat at the long table.  Andrea handed a large pile of books to both Link and Eric.

“So what are we looking for?” Eric asked in a yawn.

“Anything and everything on something called the Flaming Force or the Dragon’s Tear.” Andrea answered back.

“What?” Link asked even more confused now. Andrea looked to Lance and he nodded.

“We have spent the last few days researching in what was left of the royal library of my home.  Link you know about the ordeal over the small jewel.” Lance explained as Andrea took the blue brightly shining jewel from her pocket. “The Dragon’s Tear a treasure said to have been Nayure’s at one point in time. She left it here as a remainder of her wonderful powers of compassion.”

“Alright, so what does it do that makes it so special?” Eric asked in an annoyed tone.  Lance shook his head.

“It isn’t just what it can do.  It is what it is apart of.  Dargon was seeking this more then just for its healing powers. This is the first of three pieces the will revile a fourth piece of the Triforce.” All had gone silent. The thought of having another most important piece of the scared triangle among the mortal world scared them. “The center of everything we know, something that would grant the holder more power then the Goddesses.  Something big is about to happen and we have to stop it.” Lance finished.

“How can you be so sure something will happen or something is about to happen?” Link had asked while shaking off the amazement of all of it.

“The jewel is active.  You saw it yourself Link. Once Prymos was defeated the jewel started to glow, it was like something that happened activated it.” Andrea answered holding the blue gem  out in the palm of her hand. “And we are going to find and seal this thing away before Dargon can get his hands on it.” She added with almost a hateful tone.

“Well, if finding this object will stop Dargon’s plans then I am more then willing to help.” Eric stated grabbing a book containing a large number of legends.

            Link started in as well. The four of them searching endlessly for an answer to this new mystery.  The hours faded on until the sun finally started to rise in the distance.  Lance and Eric have both fallen asleep while reading through a book.  Andrea although her long journey home was awake in a troubled state of mind, staring out the window she sighed throwing her last book on the table.

“We have been through every book there is on legends.  Nothing, there is nothing in any of these books.”  Link looked up from his book and then set in on the table as she stood. “Maybe there is no such thing. Then why would Dargon want this?” She questioned looking at the blue gem. Link coming to stand by her put a friendly hand on her shoulder.

“Hey don’t worry. I am sure we missed something.  If there is one thing I know myths, legends---“

“Wait?! What did you say?”  Andrea cut in quickly.

“What? I was just going to say that myths, le----“But Andrea cut in again.

“That is it.” She said going to the shelf where only one book stood.  It was labeled ‘ Hylian Myths’.  “We couldn’t find anything about the Flaming Force because it isn’t a legend.  It is just a myth to everyone.”  Link only gave her an odd look as Andrea paged quickly through the large myth filled book.

“There it is.” Andrea declared pointing to a large page of text as she walked to the table to wake the other two. But being rather rude about it she slammed the book down on the table. Eric and Lance jumped up and looked alarmed at Andrea who gave them a disappointed look.

“Listen up boys, I found what we were looking for while you Two were sleeping.” She said in a rather rude tone as if they weren’t helping at all. Andrea began giving a brief run down on what the text had said about the story they were so worriedly looking for.

“According the book the Dragon’s Tear is only one of three items needed to awaken or at least find the Flaming Force.”

“ We know this! And what does it say about the Flaming Force?” Questioned Eric. “What is it and what does it do?”

“It is said to be the missing piece of the Triforce… The middle that was lost and hidden because of its great power… This power was said to be able to over power the Goddesses if it was to fall into the wrong hands.” The room got oddly silent. Now Dargon’s intentions were made so very clear.

“Ok we know most of that too, so why are the items activating and have the others become active?” Eric asked annoyed once again. Andrea just snapped back.

“It doesn’t say why!”

“Alright, lets just all calm down.” Link said stepping in. “Lets focused on getting the rest of the pieces before Dargon… Now where can we find the remaining two pieces?” He asked looking to Andrea.

“One is in the desert, the Pendent of courage. The other is in the land beyond Death Mountain.”

“That is odd.” A voice said from the doorway. Zelda had been standing there listening all this time to what was going on. Lance’s heart just skipped a beat as he took sight of the young princess. The only good part about leaving home was being able to see Zelda.

“What is odd?” Andrea asked her sister.

“Think about it, you found the first treasure at Lance’s Kingdom. The other two are on either side of Hyrule at the farthest point… The points make a triangle and in the middle is Hyrule. I would bet anything that the Flaming Force is in Hyrule somewhere.” Zelda did have a point and it was eerie that it fit so well.

“Well it doesn’t matter. We won’t know where it is until we find the other two pieces… The first stop is the desert.” Andrea said looking into each of their faces. “I will go and talk to father. You guys should get some rest, we will be leaving soon if not at once.”

            They all looked at each other. What did she mean “we”?  They only shrugged it off as Andrea left them to wake her father. Eric stretched and yawned loudly to let everyone know that he was tired and more then likely going to go back to bed. He was first to rise and leave the library only to return to his awaiting bed. Lance also looked tired, but now his attention was on Zelda. It had been so long since he had seen her, and although they would be setting out again soon. Sleep didn’t seem to be a necessity. Only spending what little time he had with Zelda was his concern. Lance stood and walked to the waiting Princess. He bowed gently and then looked up.” It has been a long time Princess.” Zelda only smiled and blushed a little. “Would you perhaps like to spend sometime together while we can… I would love to hear about the time I have spent away from you.” He said in a most formal tone extending his hand to her. Zelda placed her hand in his and allowed him to lead her out of the library.

            Link had been watching them, the way they looked at each other and the way they acted. Suddenly he was remained of Sage. She was out there all alone and wounded none the less. His guilt started to take over and he just realized how much he missed her. Link caught himself sighing loudly at the thought of Sage. Shaking his head he pushed past the memories and he too started out on some business for the day.




“If that is the case then we must act quickly.” The King demanded. His daughter only agreed.

“We are leaving as soon as the sun sets. By then everyone should be well rested and taken care of any business they need to.” The King froze. She had said we, as if she was planning on going as well.

“Wait,” The King started as Andrea turned to leave. “ You are not going… Get Sage to go, but you will not leave the castle it is too dangerous.”  Andrea turned she had a serious look on her face. She was going and nothing was going to stop her.

“Sage is unviable, therefore I am going as a Princess and next in line it should be me along… This what you want for me, isn’t it? To stand up for the Kingdom and be a leader? Well that is what I am doing and you will not stop me!” Andrea was now yelling at the King. She had no fear of him nor did she care. Something else was fueling her to press the issue of going along.

            The King just sighed and looked to his daughter with a smile. He knew he wasn’t going to win this one. So with a nod of his head he gave his approval.




Zelda laughed as Lance picked himself up off the ground. He was apparently very tired if he didn’t see the large rock he tripped over.

“That isn’t funny.” He said with a grin. How he loved to see her smile, he had almost forgotten how strongly he felt around her. Zelda took a seat on the edge of one of the fountains in the castle courtyard. Lance brushed himself off and then took a seat beside her.

“It has been so long Lance… I hardly recognized you.” He smiled at her listening to her compliments. “You of course will stay in Hyrule now that your Kingdom is gone?” Zelda asked.


            The mentioning of his homeland made his look sadden. It was an awful time for a young prince. His very life had been destroyed and he was going to make sure Dargon paid for it. Zelda looked at him, she feared she had said something wrong. Placing her hand over his she spoke again.

“I’m sorry Lance, I wasn’t thinking.”

“There is no need to be sorry… I just don’t want to think about my home anymore.” Lance looked at her again with a big smile. “I just want my time now to be happy and not full of painful memories.” Zelda nodded in agreement, but Lance didn’t stop looking at her. He was lost in her beauty and Zelda had started to feel uncomfortable. She blushed a little and looked down.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered to her and her cheeks only grew redder.

“Enough with the romance.” Andrea cut in walking towards the two. “You should be resting Lance, we are leaving at sundown for the desert… I expect you to be ready and at the gate by then or you will be left behind.” Lance and Zelda both looked to the demanding princess and then to each other.

            Andrea didn’t leave time for anymore to be said she just simply walked away and left them to wonder about her actions.

“What is wrong with her?” Lance asked. Andrea had never acted this way. She was so anxious to get this over with. It was true that the sooner the better, but it was as if something else was pushing Andrea on. Zelda just shook her head.

“I don’t know… But maybe you should get some rest if you are to travel tonight.” Zelda suggested and Lance did not refuse as Zelda stood to show him to a room.

            By the time the sunset the three young heroes where waiting at the castle gates for their assignment. Eric was now well rested but Lance still looked tired. Link on the other hand had a bright smile that was unusual even for him. Eric’s head stood straight up as he saw Andrea walking her horse out toward them. She was dressed like Link only in black. Andrea wore a black tunic with a brown belt and gray leggings and under shirt. Her long brown hair was placed up leaving little unyielding pieces falling all around her face and back. A sword was strapped to her back and a second on her side. She looked ready for battle.

“Wait a minute!” Eric demanded as she got closer. “You are not seriously thinking about coming with us?” Andrea didn’t even look at him as she prepared to mount her horse.

“I am a Princess and next in line for the crown. It is my duty to go and make sure this task is completed… As a Princess of Hyrule it is my reasonability.” She replied back in a firm tone.

“That is why I am coming as well.” A voice said from behind Andrea. They all looked to see Zelda standing with her horse, dressed much Andrea only in green just like Link.

“Zelda! You know your father would not approve.” Link yelled, but Andrea cut in and looked at her sister.

“Does father know?” Zelda shook her head. “Then let’s go before he finds out.” Andrea finished as she climbed up top her horse. The boys just looked shocked that now both princesses were coming. Zelda only gave Link and the others a teasing smile as if they had lost. The small group of five left the grand city of Hyrule and made their way to the desert. Pass the Geurdo’s Fortress and into the wastelands. If the book was correct, there was said to be a race of people that died off. It was that race that held the next treasure. Somewhere beyond the continues storms of the wastelands.

            They had already passed the watch tower that sat unknowingly in the middle of nowhere, and past the Spirit Temple. It was sometime after that the sand storms stopped. Giving the tired party a break from the harsh winds and painful sand. Andrea rode in the font of  the line, followed by Lance who was riding next to the tired looking Zelda. Link and Eric were bringing up the back. For some reason lately Eric had been becoming more friendly with Link. He found himself wondering why that was. This man that always caused him trouble was now becoming more of a friend. Had Link misunderstood Eric all this time, or was it more to the fact that Eric was beginning to expect Link as the Hero he was?

“Hey Link?” Eric finally said breaking the continuing silence of the day.

“Yes?” Link replied with an interested tone. Still wondering over his thoughts of Eric.

“What do you think of Andrea?” Link looked a little shocked. He turned his view forward to look at the Princess who seemed almost fearless now.

“Well….I really don’t know. I don’t know her that well…. In fact now that I think about it. No one really knows anything about her.”

“No, I mean just in general…. Do you think she is beautiful?” By this point Eric was starting to scare Link. First the friendly treatment and now Eric was acting as if he was truly in love with Andrea instead of her throne. Which brought another thought to mind, it wasn’t Andrea’s throne anymore it was his. Link would be the next to take the throne not Andrea. He wondered if Eric knew this would he feel differently about her.

“You’re just saying that because she is the future Queen..” Link started to say as a joke. “You know there are many men after her just for that fact. She doesn’t need one more.”

“That isn’t it at all.  I am not as low a monster as you think.” This was indeed a moment to be remembered. Link’s face returned to its shocked and confused manner as Eric continued. “I don’t care about having a crown or even that I would be a King… I have known her all my life and she is surrounded by such mysterious… She has enchanted me.”

“Please just stop talking… I don’t think I can take anymore of these deep emotions.” Link finally said. He wasn’t one for sappy talk and proclamations of love, but then again he had acted the same way around Sage.

            With the thought of Sage in his mind, Link sighed heavy as if it hurt him to think of her.

“You are yelling at me to stop being a sap, and you are over there thinking of someone.” Eric said hearing Link sigh in such a manner.

“I don’t know what you are talking about?” But his redden cheeks said otherwise.

“It wouldn’t be that female that appears every now and then in the castle, would it?” Link didn’t answer he only turned redder as he looked away. “Your right.” Eric paused looking forward with a cocky manner as Link turned to him with a questioning look. “She is sexy.”


“No, your right… That woman could make any man’s blood boil with lust... Someone that could wield a sword like that... I think you have met your match… But you know if your not interested I could always…” But Eric didn’t get to finish before Link growled at him. Giving Eric a hard slap across that back of his head.

“Don’t talk about her that way!!”

“I was only kidding… I already told you I have someone in mind. I even…” Eric stopped and pulled out a small pouch and handed it to Link. Link took the pouch and opened it. Inside was a beautiful gold diamond ring. It was fit for a Queen.

            Link looked at Eric in surprise.

“Maybe one day when I can find the courage to ask her I will.” Eric continued as Link handed him back the pouch with the ring. “What about you Link? Are you going to marry your mysterious woman?” Link had never thought about that before. He did feel strongly for her, and felt a continuing need to protect Sage, but marriage? Before Link could answer they hear Andrea’s voice yelling back to them.

“We will make camp for the night!” As she pointed ahead of them to another watch tower that seemed to be in better shape then the last one they had passed.

            As instructed the small party of warriors headed to the watch tower. They made their horses as comfortable as possible outside. It wasn’t long before a small fire was started and Lance had already fallen asleep. He was holding up well for a man that just lost his entire life in one night. Eric too had found sleep as did Zelda next to Lance. Link just smiled at the two sleeping so peacefully together. Looking at Zelda and Lance made him think of Sage again. He was trying so hard to push her out of his mind. Not that he didn’t like to think about her, but the thought of her brought a heavy guilt upon him. He should have never let her go off on her own, but it seemed like it was something she had to do. As he thought another scary thing crossed his mind. Twice he had proclaimed his feelings toward her, but she had yet to show any true emotions to him. Besides punching him all the time.

“Can’t sleep hero?” Link’s head shot up from the fire he had been staring into. Andrea was sitting across from him with her arms folded and head down. She looked as if she was sleeping but he must of thought wrong.

“I just thought someone should keep watch.” Link said to justify the fact he was still up. The truth was he hadn’t been able to sleep since Sage left Hyrule. He just wanted to know she was alright.

“You worry too much hero… Your woman is fine.” Andrea said again this time looking at him. It was a cold look in her eyes, almost like jealousy.

“She isn’t my woman… I would never lay claim to someone like that.” Link replied very noble. Andrea just kind of laughed it off. Unlike all the men at court Link had a very noble manner to him. His beliefs ran deep and what he said you could go by.

“She is lucky to have you.” Andrea said more softly this time. Link only raised an eyebrow to her. Everyone was acting so weird as of lately. It was so confusing. First Eric was treating him like a friend and now Andrea’s rude royal attitude was disappearing. Although she had been acting weird ever since Sage had shown herself to him.

            Link shook his head, all the thinking was starting to take effect. If one thing wasn’t on his mind more seemed to cloud it.

“She doesn’t even want me.” Link replied feeling a little down. Sage always seemed so emotionless, like she felt nothing, but there were times he could recall the look she gave him. Still she was a hard one to read.

“Trust me Link she cares for you…” Andrea had gone to say something more, but stopped hearing a loud thud on the roof of the tower. Link jumped to his feet as did Andrea who now took notice that a sand storm had started outside.

“What was that?” Link asked at a whisper.

“I don’t know… but wake the others.” She commanded moving slowly to the door with her weapon drawn.

            Link as quickly as possible woke Eric and the other two. They were shocked to be awakened in such a manner as Link’s hand over their mouths to keep the noise down. Another thud came and the others jumped to alert as well. Andrea by this time was at the door just a little off to the side. Which turned out to be a good thing. A third thud never came only a loud crash as a black hand mashed through the door and ripped it away. In just a matter of seconds the small tower was filled with shadow warriors. Lance and Eric didn’t know what to think, but Zelda and Link had seen them before. Andrea was amazingly cool about it as well.

            They didn’t wait for an introduction Andrea started right in on fighting. The others quickly joined in. If they were going to die, they were going to die fighting.  These fighters were good, not like the old minions of Ganon. Dargon had learned a few more tricks then his father. At least that is what Link was thinking to himself, now knowing that he could link these creatures to Dargon. Despite the skilled attackers Andrea was handling herself rather well, in fact her fighting style almost reminded Link of Sage’s. He was so caught up in watching Andrea that he didn’t see the figure behind him strike. Link fell to the ground knocked out cold. Andrea fend off her enemy and ran to his side. When she looked up again all she saw was shadowed figures all about her. How the others were she didn’t know, just that something sharp had stabbed her in the back and another pain in the head.



Andrea stirred lightly just letting out a painful moan. She couldn’t remember why her body hurt so much, but then it hit her. The battle and Dargon’s warriors, Andrea jumped up only to find the  shadow warriors gone and the others lying about her. She took a minute to study the room she was in along with the others. They seemed to be unharmed that only meant that they were safe. Dargon’s warriors would not have taken prisoners. The room seemed to be curved out of a type of stone and a dimly light by a fire in a small fireplace. Once she was sure they were safe she looked to her friends laying about in sleep. Her first reaction was to aid Link. Andrea nearly paused when she caught herself at his side first.

            Placing her hands gently upon him, Andrea called his name.

“Link?!” She whispered shaking him lightly. The young warrior stirred ever so slowly before fully waking.

“What happened?” Link asked sitting up and rubbing the back of his head.

“I’m not sure, but at least we are alive.” Andrea said back looking around the room once again. Link looked around as well wondering just as much as Andrea as to where they were. It was then  he noticed the other three laying about in a deep sleep.

“Should we wake the others?”  Link questioned.

“Let them sleep… The battle no  doubt had a draining effect upon them.”

“What about you?” Andrea only gave Link an odd look. “You’re just like them… You should be resting too.”

“I will be fine Link.” She said harshly as if it offended her to be thought of as weak in any way. She turned away from him again searching for any clues to where they had ended up. This wasn’t the tower they had made camp in. when Andrea’s head turned from him again Link saw the blood.

“Andrea you’re bleeding!” He said with surprise. Andrea reached behind to feel the back of her head only to draw back a hand covered in blood. “Here let me.” Link offered sitting behind her.

            Link carefully lifted her hair away from the spot. The wound had stopped bleeding long ago, but it didn’t change the fact the wound was deep and no doubt painful. He carefully examined the area around the wound and the wound itself to make sure it was nothing serious. After a few moments he spoke.

“You lost a lot of blood, but the wound has stopped bleeding… You should be fine, but I would take it easy.” Andrea didn’t want to take orders from Link or anyone. Lately something had made her more hurried in all her actions. Nothing she did seemed thought through.

            As Andrea went to reply the door to their small room opened. A figure dressed in a blood red warrior type outfit appeared. The warrior stepped aside as another entered. This person looked more like an oracle or elder. He was dressed in faded white robes and had a noble air about him. Andrea and Link both rose, the others still had not awakened. The man walked toward the two slowly. His face didn’t seemed aged at all but the wisdom of ages could be heard in his voice as he spoke.

“The young hero… You’re a lot taller then I thought.” The man said circling Link, looking him over very well. It was then he moved to Andrea. Studding her over and over again with a puzzled look. “You have grown much as I expected and you show such promise, but will you succeed?” His words were just as puzzling as his action. Both Link and Andrea looked to each other with confusion on their faces. The man had started to walk away when Andrea spoke forth.

“Good Sir, I am…”

“You are the Princess of Hyrule, and you have come for the Pendent of Courage…” Again Link and Andrea were speechless. “Come along then, no time to talk.” The man said as he walked out of the room. Link took a moment to look at the others.

“Should we leave them?” Andrea nodded.

“They will be alright. Our goal is to return with the pendent.” She explained just before following the man out.

            Link looked back to the others for another moment before rushing after Andrea.

“Hey wait for me Princess.” He said walking up beside her. They were lead down many passages in silence. The warrior was following behind them as they walked behind the man. Andrea’s mind raced with many questions for him and more where thoughts of worry of what he might know as well. It was sometime before they reach a beautifully carved wooden door. The man effortlessly pushed the heavy looking object open and walked into what looked like a study of some type. A fire of blue light the room as well as heated it although it seemed to give off no smoke. Andrea and Link both entered and soon after the door shut. It didn’t seem to bother them as they continued to look around.

“So you have finally come for it.” The man stated with a hand resting on a box upon the only desk in the room.

“What do you mean good sir?” Andrea asked just unleashing her many questions upon him. “You knew we were coming didn’t you? Then you know we are searching for the item called the flaming force?”

The man just simply nodded as now Link’s attention was on him as well.

“Yes, I knew you would come when the time was right… Although I must say I was expecting you much sooner young one… I remember when you were born.” He said with a fatherly like smile looking at Andrea. In turn she exchanged a confused look. “But enough of that.” He said shaking his head from the thought of a younger Andrea.

“Where is the flaming force?” Andrea blurted out.

“The thing you seek is not what you think it is…. You find that you must go through many trails… Both of you, together, as one.”

“So then are you to give us your trail for the pendent?” Andrea asked yet again.

“I will not be the one giving you a trail for this item… you may have the pendent, but know that your time is running out.” He said opening the box his hand was resting upon. Reaching in he withdrew a beautifully carved green pendent with a whole within it. No doubt the Dragon’s Tear was to sit there upon it.

            The man nodded and Andrea approached him. Link stood ready should anything happen. The young Hero was getting an odd feeling an uneasy one. As Andrea reached for the pendent the man dropped it into her hands. Just as it touched her skin the green seemed to flash off of the object. Another light of blue shown through her cloak where the Dragon’s Tear was. Andrea removed the object from its place deep within her pocket and brought it into view. The items were reacting to each other or where they reacting to her. The same thing had happened when she touched the gem for the first time. Still that didn’t make its way into her mind just the beauty of it all as the two combined together. With a bright flash the Tear had taken its place within the pendent. Still staring in aw the only thing that could have wakened them from the dream was the loud noise coming from the hall.

            Without waiting Link rushed out with a warrior instinct. The walls were shaking and people where screaming. The small underground community was under attack. The first thing that flashed through his mind was the others left helpless in the room a ways down some of these tunnels.

“They have come.” Was all the man said calmly. Andrea gave him an odd look.

“Andrea! Time to go!” Link yelled grabbing her attention as she turned and nodded to him. Link took off as Andrea went to follow. However she was halted by the grip on her arm. The man was refusing to let her go.

“This is your challenge young one…. You can’t pretend any longer if you wish to save your friends.” Although said in riddles Andrea understood more then she had wished to. It was then his grasp was released from her and Andrea took off after Link.

            Racing down the trembling tunnels she could feel the shadow demons that had entered the tunnels. Still none of them were in her sight. It was not since she was in the room that she saw Link. She had lost sight of him some time ago down these passages. The people where running for any safe place they could find but all Andrea’s concern was to find her friends and sister.  It seemed like forever before she found the room with her sword drawn. The others had just been filled in by the Hero who was also on his guard.

“We have to get out of here…. Dargon’s warriors are here.” Andrea stated plainly looking from person to person.

“How do you know? Did you see them?” Eric asked a little panic and confused to what was going on. Andrea didn’t answer however just turned and lead the way as the others followed close behind. Weapons at the ready. Rushing through an area they were not familiar with.

            Entering a large room with servile different tunnels leading in different directions they caught the first view of a Shadow warrior. And like that the battle had begun. They were following the treasures that Andrea help within her hands. The warriors thrust themselves into battle however it was useless. As they fought more and more flood the area coming from all corners until all of them were back to back surround in every way.

“What are we going to do?” Zelda asked the slight hit of fear in her voice.

“I have been in worse.” Link stated.

“Yeah me too.” Eric chimed in and everyone just gave him an odd look seeing as how this was practically his first time out of the castle.

            Everything seemed to stand still as the warriors eyed each enemy looking for a way out or at least willing to die trying. Andrea was ready for this fight but as she looked to her sister and friends the will to fight faded. They would fight and die. This is what the man meant by a challenge, by the test. Andrea had lowered her sword watching her brave friends and her heart sank. She couldn’t let this happen as the shadow creatures lunged forward Andrea yelled stop. The creatures froze in their place. Link and the others looked to her in wonder. Why would Dargon’s creatures obey Andrea?

“Very well done… Do you care to tell me how you are able to command my father’s warriors?” Dargon’s voice filled the room as he appeared above them. Andrea took a few steps from the group and with a new found confidence addressed him.

“ Do forgive me but in your family the eldest child has rule over the others… There for my word has power over yours.” Andrea stated as her voice changed ever so slightly and her appearance faded. In just seconds the warrior Sage was standing before them.

“Well, well… So my sister has finally reviled herself… Father will be most pleased though I doubt he will be as happy when I tell him what you have done… Turning against our family like you have… I trust you will do the right thing now that he has returned and bring these outlaws to the castle at once…. Father wishes a word with you my dear sister… We shall be waiting.” Dargon stated as him and his warriors vanished as if they were never there.

            Now that the danger had passed Sage turned to face the next challenge. Her friends who no doubt would not be happy for such a lie. Everyone’s face held its own shock. Even Zelda the closest to Andrea was surprised. No one could bring words from their mouths expect Link who more stumbled over them.

“Your brother? Why? How? You lied?” He said now the pain taking hold of him. His heart was crushed. The women he loved had not only lied to him but was the daughter of evil. The very man he was destined to kill. Sage did not say a word her stance and look just displayed a cold clam confidence like always. The odd silence had filled the room. No one had a clue what to say or do. Eric however was trying to help with is comedy that had seemed to fail in uplifting the mood.

“Well I didn’t see that one coming… Always knew you were different.” He stated and then Link’s questions moved to him.

“You knew?”

“No I didn’t know.” Eric replied.

“You must have known?” he asked Zelda next. She just simply shook her head.

“I knew…” Lance said looking at Sage. Everyone gave him a questioning look even Sage. “I could tell… That night in the castle… I knew it was you.” He said Link’s face just full of hurt and betrayal as he looked away.

“This talk is all well and deserved after all this time but if what Dargon said is true then we must get back to Hyrule.” Sage said finally.

“Why? Do you miss your brother already?” Link stated coldly giving her an evil glare. Sage just titled her head in confusion. He had changed so quickly after the promise he had made.

“Link we should go.” Zelda said resting a hand on the upset Hero.

“Yes we should…. Eric don’t let her out of your sight… Hand over the pendent and gem.” Link demanded of Sage extending his hand.

“Link this is uncalled for.” But Sage raised her hand to silence Zelda.

“It is alright.. He has a right not to trust me.” Sage stated calmly handing over the items he requested. Link rudely snatched them from her hand before storming off for the exist.

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