Legend of The Flaming Force

By Mysterious

Part 5: Death of Love, and Flames of Hate


The desert sun set one last time upon the group of young warriors. Two pieces of the flaming force within their hands and Dargon left with nothing. However if what he spoke was true Dargon was the least of their worries. In fact the only troubled thought on Link’s mind was the traitor that had been forced out. Taking a moment or two every now and then he would glance back the line of his companions where Sage was. Bound by the hands and tied to the saddle. The others thought it a bit extreme on his part, but Link was addressing this as any hard core warrior would.

            He was being over protective or was it he felt hurt and by covering it up was the only way to work through it for him. At any rate everyone had fallen oddly silent since Sage reviled herself. It could only be wondered what was going through Link’s troubled mind. The thoughts of deep hurt started deep within him and nearly overflowed into the open; however he remained strong keeping his mind on the task at hand. Hyrule was his first thing in life, then is own worries and problems would come next.

            Eric had that same troubled look. His world had been turned upside down. Not only did the woman he loved turn out to be the daughter of the true evil, but her heart belonged to another. From time to time Eric would bring out the ring he showed Link and play with it among his fingers. Just realizing that his dream was over before he could even try.

            Lance although knowing before hand who Andrea truly was had a sadden look on his face. He knew the feelings between the two and to see Link react in such a way nearly destroyed his kind heart. The look on Sage’s face as her cold world that had slowly started to melt froze up so quickly. Her last hope at being normal was embedded in Link and he destroyed that dream for her. It broke the prince’s heart to think about it to see two people destroy themselves over blood relations.

            Zelda was nearly feeling the same. Regardless to whom Sage’s father was she was still her sister. They had spent countless hours together as little girls. Playing in the gardens and horse back riding. They had grown up together and if Sage was that brave at that age to protect Zelda by drawing all the evil her way. Well that was enough for Zelda to know that Sage couldn’t be as evil as Link was making her out to be.

            Then the last person in the group was Sage. She sat bravely and emotionless upon her horse tied like a prisoner. Though her outer appearance showed nothing deep down it was a mix of emotions. From anger to complete foolishness, she felt is all. Still she couldn’t blame Link. Deep down she knew this would happen once he found out and even though he had promised, it meant nothing now. What small hope she had was now shattered, but that would be dealt with in good time if ever. Right now the focus was on Hyrule and what they would find once returning home.

            Which was only a good guess as they were leaving the wastelands and just now appearing in the Thief’s fortress to find it in ruins. Gerudos were lying everywhere, some wounded but most dead. The Fortress was completely destroyed left in rumble as if it was never suppose to be there. When their eyes laid sight to it, it was nearly unbelievable. These were Ganon’s followers and yet here they laid destroyed no doubt by Dargon’s hand.

“We should help the wounded.” Zelda stated bravely looking around her.

“No… Hyrule needs us now… We have to get back to the castle.” Link commanded and the others just gave him an odd look.

“Link these people need help.” Lance pleaded before Sage spoke up for the first time.

“Link is right… If this is what happened here then imagine what is happening at the Castle.”

            With those words they understood the reason behind Link’s madness. Who in turn looked away from Sage as she spoke and pushed his horse forward. He didn’t want nor need her help in the matter.

“At least one or two of us can stay behind… These people need our help.” Zelda demanded again. “And I am staying to help them.” She said in more of commanded this time. Link stopped his horse in turn to look at her. The fire in her eyes told them she wasn’t going to be augured with.

“I will stand with her. The rest of you should go on.” Lance stated trying to lessen the tension between everyone.

            With aggregated sigh Link agreed and nodded his head for Sage and Eric to follow. Zelda dismounted and began to look after the wounded as Lance helped. Sage still trailed far behind them yet still on a short leash as Eric rode up beside Link. Zelda watched them fade into the distance as she aided one of the wounded female thieves.

“Do you think things will turn out alright?” She asked. Lance just stopped and looked off into the fading day.

“Who knows Princess, but whatever happens I will protect you.” He stated very nobly.

            By nightfall the others had reached the end of the canyon and were staring at the once green field of Hyrule. It might have looked so dark and depressing because of the night; however that did not fool them. The land was covered in an odd darkness that seemed to strangle it of what beauty and life it once had. The first thought to the cause was Ganon. Only the return to the Dark King could have brought such darkness upon the land.  The Lord of Evil had reawaken, how didn’t matter now.

            Off in the distance a dark red glow could be seen. It was coming from just beyond the Castle Town. A closer look and Ganon’s tower was now back in its rightful place upon the land.

“Now what?” Eric asked spirit broken. “We have no where to return to.”

“If anyone from the castle is still alive they will be in hiding.” Sage stated as her horse took a position next to Eric.

“And how would you know that?” Link asked coldly.

“I am still half Sheikah. Guardians of the Royal Family, that is how I know. I know every passage way, every secret room, and every hiding place in this Kingdom. But don’t take my word for it. We can just stay out here and be easy pray.” She returned with the same coldness.

            Eric felt rather awkward at the moment caught between the two fighting lovers. Things were starting to heat up between the two and not in a good way either. Next it would be an all out battle to the death between them. With an awkward sigh Eric looked to Link.

“Maybe she is right… Why not let her lead us to Impa if she is still around?” Link growled before agreeing. He didn’t want her help in fact he wanted nothing to do with this traitor as he saw her.

“Well you’re a little to late.” Sage stated as the boys looked around them. Their horses responded first the shadow warriors surrounding them.

“Sage stop them.” Link commanded her remembering the last encounter with the Shadow Warriors.

“Stand down!” Sage ordered but they did not obey.

“I said call them off!!” Link yelled again trying to gain control of his horse.

“They are not listening… Ganon must have sent them. He rules over me.”

“We are just going to have to fight them.” Eric stated drawing his sword as the shadows attacked. Covering the three of them in darkness as the battle began. Link drew his sword and rushed them up top his horse. Taking out a handful at a time they vanished in a swirl of black. That didn’t stop the shadow warriors from swarming at his horse. Causing Link to flip from Epona’s back and landing with a wild combination of slashes.

            Eric had a less graceful dismount as he was thrown from his horse landing upon his back. Blocking a blow from one of the warriors he flipped to his feet locked in battle surrounded by enemies. Sage was having just as hard as time with her hands tied behind her back and to the saddle. Digging her heals into her horse trying to break free of the swarm of warriors. It was no use but she used their attacks to her benefit. One slashed at her with their weapon.

            Quickly forcing her horse to turn the blow cut her free of the saddle, rolling backwards off the horse her hands were now tied but in font of her and she was ready to fight. As another attack she ducked back slightly but still close enough as the blade cut through her bonds. Freeing her hands as she griped the weapon throwing the warrior from it, now armed she continued the battle.

            Though fighting bravely and winning for a slight moment in time the numbers were too great. From the corner of her eye Sage caught sight of Link in trouble. He was thrown to the ground. Bring the Master Sword up he blocked the next blow but another was coming and he had no where to move and nothing to block with. The larger shadow harmer came crashing down toward the Hero’s head. With not enough time to knock the attacker away the only reaction Sage had was to come between them. Standing just in font of the blow she had punched out the shadow warrior who had locked swords with the fallen Link just as the hammer came crashing into her back.

            With a pain cry she arched her back in pain the sound of cracking bones filled the air. The Warriors stopped as Sage hit the ground. It was apparent they were not to harm her and they had by mistake.  On her knees Sage stopped taking deep painful breathes to shake the pain away that now filled her body. Link scrambled away from her nearly in fear. She had saved him and the fear of why was looming in the back of his mind.

“Wh…Why Sage?” He asked looking at her. She only gave a cold glare back.

“Because you’re the only idiot that can use that stupid sword of yours.” She stated not giving him any thing in the way of good hearted reasoning why she had done it. He growled mainly at himself for thinking she might have actually cared.

            However that was short lived as one of the warriors grabbed him from behind lifting him up to meet another’s attack. In a flash however Link was gone and so was Sage. Eric looked around him all there was were enemies and in a flash he was gone to. The Shadow Warriors looked around in confusion.


“That should keep them busy for awhile.” Sage stated looking up to the ceiling of the tunnel. “Come on.” She stated going to move down the underground passage she had teleported them into. With one step she clenched her teeth and stumbled against the wall.

“Are you alright?” Eric said as he reached for her. Sage just jumped away as Link looked away knowing why she was in pain.

“I am fine.” She stated coldly. Although Link had hardened himself on the outside he couldn’t help but feel guilty. He was always causing her pain, but the thought of her betrayal as he saw it brought relief from the guilt he felt.

            Following Sage down the dark tunnels it seemed like an eternity before they were even nearing the place she was leading them. A small light shined at the end of the tunnel. It seemed to shine in a scattered way as if reflecting off of water.

“This it… If anyone is still alive they will be here.” Sage stated moving the partly cracked rock to the side. As it moved it showed a beautiful cavern with a small stream and tiny lake in it. A lighted torch was more then enough to conclude someone else was there. There in the distance was a figure looking over another. The person stood and slowly turned into the light as the three of them entered the cave.

“Sage?!” Impa gasped as she went to meet them. “I am glad you are all alright…but..” She paused looking among those that had entered. “Where are Zelda and Lance… Didn’t they go with you?”

“They are fine. They are looking after the wounded at the Fortress… Impa what happened?” Link commanded to know. With a sad face she reported awful news.

“Dargon stormed the castle while you were all gone… Without Zelda or Link to protect the castle it fell. It was just a matter of time…. Some how he broke the seal the sages had set in place and now Ganon has reclaimed his throne, and killed the King.” Impa said lastly looking away from Link and to the lifeless body of the King.

            Link just gasped, here he had just found his father and not even heard the story of his life. And his father was killed, murdered but his arch enemy. His sadden eyes turned cold with hate just thinking about the man that had done this. Turning swiftly he looked to Sage.

“This is all your fault! You and your awful family!” He stated rushing toward her as Eric stopped him.

“Calm down Link… Lets not dwell on the past. We must protect Zelda now so she can take the throne.” Impa looked to Link then to Sage. So she had reviled herself at long last to Link. Impa could feel the tension between them and it made her heart heavy with pain for her young niece and the young hero. When she heard what Eric said it had snapped her out of her daze.

“Actually that is not completely true.” She stated sitting upon one of the cold rocks. “Link it is time you knew what happen so many years ago.” Impa said gaining his attention and drawing it from Sage.

“What… huh? What are you talking about?” Eric asked confused.

“Back before Hyrule was ruled by peace the land was forced into awful war. Many of the elders remember it well. Back then Hyrule was under the rule of a tyrant whose only goal was to gain everything for himself. Under the command of a brave general the Sheikah and most of the Hylians joined forces and tried to over throw the King… The results were nothing but endless bloodshed. Drugging those times many people and their families were spilt up. One of which was our leaders, who after the wars became the new King of Hyrule…. During that dark day of the final battle his family was attacked on the way to a friendly neighboring Kingdom. I know I was there, and so was my sister….” Impa paused so far her story was nothing but complete confusion for them all. “We fought bravely but in the end Ganon himself showed up. By then we had lost track of the mother and child we were transporting. He slew my sister as if she was nothing. To him she had served her purpose, bearing him the first of his children….” She stated looking to Sage. “I can only guess what happen to the mother and child that we were to be protecting. We found the mother dead, but the child we never found nor the crest he wore… When the new King came to power the lost of his wife and child was too much so he took Sage, or Andrea as his own daughter.. Not to replace the child he had lost, but to aid in the pain they both felt from the war. Sage had lost a mother and the King a son… In time Sage took on the burden all Sheikah of protecting the royal family. We thought it best for her to do so as the eldest daughter. Although no right to the throne she would draw attention toward herself to protect Zelda… We had no idea the King’s son still lived… You are that child Link, the crest you gave to Sage is proof, and now that the King is dead it is time for you to take your place as King.”

“And the King is dead because of you.” Link stated coldly eyeing Sage who turned from his glare.

“Wait… You mean to tell me Link is the next in line for the throne? You mean all this time Link was next to be King?” Eric questioned in shock. All this time he had given Link such a hard time when in truth he was their next King. The feeling of foolishness washed over him as Eric blushed.

            Link Looked away from Sage to his dead father. The King looked so peaceful as if sleeping. The burn mark from Ganon’s dark energy attack stained his royal robs. Guilt flooded through the hero. Still the blame couldn’t all be placed on him. Andrea was the one that ordered them away from the castle. That thought caused Link to stop for a moment. Andrea was actually Sage, the daughter of Ganon.

“So this was your plan.” Link stated still staring at his dead father. Sage turned toward him in curiosity as did the others. “You would lead us away… all of us and leave the castle defenseless for your brother.” Link’s eyes held a pure hatred in them like never before. This young hero had changed so much in the last few hours it was amazing to those who witnessed it.

“Link this is hardly the time to point fingers.” Impa said slightly shocked at his behavior.

            Sage stood right in font of Link now.

“You can believe what you want, but don’t believe for a second I would surrender Hyrule to those two… And don’t believe for a moment that I didn’t enjoy the time we spent together.” She stated trying one last time at a normal and peaceful future between them. Her words only brought anger to Link and he rushed up to meet her face to face. His hand slapping across her face, the others looked deathly shocked at his actions as Sage hit the ground.

“Don’t ever refer to us in such a manner… You are nothing to me but a traitor!” He yelled down to her.

            Picking herself up Sage looked to Link then bowed her head in respect.

“As you wish, Your Highness.” As she did so Link’s expression softened. “What should be the traitors punishment… Death?” Sage asked head still bowed to him. The others were ready to protest. This was their friend, without Sage or Andrea it just wasn’t the same.

“No, death is too good for you…” Impa and Eric had gone to speak but Link’s voice only became stronger and louder. “ You are here forth banished from Hyrule and all its surrounding lands. Punishable by death should you return, and unredeemable in any manner.”

             His words were harsh but Sage expected as much. Raising she gave him a cold glare of hatred, even if deep down she was crashed. Without a word nor look to the others Sage turned and left the cave and entered into the shadows she was so much apart of now. Link hung his head, he was trembling all over. It felt like a mistake deep down but the force driving him now was saying it was all just.

“Link… I… “ Impa started but Link cut in.

“Eric you and I will leave for the last piece of the Flaming Force… We shall collect the others on the way. Impa you stay in Hyrule and try to round up ever survivor you can find. Look after them well.” The shocked pair just nodded as Link gave his orders.

            Looking into the darkness Sage had disappeared in he couldn’t help but worry about her. She was after all wounded and because of him, still those feelings he covered over with hate as he remembered her bloodline. Heading towards the passage Sage had left by Impa stopped him.

“No Link take this one. It will lead you right into the ruins of the fortress. It will be faster.” She exclaimed offering her hand toward another tunnel. Link nodded in thanks and while walking past took one last look at his dead father. Everything felt like it was falling apart. One by one the people Link had come to love were being taken away from him. With a heavy heart he pushed himself forward with the confused Eric close behind.

            Impa let out a heavy sigh from the events. Things had never looked worse in the life of Hyrule.

“I know you are still there. They have gone.” Impa spoke out into the room. Sage appeared from the darkness. She looked more enclosed then ever.

“I told you this would happen. You should have let me go when I had the chance.” Sage said firmly more upset then anything.

“What is done is done. I can not change that Sage, but you can.”

“Nothing I do from this point on will help.” That is what she felt. No matter the greatness she could perform it would never make things right again. It would never change who she was, and in a small part she started to believe Link. If her father was so evil then it could only be true that her fate would also lead her down the same path.

            Turning from her aunt Sage clenched her fist thinking about her new path.

“What will you do?” Impa asked turning to the young warrior.

“I will complete what I set out to do, and that is to avenge my mother. The best way to do that is with the Flaming Force.”

“You are going to steel it from them?” Her aunt asked again.

“If that is what it takes… Then yes.” The words forced out with pure hate covering them with power.

            Impa couldn’t help but feel both responsible and sadden by her choice of actions. Through all of this none of it was Sage’s fault. Her soul would forever be tortured just because of her heritage. Letting out a cry for help in the form of sigh for her young niece Sage disappeared this time perhaps forever.

            Eric and Link had made their way back to the Gerudo Fortress. Hoping by now at least the wounded were tended to and Zelda and Lance could willingly leave at this point. Entering through the long strong canyon Link grasped as he took sight of Lance lying upon the ground. A pool of blood had formed around him as they rushed to his side. His weapon was drawn and laying a few feet away.

“Lance… Lance can you hear me?” Link demanded shaking the young prince. With a groan Lance pushed himself onto all fours. His arm was wounded and causing him great pain but that didn’t seem to bother him. Gripping the wound he growled looking in the direction of Hyrule.

“He took her.” Was all he said.

“Took who… Who took who?” Eric asked in nearly a panic.

“Dargon, he took Zelda… I couldn’t protect her.” When he heard that Link clenched his fists and looked away in anger. It was all falling apart piece by piece. His father’s Kingdom, the Kingdom he fought for was all turning into ruin. Calming just a little remembering there was still a chance he placed a comforting hand on Lance’s shoulder. Knowing Lance was punishing himself for his defeat and Zelda’s capture.

“It is alright, we will get my sister back.” Lance shot Link a shocked look but then nodded. He understood Andrea had explained it to him already or was it Sage now?

            Helping the wounded Lance up they made their way into one of the abandoned homes of the Gerudos’.

“Lets get this dressed… Once you are able to ride we will be leaving.” Link commanded as Eric dressed the wound. Looking from side to side Lance realized someone was missing other then Zelda.

“Where is Sage? Is she not coming with us?”

“She has been banished as a traitor, and we will leave it at that.” Link replied firmly not wanting to talk about Sage at all at this point in time as he continued outside.

            The night had just started to fall as he looked out over the ruined fortress. This was no doubt the fate of every area in Hyrule. Many things wondered over his worried mind, but one thing that would not leave him was Sage. She was wounded after all. That blow no doubt caused damage and she was now out in the open. Anything could attack her. Shaking his head Link pushed the thought out of his mind. She was after all under Ganon’s protection being his daughter and all. He wouldn’t let anything happen to his eldest child. Still the worry was there and it would always be.

            Once night had fully wrapped the world in her darkness the three of them set out. Riding into battle with no rest, no strength and only rage to fuel their bodies. Their King was dead and their princess capture. The basic needs of life were not important at this point in time. In just a days ride they would arrive at the Shadow Forest. Which lie just beyond the castle of Hyrule itself. They had been slow in the their travelers but time was against them as it felt like. Link was pushing the others forward without fear of death.

            Even though so tired and worn from the journeys every now and then Lance would glance behind them. Someone had been following them. He could sense another life form somewhere close behind, but he would always pass it off as nothing. He was after all wounded and tired. The ride seemed endless as they rode all night and through most of the day. Over wastelands and mountain trails. The steep rocks of the mountains turned into endless forest. Tall thick trees towered over them as the horses got their first rest in days.

            Leaving their faithful friends behind the three of them had to continue on foot. The trees were much too thick making the roots large and the horses unable to travel through the forest. Climbing over the large roots of the trees Link led the way. It was said that in this forest lived a lost race of Hylian bloodline. It was long ago when they were banished from the Kingdom and sent to live in the shadows. What had become of them had yet to be told. However it was clear they had the final piece of the item they needed.

“So Link…” Eric started, “Where are these people exactly located?”

“I don’t know… I am sure we will know when find them.” Link answered back. It was then Lance noticed that the sounds of the forest had gone silent. Everything was silent.

“We might be getting your answer soon Eric.” Lance said pointing to a shadowy figure standing upon one of the large tree branches above them. The figure jumped down to one of the roots of the trees.

            Link’s hand was ready to grab his sword but he was waiting. He didn’t want to start a fight that was not needed.

“Who are you?” Link demanded as the others stood beside him. As the figure started to speak Lance and Eric noticed the number of shadowy figures increased in the trees. Red eyes were looking down at them and it made all three of them feel uneasy.

“I am the last survivor of my race…You are Hylians are you not?”

“Yes… We have come for the final piece of the Flaming Force.” Link announced bring the other two joined pieces into sight. Once he did the forest was lit up slightly. Around them were more Hylian looking beings only slightly different. They looked almost dead with their pale skin and cold death colored eyes. “I thought you said you were the last?” Link questioned noticing the beings around them.

            The figure took one look at the item and huffed.

“You have brought the item but not the one meant to carry it…”

“I don’t understand, and who are these others?” Link demanded to know as the uneasy feeling filled him.

“These are my former kin, my brothers. A life time of living in this cursed forest has brought this afterlife upon them… I would take heed, they do not listen to me very well and once I am done with you they will attack.” The Shadowy figured stated. “And I am done with you.” He said turning his back on Link and the others.

“Wait?” Link cried out to him, “The last piece… Where is it? You do have it don’t you?”

The figure stopped long enough to address him but not turning to face them.

“Yes I have it, but only for the one that was meant to hold it. You are not that one; the last item would crumble in your hands and forever hold the dullness it has now… Although those glow in your hands it is not you they react to… Bring me the bearer and perhaps I will hand it over.” The figure stated before vanishing. By that time the three of them were surround by red eyes once the glow of the flaming force was tucked away under Link’s cloak.

            Drawing their weapons the three young warriors stood back to back.

“Link we are not going to make it out of here alive.” Lance stated remembering full well his condition not to mention the others being to travel worn.

“We can at least try Lance.” Link stated as one of the creatures stated the attack. Leaping at Link, moving faster then almost Link could see. Link’s sword clashed against the creatures claws and he took a good look at his opponent. A pale creature with death blue eyes, and long demon like crawls. Its teeth were like an animals, long and pointed and not a sign of a mortal soul was present. The creature snarled at him as it tried to strike at him again. These things were brutal as if dieing meant nothing as they forcefully attacked head on.

            The others had found themselves in the same position. Face to face with a number of hungry brutal creatures all thrusting for them. Eric had managed to stab one of them but instead of a red liquid flowing from the wound nothing but a thick black substance came out. And despite the depth of the wound the creature still attacked as if it felt no pain, and knocking the shocked Eric to the ground. The creature’s claws had slashed across his face leaving a nice pair of claw marks across his left cheek and eye. Face covered in blood Eric looked up to see the creature coming at him again. Searching for signs of help from Link or Lance he noticed they hadn’t seen what had happened. Eric was now on his own, the icy chill of death ever so close as the creature leapt at him. Shielding himself with is arm Eric nearly missed the shadow that passed his view as it tackled the creature out of the air and onto the ground.

            The creature was now in two pieces as Sage turned sharply and struck another with her scythe. Slicing through the fearsome creature with great ease. Link had nearly frozen in place when he looked over and saw Sage.  A small hint of fear crept over him, what it was that brought fear to him he didn’t know. Perhaps it was the thought of Sage in danger or maybe that she might be there to stop them.

            Extending her hand to Eric he took it as she pulled him to his feet.

“Sage.. W..What are you doing here?” He asked in a shaky tone.

“Saving you apparently.” She stated spinning around and taking out another creature, but they just kept coming. It didn’t matter how many they wounded they would just heal and continue their attack.

            Although Sage was staying strong the others were getting weak. It was only to be expected. Thinking back to her reading she had heard of such creatures and there was a spell but she couldn’t remember what is was. Trying to buy time she just continued to battle. Working her way around to each of them, it wasn’t long before they were all back to back again breathing heavy and tired.

“This is it.” Eric stated and Link just growled. That fear had returned but it wasn’t death he was afraid of. Sage too was slightly scared and was frantically searching her memory for what to do. As they were forced closer to one another to avoid the approaching creatures Sage jumped away from the group.

            Right into the sworn of enemies.

“Sage… No!” Link found himself calling out to her and quickly drew back his hand once he realized what he was doing. She was after all the enemy now. The other two just watched as she dodged and drew the creatures away from them. Climbing to one of the tall thick branches of a tree she was well out of their reach at the moment. However the creatures were close behind her. Placing her scythe back around her back she withdrew an orb. Rather small for any good use. Taking out a dagger as well she looked down. The creatures were nearly to her she had to hurry.

            Taking the dagger she slit her hand and poured her blood over the orb that turned red from the blood and then a clear blue as she spoke… “Water of life, flow freely.” Then raising the dagger to her lips she closed her eyes and blew upon it making it shine red like fire as she spoke. “ Fire of the soul, burn eternally.”  Opening her eyes she raised the dagger above her head speaking again in a loud voice that echoed through the dense forest. “Fire and Water… The pure light!” She said as one of the creatures grabbed at her foot but it was too late as the dagger slammed into the orb the forest was covered in a blinding light equal to the sun.

            Eric, Lance, and Link all shield their eyes wondering what was happening. Screams of pain sounded in the brightness from the creatures, and after a few moments everything faded back to normal. The creatures were reduced to charred encasing of bodies. Sage sat there on the branch breathing heavy, figure covered in the black blood of her enemies and as well as her own. Link gasped when the figure from before stood before Sage. Looking up through sweat covered strains of hair; Sage’s green eyes fell upon the man.

“You have done well, as we all had thought… You have exceeded our greatest expectations. Arise and receive your fate.” The man spoke down to her. Again it was as if this man knew her. Sage forced herself to stand looking at him she took a deep breath and stood straight. Reaching under his shirt he pulled out a mysterious looking silver chain. Lifting it over his head he presented it to Sage who in turn nodded. As she did so he placed the item around her neck and let it fall over her chest. As the silver chain touched her skin it glowed with a strange red hue. At that moment the other two pieces starts to glow brightly under Link’s cloak.

            The pieces were linked to Sage somehow, and as the glows got bright the items Link held flashed and appeared upon the chain around Sage’s neck. The Flaming Force was complete. But as the item joined together Sage felt a great power within her and she clenched her chest in pain. Hitting one knee she fought against it, but the burning feeling only got worse as she passed out falling forward. The man caught the falling Sage and disappeared with her. Link find himself growling at the fact he touched her. The fact he didn’t know where they went made him grow even more jealous although he didn’t take notice to it. In just a moment the man appeared before them again with Sage in his arms.

“I take it this is your doing!?!” He said looking down at Link.

“What is happening to her?” Eric asked in worry glancing over the ill looking Sage.

“She is fighting her gift… The Flaming Force is not just an item. I take it you think these items you have found are what Dargon and Ganon are looking for? Yes it is what they are looking for but only to be able to awaken Sage… Apart these items do wondrous things as does Sage. Together they become a power greater then the Goddesses. Sage is the Force you have been looking for.” The man explained to them.

“So what does she do?” Link asked as if he could careless.

“She is not a toy to be played with little boy and it is your fault she is dieing.” They all grasped. Sage, dieing that nearly stopped Link’s heart. “ I can feel it, Sage refuses to become one with her powers. She will not let them awaken and the struggle is killing her. If she can not come to terms and face what she is given then she will die and this world will crumble into darkness.”

“So how is that my fault?” Link asked

“You have labeled her as evil, as pure darkness. And it is true she could use her gift either way. To help you bring peace to this world or to destroy it. That is her choice, but she has been raised right like we had all hoped. But you have placed the fear of doubt within her. She fears her power for what evil might take her over. She believes you and your lies Link, this woman fears becoming what you have made her out to be… And for that I do pray she awakes from this the way you made her out to be… I hope she finds her evil path and makes all of you pay for your broken promises and rejection.” The man stated in a hateful tone toward Link. It was as if he cared deeply for Sage.

            Link couldn’t help feel the pain staking feeling of pure guilt. This was his fault in the end it was his fault that Sage was reduced to this. She was so pale and struggling there in restless sleep. Her body so starched up and worn and now her spirit was taking a beating. The sweat poured off her body as the Goddesses’ treasure glowed brightly burning at her flesh.

“Then take it off of her.” Link cried reaching for the item only to be blown back by its power.

“Foolish boy, the likes of you can not touch this… If you were to remove this it would be like ripping out her soul, her very being… You have doomed her Link now accept it and pray she survives.” He stated again handing Sage off to him. Link just turned not wanting to accept her body. The man snarled as he looked to Eric and handed Sage to him. Eric took her in his arms.  Her flesh was burning up, nearly making her uncomfortable to hold.

            The mysterious man turned to leave with the shadows of the forest. When he heard Eric’s voice.

“What are we to do?”

“Keep her safe, and comfortable…. Don’t let her fall into her father’s hands.” Was the only wisdom he had to offer before vanishing in the shadows.

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